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January 15th

I saw Daybreakers last night. I thought it was pretty good. There was a lot of blood. Made me think of a tomato-based product that shares my last name. I then found this image.

By the way, I have not been eating meat for a few years now except for on very rare occasions. I used to have stomach problems but this change in diet (and thought) has helped. I also lost quite a few pounds and feel much better, physically and psychologically. And even besides the more sympathetic reasons, this genetically-modified, sick, machine-processed American meat is not to be trusted.

January 14th

Here’s my friend, Wooderson..

He was born on 4/20/06. Other than him looking a bit like a fox, I don’t know if there are any other syncs out there. By the way, he was named after a character in Dazed and Confused. He’s a good cat, but in being such he loves to prey on weaker and smaller things. He doesn’t usually eat the things he kills, but just plays with them until they die.. then they’re no longer as much fun.

On a related topic, watch your property in times of poverty.. there are cat burglars on the prowl.

So that I don’t keep going off on cats, I will just throw out a few more terms that might be related.. catsup, cat scan, Cat-herine the Great, catwalk, categories, cat fights, etc. Alright fine, maybe I am losing my mind, but see if you can catch this..

January 13th

If you are a coward, then you will be treated as cattle.

January 12th

The new article is shaping up to be the best yet, but I am diving into some dangerous territory. So as not to get bogged down by the seriousness of the material..


I know I said I was gonna stop updating yesterday, but there are just a few more things I wanted to add. Let’s take a look at an important part of Orion..

Snippets from the world of Wiki..

Betelgeuse is is a semiregular variable star located approximately 640 light-years from the Earth. It is Alpha Orionis (α Orionis / α Ori), but the second brightest star in the constellation Orion and the ninth brightest star in the night sky..

Astronomers believe Betelgeuse is only a few million years old, but has evolved rapidly because of its high mass..

Because of its rich reddish color the star has also been called “the martial one” and in astrology Betelgeuse portends military or civic honors..

It is possible that Betelgeuse will become a supernova,which will be the brightest ever recorded, outshining the Moon in the night sky. Considering its size and age of 8.5 million years, old for its size class, it may explode within the next thousand years.. Reported on June 9, 2009, the star has shrunk 15% since 1993 with an increasing rate.

(1988’s Betelgeuse [1989’s Batman] getting head shrunken by a Witch Doctor)

The mass of Betelgeuse puts it in range to become a neutron star or possibly a black hole.

Although it is suggested that the emissions from Betelgeuse would not kill the ecosystems of earth, this would undoubtedly have an effect upon the people of the earth. That is, if we don’t destroy ourselves beforehand..

January 10th

I have to stop thinking about the updates if I am to finish the next article in a timely fashion. I must clog up this outlet for a while so that my energy can be re-directed. But before I do, I’d like to propose that maybe I have been looking at these issues from a very limited perspective. Let’s enter the dream world and replace the white with black..

(Fred is a significant name)

Don’t think that the forces of darkness go away when when we fall asleep. The adversary is always looking for a way to consume our thoughts and desires. Perhaps this is the arena in which the “real” war is being waged. Our spirits (or light bodies) could be detaching from our bodies and engaging in struggles of energy. World War III.. being waged in the clouds and in the stars.

Or it could be that I’m being led around by a crazy, striped cat through a world that is flipped inside out..

In an environment such as this, one is apt to go a little crazy. Seal – Crazy And in related craziness..

My heroes had the heart
To lose their lives out on a limb
And all I remember
Is thinking, I want to be like them

Ever since I was little
Ever since I was little
It looked like fun
And it’s no coincidence I’ve come
And I can die when I’m done

But maybe I’m crazy
Maybe you’re crazy
Maybe we’re crazy

Gnarls Barkley – Crazy

And now I’m on to the next one..

January 8th

It’s just so damn obvious sometimes.

The (Red and) White Stripes aka The Black Siblings. You can watch the video for Seven Nation Army or just read the lyrics.. either way there’s a lot to take in.

I’m gonna fight ’em off
A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back
They’re gonna rip it off Taking their time right behind my back
And I’m talking to myself at night because I can’t forget
Back and forth through my mind behind a cigarette

And the message coming from my eyes it says leave it alone

Don’t want to hear about it every single one’s got a story to tell
Everyone knows about it from the Queen of England to the hounds of hell
And if I catch it coming back my way I’m gonna serve it to you
And that ain’t what you want to hear, but that’s what I’ll do

And the feeling coming from my bones it says find a home

I’m going to Wichita
Far from this opera forever more
I’m gonna work the straw, make the sweat drip out of every pore
And I’m bleeding, and I’m bleeding, and I’m bleeding right before the Lord
All the words are gonna bleed from me and I will think no more
And the stains coming from my blood tell me go back home

January 7th

Okay, I’m not really in any rush to get this new article done. I am still trying to compile my thoughts some things. My mind is traveling all over the place and has not yet reconciled some of the issues I unearthed in Phoenix.

In the last article I showed that there were a group of people known as the Catti who had changed their names a few times, but might have eventually spawned the Catholics. The Catholic Church has been a dominant force in the religious, political, military and economic battles that have been fought for thousands of years. But since I will deal with them some more in my next article, let’s focus on the cat himself..

I really like cats. I have an orange tabby named Wooderson. I love the little fella. I feel like he looks out for me. Although no two cats are exactly alike, I think that living with a cat has provided me with some insight into the cat world.

(the sphoenix – maybe that’s a stretch)

It was not only the Egyptians who thought of cats as divine. They would hunt rats (stars backwards), keeping away the plague and guarding the grains. But down through time they have always also been associated with some aspects of the underworld. Freyja of Norse mythology had her chariot drawn by two large cats, witches are known to have black cats, Constantine features Keanu staring into a cat’s eyes so that he can enter Hell, and there are many other similar examples. I’ve heard it said before that cats are actually able to travel between the dimensions through purring and the release of certain chemicals in their brains. Needless to say, I have not been able to uncover much on this topic.

As for the Sphinx itself, because it’s impossible to say exactly when the stone was cleaved, people have given various estimates for the date of the sphinx. I have read some work that shows that weather analysis can put the sphinx beyond 10,000 BC to a time when Egypt was a lush land, much unlike the desert of today. It is also evident that the human face of the sphinx was carved out of a pre-existing head, which could mean that it was once a full cat.

People often laugh at the above image. Those silly Asians don’t even know how to translate English.. funny, right? Well, the statement made by Cats seems to be only too true. Not to mention the overt symbolism in the picture. I wonder if the loyal dogs eve know who or what is in charge.

They both wantz a cheezburger. By the way, not all cats are good. I knew a terrible, fat tabby named Sunny who would fight with me all the time. Damn demon cats..

The above image comes from Freeman who found some incredible similarities between the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten‘s royal family and the first family of today. Go watch the minute-long Barackhenaten if you have not already.

