True Blue

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Warning: This article deals with racial issues that are almost never discussed. You must forget what you have been told and leave your your political correctness at the door.

(Note: Every picture within this article is also a link)

Behind Blue Eyes

Have you ever looked into a pair of bright blue eyes and been absolutely mesmerized? Blue eyes reflect the color of the ocean and the sky. They are beautiful and intriguing, but blue eyes can also be dangerous. The blue-eyed people of this world have a complicated story that runs throughout human history and takes us into the mysteries of our present day. It is my intention to uncover the hidden history of the eyes that have been passed down to me over the generations. They color the way I see the world and the way that the world sees me.

No one knows what it’s like

To be the bad man

To be the sad man

Behind blue eyes

Did you know that all but six United States presidents have seen the world through blue eyes? Interestingly, all of the non-blue presidents thus far have been utter failures. Two out of the three presidents that faced impeachment had brown eyes.

John Quincy Adams, the first president without blue eyes, went down in a landslide defeat after his first term. Andrew Johnson took over after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and lost in his bid for reelection. Chester A. Arthur assumed office after the James A. Garfield was shot and failed to win his party’s nomination for reelection, the last incumbent to do so. Lyndon Johnson assumed office after Kennedy was assassinated (many believe Johnson was complicit), secured his own term in office and then faced a terrible drop in popularity and a defeat in reelection. Richard Nixon was reelected to a second term, but only to go down in disgrace.

We have yet to see how Barack Obama’s first full term in office will turn out, but by the looks of  what is happening thus far, I would say “not well.” Well, there’s always blue-eyed Biden waiting in the wings for this shot at the presidency.

(She now dates Jesus and visits Jerusalem with him)

In 1900, about 50% of Americans were born with blue eyes. Today, the number is somewhere around 17% of Americans and dropping rapidly. This is due inter-racial marriages and a large influx of non-European immigrants. This indicates that although the amount of blue-eyed people in the country have diminished over the years, they have been able to hold a disproportionate amount of power. The explanations for why this has occurred are complicated, but I hope to shed some light on this subject.

(The blood war is on?)

The outer surface of the iris of a blue eye lacks the pigmentation found in a brown eye. Blue eyes contain a low amount of melanin, allowing for the absorption of longer wavelengths of light. This means that people with blue eyes have more access to the frequencies of ultraviolet light, while reflecting more of the infrared part of the spectrum.

Because blue eyes are a recessive trait, they can quickly disappear when mixed with other eye colors. The gene for blue eyes can remain dormant for generations and then reappear in the offspring of two brown-eyed parents. This also means that two blue-eyed parents will almost always produce a blue-eyed child.

Royal Blue

It is not only the American royalty who share this characteristic, but also their cousins across the pond. What did you think the terms “royal blue,” “blue blood,” and “true blue” actually reference?

The Blue-Eyed Princes with the Red Cross (blood)

The inter-related royalty has been in control of this planet for quite some time. They have made it a point to keep their gene pool as “pure” as possible through the process of inter-marrying. Because the royalty has had so much wealth, they were able to successfully reproduce and produce much of the blue-eyed populations of the world. These royals are not just interested in retaining their eye color, but this is one of the most obvious indicators of royal blood.

There are problems associated with such incestuous activity throughout so many generations. Queen Victoria of Great Britain once wrote to her daughter Vicky, “I do wish one could find some more black eyed Princes and Princesses for our children! I can’t help thinking what dear Papa said—that it was in fact when there was some little imperfection in the pure Royal descent that some fresh blood was infused… For that constant fair hair and blue eyes makes the blood so lymphatic… it is not as trivial as you may think, for darling Papa—often with vehemence said: ‘We must have some strong blood.’” Queen Victoria then proceeded to pass this trait along to the royal houses of Europe. (source)

With all of that pale skin and problems with blood, I am reminded of a certain type of human..

