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The Rap Game with Diabolic

Last night’s show was an entertaining, insightful conversation. Diabolic has a unique perspective on the world and seems to be a very intelligent, friendly, and reasonable person even though his lyrics might make you think he is something a bit more.. well, diabolical.

We discussed the current state of the music industry, the problems facing this country and the world, the issue of police brutality, how communities take care of themselves naturally, the legalization of marijuana, Diabolic’s new album Liar & a Thief, and so much more.

Diabolic’s lyrics are aggressive, raw, shocking, and often humorous. He cuts through the bullshit. If he wants to be sexual, it will be overt and explicit, and if he wants to talk shit on cops, it will be over the top. I could liken it to watching a good horror movie – you feel threatened, alarmed, relieved, and surprised. Diabolic channels his anger and he becomes d(anger)ours – spitting forth verbal assaults.

But Diabolic might not be for everyone. You can always listen to Jay-Z and Beyonce auto-tuning with Lady Gaga. Or you could get “hard” and listen to these kind of guys..

Let’s look at the word rap. Rap is like rape. Because the words are coming so quick and forcefully, it is sometimes hard to keep up a guard against them. When people are bumping the over-produced garbage that is so popular in the clubs today, they will probably not realize all of the subliminal and overt messages that are coming into their heads because they are so rapt by the music. And while I’m taking this train of thought, I just thought I’d throw this in there..

One might argue that Diabolic’s music is just another (t)rap, carrying a violent, perverse, “demonic” message that could be getting people all “fired up” with the energy of anger. Well, to be honest, I’m surprised more people aren’t absolutely steaming over the exploitation, rape, lies and murder that been done with their money and in their names. In the locked down state of affairs in today’s surveillance society, Diabolic is vocalizing vicious volleys and aiming them at a leviathan many are too scared to even acknowledge.

I have not listened to the soon to be released album, but Diabolic has said it will be his vindication. I think there’s a reason he has felt compelled to do what he’s been doing, and it doesn’t seem to be about money. He said in his conversation last night that he doesn’t believe in God and that people only do so because they are afraid to die.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16

Yeah, I agree that’s some bullshit. Believe in yourself. Believe in each other. Just don’t believe the lies.

Alright, it’s a wrap for today. Thanks again to Diabolic for coming on the show.

The Ides of March

The Ides of March was a day dedicated the god Mars wherein military parades would be held. To reiterate, it was a day of men marching for Mars in the middle of March. It is also the day when Julius Caesar was betrayed by a group of senators and attacked. Even his most trusted Brutus was in on it, the revelation of which stopped his struggling and led him to question: et tu, Brute?

The death of Caesar occurred in 44 BC. For anyone who has not been following along with this blog regularly, 44 is: Obama’s number as president, related to aliens with shows like the 4400, the cost of a postage stamp, the Super Bowl that was held this year, and much more, especially when 144 is considered.

Ides rearranged forms “side” and “dies.” Tack a famous city onto the end of the word and you get I-desTroy.

I hadn’t really been thinking of this when I scheduled my radio show guest for tonight. His name is Diabolic and he is a talented underground rapper with some dangerous lyrics. We will be going live tonight at 8:30 pm Eastern.

We are living in a time when anyone be locked up for anything, for any amount of time, without trial. 9/11 truthers could be locked up for life under new US law. Well, until I am locked up or taken out I will continue to say whatever I please and interview whoever the hell I want.

Caesar: Well, the Ides of March have come.

Seer: Ay, they have come, but they are not gone.



  1. Ferdinand said,

    if you haven’t been noticing, things have been syncing up like crazy. For example, Duke shared this with me..

  2. Oobe said,

    Thanks ALLOT for the Diabolic interview, it was really great! much respect. x

    • Ferdinand said,

      Hey Oobe, I come across your videos on Youtube quite a bit. I really enjoy some of the music I have found through you. Thanks for the support.

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