Reclaiming the Rainbow

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BP716 Rainbow and Bird

It’s Science

Technically, the rainbow represents the spectrum of visible light. This is only a very small section of the electromagnetic wavelengths, but it is the only part that our eyes are able to perceive.

We react to each of these different colors in unique ways. When we are immersed in a certain colors, our entire mood will change. Marketing professionals know this and will plan their color schemes accordingly. For example, a fast food restaurant or gas station will use the color combination of red and yellow because these colors make us move and eat more quickly. A fine restaurant will want you to stay longer, drink a few glasses of wine, and thoroughly enjoy your meal so they will use earth tones like brown, dark green, or blue.

These colors are fine and dandy, but there is much that exists outside of the visible spectrum of light. Our two closest neighbors are ultraviolet and infrared. In True Blue, I mentioned that blue eyes are able to see slightly more of the ultraviolet while brown eyes can see more of the infra-red.

I’m coming up on infra-red,
there is no running that can hide you
’cause I can see in the dark.

Placebo – Infra-red

The wavelengths further outside the rainbow are utilized by many different technologies. These technologies allow humans to see through living tissue, solve crimes, transmit and receive audio-visual information, and quickly and unhealthily heat food. I’m obviously leaving out a lot, but the important thing to note is that humans without the use of these technologies remain relatively unaware of the different energies that exist all around them.

The forces that seek to control this world are manipulating these invisible energies, with or without our knowledge, and largely to our detriment.

Right now, though, I would like to focus on a more obvious and “in-your-face” conspiracy.

The Rainbow Conspiracy

At some point in our recent history the rainbow turned homosexual. The word “gay” was also changed from its original meaning of happy.

Were a group of homosexuals able to successfully hijack our colors and our words? It could be a great public relations move, but it appears that there is something much deeper and more insipid going on here.

Before getting into the heart of this discussion, I would like to note that I see nothing wrong or evil about homosexuality. I will call it “homosexuality” because I do not like confusing the English language and find this to be a more appropriate term than gay. I also do not want to get into an extensive debate concerning nature vs. nurture issue. Homosexuality appears, like most other traits, to be a combination of both.

Lewd Leaders

In general, I am more concerned with the quality of a person’s character than their sexual orientation. But there is just some stuff that just goes too far..

(North American Man-boy Love Association.. really?)

It should be noted that many of the most influential people in the world, historically and currently, are homosexuals. This includes both the tyrants and the freedom fighters. Perhaps people who reject societal norms concerning sexuality are also more likely to reject other aspects of the culture.

It could be the case that homosexuality is a recessive trait that has emerged into prominence through the inter-breeding of the aristocracy. This would mean that many homosexuals were born into power. The homosexual men would have their male lovers, but also take wives so as to successfully fit into society and continue their lineage, which would pass on the genetics for homosexuality.

Richard Nixon (pictured along with Ronald Reagan above) once said, “The Bohemian Grove, which I attend from time to time… It is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine..” If you are unfamiliar with this gathering, the male elite of this world gather in the Redwoods north of San Francisco to frolic around naked, plan global dominance, worship a large wooden owl, and get pleasured by young men.

Although hereditary influences must play their part, I would suggest that there has been a campaign to increase the homosexuality of our culture. Let us look at what has been fed to us.

The Chemicals Between Us

Drinking alcohol increases estrogen levels in the body and decreases the production of testosterone. Have you ever noticed how homo-erotic a group of drunk frat boys can be? Chronic use will cause a swelling of breasts and the shrinking of testes. Contrary to what beer commercials will tell you, drinking makes you less manly.

Unfortunately, not even our water is safe. Along with fluoride, chlorine, and Prozac, our tap water also contains varying levels of estrogen. This is reportedly due to the high amount of birth control pills taken by women, which recycle the estrogen back into the water supply after urination. Water treatment plants are unable to remove this estrogen, so it stays in there for the rest of us to consume.

If you’re thinking that you can drink bottled water and stay safe, you’d be wrong. Plastic contains an estrogenic chemical  that seeps into the water and delivers a “healthy” dose of functional estrogen every time you take a swig. (source)

Soy protein also serves to increase estrogen and reduce testosterone. Don’t worry too much, though. The fact of the matter is that estrogen exists in much of things we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. Estrogen and testosterone are necessary for males and females, but only when maintained at their proper proportions. The problem is that these levels are well out of whack, leading more masculine females and more effeminate men, along with numerous other health problems experienced by both sexes. Men are becoming increasingly infertile. This is not exclusive to humans; the sexual organs of wildlife are also being affected. (scientific research)

In 2007, Fox News carried this story – Air Force Considered Gay Love Bomb Against Enemies. This gay bomb would “chemically alter the state of mind of enemy troops and make them want to sex with each other rather than fight.” I’ll be damned if a gay bomb hasn’t been dropped all over America.

Ass You Like It

The media has taken the traditional image of a “man’s man” and turned him gay.

Although there should be a distinction drawn between homosexuals, bisexuals, transvestites, and transsexuals,  I would argue that these derivations and deviations are all part of an underlying trend. This culture of “de-masculinization” has been crafted over the past few decades and is constantly changing its colors like a chameleon.. a karma chameleon.

I would like to quickly point out the different kinds of homosexual men. There are normal men who have a proclivity toward other men. Some of these men are rather large, muscular, and overall macho. These guys are called “butch.” Then there are the other homosexual men – the “fags,” “marys,” or “femmes.” These men will walk, talk, and act like women. Many are even more effeminate than females. Because of their inability to hide amongst other men, these homosexuals are often “out of the closet.”