But that is another story and not where I would like to take this tale. For now, I would like to delve back deeper into the origins of this trait.

Aryans of the East

Current “scientific theory” suggests that all blue-eyed people on this planet share a single ancestor who lived about 6,000-10,000 years ago in the Near East. It is believed the trait originated in the Afghanistan region. This ancestor and his children are supposed to have spread this recessive trait throughout the Middle East and then out into Europe and the rest of the world. See the video at the end of this article to see some stunning evidence of this.

As it turns out, Arabs are directly related to the Aryans. Also, let us not forget the Persians who live in Iran, which is known as the “Land of the Aryan.” In India, the tribe of Aryans who lived in the northern parts of the country were accepted into the culture, as evidenced by this passage out of the Rigveda, “Brahma of glory is he to whom both the Aryans and the Dasas belong.” Because of the way this tribe treated the indigenous Indians, the term “Aryan” came to mean “noble.”

Blue-eyed mummy unearthed in Peru - 1,300 years old

(Sarcophagus from Peru, approx. 1,300 yrs old)

There have been ancient Aryan mummies unearthed in Egypt, China, Middle America, and other parts of the globe. The oral traditions and hieroglyphs of these people recount this history, but these records were burned and hidden by the empire that colonized the globe. The once noble and fair blue-eyed people had come back to these people after a long absence, but they had been transformed by some force into vicious, greedy conquerors.

(The Blue Beast and the Blue Meanie)

There are still some pieces missing from this puzzle. In order to better understand our current circumstances, I will have to travel even further back into history. This means that I will be delving deeper into the occult.

Blue’s Clues

So where did blue eyes really come from?  Why has this recessive trait seen so much success? Let’s turn to the last group of people who did extensive research on the subject..

That’s right – the Nazis. The high-level Nazis are reported to have believed that the Aryan race is descended from a race that came from Mars. Aryans are aliens from Ares? There is more evidence for this than you might imagine. I cannot go into the whole history as I do not have access to top secret files, but I will try my best.

(Pictures of the Cydonia region of Mars, taken by Viking 1)

The story goes something like this – there was a race of humanoids that lived on the surface of Mars. They had a thriving, technologically advanced civilization. Unfortunately for them, some cataclysmic event was unfolding on their planet and only a few survivors were able to escape the destruction. The survivors came to the nearest habitable planet – earth.

If Martians fell from the sky

What would that do to god?

Would we put the weapons down

Or aim it up at the sky

Dave Matthews Band – Time Bomb

Every religion and mythology tells of the gods who fell from the heavens. When these aliens would communicate to the indigenous peoples of earth from where they had come, they would point to what looked like a star in the night’s sky. These beings tried to teach the people of the earth about their technology, the solar system, and spiritual advancement, but the primitive mind was not capable of grasping these things. But because of their advanced knowledge, light (blue?) skin, and stunning blue eyes, these aliens were treated as gods.

With nowhere left to go and no means to re-produce their technology, the survivors decided to look toward the long-term survival of their species and historical record. As the mythologies indicate, they began to intermix with humans. Their first attempts to mix the genes, perhaps by sexual intercourse, created what were considered to be abominations – the Giants, the Titans,  the Nephilim. These giants rose up against the “gods” and battled them for supremacy. They were reportedly all wiped out in the great deluge.

a Sumerian King (circa 6,000 BC)

Sumerian Statue - Blue Eyes

(Artifacts from Sumer, approx. 6,000 BC – modern day Iraq)

The alien race knew much about genetics and figured out better ways to mix their genes with the indigenous people. Eventually they were able to come upon a “recipe” that worked well and they began to produce beings that had some of their strength and intelligence, could live well upon this planet, and could serve the interests of their creators.

So is this really our story of creation? Could it be that we started out as something of a lab experiment? Were we test tube babies?