January 6th

(Obama tours the Kremlin)

Still seeing red. The following is from The Kremlin Conspiracy by E. Howard Hunt, published in 1985. A General in the Soviet Union is speaking at a high-level meeting of the KGB, discussing an insider that is to be used to advance the Communist revolution worldwide:

Worldwide, our fraternal press, radio, and television proclaim his exceptional qualities. So receptive is the world to his placatory message that our man is today under nomination for the Nobel Prize for Peace!

This is the first E. Howard Hunt book I have picked up and already within the first 4 chapters I have been astonished. It appears the plans we see unfolding before us have been in the works for quite some time now.

January 5th

I’m in quiet agony as I see this new world unfolding. Is this situation getting darker or is it just me?

(The Last Judgment by Hieronymous Bosch)

Do you think that the powerful white men of this world would actually allow Barry Soetoro to be president if it actually meant anything? He is a puppet who was installed to push through an atrocious agenda.. but then what?

Here’s a Wag the Dog type scenario that shouldn’t seem too wild.. An assassination is staged, Barry is sent off to live with young boys on some island (or actually sacrificed), the talking heads put some patsy “racists” up as the scapegoats, then black, poor, and uneducated people go after the “elites” for taking out their savior.. and then all hell breaks loose in the United States.

The urban youth has already been heavily armed and programmed for vicious killing. As cities become cesspools of violence and crime, the former inhabitants flood into the surrounding countryside seeking shelter. Little can be found in many parts of the country as the suburban populations are quite destitute themselves and have a hard time distinguishing the good people from those who wish to rape and pillage.

Why would any person or organization want this to happen? Maybe it’s because they want there to be blood.

A Preview of What’s to Come

The new article will be titled Blood. It will delve into the following topics: The Savior, The Anti-Christ, Vampires, Empires, immortality, eyebrow fashion, race relations, the history of your author, and much more.

I don’t yet know when it will be finished, but I will keep you updated.

January 3rd

A helter skelter is a funfair or amusement park ride with a slide built in a spiral around a high tower. Users climb up inside the tower and slide down the outside, usually on a mat. Typically the ride will be of wooden construction and, in the case of fairground versions, designed to be disassembled to facilitate transportation between sites. The term is primarily (but not exclusively) found in British English. The ride inspired the Beatles song of the same name and is also mentioned in the song Tonight, Tonight, Tonight from Genesis and Oasis‘ “Fade In-Out” .

(You should be able to read the symbols)

What else does this term reference? Oh yes, an Apocalyptic race war that was supposed to happen in America..

(dark, strange eyes..)

Helter Skelter:

Manson had been predicting racial war for some time before he used the term Helter Skelter. His first use of the term was at a gathering of the Family on New Year’s Eve 1968. This took place at the Family’s base at Myers Ranch, near California’s Death Valley.

In its final form, which was reached by mid-February 1969, the scenario had Manson as not only the war’s ultimate beneficiary but its musical cause. He and the Family would create an album with songs whose messages concerning the war would be as subtle as those he had heard in songs of The Beatles. More than merely foretell the conflict, this would trigger it; for, in instructing “the young love,” America’s white youth, to join the Family, it would draw the young, white female hippies out of San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury. Black men, thus deprived of the white women whom the political changes of the 1960s had made sexually available to them, would be without an outlet for their frustrations and would lash out in violent crimes against whites. A resultant murderous rampage against blacks by frightened whites would then be exploited by militant blacks to provoke an internecine war of mutual near-extermination between racist and non-racist whites over blacks’ treatment. Then the militant blacks would arise to sneakily finish off the few whites they would know to have survived; indeed, they would kill off all non-blacks.

In this holocaust, the members of the enlarged Family would have little to fear; they would wait out the war in a secret city that was underneath Death Valley that they would reach through a hole in the ground. As the only actual remaining whites upon the race war’s true conclusion, they would emerge from underground to rule the now-satisfied blacks, who, as the vision went, would be incapable of running the world; Manson “would scratch [the black man’s] fuzzy head and kick him in the butt and tell him to go pick the cotton and go be a good nigger….”

Charlie did not spark the war, but there are people today trying to stoke this conflict with hot air and bad music.

January 2nd

After reading Phoenix, you should have a better idea as to the organization behind the red and white stripes of Jay-Z..

(Released September 11, 2009)

Could these be the plans for WWIII?


1. “What We Talkin’ About” (featuring Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun)
2. “Thank You”
3. “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)”
4. “Run This Town” (featuring Kanye West and Rihanna)
5. “Empire State of Mind” (featuring Alicia Keys)
6. “Real As it Gets” (featuring Young Jeezy)
7. “On to the Next One” (featuring Swizz Beatz)
8. “Off That” (featuring Drake)
9. “A Star is Born” (featuring J. Cole)
10. “Venus vs. Mars”
11. “Already Home” (featuring Kid Cudi)
12. “Hate” (featuring Kanye West)
13. “Reminder”
14. “So Ambitious” (featuring Pharrell)
15. “Young Forever” (featuring Mr Hudson)

The New Year

As you may know, I like to post paintings of half-naked people (and gods). This is not something I have resolved to change..

And like usual, I choose to be lazy and allow my reader and Wikipedia do the work for me..

In Greek mythology the Erinýes (Ἐρινύες, pl. of Ἐρινύς, Erinýs; lit. “the angry ones”) or Eumenídes (Εὐμενίδες, pl. of Εὐμενίς; lit. “the gracious ones”) or Furies in Roman mythology were female, chthonic deities of vengeance or supernatural personifications of the anger of the dead. They represent regeneration and the potency of creation, which both consumes and empowers. A formulaic oath in the Iliad (iii.278ff; xix.260ff) invokes them as “those who beneath the earth punish whosoever has sworn a false oath.” Burkert suggests they are “an embodiment of the act of self-cursing contained in the oath”.

When the mighty Titan Cronus castrated his father Uranus and threw his genitalia into the sea, the Erinyes emerged from the drops of blood, while Aphrodite was born from the seafoam. According to a variant account, they issued from an even more primordial level—from Nyx, “Night”. Their number is usually left indeterminate. Virgil, probably working from an Alexandrian source, recognized three: Alecto (“unceasing,” who appeared in Virgil’s Aeneid), Megaera (“grudging”), and Tisiphone (“avenging murder”). Dante followed Virgil in depicting the same three-charactered triptych of Erinyes; in Canto IX of the Inferno they confront the poets at the gates of the city of Dis. The heads of the Erinyes, whom the two poets met in Canto IV, were wreathed with serpents (compare Gorgon) and their eyes dripped with blood, rendering their appearance rather horrific. Sometimes they had the wings of a bat or bird and the body of a dog.

Erin Go Bragh! Maybe the luck of the Irish is that they are protected by the Furies?