The cowboy was once a model for what a man should be – independent, strong, and assertive. Brokeback Mountain rammed this image of manhood right up its ass and turned it homosexual.

Where are the masculine Americans who once graced the silver screen?

I can’t stand Bruno. Everything about Sacha Baron Cohen as this character get me angry. The only scene of this movie that I saw is when Bruno tricked my favorite politician, Ron Paul, into a hotel room under the pretenses of conducting an interview. Bruno then then stripped down and tried to come on to the kindly old doctor who was under the impression he was was going to be interviewed about Austrian economics. Instead he was sexually assaulted by a Jew pretending to be a gay Austrian. I was at least happy to see Dr. Paul’s response as he stormed out of the room and remarked at how “queer” that guy was.

After writing a wildly successful series of books, adored by children all around the world, J.K. Rowling decided to announce that one of the main characters is gay. This character, Dumbledore, was seen as a source of wise, guidance, and protection for the young children in the novel.

If you haven’t noticed by now, Hollywood is extremely homosexual! The actors, the writers, the assistants, the films – all of it is “flaming.”

Homosexuals in Huggies

The programming begins at a very early age. Let’s start by taking a quick look at Reading Rainbow.

Okay, there is something very disturbing about this man’s pose and smile, but did you catch the title of the book that is open on his chest? Enemy Pie – really?! An interesting synchronicity to note is that this actor, LeVar Burton, also plays Geordi Laforge on Star Trek: The Next Generation. His character has been blind since birth and requires a technologically advanced visor to be able to “see” the wavelengths of the world. He eventually is given a set of cybernetic eyes. What color does this black man choose? Blue, of course. (picture of Blue Eyed Geordi)

I know South Park isn’t really a kid’s show, but the image is from the episode where the crab people turn South Park gay.

I don’t watch children’s cartoons. Actually, I don’t really watch any television anymore. But I can still tell you that these shows are laden with homosexual characters, images, and dialogue. Some of it is hidden, but most of it is just hanging out there in the open.

The Celtic Rebel does an excellent job describing how the mass media pushes homosexuality, especially in his post Sunday Night in the Foxhole. I get a lot of great material from this guy.

You might be wondering, what effect is this having upon our youth?

Homosexual Hipsters

I’m sure you have seen people like this. They are generically known as “hipsters.” They can be found in most major cities and exhibit the following characteristics: tight pants, lots of scarves, cloves/cigarettes, general lack of knowledge, and serious gender confusion. Look at how indistinguishable their clothing styles are from each other. That woman is wearing man’s dress shirt and that man has a purse!

Okay, I have had enough of homosexual men. I must move on..

Luscious Lesbians

What is David Spade doing with that hot woman from Arrested Development? Oh, that’s right, it’s butch Ellen who came out to the world in a big public show and now has a popular talk show. The middle picture is more like lesbian pornography in which two attractive women “hook up” with each other for the benefit of horny men. What these men don’t realize is that they are quickly being left out of the equation. And lastly, we see teen sensation and role model for many young women, Lindsay Lohan, out with her boy/girlfriend.

Why is it that one partner in lesbian relationships will usually assume the masculine role? They will dress, talk, and act more like a man. Were their hormonal levels different from birth? Did it happen after they became lesbians? My sagacious friend (Steve) insists that this phenomenon occurs because the couples are mimicking the natural order of things. It makes biological, sociological, and cosmic sense for there to be a masculine and feminine.

And I have to speculate that God himself
Did make us into corresponding shapes like
Puzzle pieces from the clay.

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights

A Brief Homosexual History

Sexually deviant behavior has been around for quite some time. In Genesis, a Jewish document, we are told that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God because of his displeasure with all of the “non-vaginal” intercourse and bestiality. Not having heard or headed the warning, the Greeks couldn’t help but stay away from the butt. If you ask me, “Greek societies” are still pretty homosexual. Like the pederast Romans, the Greeks knew how to make one hell of a soldier..

who apparently didn’t need any body armor. I guess manly men need to show off their finely tuned abs and hairless chests. Moving along..

Christians came out against the practice of anal intercourse as wrong and condemned it. As fate would have it, it was many of the priests who just couldn’t help themselves. It is usually the sexually deprived men who end up forcing themselves upon young boys, hence the recent Catholic priest scandal. How terrible it must be having a Catholic priest up your bum as your first “religious experience.” And I do believe that these perverted priests find this experience to be spiritual.

Now we shall turn to the great ally of the Catholic Church in the 20th century and our reoccurring enemy here at Star Theory..

The Naughty Nazis

Although many people believe the “gay rights” movement grew out of the civil rights movement in America, it actually began in Germany toward the end of the 19th century. During this time, two competing philosophies emerged. One side believed that homosexual men were actually female souls trapped in male bodies – these were the “femmes.” The other side, known as the Community of the Special, believed that they were even more masculine than heterosexuals. “Modeling themselves after the military heroes of Sparta, Thebes and Crete, the members of the CS were ultra-masculine, male-supremacist and pederastic.” The CS went on to shape the masculine Nazi ideal. (Homosexuality in the Nazi Party)

(“We Build Body and Soul”)

Homosexuality was widespread, and even encouraged, in the Sturmabteilung (SA), the organization that was crucial in bringing Hitler to power. Hitler was also reported to be a homosexual, but after ascending to power he ordered the deaths of many members of the SA, but these killings and the future persecution of homosexuals were mainly politically motivated or targeted against femmes, who they believed to be inferior.

Fascist Globalism

There has been a rumor floating around that Barack Obama is a homosexual. There have also been many claims made that he is following directly in the footsteps of Hitler. Although I can see the similarities, I would argue that Obama is more of a Fascist Globalist than a National Socialist. Maybe this makes him a Fagl and not a Nazi. Either way, he sure does suck!

