The Elite Initiation

March 31, 2010 at 12:40 pm (Uncategorized)

We’ve done it. The Celtic Rebel came on the show last night and explained what has been taking place in front of our very eyes.

We finally let the cat out of the bag concerning the gay elite, what they are doing to Hollywood, and how they could be initiating new members into their collective brotherhood. This one might get a little messy as(s) we ruffle some feathers and delve into a topic that has only been discussed by a few, in passing, but seems to be sticking right out there in the open for everyone to see. Once you listen to this broadcast, I assure you that you will not be able to see another Hollywood movie in the same light.

Also be sure to check out Rebel’s write up: Boy Toys of the Gay-lites.

We are not attacking homosexuals in the broadcast but trying to uncover the rituals centered around the “out” stargate, which could be used as some kind of energy transfer. Obviously Hollywood is a bunch of poofers.. but why?

We get into a few theories and discuss a number of movies. I will try to supplement some of the things we talked about on the show and offer a few new insights and ass-ociations so that the nature of the situation will become clear.

In Guy Ritchie’s new Sherlock Holmes movie, there are far too many references to the two lead characters being lovers. Anyone using their powers of deduction would be able to solve this riddle.

Yes, it appears that these masculine heroes of the silver screen could actually be homosexuals whilst living their real lives as well. Who would have guessed.

There’s Downy sitting on the shifter in Hollywood’s take on Bret Easton Ellis’s Less Than Zero. During the show, I mention the asshole as the other zero, but someone in the chat room mentioned that -1 makes more sense or possibly even 2, in regards to that other hole.

And then there’s Repo Men, which I did not see, but Celtic says is loaded with scenes depicting anal intercourse. When they are slicing people open to remove their organs, it is symbolic of tearing them open in another way apparently. Knifing meat.. makes sense.

Chi-CA-Go is also discussed in the show. Broken down, if you’re looking for Chi energy, where do you go? CA. Go West, young man.

Chicago is also the hometown of the Master and Commander Poofer in Chief..

Yeah, they’ve probably screwed. And this could be what screws this blog, but I actually think that many of the intelligence agencies will get a kick out of seeing the truth revealed in such a way. Hell, maybe I’m just being optimistic.

Milk has often been thought of as a feminine product, since it comes from breasts (or utters), but it also seems to be a code word for semen. Milk was CA’s first openly gay elected official. And his first name? Harvey.

Harvey Dent is the love interest that Batman saves instead of Rachel (the beard) in the D-ark Knight. Also, Rachel was previously played by the more attractive Katie Holmes.

Yes, I know that’s not the Dark Knight, but it shows some interesting things, even though it does not include the whole gay cast. For one, Nazi Arnold is on top.  He is also Mr. Freeze, which is a vampire-like name (Frost) and relates to his talk about the dangers of global warming. Another thing to consider is that whereas the happy hole is warm and lubricated, the Anus of Anu is a bit colder and rougher. Holy Shit, Batman! And yes, their shits might get pretty m(ass)ive.

In (Bruce) Wayne’s World, Wayne and Garth are using their underground show to make fun of people, talk about who they’d like to shag, and possibly get laid from it. These Illinois boys end up making it big when Rob Lowe and Mr. Big see their “talents,” but are compromised and forced to sell out. “But that’s not Wayne’s basement..”

I also commented on what the caller said about Bugs by bringing up the scene where Garth questions Wayne about whether or not he found Bugs attractive when he dressed up like a girl bunny. The above picture let’s me know that this has been going on for a while. The pictures below let me know that it has not stopped, but only become more aggressive.

These saw-doh!-mites bring us to the movie series Saw, which is more meat being split apart and relates to what the Rebel says about the theme of “seeing” some terrible things.

Of course, Ace is highlighted in the above image, because it is another name for ass. I’m thinking of the Ace of Spades as a good example. And speaking of solving problems as a super-sleuth..

Ace has to find a missing dolphin and save Dan Marino in Ace Ventura. He ends up having sex with a man accidentally. Let me ass you a few questions: Why does he dress in a tutu when he acts crazy? What does l(aces) out really signify?

Yes, I’ve heard. Kills men by the hundreds. And if HE were here, he’d consume the English with fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his arse.

You’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder! Mickey was played by Burgess Meredith, who was also the long-nosed penguin in the original Batman tv series. He was also from my alma mater, an elite school that wears purple like his outfit in the show.

Children have particles called marlocks in their bodies, and when an adult has sex with the child, the marlocks implode, feeding the adult receptive cavity with energy that causes immortality, so sayeth the ruler of Bethos.