Back when I was studying and working in theater, I was operating the up-down aspects of a rope attached to an aerial gymnast playing one of the Furies in Dead Fall, a play written and designed by my adviser. There was no safety measure.. if I couldn’t hold on and perform my job throughout every single rehearsal and showing, then the woman on the other end would have died or been seriously injured. I would surely have been furious with myself.

Good luck in the New Year!

The song playing before the video cuts in is Somewhere Over the Rainbow covered by a Hawaiian guy named Israel. Wow.

New Year’s Eve

Call an optimist, she’s turning blue
Such a lovely color for you
Call an optimist, she’s turning blue
While I just sit and stare at you.

A Perfect Circle – Blue

(I saw you standing alone)

Okay, I know that a blue moon refers to having a full moon twice in the same month, but the image is still nice.

The fact that a blue moon can even happen should serve to demonstrate just how off our systems for measuring the passage of time have become. Many moons ago we were in sync with nature. Now we move from year to year with cycles of debauchery and disorientation instead of truly connecting with our selves, our families and our friends.

Tonight, New Year’s Eve, should be an important night. Whether it is an in-your-face kind of thing (think Norway spiral) or something more subtle, big things are indeed happening.

As the controllers grasp for even more power, they will be pulling out all of the stops. These are dangerous times into which we are headed. In order to survive, one must trust instincts and intuition. Do not forget about logic and reason, but do not allow them to outweigh the gut (God) instinct.

Perseverance is hard and quitting is very easy. Find strength to keep going. I think our efforts will be rewarded in time.

See you on the other side.

December 30th

The Saturn Return

Ever wonder why Jesus is supposed to have started his ministry at age 30? Why certain actors die at 27? Apparently they are judged.

The Saturn Return is an astrological phenomenon that occurs at the ages of 27-30, 58-60, and finally from 86-88, coinciding with the time it takes the planet Saturn to make one orbit around the sun. It is believed by astrologers that as Saturn “returns” to the degree in which it occupied at the time of birth—approximately every 29.5 years—a person crosses over a major threshold and into the next stage of life. With the first Saturn Return, a person leaves youth behind and enters adulthood. With the second Return, maturity. And the third and usually final Return, a person enters wise old age.

The first Saturn Return is famous because it represents the first test of character and the structures a person has built their lives upon. According to traditions, should these structures be unsound or that a person is living out of touch with his or her true values, the Saturn Return will be a time of upheaval and limitations as Saturn forces him or her to jettison old concepts and worn out patterns of living. It is not uncommon for relationships and jobs to end during this time of life restructuring and reevaluation.

But the Saturn Return is not all about painful endings. During this time astrologers note that goals are consolidated and people tend to gain a better vision of where they are going in life. There are added responsibilities and a person may reap the rewards from his or her hard work. Many major life milestones seem to happen around the ages of 29 and 30. This is why astrologers believe that the thirtieth birthday is such a major rite of passage because it marks the true beginning of adulthood, self-evaluation, independence, ambition, and self actualization.

The planet Saturn represents many archetypes, such as Father Time, the Grim Reaper and his scythe, Kronos, and the Lord of Karma. It is the ruler of limitations, fears, seriousness, responsibilities, burdens, and lessons. While those concepts may come across as negative, Saturn also astrologically rules over civilization, government, structures, harvests, prestige, maturity, and order. (Wikipedia)

Why am I not excited about what the new year has to bring? Is it because I feel that I shall be judged poorly? Perhaps. I know that I am flawed and have not always lived up to my potential, but I feel like I am making progress. I also say this because I will be turning 27 in 2010 and I have already felt the approach of the old man.

Or it could have something to do with the fact that I keep being drawn to two numbers: 1088 and 1688. There are many other signs and they don’t all look good.

But I am also not all that worried about it.

Sometimes I feel like this is a dream world of sorts, but I know there is a clear distinction somewhere. In the dream world, I have fought in many battles against a ruthless foe. I have always been outnumbered and facing great odds. I have died many times, but yet I keep trying anyway.. time after time. Fighting for something.

I also have nice, light dreams with laughter and love. For some reason, I seem to trade these for anything in this world.

I am taught a lot by my dreams.

I wonder how much longer I will be able to continue on in my work. I have offended and befriended many people along the way, so it is hard to know where I stand. But standing is not really the issue when flying is the goal.

December 29

It doesn’t have to be like this, does it? Did I ask for this?


For millions of years mankind lived just like the animals
Then something happenend which unleashed the power of our imagination
We learned to talk

There’s a silence surrounding me
I can’t seem to think straight
I’ll sit in the corner
No one can bother me
I think I should speak now ___________ Why won’t you talk to me
I can’t seem to speak now ____________ You never talk to me
My words won’t come out right ________ What are you thinking
I feel like I’m drowning _____________ What are you feeling
I’m feeling weak now _________________ Why won’t you talk to me
But I can’t show my weakness _________ You never talk to me
I sometimes wonder ___________________ What are you thinking
Where do we go from here _____________ What are you feeling

It doesn’t have to be like this
All we need to do is make sure we keep talking

Why won’t you talk to me _____________ I feel like I’m drowning
You never talk to me _________________ You know I can’t breathe now
What are you thinking ________________ We’re going nowhere
What are you feeling _________________ We’re going nowhere

Why won’t you talk to me
You never talk to me
What are you thinking
Where do we go from here

It doesn’t have to be like this
All we need to do is make sure we keep talking

Pink Floyd – Keep Talking

Hunter Green

The Hunt is On

If you haven’t been noticing, my posts seem to have a predictive nature to them. You should be questioning just exactly who I am and what I’m doing here. In all honesty, I have not been given advanced notice of anything by any person or organization. Although I read through many sources, I have been trying to figure this all out for myself.

There’s no way to know the validity of the following report. Could be propaganda at its best. Or it could just be that there is a little more internal conflict occurring than many who tell you about the “New World Order” would like you to think.

Obama Rushed To Bunker Over CIA Terror Strike

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

FSB reports circulating in the Kremlin today state that United States President Barack Obama was ‘rushed’ from a golf course in Hawaii to a secure bunker yesterday after a US Air Force AWACS surveillance plane signaled a ‘warning’ to American Secret Service agents that a private jetliner owned by the Hunt Oil Company appeared ready to enter the restricted air zone set up to protect the vacationing American leader and sparking fears that a terrorist attack was about to take place.

Read the rest at This is an incredible show of force. Consider that no Secret Service plane moved against this jetliner. Also understand that Hunts have been building this country from its inception, whereas Barack Hussein Obama will not even prove that he was born here. This man appears to stand against everything upon which this nation was founded and is enacting a plan that will bring it to ruin, subverting its strength and character.

