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December 7, 2009 at 2:11 pm (Uncategorized)

December 21

To be unafraid in the face of certain doom..

Philippine volcano on verge of eruption as lava oozes down mountain… but villagers are refusing to leave

A rumbling volcano in the Philippines was on the verge of a major eruption today – but thousands of villagers living on its slopes are refusing to leave their homes.

Already, 40,000 people have fled the no-go zone around Mount Mayon, which oozed crimson lava during eerie scenes captured last night.

But around 3,000 residents, mostly farmers, remain – with some even returning after being evacuated up to three times by authorities.

December 16

Things are getting hot!

December 15

(from Marvel)

The new article will be titled Phoenix. This one is going to be BIG. If you want to learn more, become a fan on Facebook. Fan the flames 🙂

And in other news.. Volcano erupts in the Philippines.

Really, the very next day?

December 14

Vulcan is at it again. Dia-netics roughly means through the mind. That could be the best way to influence the G-netics..

“New Path”

I agree with Scientologists on some issues, especially their criticisms of the psychiatric industry. They put forth a system called Dianetics and they assert that their technology and questioning can help people to assess what is wrong with them and then institute a solution.

Over the past decades, Scientologists infiltrated high levels of the government and, of course, the film industry. They believe that they are fighting a war to save humanity. In this war, they have been opposed by a masked group called Anonymous..

I encountered these people once, marching in a small group, when I lived in San Francisco. Something seems very off about them. The way they attack Scientology is to use some horror stories and refer to it as a “cult.” Sure, it is a cult and they do have their members give money, but any Christian should realize that their organization functions in a very similar way, despite the differences in the mythology.

Where does this all fit in? It is rarely ever discussed in the media anymore and we are only left with glimpses of what is going on. Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Jason Lee.. what is their attraction? Part 2 of a video series on Tom Cruise and Scientology. Could it be that these people are actually trying to battle the evil they see oozing out of Hollywood? As big actors they are all too aware of the sick, twisted things that happen in the movie industry and this is their reaction to it.

Scientologists refer to L. Ron (Elrond) Hubbard reverently as LRH. I actually have never read him, but I should. I doubt I will enjoy LRH as much as PKD – Philip K. Dick.


You might have already seen Ben Stewart’s documentary, but it’s definitely worth a (re)watch..

He covers a great deal of information and could be coming very close to the truth. I have definitely been inspired by his work.

Facebook Ads!

I just purchased some Facebook advertisement for Star Theory. If you are coming in here from Facebook, please feel free to take a look through the archives. You can read the articles in ascending order, descending order, or in no order at all. Since you’re already here, you might want to start with “The Genius” (below). It is long, but important things can take time..

December 7

I just re-watched Vanilla Sky. “This is a revolution of the mind.” Legendary maverick with Sophia.. open your eyes.

I also recently re-watched A Scanner Darkly. I highly recommend this movie. It is directed by Richard Linklater (Waking Life and Dazed and Confused). You can find this movie, and many others, available for free at Well, you don’t actually watch them there, but you can search for the movie and it will point you to a site (usually Asian) where you can safely watch it (unless you consider pop-ups and re-directs unsafe).

In any event, I wanted to share this scene from the movie because it syncs up well with the image I led with in The Genius.



  1. psychegram said,

    My knee-jerk reaction is to condemn anything Scientology as fraud. But you make an interesting point … and the unrelentingly hostile attitude of the MSM towards the cult is a bit of a tipoff, isn’t it?

    Thing is, though, let’s say you’re right and Scientologists are engaged in a covert war against the Illuminati. To do this, they’ve adopted the trappings of a secret society, with initiatory grades into hidden mysteries and the whole bit (personally I feel ‘secret society’ is a more apt description than cult.) What’s to say that it wasn’t co-opted right from the start, with the aim of … ah hell I can’t put my heart into that right now. The more I think about it the more I realize you might really have something here.

    Still, though, one thing that worries me is the money issue. What is all that money for? The Falun Gong have many of the same aims as Scientology (personal development, opposition to extra-terrestrial tyranny) but my understanding is they do it for free. Why does the Church of Scientology require such vast flows of cash? Perhaps they need it to fund operations? But at the same time, such large quantities of money are corrupting. And there’s an L. Ron Hubbard quote, something to the effect that, “If you really want to get rich, start a religion.” Following which he sequestered himself for several months and emerged with Dianetics.

    • Ferdinand said,

      I’m not supporting Scientology. I really don’t know enough about them. I certainly know that I’m not joining anytime soon.

      A clue to my views can be seen in the title “New Path.” Here is the synopsis from A Scanner Darkly, a futuristic world in which a drug has ravaged the planet.. This is not an allegation, Scientology lawyers, so just leave my site alone.

  2. stop snoring mouthpiece snore said,

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    Thank you so much and I’m looking ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

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