March 24, 2010 at 1:25 pm (Uncategorized)

3/26/2010 Update: I’m unsure as to what to write about or who to interview next. It would sure be nice if I had a real, live  muse to help in these situations, but maybe you can help me out by providing a comment at the end of this post and making some suggestions. I really do appreciate feedback. In the mean time, I will be taking a short break from the blog and will come back strong next week. Take care.


I know these are “historic” days and there is much afoot that deserves attention, but I will let others do all of the mainstream work so that I do not have to. It is not exactly that I’m lazy, but just that such nonsense can be summed up nicely in a silly little cartoon.

The real reason I am posting today is to share the second hour of my Red Ice interview with you, my dear readers and listeners.

The interview on Henrik’s program, and his posting of The Gods of Technology on Red Ice, really brought my readership to a new level. I thank him for that and hope he does not mind that I am posting the section that is reserved for subscribers. The interview was recorded on 11/11/09 and we discussed some topics that I mention now and again, but I think there is some fresh stuff in there for you.

For example, I get more in-depth into Vulcan, the God of Technology.

He also plays a part in The World Within, which deals with the underground and the inner earth. Above he is pictured with Venus, who was given to him in order to placate the red man’s anger. Unfortunately, Venus can be unfaithful and Vulcan gets pissed off. He pounds away down in his forge and causes the volcanoes to erupt.

Another concept that is discussed is whether or not the neanderthal really went extinct.

The above image is from a National Geographic article that still asserts that these creatures went extinct in our recent history. Did they really look like Irish people or is there some kind of agenda behind this portrayal? It’s really quite hard to say.

Another concept discussed is natural telepathy versus the technological equivalents.

And of course the military industrial complex wants to get into everyone’s heads, both naturally and unnaturally.

And from there, they could always market the technology to the schleps as a form of novelty.

Eventually, many human bodies will merge with technology and create cyborgs, or hybrids. I mentioned at the end of the interview that I would be discussing the concept of hybrids in the future, but I never really got around to it.

I might still do a full article on it, because the concept is loaded. Interesting enough, Kyle’s dad not only loves his hybrid, he also loves dolphins so much that becomes a surgically-enhanced “hybrid.”

This isn’t really a true mixing of species, as this must be done at a genetic level. One can change the genes of an organism prior to birth, but genetic make-up is being influenced all of the time by radiation and experience.

(Hel en Hunt, huh?)

As I have mentioned from time to time, as in Phoenix, methinks our history is one of hybridization. Between what? Well, I leave that up to you for now.

Okay.. that’s one possibility.


  1. Stefanos said,

    Hey Kyle,
    don’t know if you ever heard of a person called Georg Kavassilas.
    He came to my awareness at around 2005.
    Might be quite interesting to have him on the show.
    Don’t know if you can manage to get him on at all, I couldn’t find any way to contact him over the internet myself yet.
    Here’s his website though, including video presentations/lectures and his postal adress :

  2. Immortallywounded said,

    Interview eugene, you know you want to.

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