Youthful Optimism and the Darkening Sky

November 14, 2009 at 2:47 pm (Uncategorized)

This article was originally published Dec 11, 2008 on OpEdNews and then on NeoPerspectives. In the next few weeks, I will be revising some of my older works. I hope you enjoy..

Youthful Optimism and the Darkening Sky

I know there are many reasons to be pessimistic these days. The world seems to be going to hell and the walls keep closing in. It appears we are being sacrificed as pawns in one gigantic game of chess being played by the same hand. And although it might seem as if we are standing on the edge of an abyss, losing any sign of light, there is much reason to be happy and hopeful.

This world is beautiful. It is a gem in space. There is the sky, which presents us with the magnificent colors of the rainbow every day. It extends into the infinite, passing through our atmosphere, into the solar system, and traveling out through all the galaxies of the universe. Then there is the land, with its massive mountains, deep caverns, scorching deserts, lush forests, and fertile plains. And there are the beautiful waters of this planet, sparkling in their peace and raging in their fury. They hold many mysteries in their depths and beckon us to explore.

All of the realms of this giant sphere are teeming with life. There are creatures of all sorts participating in the cycles of life and death. They exhibit such awesome complexity that one can almost miss their beautiful simplicity. They are all playing the game of energy and evolution, changing in time to meet new demands with incredible innovation.

(so different, but so similar)

One of the most fascinating beings in the Animal Kingdom is the human. The human is an advanced ape that has used complex communication, imagination, and compassion to become one of the most successful life forms on the planet. It has taken nest building and the gathering of resources to incredible heights of complexity to better provide for itself and its community. And in that communal setting, the human has been able to evolve by leaps and bounds. Ideas are shared, wrongs righted, and a sense of worth developed through the coming together of humans. Being helpful creatures of high intelligence, they are glad to be serving something bigger than themselves.

But what most humans no longer understand is how connected they are to all that is around them. They fail to see that all of people and things around them are an integral part of themselves, and that they are intimately connected to all that is, ever was, or ever will be. The universe responds to their will. Things are only as they would like to see them. But recently, the human has become confused, forgotten its origin, and lost his sense of connectedness and power. One could blame the rulers and their psychological manipulation who have severed this connection, so as to connect humans to their systems of power and control. But none of this really matters.

(quilt, ex nihilo by Linda Henke)

What does matter is where every human wants to go from here. There is a blank slate upon which humanity can write its destiny. There are many choices that can be made by each individual that will have massive effects upon the whole. The will of an a non-living human inventions, such as governments and banks, hold no power over the will of one fully realized human. This human becomes an actor on the stage of life, no longer relegated to a bit part in some morality play. With the power of its will, the human is able to become the creator of reality, painting the pictures of its dreams.

I am optimistic as to what humanity will create. The odds may look bad, but it is never smart to bet against the human spirit. It is has a great history with a family tree that goes back to the dawn of time. Every single thing has happened in such a way as to give rise to us – allowing us to be here experiencing the beauty of it all. Not one of our ancestors ever dropped the ball, all the way back to when we were but single-celled organisms making our way, and even beyond that to the genesis of it all.

We began our current individual existence as a single-cell of life. At that stage, we knew of the connectedness of all things. We still do, but have a hard time explaining it in the language we learned later in life as the connection is something much more basic and primal. It is what we feel deep in our hearts as emotions. How wondrous that we shed water droplets when we are sad and laugh when happy. To better describe these feelings artists have come along to paint life with vibrations of all sorts, affecting all of our senses. These are the magic makers.

(Alex Grey yet again)

These special, connected people usually tell us that there is no need to worry. For even if our worst nightmares come to pass, at the end of this life, we can return to the place from where we came – our true home. Any material that one might be afraid to lose doesn’t matter there, in the world of spirit. But what do I know? I have had but twenty five years on this planet. And yet, even if it were to all end tomorrow, I would be glad that I got to see and experience it all, to play my part, with all of the good and bad and the ups and downs. These things help us to understand that we are but frequencies of energy, vibrating in space, making music with each other and with the universe.

If we do what we know to be right, following what we know to be true, we will not be led astray. We will be heroes of the human race and shining stars in the sky.

Peace is achievable, but it is not some state of affairs external to yourself. Peace be with you.


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  1. Mariah said,

    This is a beautiful message of hope. Thank you Ferdinand for sharing!
    Much love.

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