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. – Genesis

But what image is that exactly? “Mar” does not only refer to the planet Mars or Mary. It is also heavily linked with the ocean, hence “maritime.” The white people of this world have long been regarded as masters of the sea. It only makes sense that their symbol for Jesus would be a fish, right? Well, perhaps the truth is uglier than we could have imagined..

District 9

Aryans do get rather red after being in the sun for too long.. and Zoidberg does look like that Sumerian statue.. okay, silly diversion, we must proceed..

Regardless of what the story really is, there is a wealth of evidence that indicates that all humans on this planet are a product of genetic intervention by a race of highly intelligent beings who visited us in our distant pass. The Nazis came across this information, were deeply involved in all aspects of the occult, and could have possibly formed an alliance with some race of aliens, whether or not they were truly our “creators,” in order to gain use of their technologies.

The Resurgence of the Nazis

There is significant evidence to suggest that Nazis were not truly defeated at the end of WWII. The reasons for this are numerous, but here are a few:

– The Nazi rise to power was funded by the Federal Reserve and American businesses.

– The son and grandson of Nazi profiteer Prescott Bush were both able to make it into the White House.

– The Nazis were well-connected with the Catholic church, which allowed for their top brass to be safely transported to South America.

– In order to protect an important investment, the American government brought thousands of top Nazi scientists to the United States to continue their research in a program known as Operation Paperclip. Wernher Von Braun built the V-2 rocket for the Nazis and then came to the US to successfully launch our space program. Also, he believed he would one day be headed back to his original home – Mars. Other Nazi programs of note that were brought to the US are water fluoridation, MK-Ultra, and pre-emptive invasions. Eugenics and fascism already existed in this country, were exported to Germany, honed to an exact science, and then brought back.

– The Nazis understood that Europe could not be conquered by force alone, so they devised a more clever plan. Their goals have almost been accomplished by the institution of the European Union. Only the Irish stand in their way as the Lisbon Treaty is brought for a vote once again.

– The Nazis, reportedly along with their leader Adolf Hitler, were able to escape to Antarctica where they had already set up a base of operations. Rear Admiral Byrd of the United States Navy was sent to take out this base in Antarctica in 1946-1947 in what was known as Operation High Jump. The mission was supposed to last for nine months, but Byrd was forced to retreat after three months due to the high number of losses suffered. The Nazi technology acquired from cooperation with the aliens is reported to be devastatingly powerful.

– Nazi propaganda and symbolism is smothered all over the popular culture of the world, with it being especially prevalent in the United States. They are creating the Aryan Armies of the aristocracy for Armageddon.

– The plans for Project Blue Beam have Nazi-orchestrated holocaust written all over them. Please look into this.

The Red Eye

None shall escape Jah judgment

Jah judgments gonna fall on you

Red eye, red eye, red eye

Red eye, you’re gonna turn to blue

Stephen Marley – Inna Di Red

Is it really the blue-eyed against whom we now prepare to do battle? Perhaps the blue-eyed people involved with the New World Order, the Illuminati, the Nazis, the Freemasons, etc. have all been conscripted by a force that goes well beyond human intelligence. This power is so subtle and pervasive that those who appear to be free are actually slaves in the worst kind of bondage.

Blue eyes in Red Eye

Yet we are made to fight amongst ourselves. Each ethnic group blames the other. The word “racist” gets thrown around like it was going out of style – I hope it is.

Think about it. If this was truly an Aryan conspiracy, then why would tens of millions of pale-skinned, blue-eyed men be sent to their deaths fighting each other in World War I and World War II? This force funded both sides of the wars and instigated the hostilities. This is not a human intelligence and it does not care about the value of human life.

The Red Eye has been preparing for thousands of years. Its goal is the total enslavement of mankind. To achieve this, it becomes necessary to invade and assume control of each and every human mind. It requires our help in completing its objectives. By serving this system we are creating our own prison. We are entering into a complete surveillance grid wherein every movement is monitored, every financial transaction is registered, and every conversation is recorded.

