The Eve of Dreams

November 10, 2009 at 11:09 pm (Uncategorized)

Date with Destiny

Tomorrow (11/11/09) I will be recording an interview with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations. I started this blog a few months hoping to reach at least a few people, posting an article now and again. But Star Theory picked up momentum, found a receptive audience, and I found myself compelled to spend many hours a week on this endeavor.

Each week I craft a story for you with pictures and text, but it is you who puts it all together. You connect the images and words to your own memories and life experiences. Sometimes everything seems to click and make sense, but remember that these are only theories. What is true for you?

Am I alive or thoughts that drift away?
Does summer come for everyone?
Can humans do as prophets say?
And if I die before I learn to speak
Can money pay for all the days I lived awake
But half asleep?

Primitive Radio Gods – Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand

Although my ego often gets in the way, I have intended for these articles to be open-ended and multi-layered. Not only did I write these pieces for you.. I wrote them for me. I began this quest for knowledge and truth some time ago so that I might come to peace with myself, piecing together my fractured psyche.

Odin’s Wild Hunt

Although I am finally getting myself back together, peace and unity are illusive during times of war.

In my dreams, I have fought in the battle of Armageddon many times. These could be internal preparations for events yet to come, but it seems that my soul is actually leaving my body to fight in this war.

My dreams are not only about facing off against this relentless foe. I fly through time and space, meet with incredible aliens, and search for the innocence and beauty I once lost. These epic dreams can feel so real. Often times I have to find my body in order to re-enter and awaken into this reality. This process of “waking up” can be a good thing if I am facing utter devastation in the dream world, but dreadful if I have found great beauty and contentment. The whole experience can be very fulfilling, but also very tiring.

This is all necessary. How would we know sweet without sour? Good without evil? Pleasure without pain?

Love Without Loss

I have faith that one day I will unite with my love and return home. What a peaceful rest that will be.



  1. Mariah said,

    Hey! it’s really great reading this particular article of yours, since for me, the last years have been filled with dreams like the ones u describe. We’re being trained in this beautiful out of the body experiences. I hope u do great in the interview tomorrow.
    Good night and good flight!

  2. Natasha said,

    To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub

    (good luck on your interview tomorrow!)

  3. psychegram said,

    It often seems that those who commence the awakening ahead of schedule are experiencing the apocalypse before armageddon. It hurts now but as the crushing weight of negativity descends on the earth, we’ll be prepared, emotionally.

    As to the reunification … lately I’ve been becoming conscious that my whole life has been about rounding up the wayward pieces of myself and fitting them back together in some kind of coherent order.

    Looking forward to the interview.

  4. Ferdinand said,

    Thanks for all of the love! I think the interview went well. It should air next week.

  5. Infernal Universe said,

    Well, you and many other “average joes” and “plain janes” experience the same Paranormal Events. Our Universe is really complex mechanism…
    but let me say that your blog and articles are real inspiration for everyone interested in such “Beyond Normal Science” research 😉

  6. Mariah said,

    Hey, thanks, but I don’t consider myself a plain jane.

    • Mariah said,

      @Infernal Universe: Great artwork by the way. A little dark for me, but u’re good!

      • Infernal Universe said,

        This art? Oh no, it’s not mine. I have too “Portfolio” site for my own Hyperrealist/Surrealist paintings, but i preffer to keep it in secret 😉
        about “plain jane” part… i typed my comment for “normal” people which experience (some of them) such paranormal un-explainable events. The bad part is that we can’t have the “answers” for the laws of our Universe. Human Science need to evolve at least 6000 to 1 000 000 years untill we can have the answers for all “supernatural” questions. It seems long time for us, but… it’ really not. Beside being a painter i study molecular biology to get my degree… One thing never stop to amaze me is people arrogance. Do you know Amazing Randi? Or the political-group called “Skeptics”? I dont know how they behave in normal daily life, but what i see in their internet forums its really disturbing. They write hatefull posts, and have “holier than you” attitude… they are like born again grumpy cynical old-farts which think that they have all the answers lol.

  7. Mariah said,

    OMG! It’s totally true, those forums are full of ignorance and hate. My dad told me a week ago, when i got the pleasure of discussing the swine-flu vaccine issue with an army doctor: “…our world includes his, his world excludes us”, and that’s it. I have nothing but love even for the people who claim to know the truth, how can they even think they do? It’s an asleep link in our dna, at least that’s what i think about many truths hidden.
    Thanks for taking the time to respond.
    Much love!

    • Infernal Universe said,

      Mariah: yes we as species still continue our evolution. There was articles by french antropologist for the physical changes of the new-born french babies. She stated that many of the new-born babies have jaw-line and teeth “deformations”, but if she is correct (and i think that she is… because if so many kids have these mutations that’s mean its normal… or will be considered “normal” after some period of years, after 80-90% from the teens have these “deformations” and people accept it as a “norm”) then this is sign for our physical evolution.
      The Human Evolution is very slow, and technologies as “nano-tech/cybernetics” or “genetic engineering/synthetic biology” will cause minor cosmetic change. What is frightening it’s that many people completelly ignore their “soul/spirit” evolution. Complete materialism is a very bad thing. People become obssesed only with themself and they can harm not only their own bodies, but also to harm other people/animals for no reason whatsoever.

  8. Ferdinand said,

    I’ve never been to those forums, but I don’t think that I’d enjoy myself much there. I think that there is a fundamental force of attraction that brings like things together. If those like forces are extremely unstable, then they could explode. That’s not the case with stable forces.. noble metals, water, kind people, etc.

    • Infernal Universe said,

      Well.. i like to visit from time to time, “negative” forums, to see the world-views of really hatefull people (black supremacists/white supremacists or just religious extremists from all spiritual paths: no matter if they are wiccan bigots or christian ku klux klan supporters). And especially for the online community of “The Amazing Randi” i can say that these mature “scientific” (most of them are just cynics without a job,.. not to mention that they even don’t have scientific education) people behave like teens. I am teen myself, i used to be a bully… but i never met such ignorant people which in their 30s-40s repsond to topics for example: the “bread” incident with the Large Hadron Collider, check their posts, its priceless:
      the title is “Is The Large Hadron Collider Being Sabotaged From The Future?”
      and here the copy-pasted replies from these “All-Knowing Grumpy Cynics”:
      “Al Qaeda dunnit.”
      “Kinda silly. ”
      “”Otherwise distinguished” is right. What nonsense. ”
      Ferdinand don’t worry for “legal issues” for copy-pasteing their silly “extremelly intelligent” (yeah right) responds. Because this is a part from “Fair Share Use” and they can’t sue nobody for showing the stupidity of the old-farts… even if they wan’t it badly lol.

  9. Mariah said,

    Well, balance must exist always, that’s the way this universe develops. I just try to bring the positive quota of energy, trying as hard as we can (we being my husband and i) to deattach ourselves from any kind of materialism, meaning: for now, i still need my pc, but that doesn’t mean that i can’t survive without it. We must learn and study as much as we can. The clue is to stay open-minded and neever take things for granted, such as crazy things going on thenews or their debunks on some pretty real events. In the end, we’ll need to go back to nature and realize we are all one with the universe.
    Much love to all of you from Buenos Aires.

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