Now that I’ve called the president of the United States a homosexual, I will delve into a more serious matter.

Homosexuals in America have played a large part in bringing the Democratic Party to power. I guess they don’t realize that neither party could care less about them and their concerns. Riding on the back-sides of homosexuals, we have seen a new era of politics ushered into America and it is looking an awful lot like what happened in Germany before World War II.

But why turn Americans into homosexuals? I will attempt an explanation. Firstly, this is a great method of population control as homosexuals do not reproduce. This also serves to weaken the strong familial ties that once existed in America. Lastly, the homosexuals promoted by the media would not be able to offer up much resistance against a fascist takeover of America.

American Police Force is Gay

Oz is Gay

The American Police Force is a paramilitary organization, which is likely a front group for a much larger private security firm. They are currently operating a jail and police force in Montana. This is not an American company and they are not police, having never sworn any oath to obey and protect the Constitution. These contractors will likely be rounding up Americans and throwing them into prisons or FEMA/concentration camps. And you know damn well what happens in prison. (What is the American Police Force? by USA Today)

And now guess who is behind these guns? You got it.. more homosexuals, but this time they are the butch, Nazi type. The following pictures are of contractors employed at the US embassy in Afghanistan.

Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful.. and paid for with your tax dollars.

The Nazi Media?

You might be wondering how I can claim that the media’s promotion of homosexuality is a Nazi plot. Most people would recognize that it is the Jews who control the media, banking system, and governments of the Western world. What you may have failed to pick up, however, is that it is not just any “Jews” pulling the strings – it is specifically the Ashkenazi Jews.

(the Raelian Swastika)

Maybe you have never even heard the term “AshkeNAZI” before so let me briefly describe who these people are. According to the Wikipedia entry on Ashkenazi Jews, they are “descended from the medieval Jewish communities of the Rhineland valley (in the west of Germany) and northern France.. The majority of the Jews who migrated from Europe to other continents in the past two centuries are Ashkenazim, Eastern Ashkenazim in particular. This is especially true in the United States, where most out of the 5.3 million American Jewish population – is Ashkenazi, representing the world’s single largest concentration of Ashkenazim.”

Ashkenazis are some of the biggest players in London, Switzerland, Israel, and the United States. Most people would think of them as “white” because of their light skin tone. Their bankers financed and controlled the rise of the Nazis. The holocaust was an effective way for them to purify their race of the darker Sephardic Jews and recently converted Jews of Eastern Europe, who had been converted by the Khazars.

Recently I saw that the Israeli government is encouraging Jews around the world to report any of their friends who might be marrying a non-Jew. They now have “vigilante police” going after any such couples. (article)

Just look at the concentration camps that have been set up surrounding Israel. They are still committing the same kinds of atrocities that they tricked Germany into doing in the 20th century. Consider that The United States has pledged allegiance, money, oil reserves, and military might to the State of Israel, a country that knowingly attacked the USS Liberty in 1967. Missing Links is an excellent documentary that shows the Israeli/Mossad connection to the events of September 11th, 2001. Why do you think we’re in the Middle East right now?!

Forget what the propaganda machine has told you about the Nazis and their enemy, “The Jews,” because it has been a lie. They are one in the same. And they are in the final stages of instituting their New World Order, a global fascist state with them at the top.

I don’t want to end on a sour (sore) note, so I will try to get out of this black hole. I will now touch upon a few very important points that I believe can help us in these troubling times.

The Light Body

Certain sexual acts serve to steal a person’s energy. It “plugs up” the natural ch-annel, which is an exit and not an entrance. Hmm.. in through the out door? On the other hand, there are natural and loving sexual practices that serve to increase energy flow and allow for heightened states of awareness.

When the mornin gather the rainbow
Want you to know I’m a rainbow too

Bob Marley – Sun is Shining

The human body is made up of energy centers known as chakras. When they are aligned and awakened, we are better able to become self-realized humans. This process of enlightenment leads us to understand our profound connection to the universe, each other, and our own divinity.

Did you really think that the light you see outside of yourself is not part of you? You are the one experiencing it! That light exists within you. It comes from a divine source and connects us back to our origins. We can tune out all of the junk and tune into the cosmic bliss that surrounds and engulfs everything and everyone.

As we are influenced by the electromagnetic fields that exist around us, we are also creating a field around our body. This field extends well beyond the body itself and is known as the Merkabah in Hebrew. Of course this is a Jewish word! This very important information has been kept hidden from us in the Torah. Various secret societies, such as the Freemasons and the Vatican, jealously guard their understanding of God from prying eyes. They do not believe that just anyone can be privy to this information as it requires years of training and dogmatic instruction. They are slowly releasing more and more of this information into the mainstream, but in slightly perverted ways.

I believe that everyone could benefit from this information, not just the elect.

We are beings of incredible power, but we choose to give this power away to the different entities that feed off of it. These ticks and leeches have attached themselves to humanity and are sucking us dry. But without us giving away our life force to them, they will struggle for a bit, but eventually shrivel up and die.

We need to be conscious of the different wavelengths we receive and transmit. We should be aware of how we exchange base energies like money, but also be conscious of the thoughts, language, and images that enter and leave our minds. These waves are actually “things” and they travel out in the world effecting the “things” around us. A simple example of this is how when you smile,  people cannot help but smile back at you.

Much of the energy transfer taking place is make in the non-visible realms. Because of this Obi-Wan Kenobi suggests, “your eyes can deceive you; don’t trust them.” It is better to use your intuition.

Full Spectrum, Full Circle

Things in this world are rarely linear.