If you have not yet read Phoenix, Hunt (my surname) is discussed. I do not know the plans of the Hunts, have never met the people in question, and cannot vouch for their character. But I think it would be useful to reanalyze the “terrorist threat” and start comprehending the nature of the struggle because it is about to become an even bigger part of our lives. I have tried to be relatively unbiased in terms of my reporting and researching (and riffing), but you need to be the judge of this for yourself.

In my quest for the truth I may have offended a few groups from time to time. This was bound to happen. Most people are not all that intelligent and others just don’t give a shit. But if you’re reading this blog, you’re likely concerned with these matters, possess an above average IQ, and could very well be even be in the field of intelligence.

It could just be that Sorcha Faal is reading Star Theory and making outrageous claims based upon my writing, but I have a feeling that big things are happening.

(More) Thoughts on December 28

Here’s the big secret: we’re related.

(India Genuses)

The reason this is a big secret is because it makes it harder for us to want to kill each other.

There are mountain people, forest people, desert people, plains people, and perhaps even star people, ocean people, and people we don’t even know about. Sometimes star-crossed lovers don’t listen to their societies and end up producing the beautiful children that take certain qualities from each parent. Sometimes this causes friction, but it can also serve to unite the tribes.

Families can be volatile affairs.

— earlier today—

My friend Natasha asked me what the conclusion of Phoenix is supposed to mean in regards to the phoenix and the Aryan people. I’m not exactly sure to be honest, but I think it’s is important to understand is that not all white people are the same. I also think we should reconsider what it means to be indigenous because I don’t think it has anything to do with skin color, language, or label. And as I do love wordplay, I will finish by saying that even the most individual geniuses need some help now and again.

William Wallace: And if this is your army, why does it go?
Veteran: We didn’t come here to fight for them!
Young Soldier: Home! The English are too many!
William Wallace: Sons of Scotland! I am William Wallace.
Young Soldier: William Wallace is seven feet tall!
William Wallace: Yes, I’ve heard. Kills men by the hundreds. And if HE were here, he’d consume the English with fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his arse.
[Scottish army laughs]
William Wallace: I *am* William Wallace! And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny. You’ve come to fight as free men… and free men you are. What will you do with that freedom? Will you fight?
Veteran: Fight? Against that? No! We will run. And we will live.
William Wallace: Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you’ll live… at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM!
[Scottish army cheers]
William Wallace: Alba gu bràth!
[“Scotland forever!”]


I just found this image over at Jake Kotze’s blog/blob and thought it was relevant.

My favorite scene is when the Irish change sides and fight for the Scots in their fight against the English. William Wallace was betrayed and persecuted, but his legend and spirit live on.

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Animal of Fire

The Phoenix is a mythological bird that is known for burning up at the end of its life. From the ashes of the old Phoenix, a new Phoenix is reborn. The phoenix is symbolic for many religions, governments, and people throughout history.

This coin was minted to commemorate 60 years of peace in Europe. Although there is still much turmoil on the continent, Europe has definitely been given a respite after the brutal wars that wrecked its lands in the 20th century.

Unfortunately, this peace seems very tenuous. As old rivalries flare up and money changes hands, the preparations for war can be seen, felt, and heard loud and clear. But this is nothing new..

Human history is landmarked by events of conquest and colonization, where the vanquished is absorbed by the victor, and the victor inevitably always writes the history. As species go, us humans are poorly equipped when it comes to natural defenses. Human evolution could not have happened without harnessing weapons. Fortunately we were equipped with a brain that was wired to figure things out. The first harnessed weapons were fire and stone. We have evidence of homonid stone tools as early as 2-3 million years ago (perhaps more), way before the age of homo sapiens. By the time our species came out of Africa some 300000 years ago they were equipped with weaponized stone tools. That gave them the ability to hunt, thereby expanding their range to eventually cover the globe. By the time of agriculture and animal husbandry some 10000 years ago, humans could amass the number of individuals to form defensive and offensive capabilities and dominate one another in large geographical scales. Through working bronze (~8000 years ago) and iron (~3000 years ago) the weapons of choice: swords and spears had become quite lethal. Through the combination of all of the above by some 5000 years ago we have civilizations with major military capability and geographic range in Middle East, North East Africa and China. (Military Evolution)

Although it is hard to know what parts of history are fact and fiction, we are still left with some relics that allow us to make hypotheses and draw conclusions as to what has been truly going on. To better understand our present, and therefore help shape our future, we must first dive back into the past.

Flying over Water

Modern day Lebanon was once known as Phoenicia and Canaan. This land extended into modern day Israel, Palestine, and Syria. They also had many seaports, which basically served as colonies. These were merchants and seemed more interested in trading with people than conquering them through force of arms. It was a good business.

Philistine culture was almost fully integrated with that of Canaan and the Canaanites. The deities they worshiped were Baal-zebub, Astarte and Dagon, whose names or variations thereof appear in the Canaanite pantheon as well.

Goliath was reportedly from Gath, one of the Philistine city-states. Apparently Jews and Philistines (Palestinians) have been fighting over this land for thousands of years. By the way, Canaanites are likely descended from Cain.


Phoenicians had a complex language. Many of their symbols are similar to the ones we use today. As merchants, they also needed a series of coins with which to trade. Coins can give us a great deal of information about ancient cultures and their influences.


There is much debate as to who the Phoenicians really were. In my research I came across some interesting material that suggests that the Phoenicians were actually Aryans. In The Phoenician Origins of the Britons, Scots, and Anglo-Saxons L. A. Waddell also ties this group of people to the Hittites (or Catti) people that accomplished wondrous feats of engineering and stone-work that still stand to this day..

(Lion Gate of Hattusa, the capital of Hittites)

You can also find a very nice lion gate in Mycenae.

It’s Greek to Me

These stones are massive and they have stood up to the test of time over the years. What mastery their masons must have had. The Greeks were constructing things that rival some of today’s great structures.

Before thinking that the Collosus of Rhodes is a “statue of liberty,” consider that no democracy has ever been able to function without slavery of some sort. They used the labor of conquered people and poorer citizens to create city-states of great wonder and beauty. The Greeks considered themselves to be a beacon of civilization in a dirty, wild world.

With the Greek alphabet, we can see that we share much in common with these democrats..


With these letters, the Greeks were able to communicate extremely complex thoughts. They spread their histories, mythologies, and culture far and wide and passed it down through time. In order to better understand just how influential these things have been, it is necessary to discuss some elements of Greek mythology that  I have not yet covered.

Gods and Titans

In the beginning there was the Sky (Uranus) and the Earth (Gaea). These two creator deities were not usually represented with images, especially human, as they represented ideas much larger than anthropomorphic gods. Through their intercourse they produced the Titans. But they also produced the Cyclopes and Hecatoncheires, which were loathed by Uranus and he would not let them be born from the womb of Gaea. Because this caused the earth mother great distress, she asked her children (the Titans) to help her. Cronus was the youngest and he stepped up to the plate, castrated his father (so that he would stop producing), allowed for the monstrosities to be born and assumed the throne of power..