If this is actually true, then I would ass-ume that the military would be getting in on the action..

Staring (star ring) at goats, eh? I wonder what this movie is really getting at. It has all of the requisite actors to indicate that maybe.. just maybe.. these guys are getting their powers from more than just anal-ytical thinking.

Denzel is a blind hero in The Book of Eli. He does a lot of stabbing whilst battling in tubes and trying to get west. He also loves the Bible. I think his eyesight was supposed to have been taken away in the big flash that happened, which is similar to the blinded Moad’dib in The Children of Dune, who also has enhanced powers.

And speaking of children, they are supposed to provide the most amount of energy to the elites.

The actor whose name I forgot during the show is Jonathan Brandis. He killed himself a few years ago. Perhaps too much trauma? There he is in The Neverending Story Deuce. And here he is getting dressed up as girl by Rodney Dangerfield in Ladybugs..

And because this is such an interesting study, let’s consider this poor chap for a little bit more..

Interesting gesture. Also, that’s a nice pyramid on the rapist van and look at the name of it “trans port.” And just a few more to commemorate our fallen lady bug.

I thought of him because of a scene in sidekicks where he is drinking milk with Chuck Norris – yes, I remembered that from my childhood. He was also in “Crossroads,” Gabriel’s Fire, Fall Into Darkness, Two Came Back, Ride With The Devil, Hart’s War, and many other significant titles on IMDb. Oh yeah, he also plays “Mousy” in Outside Providence. Mickey trains them well.

And now for an upcoming movie that will probably be loaded with shit..

Those experienced end-ables are expandable and will likely not have explicit sex with each other on screen, but you better believe the messages will be right beneath the surf-ass. And I am confident I will not be seeing this piece of garbage.

As for this little investigation into the dirty world of Hollywood, I would have to say that Alex and I have exorcised this demon.

Case closed.

For now.


  1. bong soo han said,

    me like…

  2. Ferdinand said,

    Alternative Titles: Twink-el, Twink-el, Little Star; Asstronomy

    I hope this revelation does not lead to an increase in this kind of activity from people who want to become like superheroes. I have a feeling you might just end up with a hurt bum.

    This is not the stardom I am after. Oh, and one more..

    Golf Gays

  3. Boy Toys of the Gay-lites [prelim] « The Celtic Rebel said,

    […] not going to have time to do a proper post just yet, but Kyle has over at his blog. Below, is the show […]

  4. Marshall said,

    quote from the expendibles trailer, Arnold to Stallone, “I know you like to play in the jungle…”

  5. Immortallywounded said,

    Mr. 300 showing what part of his “rachel” he likes. Also 2 choices Kyle, shave or come out, quit lying to the public man.

    • Ferdinand said,

      I actually did some spring cleaning today and took off a few pounds of hair. The beard is not totally gone, but definitely much shorter. Ah, the ladies won’t be able to resist any longer:

  6. ViolatoR said,

    Boy you can find any excuse to quote the Rulers of Bethos can’t you?!

    My mom’s dad’s accent screwed up words in funny ways often times. He played cards a lot and when he said “ace” is always sounded like “ass.” Also, one day he was getting cement poured in his driveway and when the truck showed up, he told everyone the cement truck was coming, but what they heard was: “The semen is coming, the semen is coming!” 😀

    I’ve seen a video of that Ren & Stimpy scene, and it was super gay times infinity.

  7. N said,

    Now that was a mind blower. There are a couple of books that connect right to this topic. One is “Surrender” by Toni Bentley Here is a quote from the book, “I am sitting on the threshold. Perhaps this is the final paradox of God’s paradoxical machinations: my ass is my very own back door to heaven. The Pearly Gates are closer than you think.” Supposedly, this is book is the true life memoir of Toni Bently, a female ballet dancer and author. She details how anal sex gave is a transcendental experience that brought her closer to God. I think this is pro anal sex propaganda for the intellectual set. It was even reviewed by the Washington Post so I think that gives you an idea of the target audience.

    If anal sex is spiritual then how does a man get that same spiritual sex experience that a woman gets from a man? Well, I guess this could be a plug for man on man sodomy as a way to a spiritual life. It seems that priests are not raping young boys just trying to make them holy.

    Another book that links to this topic is “Making Love,” by Richard Rhodes where he describes “cornholing” or anal sex as an activity common between young boys at the all male boarding school he attended in the 1950s. This is something the author says was only temporary homosexuality. Then he goes onto to detail that he is heterosexual and that he has slept with lots of women. Since all male boarding schools are usually only for the elite could it be that in ranks of the elite young men are initiated into this fraternal order at a very young age, and in films the stars are only showing that they are lifelong members of the fraternity. It could be that they are lettered members of fraternity, and lifelong Greeks so to speak.

