With a Rebel Yell..

March 1, 2010 at 1:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Update: That’s my good friend and we’re together in the picture, but we’re not “together.” That is certainly not the revelation I am trying to make. See Reclaiming the Rainbow. Just think its interesting to see myself with no hair – it is rare.


The above picture is your author without much hair this past summer after getting stuck on a jet ski on the way to the Vineyard with my friend Steve. Hence the redness of freshly shorn Kyle. It was during the shark fishing tournament, which I did not watch or endorse. I was also there when Obama was on his little vacation. I even drank an Obamarita (it was free).

I wanted to show you guys that picture so that you can see a little more of me and get some idea of who I am what this body looks like.

I thought it was a good show last night. We discussed Lucifer, escaping the prison, whether or not to travel through a stargate or go to the light, the positive aspects of vegetarianism, and so much more. I got a little flustered by the Rebel early in the broadcast because my mind was piecing together his accusations of me being a Nazi Luciferian as we moved forward. For some reason, his comment about Commodore Peter and his outboard really got to me, as I think the Rebel might be able to see through me. His mention of the cross and its death symbolism is interesting because what letter am I pointing to in the new picture? And let’s get serious, what does the light from Sirius form?

I’ve heard talk that The Celtic Rebel might rub (pet?) some people the “wrong way,” but you should be the judge of this yourself. By the way, I will probably incorporate my conversations with Stygian and Celtic into an article in the near future.


(click for full size)

Tonight at 10 PM Eastern, tune in for The Human Stargate with The Celtic Rebel.


Update: last night I changed the radio show icon to what you now see on the right below.

Today, 2 of the 6 pictures on the Drudge Report feature rebellious politicians doing similar gestures.

Senator Bunning says “no you don’t” on spending. And now it looks like Rand Paul is going to win Mr. Bunning’s seat in Kentucky. Growing support for the rebellion in the Imperial Senate?

Texas Governor Perry capitalizes on Anti-Obama Sentiment. He has also spoken openly about seceding from the United States. And now back to the regularly scheduled rebellion..

(Angels do play this harp – meaning of Erin Go Bragh)

Tonight will be the much-anticipated meeting of the minds. Perhaps I am being a bit arrogant, but I have a feeling that this show is something of a nexus point within which the new world will be constructed. And as for the old world..

The above image is one of the first you will see if you image search “the celtic rebel.” Reminds me a bit of another Celt who would hold up a sign reading THE END IS NIGH..

Taking justice into one’s own hands, Rorschach uncovers a grand conspiracy that involves teleporting a giant octopus into Manhattan, killing many but averting world war. In the movie adaptation, the octopus was changed into a nuclear explosion. Funny enough, the rebel also uses the octopus as an avatar for himself.

I also can relate to the octopus. Very intelligent, good camouflage, can multi-task, squirts ink..

March 1

(Is this how Alex sees himself?)

There are many ideas through which I am working right now. I know I have not produced any lengthy, substantive articles in awhile, but this radio show has provided me with an opportunity to speak with some very brilliant people. I hope you have been enjoying the guests as much as I have. The next person I have coming on the show is a man by the name of Alex..

Yes, that is the best picture I could find of him. This seemingly hypnotic anti-christ writes the blog The Celtic Rebel and hosts The Rebel Path on Oracle Broadcasting every Sunday night. The show will air on Tuesday at 10PM EST and we will be discussing the nature of the human stargate, how it can get corrupted, and how one might find a way out of (or through) the mess we see unfolding all around us.

And because Mr. Rebel likes to post some “racy” photos on his blog and I always enjoy seeing nude paintings, I thought I would find an appropriate image as a preview.

The painting is Boudica the Celtic Queen by Alexia Sinclair. In about 60 AD, Boudica rebelled against the tyrannical Roman Empire that was destroying her land and people. The Celtic Rebel might argue that this is just another great example of Lucy Fur, but she sure is attractive 🙂



  1. A Burning Ring of Fire [VII] « The Celtic Rebel said,

    […] night on Kyle Hunt’s Star Theory [10:00 PM Eastern]. Kyle’s done a post on this, so check it out. As for me, I’m gonna have to try to finish this here post, and it’s gonna be a bitch. […]

  2. ViolatoR said,

    Looking forward to it! And yes, I would give a spirited rogering to Boudica as well. 😀

  3. celticrebel said,

    A “rogering!” 🙂 Oh, I would so shag that scrumptious redhead. But, it looks like if you want a piece of Lucy, you’re gonna have to fight both me and Kyle.

    Kyle, thanks for having me on. One [of many[ things I forgot to say is that when people say they wanna change the world, what they usually mean is “what can I do that doesn’t involve changing myself. ” As for the other questions, they, among many others will hopefully be answered somewhat satisfactorily when I finish this beast known as Burning Ring of Fire [VII].

  4. Brian said,

    Great Show. Best yet.

    Thanks of the interesting discussion.

    Keep up the good work!

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