It appears that we end up right where we left off. Things move in cycles.

We do not need to see the world in black and white or in shades of gray. Why think in such terms when we have been given all of these wonderful colors? We have been provided with the paint and the canvas, now all we have to do is decide what we’d like to see. Every choice we make should lead to the completion of this masterpiece.

I’d like to see a world where people are unafraid to love each other. In this world humans are able to live in harmony with the natural world around them. They understand that they arose from the natural world and that they will one day return to it. These people understand that everything is a part of the universal energy.

In this world, all life is valued.

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Mission to the Moon

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Before we get to the moon, I would like to go through our cosmic cast of characters. Let’s start with the stars.

Soul Men and Super Stars

These are extraordinarily bright individuals. The way they shine allows us to recognize them immediately. These beings carry so much weight that everything seems to revolve around them. Usually, only one or two of these characters will appear in any given story. They shine from the beginning, but they grow greater and stronger as they consume more and more material. If a star is great enough then its life will end in a supernova – an explosion of light and energy in all directions. If the weight of its situation is too much for the star to bear, our tragic hero goes down the lonely path to the dark side.

Plain People

“Plain” should not be considered a derogatory term. A good definition of the word is “clear or distinct to the eye or ear.” The plain people of this planet are some very interesting characters. Some are down-to-earth while others have their heads in the clouds. On the surface, some are rugged and tough, while others are colorful and lively.

People bask in the light of the stars. The “enlightened” ones will reflect and share the star’s brilliance while adding their own energies, thoughts and ideas to the mix. When you look past their outer shells you will find that all people burn brightly down at the core.

Lifeless Lunatics

Lunatics do not have a fiery core. They are only able to capture and reflect energy, while not producing any of their own. This gives them a deceptive luminosity. They use this to their advantage as they pretend to be soul men and superstars. They revolve around those that are greater than themselves, using them for their energy and protection. Hmm, maybe this is why they are called “luna ticks.”

Many of the brightest individuals in the world are considered “lunatics” by the uniformed and uninformed masses. Anyone able to see deep into our reality and expose hidden truths is ostracized by society because this knowledge is dangerous to the established order. I believe that the “lunatics” of today will be the prophets of tomorrow.

And in my darkest moment, fetal and weeping.
The moon tells me a secret. My confidant.
‘As full and bright as I am, this light is not my own
A million light reflections pass over me’
It’s source is bright and endless.
She resuscitates the hopeless
Without her we are lifeless satellites drifting.

Tool – Reflection

Goodnight Moon

The moon is under attack! Don’t believe me? Consider the following..

Moon Day is the most hated day. Saturn Day and Sun Day are both welcomed by people as they are usually not required to labor (give their energy to lunatics) on these days. Mondays seems to suck the life right out of people.

The moon is the symbol for Islam. This religion has been blamed worldwide for most acts of terrorism.

Ban Ki-Moon is the Secretary General of the United Nations, the organization setting up the global system of governance for the New World Order.

The Time Machine

The “Moon”0lith in 2001

The Death Star

Nasa plans to bomb the moon on October 8, 2009. Yes, I’m quite serious. From the referenced article: “The attack on the Moon is not a declaration of war or act of wanton vandalism. Space scientists want to see if any water ice or vapour is revealed in the cloud of debris.” Okay, sure.

The Apollo 11 lunar landing is believed by many to be a hoax. However, the real cover-up could be that there were extraordinary relics and ruins found on the moon. Perhaps the actual footage on the moon showed things that we were not allowed to see. Rumor has it that Stanley Kubrick was brought in to create the faked footage.

On the 25th anniversary of the lunar landing Neil Armstrong gave a very interesting speech. He referred to himself and his fellow astronauts as parrots (who repeat what they’re told) and went on to say, “We leave you much that is undone. There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those of you who can remove one of truth’s protective layers.” video of speech

The history of our moon is often debated. One theory holds that the moon is actually an artificial satellite placed in our orbit for some reason by some technologically advanced beings. Regardless of its origins, many people actually believe that the moon is having a detrimental effect upon our planet and humanity. They think that we would be much better without it.. hence the bombing?


Moon Bloodgood

Coraline or core-align?

The moon has long been a symbol for the feminine, especially when contrasted with the masculine energies of the sun. Unfortunately, the great feminine qualities of the yin are being removed from women. The “liberation” that occurred during the latter half of the 20th century only freed women to become more like men. They now work long hours, act more promiscuously, serve in the military, and wear pantsuits. This is not feminine!

As these women get caught up in the global system of enslavement, our children are left without the natural love of a mother. These children of men are sent to state institutions where they are taught how to do machine work, informed that wars are great and necessary, and programmed with a desire to fit into “society.” Teenagers, male and female alike, are conditioned to think of women only as sex objects. They are not taught of the true spiritual nature of the feminine. They do not realize that carrying and birthing a child is the ultimate act of loving creation.

Instead, children are considered a burden. They take up their parents’ busy schedule and cost them lots of money. This is why we have millions of aborted children each year. The ones who are able to make it out into our world are brought into a love-less world gone mad..

Bruce Almighty

The Truman Show

Man on the Moon

As the moon revolves around the earth, it exerts a strong pull upon the matter of this planet. The most obvious example of this can be found in how the moon affects the tides. What is less discussed is how the moon pulls upon the waters of the human body.

Even the brightness of a full moon is enough to pull out the lunacy in some. People who work at hospitals and police stations will attest to this curious phenomenon.

Under blue moon I saw you
So soon you’ll take me
Up in your arms
Too late to beg you or cancel it
Though I know it must be the killing time
Unwillingly mine

Echo and the Bunnymen – Killing Moon

In my opinion, the most curious aspect of the moon is that it takes up almost exactly the same area in our sky as the sun. This relationship cannot be found in any of the other planets and moons of our solar system.