It is difficult to comprehend the evil that underlies this intelligence, but it is apparent that it must be stopped.

The Great White Hope

I do not know what strength is in my blood, but I swear to you I will not let the White City fall, nor our people fail.

(Aragorn, Aryan savior, giant amongst hobbits)

We are all human beings. We are capable of great creativity, love, and compassion. We are also able to rise to great heights of heroism when our backs are against the wall.

There are many blue-eyed people in this world who have been fighting fiercely for the freedom of every man, woman, and child on this planet. Faced with the cruelty and arrogance of the empire, their souls would simply not allow them to continue serving such a system.

If we are unable unite with each other, then we will never be able to throw off this oppression and do not deserve our freedom. Let us work together to set all slaves free. The true Creator does not have a chosen people. The “gods” that seek to control us are not God. They should be treated as demons, as that is likely what they are.

There is hope for this world and it lies in the hearts of good people who refuse to comply with evil in all of its forms.

I have come to the end, but much has been left unsaid. I leave you, for now, with a video and two images that I hope will keep you thinking.

(This man ate a silver compound and then voila – BLUE!)

known as the eye of god

(This is the Helix Nebula, taken by Hubble, known as “The Eye of God”)



  1. Anon said,

    I love that picture of the Helix Nebula, true beauty.

  2. Immortallywounded said,

    That really was a good article. I do feel whatever is pulling the strings on the turmoil in this world is not of human nature. I couldn’t tell you what it was for certain, I can only theorize like you. Possibly warring factions running different countries. Maybe one race of shapeshifters creating the illusion of numerous races to confuse their origins. We can never know for sure because evidence can be planted, appearances are deceiving.

    Thank you for inciting thought on the subject.

  3. Ryan McAlister said,

    This might be kind of out dated, as I think I heard you mention the Trinity recently, but at any rate, to leave my comment regarding this part from the bible:

    “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. – Genesis”

    Fundamentalists and Evangelists go by “sola scriptura” meaning “scripture alone.” While many of them do believe in a trininty, some do not because they claim its not in the bible. (Like you have said, neither is the word “bible” in the bible.) But the sentence you mentioned is one of the passages used by some to provide a biblical reference to the Trinity/Triune God/Three persons in one God. The explanation is that this is a communication of God and the Word of God (not yet made flesh) and the Holy Spirit.

    As a blonde-haired, blue eyed man myself it was always frustrating when I would talk to someone who was in favor of eugenics and they themselves would not meet the requirements set forth by so many of the major eugenics-minded powers. Nowadays I understand why they are that way- because everything in society teaches them to think of humans as machines to be tinkered with. It really says a lot about Individualism vs Collectivism. Recently I heard somebody talk about how they were once shown a soul and if you could see a soul you would die of ecstasy! Really speaks to the power and beauty of every single human being!

  4. Mike said,

    And I though I was the only person who knew.

    Notice the eye of providence in Freemasonry is always pale blue as well.

  5. Beverage Dispenser said,

    green eyes specially those deep green ones are very unique and very attractive. i really love those -“

  6. genepools said,

    How it is never discussed when practically the whole academia is anti-white bs mill? Why no safeword for ‘aryans’ in a system ruled by the Evil Nazis?

    How does the daily racemixing propaganda on the media, tolerance and immigration orchestrated by the powers fit in to your theory?

    Have a look at the citizens the powers want for their project EU.
    Those blue eyed aryan nazis want 50+ million persons of foreign races into Europe in just one plan.

    Just look at the hard data of demographics instead of movies beating the worn out baddies.

    You have adopted the powers agenda to target us. Not very discerning.

    It is true our kind form the eager body of the NWO, but not the head.

    Have you picked on one of them synchrotrends?
    Says a guy who demanded The New Economic Order at the UN with his friends Sarkozy and Brown, who are more closely related to the creators of the current financial order and crash and not categorized under the stereotype of blue eyed blondes but instead have their own safeword.

