Oracle of the Obvious

March 20, 2010 at 11:28 am (Uncategorized)

On Sunday night I appeared on The Rebel Path with The Celtic Rebel. Now with no commercial breaks (thanks Doug):

Read Celtic’s post concerning the broadcast. It seems many people who heard the broadcast are interested in the concept of staring at the sun, so there’s my take on it.

The show started on 3/21 but ended on 3/22, making it the second time the rebel and I appeared on the radio together on a 3-2-2 date. Is this a planned synchronicity or just the divine order of things making itself known to us as we navigate through this world of spirit/matter? Well, if I was behind it and thought it to be something malicious, I probably wouldn’t be bringing it up in our discussion.

Over the night, we discussed 1s and 0s, bits and bytes, computer consumption, the progression of computer networks, cloud computing as collective consciousness, zombification of the human mind, and much more.

I often consider myself the oracle of the obvious, which is a phrase my brother would always use when we were younger. This is because much of the stuff I talk about seems like such an apparent progression to me. Not to say I know the future completely, but I do have a pretty decent track record.

The O-racle seems to be a representative of the feminine, intuitive energy. Although the sun also appears as a round object, it seems more to be the masculine “on” force of the one. It is the interplay between the 1 and the 0, the masculine and the feminine, and the white and the black in order to create things in this world.

The process is obviously sexual. Most people have allowed the media channels almost unfettered access to their internal sanctuary as they stare like zombies into their digital screens of choice. This connection to technology will become even more consuming. I believe one of the major goals is to create a false sense of (collective) identity within the minds of individuals.

Perhaps it is a bit hypocritical of me to decry internet porn and then post a picture of the sexy, bare-breasted oracle from 300 gyrating around. I would prefer to think of it as educational. Or could it be that I’m taking the advice of one of the callers from the show? 😉


  1. ViolatoR said,

    Oooooh baby! That oracle was teh seks. Good show, though you seemed a little flustered by Betty 😀 Are you guys going to bingo at Temple on your date?

  2. Doug DeGrave said,

    Oops! anyway I downloaded the Rebel’s show Commercial free(torrent) and posted it here :

  3. A Call from Cthulhu [draft] « The Celtic Rebel said,

    […] the term I used for this voyage’s navigator was “co-pilot” (here’s a link to the official co-pilot’s log). While sailing, we received a call from the Dark Lord […]

  4. melanie said,

    breaks are allowed.. and sometimes valuable!

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