This leads me to wonder if maybe Luna is actually Lucifer. The moon takes the sun’s place as the provider of light when the world is dark. It challenges god for his place in heaven, fighting not only for dominance of the sky, but also pulling the human soul in two different directions. And everyone once in a while, Lucifer appears to completely stand in the way of God..

Total Eclipse

I cannot tell you what any of this means. I truly do not know. But I can assure you that the reality of the situation is far deeper and much more interesting than we ever imagined.

Not only can this cosmic story be found in our movies and music, but it finds its way into our daily lives. Is this some elaborate conspiracy orchestrated by the men behind the curtain or are we seeing a tale which is embedded in the very fabric of the universe? Maybe it could be a bit of both.

Or maybe this is just the rantings of some lunatic.. you decide.

Sept 23 Update: Less than a day after this article was published, this massive news was announced and then picked up by the New York Times: Signs of Water Are Found on the Moon. “There appears to be, to the surprise of planetary scientists, water, water everywhere on the Moon..” Even though I pretend to understand the nature of synchronicity, this is just getting ridiculous.

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True Blue

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Warning: This article deals with racial issues that are almost never discussed. You must forget what you have been told and leave your your political correctness at the door.

(Note: Every picture within this article is also a link)

Behind Blue Eyes

Have you ever looked into a pair of bright blue eyes and been absolutely mesmerized? Blue eyes reflect the color of the ocean and the sky. They are beautiful and intriguing, but blue eyes can also be dangerous. The blue-eyed people of this world have a complicated story that runs throughout human history and takes us into the mysteries of our present day. It is my intention to uncover the hidden history of the eyes that have been passed down to me over the generations. They color the way I see the world and the way that the world sees me.

No one knows what it’s like

To be the bad man

To be the sad man

Behind blue eyes

Did you know that all but six United States presidents have seen the world through blue eyes? Interestingly, all of the non-blue presidents thus far have been utter failures. Two out of the three presidents that faced impeachment had brown eyes.

John Quincy Adams, the first president without blue eyes, went down in a landslide defeat after his first term. Andrew Johnson took over after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and lost in his bid for reelection. Chester A. Arthur assumed office after the James A. Garfield was shot and failed to win his party’s nomination for reelection, the last incumbent to do so. Lyndon Johnson assumed office after Kennedy was assassinated (many believe Johnson was complicit), secured his own term in office and then faced a terrible drop in popularity and a defeat in reelection. Richard Nixon was reelected to a second term, but only to go down in disgrace.

We have yet to see how Barack Obama’s first full term in office will turn out, but by the looks of  what is happening thus far, I would say “not well.” Well, there’s always blue-eyed Biden waiting in the wings for this shot at the presidency.

(She now dates Jesus and visits Jerusalem with him)

In 1900, about 50% of Americans were born with blue eyes. Today, the number is somewhere around 17% of Americans and dropping rapidly. This is due inter-racial marriages and a large influx of non-European immigrants. This indicates that although the amount of blue-eyed people in the country have diminished over the years, they have been able to hold a disproportionate amount of power. The explanations for why this has occurred are complicated, but I hope to shed some light on this subject.

(The blood war is on?)

The outer surface of the iris of a blue eye lacks the pigmentation found in a brown eye. Blue eyes contain a low amount of melanin, allowing for the absorption of longer wavelengths of light. This means that people with blue eyes have more access to the frequencies of ultraviolet light, while reflecting more of the infrared part of the spectrum.

Because blue eyes are a recessive trait, they can quickly disappear when mixed with other eye colors. The gene for blue eyes can remain dormant for generations and then reappear in the offspring of two brown-eyed parents. This also means that two blue-eyed parents will almost always produce a blue-eyed child.

Royal Blue

It is not only the American royalty who share this characteristic, but also their cousins across the pond. What did you think the terms “royal blue,” “blue blood,” and “true blue” actually reference?

The Blue-Eyed Princes with the Red Cross (blood)

The inter-related royalty has been in control of this planet for quite some time. They have made it a point to keep their gene pool as “pure” as possible through the process of inter-marrying. Because the royalty has had so much wealth, they were able to successfully reproduce and produce much of the blue-eyed populations of the world. These royals are not just interested in retaining their eye color, but this is one of the most obvious indicators of royal blood.

There are problems associated with such incestuous activity throughout so many generations. Queen Victoria of Great Britain once wrote to her daughter Vicky, “I do wish one could find some more black eyed Princes and Princesses for our children! I can’t help thinking what dear Papa said—that it was in fact when there was some little imperfection in the pure Royal descent that some fresh blood was infused… For that constant fair hair and blue eyes makes the blood so lymphatic… it is not as trivial as you may think, for darling Papa—often with vehemence said: ‘We must have some strong blood.’” Queen Victoria then proceeded to pass this trait along to the royal houses of Europe. (source)

With all of that pale skin and problems with blood, I am reminded of a certain type of human..

But that is another story and not where I would like to take this tale. For now, I would like to delve back deeper into the origins of this trait.

Aryans of the East

Current “scientific theory” suggests that all blue-eyed people on this planet share a single ancestor who lived about 6,000-10,000 years ago in the Near East. It is believed the trait originated in the Afghanistan region. This ancestor and his children are supposed to have spread this recessive trait throughout the Middle East and then out into Europe and the rest of the world. See the video at the end of this article to see some stunning evidence of this.

