Through the Port Hole

February 23, 2010 at 11:27 am (Uncategorized)

February 25

Sailing to the Stygian Port:

Violator (aka Jeremy) was a great guest and we had a fascinating discussion that left me thinking.

(The Alchemist by Marcel Lorange)

Topics discussed: synchronicity in life and movies, alchemy, New Age religions, increasing awareness, functioning in a dumbed-down society, vegetarianism, sun food and sun gazing, enlightened abilities, Illuminati, the anti-christ(s), and so much more.

We also had Andy Christ call in and make some quick connections concerning the red sea (C), Shamu (killer whale attack yesterday), Shaq-fu, and I think he even mentioned Shamwow in there. At the time, I don’t think Jeremy or I really knew what he was talking about, but upon further discussion in the chat room I started to C his point.

A few images that connect these seemingly unrelated things. Maybe it’s all just a sham..

The woman’s name who died is named Dawn Brancheau. Jake Kotze recently made a new video named Phoenix Dawn. Her last name also deals with (brain)trees. Killer whales, like the panda (discussed in show), are black and white. Whales are also very important in mythologies such as Star Trek, wherein an overweight Shatner goes back in time to rescue some whales to save the future.

Those are not the wishes of this author. Please do not put my ashes in a shamwow.

Yes, there is a big OCEAN at the bottom, but if you look closely you will see that the game was made by Delphine Software. Andy had also mentioned Whale Wars, which made me think of a recent South Park episode in which the American government had blamed dolphin and whale for the atomic bombings, prompting the Japanese to seek revenge.

At the end, the boys convince the Japanese that chicken and cow were responsible, sending them on another killing rampage, but one which is considering normal in the eyes of average Americans who eat these specific animals.

I’m sure there’s much more that could be connected here, but that could be for another day and time. Enjoy the radio show.

UPDATE: Did you see the story about the shark tank? And I forgot to mention the fact that Operation New Dawn is now the official title for the shenanigans going on in Iraq.

Feb 24

Tonight, don’t miss it.. show link.


I’ve got a great guest coming on the show tomorrow evening at 10PM EST..

I will be joined by the author of The Stygian Port, Violator aka Jeremy. Go check out his archives (past adventures) for some background.

Coming up next week: The Celtic Rebel (TBD) and Lanaia Lee, author of The Skulls of Salvation (TBD).



  1. celticrebel said,

    Enjoyed the show. Jim Bob probably didn’t call in cause I don’t think BlogTalk is carried on shortwave yet…

  2. Ferdinand said,

    Jim Bob doesn’t know how to work the internets?

    As you are having me watch Nine Miles Down as homework for our show, I thought I would request that you watch this 3 minute clip: Maybe you’ve seen it before, but possibly not in this con-text.

  3. andy christ said,

    sorry i flooded the show kyle, especially with syncs, but i have plenty aligned and will be again brainflooding the show again when we connect in a few weeks, i just saw everything going on in my news cycle, and just POOF POOF ie; sweedish chef, but ill be ready when we go. for sure. rebel, youre up next big homie..

  4. Tom said,

    A podcast about synchronicity in which you mention the curse of the Superman franchise, when I had just read a article about the 6 most cursed movies 10 minutes ago while listening to your show that details all of the misfortune that has plagued the people associated with Superman. It was way too eerie for me not to comment.

    I linked my way here a few weeks back from occult of personality and have been going through the posts. As a fellow NESCAC educated truth seeker from Massachusetts I am learning a great deal from your thoughts.

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