    Another thought is how did these young men come up with the idea of doing each other up the butt? The author does not give that detail. Could it be that an adult male initiated these young men into this brotherhood and told them to pass it on?

    My final thought is that in yogic and Taoist practices one usually closes or seals the root chakra to prevent the release of spiritual energy (chi/prana) so does this sex act drain away sexual energy? I don’t know but I think it is something to look into.

  8. N said,

    In light of this discussion the film, “Ali G Indahouse (2002)” finally makes sense to me. First, Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Ali G states over and over that he is not a poof. Yet the first sex scene in the film has Ali G chained to a fence while an older man masturbates him. Then another scene has two male delegates getting stoned at the U.N. assembly then kissing each other. Near then end of the film two Ali G’s friends think they are going to die so they decide to have anal sex with each other to “See what it’s like.”

    If you the follow this sequence of events in the film, first Ali G molested by an older while he is chained to the fence and can’t resist. Interesting to note the scene is taking place in front of the British parliament. Does this show how young men are initiated into this brotherhood and possibly forcibly raped as part of their initiation? Then next odd scene is the orgy scene at the U.N. This could be a message that all those at the very top are part of this fraternity and that orgies are commonplace amongst the members. The final sex scene has Ali Gs friends sodomizing each other. This occurs after Ali G has a position of power and control in the film. This could be to show how this tradition passes on from generation to the next. First the older men initiate the young boys so they can prepared to serve them in high positions of power of wealth. Then these initiates pass on the tradition to other young men.

    For a film that is all about a young playboy I don’t think there is one heterosexual sex scene in the film. Of course Sach Baron Cohen films seem to be pushing towards some agenda. In “Borat,” his character is supposedly heterosexual and in love with Pamela Anderson, but the character never has a romantic or sex scene with a woman. The only act of any intimacy in the film is a long drawn out naked wrestling scene between Borat and another male character. His latest, film “Bruno” where he plays a gay male fashion designer and with strong overtones of homoeroticism seems to put the icing on the cake.

    Now are the women pictured with Ali G on the cover of the DVD just his “Rachels?”

  9. Eleleth said,

    It’s interesting how just about everyone realizes that that Batman and Robin are in a pederastic relationship with each other. It seems to be the big overarching joke (“for the grownups”) in the sixties series.

    The “Slash” community has a big presence online and is composed mainly of lonely girls who write steamy stories about male fictional characters having gay sex with each other (i.e., Holmes/Watson is a popular one). Maybe they had the right idea. And Kirk/Spock slash? It’s canon!

    This video from Louis CK is disturbingly appropriate in light of the recent revelations within the Catholic Church. As I recall, one reported that after the first molestation, they were told, “you’re one of us now.”

    The goat was associated with the anus well before the site initiated a generation of netizens into the Mysteries of the Ring. Eliphas Levi (though he does not give a source) tells how new initiates were made to kiss the asshole of a goat in Ancient Egypt, a practice which Margaret Murray says was continued in the witch-cults of medieval Europe.

  10. B said,

    Kind of a bummer that you’re talking about withdrawing from posting your knowledge soon. I can understand I suppose, but I just discovered you and your blog through The Celtic Rebel a few weeks ago, and damn man, I like your stuff.

    I just wanted to say thanks for (inadvertently) introducing me to the practice of Sun Gazing and HRM. You briefly touched on the subject on the Rebel Path radio show. The whole idea interested me enough to research the hell out of it and now I have taken up the practice myself. Don’t worry man, I know that you didn’t personally recommend to people to just go out and stare at the sun; this is of my own volition, so I take full responsibility for myself here. Anyway, it’s kind of hard to explain but I really like it, it feels right with me somehow and I just want to keep going with it.

    Thanks again K for that, and for your postings of knowledge…all good things to you in whatever you decide to do.

  11. mf said,

    this is a good post except for one thing. im not sure if you actually watched the dark knight or not but batman was actually startled when he broke through the door and saw harvey, as he was told by the joker that the address he went to was where rachel was, which the joker did on purpose knowing Batman would get to Harvey (thinking it was Rachel) before the cops would get to Rachel (thinking it was Harvey). Maybe you’re suggesting that it’s implied through the undertone, i’m not sure, but even still that’s a bit of a reach. Other than that good article. Especially when it comes to Jonathan Brandis and the Sherlock Holmes films.

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