As it turns out, Arabs are directly related to the Aryans. Also, let us not forget the Persians who live in Iran, which is known as the “Land of the Aryan.” In India, the tribe of Aryans who lived in the northern parts of the country were accepted into the culture, as evidenced by this passage out of the Rigveda, “Brahma of glory is he to whom both the Aryans and the Dasas belong.” Because of the way this tribe treated the indigenous Indians, the term “Aryan” came to mean “noble.”

Blue-eyed mummy unearthed in Peru - 1,300 years old

(Sarcophagus from Peru, approx. 1,300 yrs old)

There have been ancient Aryan mummies unearthed in Egypt, China, Middle America, and other parts of the globe. The oral traditions and hieroglyphs of these people recount this history, but these records were burned and hidden by the empire that colonized the globe. The once noble and fair blue-eyed people had come back to these people after a long absence, but they had been transformed by some force into vicious, greedy conquerors.

(The Blue Beast and the Blue Meanie)

There are still some pieces missing from this puzzle. In order to better understand our current circumstances, I will have to travel even further back into history. This means that I will be delving deeper into the occult.

Blue’s Clues

So where did blue eyes really come from?  Why has this recessive trait seen so much success? Let’s turn to the last group of people who did extensive research on the subject..

That’s right – the Nazis. The high-level Nazis are reported to have believed that the Aryan race is descended from a race that came from Mars. Aryans are aliens from Ares? There is more evidence for this than you might imagine. I cannot go into the whole history as I do not have access to top secret files, but I will try my best.

(Pictures of the Cydonia region of Mars, taken by Viking 1)

The story goes something like this – there was a race of humanoids that lived on the surface of Mars. They had a thriving, technologically advanced civilization. Unfortunately for them, some cataclysmic event was unfolding on their planet and only a few survivors were able to escape the destruction. The survivors came to the nearest habitable planet – earth.

If Martians fell from the sky

What would that do to god?

Would we put the weapons down

Or aim it up at the sky

Dave Matthews Band – Time Bomb

Every religion and mythology tells of the gods who fell from the heavens. When these aliens would communicate to the indigenous peoples of earth from where they had come, they would point to what looked like a star in the night’s sky. These beings tried to teach the people of the earth about their technology, the solar system, and spiritual advancement, but the primitive mind was not capable of grasping these things. But because of their advanced knowledge, light (blue?) skin, and stunning blue eyes, these aliens were treated as gods.

With nowhere left to go and no means to re-produce their technology, the survivors decided to look toward the long-term survival of their species and historical record. As the mythologies indicate, they began to intermix with humans. Their first attempts to mix the genes, perhaps by sexual intercourse, created what were considered to be abominations – the Giants, the Titans,  the Nephilim. These giants rose up against the “gods” and battled them for supremacy. They were reportedly all wiped out in the great deluge.

a Sumerian King (circa 6,000 BC)

Sumerian Statue - Blue Eyes

(Artifacts from Sumer, approx. 6,000 BC – modern day Iraq)

The alien race knew much about genetics and figured out better ways to mix their genes with the indigenous people. Eventually they were able to come upon a “recipe” that worked well and they began to produce beings that had some of their strength and intelligence, could live well upon this planet, and could serve the interests of their creators.

So is this really our story of creation? Could it be that we started out as something of a lab experiment? Were we test tube babies?

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. – Genesis

But what image is that exactly? “Mar” does not only refer to the planet Mars or Mary. It is also heavily linked with the ocean, hence “maritime.” The white people of this world have long been regarded as masters of the sea. It only makes sense that their symbol for Jesus would be a fish, right? Well, perhaps the truth is uglier than we could have imagined..

District 9

Aryans do get rather red after being in the sun for too long.. and Zoidberg does look like that Sumerian statue.. okay, silly diversion, we must proceed..

Regardless of what the story really is, there is a wealth of evidence that indicates that all humans on this planet are a product of genetic intervention by a race of highly intelligent beings who visited us in our distant pass. The Nazis came across this information, were deeply involved in all aspects of the occult, and could have possibly formed an alliance with some race of aliens, whether or not they were truly our “creators,” in order to gain use of their technologies.

The Resurgence of the Nazis

There is significant evidence to suggest that Nazis were not truly defeated at the end of WWII. The reasons for this are numerous, but here are a few:

– The Nazi rise to power was funded by the Federal Reserve and American businesses.

– The son and grandson of Nazi profiteer Prescott Bush were both able to make it into the White House.

– The Nazis were well-connected with the Catholic church, which allowed for their top brass to be safely transported to South America.

– In order to protect an important investment, the American government brought thousands of top Nazi scientists to the United States to continue their research in a program known as Operation Paperclip. Wernher Von Braun built the V-2 rocket for the Nazis and then came to the US to successfully launch our space program. Also, he believed he would one day be headed back to his original home – Mars. Other Nazi programs of note that were brought to the US are water fluoridation, MK-Ultra, and pre-emptive invasions. Eugenics and fascism already existed in this country, were exported to Germany, honed to an exact science, and then brought back.

– The Nazis understood that Europe could not be conquered by force alone, so they devised a more clever plan. Their goals have almost been accomplished by the institution of the European Union. Only the Irish stand in their way as the Lisbon Treaty is brought for a vote once again.

– The Nazis, reportedly along with their leader Adolf Hitler, were able to escape to Antarctica where they had already set up a base of operations. Rear Admiral Byrd of the United States Navy was sent to take out this base in Antarctica in 1946-1947 in what was known as Operation High Jump. The mission was supposed to last for nine months, but Byrd was forced to retreat after three months due to the high number of losses suffered. The Nazi technology acquired from cooperation with the aliens is reported to be devastatingly powerful.