(The Mutiliation of Uranus by Saturn.. by Valari)

The Titans, led by Cronus, ruled over the Golden Age of man. Cronus kept the Cyclopes (plural of cyclops) imprisoned in Tartarus (Tatar Rus) until they were later freed by Zeus. They fashioned lightning bolts for him and helped him to overthrow Cronus.

These Cyclopes also created Poseidon‘s trident, Artemis‘s bow and arrows of moonlight, Apollo‘s bow and arrows of sun rays, and Hades‘s helmet of darkness that was given to Perseus on his quest to kill Medusa. According to a hymn of Callimachus, they were Hephaestus‘ (Vulcan’s) helpers at the forge. The Cyclopes were said to have built the “cyclopean” fortifications at Tiryns and Mycenae in the Peloponnese. The noises proceeding from the heart of volcanoes were attributed to their operations.

(see The I of Time)

Many believed that the Cyclopes (all-seeing eye) were the only creatures that were big enough and skilled enough to create the massive stone structures found around the world. This story, and much more, can be found accompanied by great works of art here: Tales of the Titans and the Rise of Zeus. The Greeks also had later epics that introduced us to some incredible warriors, poets, gods, and those somewhere in between..

Although most centaurs were widely regarded as being violent, rude drunks, Chiron (Chi Rho = XP) was considered to be a fine specimen, both intelligent and kind. Chiron was teacher (and lover) to the young Achilles. His tutelage allowed Achilles to become one of the most famed warriors in all of Greek lore.

In a recent movie adaptation of the Iliad, Achilles slays a giant man in one-on-one combat, causing their land and soldiers to become incorporated into the grand Greek army. They would need as many soldiers fighting for them as possible as they would set off to face a fierce, advanced enemy up north – The Trojans. The Trojan war was supposed to have been fought over one woman named Helen. Achilles would reluctanly play his part in sacking the great walled city. In the end, the walls were breached by trickery instead of by direct assault. The horse peace offering achieved victory in a way that ten years of battle could not.

The conquering Greeks were said to have thrown Trojan babies from the walls of Troy so that they would never rise up to challenge their authority. This is reminiscent of the stories of Cronus who was said to eat his own children in order to prevent them from overthrowing him.

(Saturn evolved into Satan)

Trojan women, including queens, were taken back by the kings as slaves and sex objects. It is said that some Trojans were able to escape the destruction and went off into exile to restart their civilization.

As time moved on, new powers arose and even the Greeks fell..

Wherever I May Rome

The Romans had the same gods, but called them by different names. Their gods are currently the names of our planets, with Zeus as Jupiter (Jew-piter) and Cronus as Saturn. Saturn, son of Hel or Helen, played a very important part in the life of the Romans. He was a god of strength, justice, and agriculture. Each year, the Romans would have a great holiday dedicated to Saturn..

(note the pine cone staff – see I of Time)

Saturnalia became one of the most popular Roman festivals. It was marked by tomfoolery and reversal of social roles, in which slaves and masters ostensibly switched places, with expectedly humourous results.

Saturnalia was introduced around 217 BC to raise citizen morale after a crushing military defeat. Originally celebrated for a day, on December 17, its popularity saw it grow until it became a week long extravaganza, ending on the 23rd. Efforts to shorten the celebration were unsuccessful. Augustus tried to reduce it to three days, and Caligula to five.

Saturnalia involved the conventional sacrifices, a couch (lectisternium) set out in front of the temple of Saturn and the untying of the ropes that bound the statue of Saturn during the rest of the year.. The celebrations included a school holiday, the making and giving of small presents (saturnalia et sigillaricia) and a special market (sigillaria).. It was a time to eat, drink, and be merry. The toga was not worn, but rather the synthesis, i.e. colorful, informal “dinner clothes”; and the pileus (freedman’s hat) was worn by everyone. Slaves were exempt from punishment, and treated their masters with (a pretense of) disrespect. The slaves celebrated a banquet: before, with, or served by the masters. Yet the reversal of the social order was mostly superficial; the banquet, for example, would often be prepared by the slaves, and they would prepare their masters’ dinner as well. It was license within careful boundaries; it reversed the social order without subverting it.

You don’t want to get too subversive when dealing with these folks..

As the empire expanded, new and interesting creatures were discovered and brought back to Rome for the royal families. Some exotic animals were kept for their novelty, some eaten for food, and others like cats, dogs, and horses became an integral part of society. One of my favorite creatures the Romans came across was found in Ireland..

(the Irish Wolfhound)

These are the tallest dogs in existence and were given their name because one of these can hunt down and easily kill fully grown wolves. Dogs such as these were also used in battle against the Romans as they invaded to the north. These dogs could strike fear into the heart of even the hardest of soldiers.

The Roman empire expanded too quickly and could not sustain its growth. As it declined, another group briefly came into prominence through cunning, brute force, and superior horsemanship..

The Huns

(The Hounds of Hell)

The Huns were great, feared warriors who were unified under Atilla. Although their empire grew to a great size, they never directly attacked Rome or Constantinople.

For clothes they had round caps, trousers or leggings made from goat skin, and either linen or rodent skin tunics. A symbol of status among the Huns was a gilded bow.

Variants of the Hun name are recorded in the Caucasus until the early 8th century.. While the Huns left descendants all over Eastern Europe, after the disintegration of the Hun Empire, they never regained their lost glory. One reason was that the Huns never fully established the mechanisms of a state, such as bureaucracy and taxes, unlike Bulgars, Magyars or the Golden Horde. Once disorganized, the Huns were absorbed by more organized polities. Like the Avars after them, once the Hun political unity failed there was no way re-create it, especially because the Huns had become a multiethnic empire under Attila. The Hun Empire included, at least nominally, a great host of diverse peoples, each of whom may be considered ‘descendants’ of the Huns. However, given that the Huns were a political creation, and not a consolidated people, or nation, their defeat in 454 marked the end of that political creation. Newer polities which later arose might have consisted of people formerly in the Hun confederacy, and carrying the same steppe cultures, but they were new political creations.

Many clans may have claimed to be Huns simply based on the prestige and fame of the name or it was attributed to them by outsiders describing their common characteristics, believed place of origin, or reputation. Similarly, Greek or Latin chroniclers may have used “Huns” in a more general sense, similar to the use of “barbarian“. Ammianus mentions that the Huns had no kings but were instead led by nobles. For serious matters they formed councils and deliberated from horseback.


The Romans encountered much opposition as the drove into the lands to the north. The Roman army battles in Germania – from Gladiator. Listen to what the German man shouts before the battle.

