The Zombie Injection

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Zombie films have always interested me. The story involves a human enemy that has lost its humanity. Zombies are unthinking, unfeeling, violent beasts. They will stop at nothing to feed upon human flesh.

The heroes are the ones who have been left unaffected. They are often flawed characters who overcome many difficulties in order to survive. They must band together to stop a never-ending onslaught of terror. There is also an internal battle that rages inside our heroes as they fight to keep their humanity whilst killing hordes of their fellow humans, often family and friends.

By the way, did you know that the current youth of the world is being labeled Generation Z?

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any real-life parallels are purely incidental. 😉 And with no further ado, I present  you with a scenario for how a zombie uprising could easily occur:

Note the release date for this film

Note the release date for this film

There is an economic collapse. Unemployment reaches all time highs. Many people begin to question the governments and central banks that got them into this mess. In an effort to control this rising tide of revolution, the global elite crack down with many draconian measures and enact their endgame plans.

One of the measures taken by the fascists is to vaccinate as many people as possible against a looming “pandemic.” Some people choose to be injected as they are truly afraid of contracting the virus, but soon mandatory vaccination campaigns are initiated. Military personnel, health workers, students, and many other segments of society are “compelled” to take the shot.. or suffer the consequences for disobedience.

Unfortunately, this vaccine has been known to attack the nervous system and cause brain damage. This is not unintentional. Neither are the other additives that the pharmaceutical companies have put into the shot. There is some speculation among the well-informed that the criminal elite will use this opportunity to inject millions of people with RFID microchips, psychoactive compounds, or even the virus itself.

But the vaccination is just one of the last steps in a life-long process. A person that willingly takes this kind of injection is already under control.

The people who take the shot are amongst the poorer members of society. They live in large population centers and have been impacted terribly by the economic crisis. They are unable to afford “clean food” as prices skyrocket. And these malnourished individuals do not have the proper immune system to fight off the invading toxins included in the vaccine. Their bodies fall ill and become highly contagious.

The infected are enraged. They need someone or something to blame. In this troubling time, they turn to their main source for information – the television. But the media is broadcasting the same signal on all channels and it is of a highly disturbing nature. People become confused as to who they are, what they’re doing here, and where they are going. They lose their grip on reality and begin to devolve into a state of mind that lacks higher order processing. There is no more sense of right and wrong for these people.

While the infection spreads throughout all major cities and towns, there are some groups of people that have remained relatively unaffected. This group tends to be more affluent, physically fit, and intelligent than the infected. Even though they might be exposed to the infected on a daily basis, they remain immune from the most terrible symptoms of the disease. Some of the healthy people try to help the infected as much as they can while the rest head for the hills and stock up on supplies.

This image is loaded with symbolism

As things get worse, rioting begins. There simply are not enough supplies to go around. The poor, hungry infected need to eat. Some decide to take out their rage on the uninfected people.  The infected are so hungry for meat that they will swarm any healthy people they see and tear them to pieces, devouring their flesh raw. There is no time to cook the food or partition off the body for equitable sharing in this dog-eat-dog world. It is first come, first served.

After getting a taste for human flesh, the infected are insatiable. Martial law has been declared in many areas, but the weakened military succumbs to the infection. No matter how many infected are killed, the disease continues to spread and the infected become hungrier.

In order to protect themselves against an overwhelming amount of infected, survivors band together into groups. They find ways to procure food and defend themselves. They begin to refer to the infected as “zombies,” as this makes it easier for them to kill the infected humans. Some survivors even take to killing zombies for sport. They revel in the lawlessness that has overtaken the land and fulfill their sadistic desires. Sometimes it actually becomes difficult to discern the zombies from the humans and some mistakes are made.

Many battles are waged and many lives are lost. Humanity is almost destroyed. Some zombies end up killing each other. Others die from hunger. The zombies that survive are studied, tortured, and enslaved by certain humans that desire to keep them under control.

For those good humans that are able to make it out of the Zombie Apocalypse with their humanity (and brains) intact, there is a frightening revelation – this isn’t the end. While they were fighting for their lives, the New World Order was successfully brought to fruition.

But that’s another story..



  1. PostWarGirl said,

    This is what i have been having nightmares about for ten years. This is what I believe will happen too only i think it will happen during a world war, Nuclear Holocaust and that there will be a great plague which could very well come from this vaccine, you never know. I think the virus will be made. There will be a great lack of resources and people will turn to Cannibalism. The same thing happened in Egypt when the Nile dries and there was no food left. People began eating their own children. It’s all written in stone.

    • Ferdinand said,

      I had a terrible nightmare last night about an “alien” invasion/ zombie infestation. I have had many dreams like this over the years and they are quite awful. Can we stop this from happening? Is escape the only option?

      Could these dreams be part of a mind control operation wherein certain images and themes are inserted into the “ether”? They could be using signals to drive the population insane.. yikes.

  2. Rebel4E said,

    Generation Z – World War Z (o__O)


  3. celticrebel said,

    Hm, was unaware that they were going to call this new generation of devolved humans Generation Zed. Fitting. As Stygian Port told me during one of our Dinners With Andros, “Zed is Dead.” Zombiefication is the process of producing humans that have no intuition or instinct, producing [undead] creatures who rely solely on programming and repitilian/pavlovian compulsion to get by. I gather you’ve read my thoughts on topic. I am trying to recraft the Zombie Apocalypse into a positive force.

  4. stitcherman said,

    watch the movie “crazies”.
    the population is sprayed by chemtrails which causes the population to become total psychopaths i.e. zombies.

    • Ferdinand said,

      just saw that after having an argument with the folks about chemtrails. it’s hard to be optimistic about this stuff these days.

  5. Zombie Identification | Zombiepedia said,

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  6. Zombie Survival Kit | Zombiepedia said,

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  7. Ryan said,

    you guys are all fucking insane. you need to stop this madness

  8. sovereignthink said,

    Well Displayed Example of the Predictive Programming type of future events we are being prepared for. Terror, Fear, Horror, Disorder, Military Police State, Distrust of everyone, even your Family, (you may have to stomp your mothers brain out?)

    Great Read.

    Now what to do with the knowledge, how to Resist?

    Do the Opposite, Strengthen your Family and Friends.
    Remember to smile, saw hello, get to know, trust and care for your neighbors.
    Do Something constructive together, Cook, Clean, Build something together.
    That is a neighborhood, that is society.

    Reclaim the responsibility for the integrity of your local offices and councils.
    Especially Your Sheriff!

    Local integrity and true information in the hands of the Public will Re-Public and Save this Nation’s Principle of Individual Liberty.


  9. sovereignthink said,

    Don’t Take Their Shot of the Living Dead, Don’t Drink Their Black Water, Don’t Buy Their Zombie Injections

  10. Ahmed said,

    i cant believe it they made a zombie injection thats JUST CRAZY

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