– Nazi propaganda and symbolism is smothered all over the popular culture of the world, with it being especially prevalent in the United States. They are creating the Aryan Armies of the aristocracy for Armageddon.

– The plans for Project Blue Beam have Nazi-orchestrated holocaust written all over them. Please look into this.

The Red Eye

None shall escape Jah judgment

Jah judgments gonna fall on you

Red eye, red eye, red eye

Red eye, you’re gonna turn to blue

Stephen Marley – Inna Di Red

Is it really the blue-eyed against whom we now prepare to do battle? Perhaps the blue-eyed people involved with the New World Order, the Illuminati, the Nazis, the Freemasons, etc. have all been conscripted by a force that goes well beyond human intelligence. This power is so subtle and pervasive that those who appear to be free are actually slaves in the worst kind of bondage.

Blue eyes in Red Eye

Yet we are made to fight amongst ourselves. Each ethnic group blames the other. The word “racist” gets thrown around like it was going out of style – I hope it is.

Think about it. If this was truly an Aryan conspiracy, then why would tens of millions of pale-skinned, blue-eyed men be sent to their deaths fighting each other in World War I and World War II? This force funded both sides of the wars and instigated the hostilities. This is not a human intelligence and it does not care about the value of human life.

The Red Eye has been preparing for thousands of years. Its goal is the total enslavement of mankind. To achieve this, it becomes necessary to invade and assume control of each and every human mind. It requires our help in completing its objectives. By serving this system we are creating our own prison. We are entering into a complete surveillance grid wherein every movement is monitored, every financial transaction is registered, and every conversation is recorded.

It is difficult to comprehend the evil that underlies this intelligence, but it is apparent that it must be stopped.

The Great White Hope

I do not know what strength is in my blood, but I swear to you I will not let the White City fall, nor our people fail.

(Aragorn, Aryan savior, giant amongst hobbits)

We are all human beings. We are capable of great creativity, love, and compassion. We are also able to rise to great heights of heroism when our backs are against the wall.

There are many blue-eyed people in this world who have been fighting fiercely for the freedom of every man, woman, and child on this planet. Faced with the cruelty and arrogance of the empire, their souls would simply not allow them to continue serving such a system.

If we are unable unite with each other, then we will never be able to throw off this oppression and do not deserve our freedom. Let us work together to set all slaves free. The true Creator does not have a chosen people. The “gods” that seek to control us are not God. They should be treated as demons, as that is likely what they are.

There is hope for this world and it lies in the hearts of good people who refuse to comply with evil in all of its forms.

I have come to the end, but much has been left unsaid. I leave you, for now, with a video and two images that I hope will keep you thinking.

(This man ate a silver compound and then voila – BLUE!)

known as the eye of god

(This is the Helix Nebula, taken by Hubble, known as “The Eye of God”)

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The Zombie Injection

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Zombie films have always interested me. The story involves a human enemy that has lost its humanity. Zombies are unthinking, unfeeling, violent beasts. They will stop at nothing to feed upon human flesh.

The heroes are the ones who have been left unaffected. They are often flawed characters who overcome many difficulties in order to survive. They must band together to stop a never-ending onslaught of terror. There is also an internal battle that rages inside our heroes as they fight to keep their humanity whilst killing hordes of their fellow humans, often family and friends.

By the way, did you know that the current youth of the world is being labeled Generation Z?

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any real-life parallels are purely incidental. 😉 And with no further ado, I present  you with a scenario for how a zombie uprising could easily occur:

Note the release date for this film

Note the release date for this film

There is an economic collapse. Unemployment reaches all time highs. Many people begin to question the governments and central banks that got them into this mess. In an effort to control this rising tide of revolution, the global elite crack down with many draconian measures and enact their endgame plans.

One of the measures taken by the fascists is to vaccinate as many people as possible against a looming “pandemic.” Some people choose to be injected as they are truly afraid of contracting the virus, but soon mandatory vaccination campaigns are initiated. Military personnel, health workers, students, and many other segments of society are “compelled” to take the shot.. or suffer the consequences for disobedience.

Unfortunately, this vaccine has been known to attack the nervous system and cause brain damage. This is not unintentional. Neither are the other additives that the pharmaceutical companies have put into the shot. There is some speculation among the well-informed that the criminal elite will use this opportunity to inject millions of people with RFID microchips, psychoactive compounds, or even the virus itself.

But the vaccination is just one of the last steps in a life-long process. A person that willingly takes this kind of injection is already under control.

The people who take the shot are amongst the poorer members of society. They live in large population centers and have been impacted terribly by the economic crisis. They are unable to afford “clean food” as prices skyrocket. And these malnourished individuals do not have the proper immune system to fight off the invading toxins included in the vaccine. Their bodies fall ill and become highly contagious.

The infected are enraged. They need someone or something to blame. In this troubling time, they turn to their main source for information – the television. But the media is broadcasting the same signal on all channels and it is of a highly disturbing nature. People become confused as to who they are, what they’re doing here, and where they are going. They lose their grip on reality and begin to devolve into a state of mind that lacks higher order processing. There is no more sense of right and wrong for these people.

While the infection spreads throughout all major cities and towns, there are some groups of people that have remained relatively unaffected. This group tends to be more affluent, physically fit, and intelligent than the infected. Even though they might be exposed to the infected on a daily basis, they remain immune from the most terrible symptoms of the disease. Some of the healthy people try to help the infected as much as they can while the rest head for the hills and stock up on supplies.

This image is loaded with symbolism

As things get worse, rioting begins. There simply are not enough supplies to go around. The poor, hungry infected need to eat. Some decide to take out their rage on the uninfected people.  The infected are so hungry for meat that they will swarm any healthy people they see and tear them to pieces, devouring their flesh raw. There is no time to cook the food or partition off the body for equitable sharing in this dog-eat-dog world. It is first come, first served.