They have neither Druids to preside over sacred offices, nor do they pay great regard to sacrifices. They rank in the number of the gods those alone whom they behold, and by whose instrumentality they are obviously benefited, namely, the sun, fire, and the moon; they have not heard of the other deities even by report. The Gallic War by Julius Caesar (6.21)

Although this was once the case, many years of battles and occupation caused the people of Germania to start adopting different customs.

(not pictured: Sleipner, Odin’s 8-legged horse)

Heathens and Hel

Woden or Odin is the Germanic father God. He is considered a principal member of the Æsir (Norse Pantheon) and is associated with wisdom, war, battle, and death, and also magic, poetry, prophecy, victory, and the hunt.. Odin was said to have hung from the world tree, pierced by his own spear for nine days, which allowed him to gain the knowledge of the nine worlds and also develop the runes. Odin also sacrificed one of his eyes in order to gain more divine knowledge. Odin is the king of the underworld and is even said to have traveled to Hel, the ninth world (and also a woman), while still alive. Reports of this place obviously vary.

Odin also had children, one of whom seems mighty familiar..

Thor’s Battle Against the Giants (1872) by Mårten Eskil Winge

Thor battled against giants and could cast lightning bolts. This thunder is pictured above with blond hair, but he is usually said to be red-headed and bearded.

Another important character is Freyja, a beautiful, blue-eyed goddess. In an interesting twist, she is said to guard the tree of golden apples. When she is kidnapped by two giants, the gods all grow very old. Odin has to pay a hefty ransom in order to get the beautiful girl back. Freyja could be related to, or the same person as Frigg, the wife and mother goddess seen in certain Germanic peoples.

Among many other gods, there is also Tyr, or Tiew, possibly a son of Odin and god of single combat and glory.

When warriors die in battle, they are escorted off the playing field by the Valkyries. These beautiful women bring them to the hall of the slain where they prepare for the battle of Ragnarok, which is an Armageddon of sorts where the major gods all die in battle, the world is beset by a series of natural disasters and is finally submerged in water. Half of the fallen warriors go to Freyja’s hall, while the others go to Odin’s abode, Valhalla. But don’t worry too much.. after Ragnarok the world comes back fertile, a few people repopulate it, and the gods meet again.

In the battle Odin is prophesied to be consumed by a terrible wolf named Fenrir..

(Die unendliche Geschichte or The Neverending Story)

The stories and battles of these gods have been passed down to us over the years without us even realizing it. In fact, Tuesday is Tiew’s day, Wednesday is Odin’s Day, Thursday is Thor’s Day, and Friday is Frigg’s Day. How did this all happen? Well, I guess concessions had to be made..


Three hundred years after the birth of Christ, a subversive, anti-state religion had become quite popular. The government decided to co-opt this religion and establish its doctrine (dogma). This move seems to be a good one as the Catholic Church has existed in Rome unmolested since then. This new religion was then thrust upon the heathen world.

Ever will I Gods blaspheme, Freyja methinks a dog does seem, Freyja a dog? Aye! Let them be. Both dogs together Odin and she! Hjalti Skeggiason, an Icelander newly converted to Christianity.

Rage in a Cage

The “wild people” of Europe that did not submit to the will of Christian civilization were either killed or kept as slaves.

(Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.. who’s his barber?)

The word slave actually comes from the fact that Slavic people were often taken as slaves, although people of all colors and creeds were made to work against their will. Because of religious constraints on Christians and Muslims, the predominate slave traders were Jews. Muslims were well known for taking slaves and turning them into great warriors. Christians were obliged by law to free slaves if they converted to Christianity. As many slaves would do this and then go back to their heathen ways, this law was not always enforced.

In this environment there arose a group who openly worshiped (war shipped) the German gods..


Often thought of as behaving like pirates and barbarians, the Vikings were a group of seafaring Norsemen who used their great ships and warriors to capture a great deal of land and wealth. There is a theory that suggests that VIKings actually represented the 6 Kings of Israel and that these people were descended from the Tribe of Dan, one of the Lost Tribes of Israel. This is why Danes live in Denmark and the great river is named the Danube. It could also be that London means the Land of Dan.

Dan shall be a serpent in the way, a horned snake in the path, that biteth the horse’s heels, so that his rider falleth backward.

The Vikings explored great tracts of land in the Americas before Columbus ever set foot on the continent, but for some reason were unable or unwilling to colonize the area. But as I’ve never really come across a great Viking defeat, I can only assume that these people settled down with their treasures for a bit and established separate kingdoms.

The New World Order

Eventually the will for expansion became too great and the countries of Europe dedicated much of their resources to colonizing the globe. Britain, France, Spain, and Portugal all took much land in the New World. Many people who were being persecuted because of their religious and political beliefs jumped at the opportunity for a new start out in the wilderness. Others were probably forced to do so.

Great shipping companies arose and dominated the seas. Britain’s East India Trading Company was granted a monopoly and given special exemptions because of its relation to the crown. This cartel dominated the seas until they were opposed by great seamen known as pirates. Some of these sailors only had one eye and would fly an ominous flag..


Some pirate groups were able to amass such great wealth that they had to hide much of it. After battling on the seas for many years, some pirates would take to the land and try to live out the rest of their lives as gentry, often in the Americas.

The New World was “civilized” through many wars. The settlers fought the “Indians” in many brutal battles. Lord Jeffrey Amherst was also the first person known to have used biological warfare as he gave blankets infected with smallpox as a peace offering to a warring tribe. The different colonizing powers would often clash over borders and ally themselves with the native populations. Eventually, the British settlers decided to throw off the chains of their mother country and rebelled. It was only a small percentage of the people living in the country who were required to achieve this great feat.

Although many of the founding fathers of the United States of America were considered Christians, they were also Freemasons. Freemasonry is also known as “The Craft” among certain circles. These people perform certain rites and rituals in order to accomplish large-scale objectives and gain power. Their influence extends all across the world.

If God and the Devil were playing football, Manon would be the stadium that they played on.. Have you ever heard of invoking the spirit? It’s when you call him… Manon. It’s like… it’s like you take him into you. It’s like he fills you. He takes everything that’s gone wrong in your life and makes it all better again. – The Craft

Hunting the Devil

After taking over huge areas of land, the wealthiest people in Europe and the Americas would partake in certain sporting rituals..

Originally, rural communities could be devastated if predators were to steal their livestock. In order to protect their collective, everyone was required to join together and hunt down these predators. Eventually, this practice became a sport with certain rules and rituals. Although wolves were often hunted, there is a certain bushy-tailed creature that would often be running for his life..

(Fox Hunt by Winslow Homer)

The fox was often loathed as a smelly, terrible creature. In fact, “fox” is the only word in English that can translate directly to 666 as F is the 6th letter, O is the 15th (1+5=6), and X is the 24th (2+4..). Also interesting to note that the Quakers were founded by George Fox, Rupert Murdoch owns Fox, and the fox has been receiving some good PR in the popular culture..