    It’s about genepools but your targeting the wrong one. Time to deprogram yourself! Look at the imagery of your childhood (schoolbooks, advertisements, government brochures etc.) and call it all bullshit, especially the feelgood stuff.

    Our existence is through our biology and genes. They are part of the information structure constituting us and individuals are connected to form larger perceptible structures, which has been made to be very very bad thing for us. Genepools are not superfluous but integral part of our existence. That’s the only information structure we should be upholding and perfecting, not constructs of words and images or political groups or artificial ideologies. Take care of your vessel and make more of you.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Nice comment. Very thoughtful. I wrote that article not too long ago, but already my views have changed significantly.

  7. Angel said,

    This is gross. You want to equate your blue-eyedness to superiority over the rest of the human race? So be it. But don’t go propagating your racism for all to see. I have green eyes, the rarest eye colour in the world. What do you make of that? Am I evil or blessed because of my eye colour. Ignorance will only lead to our destruction. Let go of the hatred in your soul man.

    • alex said,

      You have green eyes meaning you were a mix of a brown eyed and blue eyed person in your first life. No superiority, I mean well yes their is, the darker you and your eyes are the more superior you will be in athletics. Just as in the same way lighter people with light eyes are more strategic. Everyone is given an equal amount of attribute points they are just used on different traits don’t be so blind angel.

  8. Diego Cárdenas (@dcardenas91) said,

    I’m pretty sure ex president bush has blus eyes…

  9. Mark Kittell said,

    Save us from the blue-eyed idiots

  10. Anonymous said,

    Hi, I know that I am years late to the conversation on this, but I had to comment. I came across your blog earlier today through a google search that turned up one of your more recent blogs on an image search (my daughter wanted to see pictures of the women of Asgard instead of just the men, so we were searching for pictures of Sif and Freya).

    I found the blog entry that i first encountered very interesting, though I didn’t understand it well since it referenced things like the rainbow alphabet, etc. that I previously had no exposure to. I decided to go back to the start of your blog and see if I could make more sense of it.

    So that leads me, after reading several other posts from the beginning of your blog, to this entry. I have to say that you are a very good writer, very clear, engaging, and descriptive in your approach. The reason that I feel compelled to write a comment (which I never, never do) is that you make many statements that are unsupported, and I guess I’d like to see where you are coming from. You make statements, for example, about Operation High Jump, that are in 100% direct conflict with official records, but you offer no evidence, citations, or even references to other writers who have some reason for claiming what you are saying. Without some substantiation it is very difficult to objectively take your statements for the truth. Without this you really have no chance of converting the open-minded non-believers (such as myself)… you are only talking to the true-believers who already agree with what you are saying. I am deeply intrigued by where you are coming from and I’d like to understand more, but without some corroboration I can’t accept your (apparently) randomly generated hypotheses as something that I should take seriously.

    The reference to Operation High Jump is just the selection of one brief anecdote that as I read it in your post I wondered “ooh, whats that’s about?) and then went and did a google search on and found absolutely nothing that supported your statement. On this one specifically, on what basis do you claim that there was a battle fought between US and former German Nazi soldiers in the Antarctic? Is there some source for this information?

    That is just one of very many points that I found in the post that needed support. It may be true that I read things more as an historian than most people, but I can’t accept a statement that so drastically deviates from the published “facts” as anything resembling true without some substantiation. In other places you provide references, links, etc. to others who have discussed the topic that you are addressing (i.e MK ULTRA), but with oh-so-many of your statements you don’t offer this.

    I’m going to continue to read your further blog entries, as I find your concepts very interesting, and the things that you are talking about are very close to topics for which I would like to build an understanding of the alternatave viewpoints to those that are presented in official history/propaganda. I’m hoping that as I progress through your posts that I see more defensible statements as you built experience in presenting your worldview.

    If you have actually read this entire long comment, thanks for listening, and I look forward to encountering your future thoughts.

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