After getting a taste for human flesh, the infected are insatiable. Martial law has been declared in many areas, but the weakened military succumbs to the infection. No matter how many infected are killed, the disease continues to spread and the infected become hungrier.

In order to protect themselves against an overwhelming amount of infected, survivors band together into groups. They find ways to procure food and defend themselves. They begin to refer to the infected as “zombies,” as this makes it easier for them to kill the infected humans. Some survivors even take to killing zombies for sport. They revel in the lawlessness that has overtaken the land and fulfill their sadistic desires. Sometimes it actually becomes difficult to discern the zombies from the humans and some mistakes are made.

Many battles are waged and many lives are lost. Humanity is almost destroyed. Some zombies end up killing each other. Others die from hunger. The zombies that survive are studied, tortured, and enslaved by certain humans that desire to keep them under control.

For those good humans that are able to make it out of the Zombie Apocalypse with their humanity (and brains) intact, there is a frightening revelation – this isn’t the end. While they were fighting for their lives, the New World Order was successfully brought to fruition.

But that’s another story..

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Up or Down

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Evil hides in darkness.

The vampires of this world have been sucking the life from humanity for thousands of years. They have been using our energy toward the fulfillment of their master plan. To achieve their objectives, they have buried themselves deep beneath the Earth’s crust. Down in the depths they have remained hidden from the public and away from their eternal enemy – the sun.


It is common knowledge that the various military, governmental, and intelligence institutions of the world operate  underground bases. However, we are unaware of the number and size of these bases, the secret technologies being used within, and the true nature of the work going on below the earth’s surface.

One theory is that the underground government(s) of the world know of a coming extinction level event and are making preparations to save humanity. Unfortunately, their idea of saving humanity seems to consists of only saving the rich, powerful, and most “genetically advanced” amongst us. We could be facing a holocaust of massive proportions.

Many believe that great earth changes will occur naturally as we approach 2012, as predicted by the Mayan Calendar. Super volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and a pole shift are all within the realm of possibility for nature to deal out. And although these things could be caused by solar flares, the return of Planet X, or any number of variables, I believe that much of the destruction will be caused by humans. There is indeed a distinct possibility that the coming cataclysms will be directed and fueled by the technological superpowers of the world.

In Staring at the Sun, I mentioned the ludicrous schemes to block out the sun and combat global warming. This should indicate that these powers have the capability of altering the weather and they are willing to use their technology. Although most in the United States missed this story, Israel ran an “earthquake simulation” on August 28, 2009 using controlled explosions underground. Interestingly, this “experiment” was funded by the U.S. Department of Defense. On that same day, multiple earthquakes rocked Oklahoma. It appears that the Israeli test was successful.

It is hard to tell whether the elite of the world are actually planning the coming Apocalypse or are just trying to save their own asses.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb is a great film by Stanley Kubrick. In it, a series of unfortunate events leads to the assured nuclear destruction of the entire world. Dr. Strangelove is a former Nazi who now works for the U.S. government (see Operation Paperclip). He makes the suggestion that the best way to confront the nuclear holocaust is to use underground bases to shield a chosen few humans who would later repopulate the world.

In related news: UN chief visits ‘doomsday’ seed vault in Artic.

Knowing is another imminent disaster movie and a great example of predictive programming. In the first scene, a young girl stares directly into the sun and then scrawls down a bunch of numbers, which the brow-furrowing Nick Cage decodes decades later. We learn that the Earth is going to be incinerated by massive solar flares, but as fate would have it, not everyone is going to die in this Armageddon. The children who “received the message” are saved by a benevolent race of Aryan aliens who rapture the kids up to some kind of Elysium.

I have never seen the movie Deep Impact, but from what I can gather there is a black President who announces that the earth will be impacted.. deeply. The tag line of the movie poster was “Heaven and Earth are About to Collide.” Deep Impact was later spoofed by Dave Chappelle. In the skit, Chappelle is a black president who tells the world that the Earth is going to be destroyed, also introduces his alien friend, and then informs us that he will be saved and given hot, cloned women with which to reproduce.

We are continually inundated with movies that tell us the world is going to end in some kind of calamity.  The governments might not be telling us about the end of the world, but the media is sure trying to hammer something into our heads! Some storytellers could be doing this in a noble effort to warn the public, but I believe most of these stories are serving to make us confused, afraid, and compliant. There is logic in the moves they are making: global problems require global solutions and global solutions require global government. Therefore, a New World Order is a good idea.

In Ghostbusters, the four heroes battle against the ancient Sumerian god of destruction – Gozer. On top of New York City, in front of an inter-dimensional pyramid portal, Gozer informs the Ghostbusters that they must choose their destroyer. RAY thinks of the most harmless thing he could imagine from his childhood – a friendly sailor made out of marshmallow. Stay Puft is manifested and proceeds to cause havoc in downtown Manhattan. After daring to cross their energy streams, the four are able to stop the destruction of the world.

This idea of choosing your own destroyer makes me think that Armageddon could be something that is custom tailored to each and every one of us. We will be forced to look within ourselves and draw up our shadow selves. If we are unable to face our inner demons, then we will be destroyed. If we are able to stay on the path of love and understanding, then we might just be able to save ourselves and those that we love.

It’s our story. We create the future every time we make a decision. If we make bad decisions and are tempted by the darkness in our hearts, then we go down and die. If we follow the path of good and light, then we might just end up in the heavens.

Good luck, my friends 🙂

We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

-Oscar Wilde

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