(The fire fox on his Apple)

(bolts of Zeus on shovel and foxes on a Masonic checkerboard)

In Disney’s mythology, the fox becomes best friends with the hound. Interesting.

In Germany, hunting with hounds was first banned on the orders of Hermann Göring on July 3, 1934, one of the first laws to be introduced by the Nazis when they came to power in 1933. [14] In 1939, the ban was extended to cover Austria after Germany’s annexation of the country. Bernd Ergert, the director of Germany’s hunting museum in Munich, said of the ban, “The aristocrats were understandably furious, but they could do nothing about the ban given the totalitarian nature of the regime.”

Rise of the Nazis

It is hard for us to understand the mindset of the German people during this time as they had just come out of a terrible inflationary period. In a very short time, they revolutionized their industry and revived their culture. Many Americans, especially businessmen, wanted to join with the Nazis in their efforts (Business Plot). Many Americans are of German ancestry and others wanted to join with the Catholics in what they considered to be a holy war. Others, like the Irish, rooted for the Nazis simply because they wanted to see the destruction of their old enemy – the Brits. Interestingly enough, British said they were “bombing the Hun” when they did air raids over Germany.

After the war was concluded, it was revealed that the Nazis had been seeking to exterminate whole groups of people. Besides Sephardic Jews (dark-skinned), the Nazis particularly went after the Roma, also known as gypsies. Gypsies got their name because Europeans often thought that they had been descended from the ‘Gyptians. These human sacrifices later termed The Holocaust, which means “burnt offering.” It should be noted that there are some who argue that the Nazis actually kept very good care of their prisoners, but many died later in the war due to the Allied bombing of Nazi supply lines, starving a great many people to death. But if you question the official story of Nazis hating Jews so much that they killed 6 million of them and waged a global war over it, then you are a Holocaust denier, an anti-Semite, and likely a terrorist. But there are many things that need to be questioned about this war..

After the surrender of May 8, 1945 eliminated the threat of Nazi Germany, Patton was quick to assert the Soviet Union would cease to be an ally of the United States. He was concerned that some 25,000 American POWs had been liberated from POW camps by the Soviets, but never returned to the US. In fact, he urged his superiors to evict the Soviets from central and eastern Europe. Patton thought that the Red Army was weak, under-supplied, and vulnerable, and the United States should act on these weaknesses before the Soviets could consolidate their position. (Patton)

Not only were the Soviets allowed to rise from the ashes of the war as a major world power, but the Nazis were also able to save their core team. Many high level officers and scientists were secreted away to Brazil by the Catholic church, others were assimilated into the secret programs of the American government, and a significant military detachment was sent to Antarctica in order to regroup. There is some speculation as to whether or not the Nazis remained in Antarctica.

(Superman on the moon)

The above image is from Iron Sky. Definitely check out the trailer for this movie, as it is very well done.

After the war, many ex-Nazis and Nazi profiteers were able to keep the large fortunes they had amassed from their plunders. This includes gold, ancient artifacts, scientific knowledge, esoteric religious traditions, and so much more. One such example of this could be..

The Hunt Museum

In Limerick, Ireland the Hunt Museum holds a great deal of art and artifacts around the world. One of the major controversies concerning this museum is that these objects had been plundered by the Nazis during their occupation of Europe and other excursions around the world.

(there are other versions that feature a red lion killing a snake)



Hunts have been governors of Arizona, Idaho, North Carolina, and Alabama. The surname boasts some professional athletes, inventors, industrialists, activists, ministers, and much more. The Hunt family can trace its lineage back to some of the earliest settlers of America and are believed to have been in England long before the Norman Invasion of 1066. (Hunt – House of Names)

Let’s briefly explore some interesting ‘coincidences’ surrounding this name.

“This fellow Hunt, he knows too damn much.” – Richard Nixon

E. Howard Hunt worked for the OSS and then its later incarnation, the CIA. He was instrumental in planning the anti-Castro efforts in Cuba and would later blame JFK for his lack of spine in seeing the job through, which obviously reflected poorly on Hunt. After the assasination of Catholic Kennedy, many people questioned Hunt’s involvement and tried to account for his presence in Dallas on that fateful day. After he ‘retired from the CIA’ in 1970, Hunt was quickly picked up by the Nixon administration. Along with G. Gordon Liddy, he was implicated in the Watergate scandal and sent to prison for 33 months. He was apparently bitter that he had to spend time behind bars while Nixon was allowed to resign. Hunt continued his life-long passion of writing and completed many novels before his death. On his deathbed, E. Howard Hunt released a tape to his son that explained his involvement in the JFK assassination and pointed a big finger at  LBJ, the man who stood to gain the most from the death. The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt by Rolling Stone. You can also find the audio of the confession on Youtube.

(codename: Red Lion.)

Ethan Hunt: I’m part of an agency… called the IMF.
Julia: What’s that stand for?
Ethan Hunt: Impossible Mission Force.
Julia: [chuckles] Shut up.

American oil tycoon H. L. Hunt was once one of the wealthiest men in the world. One of his sons is Lamar Hunt who founded the American football league and the Kansas City Chiefs. Lamar’s brothers are Nelson Bunker Hunt and William Herbert Hunt who famously cornered the world’s silver market in the late 1970’s and early 80’s after understanding the implications of the country moving to a fiat currency. They were able to drive the price of silver from around $11/ounce to $50/ounce.  The Federal Reserve and governmental agencies (financial insiders) changed the rules of the game after the Hunts had purchased over half of the world’s silver supply, causing the brother’s to go bankrupt. Nelson Bunker Hunt is also a famous horse breeder and an important member of the John Birch Society. Oh yeah, he also owns Titan Resources Corp.


The above is from a popular British cop drama. The second character from the left is Gene Hunt, who is apparently violent and sexist, but also loyal and honest. From what I have read, he has turned into something of an unlikely sex symbol.

There is a man named Andrew D. Basiago who claims to have been part of government operations wherein he was exposed to jumpgates, time travel, and various other extreme technologies. In his story, he says that he actually visited the surface of Mars with a CIA operative named Courtney M. Hunt. (examiner article) (Red Ice interview)

Not every story you come across is true, although some might be..


The Friction of Fiction

Although the Western religions of today do not openly reference the gods of old, we can still see them in movies, books, and that genre that lies somewhere in between – comic books.

One of the most fascinating comic book worlds is that of Marvel. Here is a bit of cosmology for you..

