Staring at the Sun

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You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away.

I love the sun. It is our closest star.  Not too big, not too small.. it’s just right for life from this distance.

Without its warm embrace and gravitational pull, our planet would be a cold, lifeless rock hurtling through space. I could not possibly hope to explain all of the intimate and profound connections we have with this source of light, but I do hope to shed a little bit of light on our history together.

The sun is a great giver, but also a powerful destroyer. The sun beats down on objects, heats them up and wears them away.  Too much sun and I’m burnt to a crisp (I’m Irish). Too little sun and we develop Seasonal Affective Disorder and our beloved plants cannot grow. We require a delicate balance between light and the dark to be able to lead “fruitful” existences on this planet.

Because of its important role in the lives of our ancestors, the practice of sun worship began. Much like how the planets were viewed as gods by the Greeks and Romans, the sun was viewed as an incredibly important deity – the giver and taker of life. Our pagan relatives began to pray and sacrifice to the sun in order to receive a good yield of crops. But this seems to me to be a mistaken line of thinking – the sun does not ask such things of us. It keeps on shining because that’s what stars do.

Shine on forever
Shine on, benevolent sun

Tool – Jambi

Then there came the personifications of the sun. The most apparent are the sun gods of Egypt – Amen-ra and Horus. From Amen-ra, we derive the chant used by Christians around the world to this day. We also get words like “ray,” “reign,” “rate”, “rasta” and probably even “rap,” and “rape.” Ra Ra Sis Boom Ba! Horus has become rearranged into “hours,” the unit of measurement for our movement around him. This kind of information is explored in films like Zeitgeist, but there are important concepts that are left out of some of these films and things can get misrepresented.

horus jesussun obama-sun

The Kings (or Pharoahs) of this world have placed themselves between humanity and our primary source of energy. Instead of having a direct connection to the center of our solar system, we are left to toil our hours away working directly or indirectly for the men who make the rules and run the banks. The game is rigged and we are up against some very powerful forces. We can be easily tricked into believing that we are serving “God”  as the storytellers know about marketing and attractive packaging.

The people and forces behind this manipulation of humanity are clever. They use their different government, gods, corporations, and public figures to provide us with opiates and stimulants and a healthy dose of hope and fear. We have been blinded by the light and they have taken to robbing us.. blind. While the sun shines, we work  our days away for these powers, we send our children to their schools, and we worship their gods. We give our energy away and barely keep any for ourselves.

shell logo v3 naziswastika

We need to find our empowerment. But first we have to understand the nature of the soul. It is a sol. Within each one of us lies a spark of a bright, burning star. This is the flame that animates us and provides us with the ability to manifest our thoughts into reality. Some stars are larger and burn brighter than others. Those that burst forth into the universe are usually said to be alive with the Holy Spirit, which is depicted as a flame. Because these enlightened ones burn so brightly, they cause long-dormant souls to quickly catch fire. This is the essence of an awakening. There is one currently occurring on this planet and I believe it is happening at an astronomical rate.

With this in mind, we can better understand the meaning of the Christian Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They all describe the same universal force, but they are describing it at different levels of existence. The Father is the Creator of all things, well beyond our scope of understanding and conceptualization. I believe the Son refers to our actual sun, a manifestation and part of our Creator. And then there is the Holy Spirit – how our Creator reaches down through the infinite to touch anyone ready to accept the flame of consciousness. The Holy Spirit is how we are able to experience divine nature, achieve enlightenment, and find our own power. The Trinity could be an attempt at explaining the fractal nature of the universe and how we connect with the whole.

So what is the best way to connect to the eternal flame that sustains all life? Let the sun shine in! We have been taught to fear the sun, to glob sunscreen all over our bodies, and to shield our eyes from its light. This is unnatural, unhealthy and will keep us from illumination.


There is an ancient practice known as sungazing. This involves looking directly into the rising or setting sun.The long-term benefits of this practice are supposed to be an uplifted spirit, a reduced need for food, supernatural powers, and a variety of other positive impacts upon one’s life. For more information concerning this process, I would suggest looking into Hira Ratan Manek. Here is what I have been able to gather and put into practice:

Sungazing should be done incrementally by starting with 10 seconds on the first day and increasing by 10 each subsequent day. Only practice sungazing when the sun is within an hour of rising or setting, especially during the summer months. If there are too many trees or mountains around, stare at the sun’s reflection in a pool of water. After about a year of doing this, or being able to achieve 45 minutes of gazing, you can stop. Walking barefoot in dirt also allows the soles (souls) of your feet to take in the energy of the sun and feels really nice.