First the Phoenix created the stars, planets, as well as everything else in the universe. Many millennia later, the Phoenix created life-forms on those planets and watched them grow and prosper. However, as time went by, the civilizations grew more advanced and sophisticated, and soon became jealous of the Phoenix. They wanted its raw, unimaginable, and limitless power for themselves. Soon after, the inhabitants of the planets waged war upon the Phoenix, trying to control it, as well as its power. They amassed a great army, bringing together a hundred civilizations. But the Phoenix fought strongly for thousands of years until the life-forms found a way to imprison it since it couldn’t be killed. But as conventional methods could not imprison it, they created vortex to suck in the asteroids and planets around it, creating a spherical cage, but at a cost—the Phoenix would be trapped in it forever. As the millennia went by, the Phoenix Force’s cage began to evolve; oceans formed, mountains rose, plants grew and life-forms began to sprout upon it. Soon those life-forms evolved into humans and the cage in which the Phoenix resided became Earth. The Shi’Ar Church believed that the Phoenix was the very core of the Earth.

The Phoenix Force becomes united with the extremely powerful Jean Grey. It removes her inhibitions and allows her to become one of the most powerful beings imaginable. She dives into the heart of a star and consumes it, which inadvertently killed billions of people (aliens).

Jean Grey also dates Cyclops, who has two brothers – Vulcan and Havok.

(Vulcan in control, Havok in chains)

Marvel has groups called the Illuminati and the New World Order in their comic book universe, but there are honestly too many stories and too many syncs to cover here. But before finishing up this section, I would like to point out one more group..

While most “people” on earth were still cave-dwellers, the royal Inhuman family already existed. They had been an experiment by the alien Kree, who had a position on Uranus, to create heroes to  help in their battle against the shape-shifting, reptilian Skrulls. The Inhumans reside in Attilan, their secret city that actually becomes a giant spaceship that allows them to relocate in times of chaos.


Feliz Navi-dad

Avatar recently came out and will be affecting the consciousness of many people this holiday season. The plot is that a government/corporation (fascist state) wishes to plunder the resources of a lush planet called Pandora. In order to do so, they must remove the blue-skinned native population known as Navi (see True Blue).

In order to infiltrate the Navi, the technological gods create a human-Navi hybrid known as an avatar. The marine that inhabits the avatar originally is intent on serving the corporate interests, but has a change of heart after he is accepted by the Navi.

The word avatar comes from the name given to the blue-skinned gods of the Hindu religion. These were a race of beings who brought their civilization to the people of India long ago. To truly understand our origins, this is where we must look, as their history has remained relatively unbroken throughout the thousands of years since the Aryans first appeared. The words for mother, father, and horse are all the same (or very similar) in Sanskrit, Greek, and Latin.

Vedas & Human DNA- Mahabharata: The Story of Aryans & Aryan Gods.  This is the first part of a documentary series that you should definitely watch.

As an aside, it is funny that everyone is talking so much about the Maya and their calendar these days. To a Hindu, Maya means the illusory world that is intended to keep us from discovering the truth.

The Hunter Man

The Vedas indicate that the Aryan race came from the North Pole (think red-white candy canes).  But where before then? Did they come out of Africa like the other hominids? Maybe not.

Some theories indicate the Aryans are actually Orions, having traveled to earth from a distant planet. Some of this race rebelled against their leadership, mated with the indigenous people (producing hu-mans), and even fought on their side in the various conflicts.

For an explanation of the above image, visit Wayne Herschel discusses some information that was conveniently left out of Dan Brown’s Masonic-praising book about the lost symbol. Basically, he shows that the symbol for Ra is not supposed to represent the sun, but rather a certain star, and gives some clues as to how to decipher the ancient mysteries.

I’m burning very hot right now, but this will not always be the case. It is up to you to light your flame and carry the torch. There is much that still needs to be (re)discovered, great battles to fight, and many revelations yet to come, but there is only one you. Become who you were born to be.

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News, Updates, and What Not

December 7, 2009 at 2:11 pm (Uncategorized)

December 21

To be unafraid in the face of certain doom..

Philippine volcano on verge of eruption as lava oozes down mountain… but villagers are refusing to leave

A rumbling volcano in the Philippines was on the verge of a major eruption today – but thousands of villagers living on its slopes are refusing to leave their homes.

Already, 40,000 people have fled the no-go zone around Mount Mayon, which oozed crimson lava during eerie scenes captured last night.

But around 3,000 residents, mostly farmers, remain – with some even returning after being evacuated up to three times by authorities.

December 16

Things are getting hot!

December 15

(from Marvel)

The new article will be titled Phoenix. This one is going to be BIG. If you want to learn more, become a fan on Facebook. Fan the flames 🙂

And in other news.. Volcano erupts in the Philippines.

Really, the very next day?

December 14

Vulcan is at it again. Dia-netics roughly means through the mind. That could be the best way to influence the G-netics..

“New Path”

I agree with Scientologists on some issues, especially their criticisms of the psychiatric industry. They put forth a system called Dianetics and they assert that their technology and questioning can help people to assess what is wrong with them and then institute a solution.

Over the past decades, Scientologists infiltrated high levels of the government and, of course, the film industry. They believe that they are fighting a war to save humanity. In this war, they have been opposed by a masked group called Anonymous..

I encountered these people once, marching in a small group, when I lived in San Francisco. Something seems very off about them. The way they attack Scientology is to use some horror stories and refer to it as a “cult.” Sure, it is a cult and they do have their members give money, but any Christian should realize that their organization functions in a very similar way, despite the differences in the mythology.

Where does this all fit in? It is rarely ever discussed in the media anymore and we are only left with glimpses of what is going on. Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Jason Lee.. what is their attraction? Part 2 of a video series on Tom Cruise and Scientology. Could it be that these people are actually trying to battle the evil they see oozing out of Hollywood? As big actors they are all too aware of the sick, twisted things that happen in the movie industry and this is their reaction to it.

Scientologists refer to L. Ron (Elrond) Hubbard reverently as LRH. I actually have never read him, but I should. I doubt I will enjoy LRH as much as PKD – Philip K. Dick.


You might have already seen Ben Stewart’s documentary, but it’s definitely worth a (re)watch..

He covers a great deal of information and could be coming very close to the truth. I have definitely been inspired by his work.

Facebook Ads!

I just purchased some Facebook advertisement for Star Theory. If you are coming in here from Facebook, please feel free to take a look through the archives. You can read the articles in ascending order, descending order, or in no order at all. Since you’re already here, you might want to start with “The Genius” (below). It is long, but important things can take time..

December 7

I just re-watched Vanilla Sky. “This is a revolution of the mind.” Legendary maverick with Sophia.. open your eyes.

I also recently re-watched A Scanner Darkly. I highly recommend this movie. It is directed by Richard Linklater (Waking Life and Dazed and Confused). You can find this movie, and many others, available for free at Well, you don’t actually watch them there, but you can search for the movie and it will point you to a site (usually Asian) where you can safely watch it (unless you consider pop-ups and re-directs unsafe).

In any event, I wanted to share this scene from the movie because it syncs up well with the image I led with in The Genius.

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