Okay. That probably sounds pretty wild, right? I know, but it also makes a lot of sense when you think about it. The human being is like a battery – it can take a charge and release it later. We usually derive our food by eating food, wherein our digestive systems are able to release the sun’s energy from the food and get rid of the rest. Our bodies take energy from all of the different things we allow in, including all of the different wavelengths that exist around us. It is of primary importance what we eat, look at and listen to, and what we surround ourselves with. The human body is a system, so what we put in affects what we get out.  By looking at the sun, we are connecting with energy in a more direct way. We take charge – both literally and figuratively.

In the movie Pi, the main character stared into the sun for as long as he could when he was a boy. This caused him to become a genius capable of seeing the “face of God.” He has to go a bit insane in the process, but he eventually find his peace. In the movie Sunshine, a group of astronauts travels to the sun to detonate a massive thermonuclear device in an effort to re-ignite a dwindling sun. The characters that spend a lot of time staring into the approaching star develop a different way of viewing the world and their relation to it. One character is able to achieve superhuman powers after exposing himself to the sun for many years. Okay, that guy goes insane too.. bad example. But then there’s Superman, who is supposed to derive his powers from our yellow sun.

If humans really do have this potential for greatness, and I believe we do, then the global elite don’t stand a chance. Unless, of course, they know what is happening and have taken precautions..

The sun was metaphorically kept from us in the past, but now the powers that be are scheming to literally block it out. Earlier this year, it was reported that Barack Obama is considering a variety of radical options to combat global warming, one of which is “shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays.” (link) There is also a plan being put forth to have “cloud ships” patrolling our oceans, creating a protective shield around the Earth to ward off that dangerous sunlight (link). Have you not seen the chemtrails that litter the sky all over the world?

I find it amazing that people can read this kind of news and think nothing of it. This diabolical plot reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons wherein Mr. Burns builds a giant sun shield to keep the rest of Springfield in darkness. In the mythology of the Matrix, the humans decided to block out the sun so that the machines would no longer be able to use it as a fuel source. That is what this crusade against global warming amounts to when you get down to it – it is a war against the sun! Wow, maybe vampires really do control this world. That would explain all of the recent marketing and sexualization they’ve received.

Unfortunately for the vampiric (empiric) forces of this world, their prey has grown wiser. The ones who seek to manipulate us can not keep us all in the dark. The alarm bell is sounding. It is the time for good people to stand up and speak out.

While you were hanging yourself on someone else’s words
Dying to believe in what you heard
I was staring straight into the shining sun.

Pink Floyd – Coming Back to Life

As we move into the fall, the sun will set earlier and earlier and I will be seeing less of my good friend. It will grow colder and times will get tougher, but I look forward to every day that I am able to be alive and I’m thankful for every moment I’ve been given. I still believe I can help to make this world a beautiful place once again.


Don’t let anything stand between you and the light of a star, near or far.



  1. Up or Down « Star Theory said,

    […] Staring at the Sun, I mentioned the ludicrous schemes to block out the sun and combat global warming. This should […]

  2. andychristo said,

    with me, its funny, and fucked up. i had a nervous breakdown at 24, faked mental lunacy to get ssi, then traveled to california, fell violently, and less than a yeaar later i became handicapped and addicted to opiates.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Hey Andy,

      Thanks for reading and commenting on so many posts. I’m glad you like the work.

      Your reactions to psychiatric drugs are not entirely uncommon unfortunately. It’s too bad we aren’t given the knowledge or tools to fix our problems naturally from an early age.

  3. andychristo said,

    i know, but carrying an addiction that makes me so sick every month from withdrawl is just horrible.

  4. paulina said,

    ey jak co jak jest ten papirus i podpis hourus to to jest re bo hourus mial korone podwujna a re slonce nad glowa…

  5. Raven Garland said,

    I would like to use the image of the sun that appears at the beginning of this blog post. I would like to use it in a poetry video of Yeats’s poem “Those dancing days are done”. Can you please tell me how I get permission to use it?

  6. sam said,

    sorry, thats not horus in the pic above, it’s Ra. Ra has the sun disk above his head, horus has a tall white funny hat. otherwise they look quite alike.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks for the heads up. Corrected the image label. Any feedback as to the other thoughts contained within the article?

  7. Sun Song « Star Theory said,

    […] Staring at the Sun for a full […]

  8. Traore Salimata said,

    i love the sun and you know what the sun is bad and hot for each others but so much good for me

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