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April 23, 2010 at 6:39 pm (Uncategorized)

The first installment of a new documentary series explores the potentials of the human body and how they can be exploited to serve various power structures. I’m not even going to try to put this on Youtube, due to copyright claims and the nature of the content, but here is the link to Vimeo.

Warning: You are consenting to view this! You may never be able to watch movies or tv in the same way. It also may change your attitudes and beliefs. You can stop watching at anytime 🙂

Please let me know what you think.



  1. iIris_Dream said,

    Greetings and many thanks. [Let me begin by admitting, I am 15 years old; not your average 15 year old but, perhaps you will find my perspective interesting] I have been following your blog for a few months now, and a few other blogs in this “alternative” blogging ring. ‘Star Theory’ in particular, has taken my interest. I have noticed one particular consideration overlooked, not necessarily your blog in particular, but in the whole anti-elite, anti-nwo, social revolution, spritual advancement blogging community in general.

    I feel that the assumption that ‘the elite’ are of no significant benefit to mankind is far from the truth. I’m sure we agree that, there is little doubt that those in charge, behind the scenes of this modern world are intentionally generating large amounts of negativity (mainly fear, hate, ignorance, greed and the like). However seeing no value or oppurtunity in this negativity is a mistake. In the face of negativity we are given a choice: collapse and feed into this negativity*, or continue to radiate our own personal love, strengthening our connection to this love by perservering through every negative occurence (consider it a test perhaps). I feel the gentle nature of mankind slipping away each year, however it is in these darkening times, we can shine the brightest. One should not fear death, but embrace life, and the oppurtunity for growth that it is.
    We (as collective mankind) just happen to be nearing the end, the final curtain of our time in this plane of existence.

    Thanks for your time (and your blog).

    *I’ll admit the negative way of life is entirely natural to some people (e.g. sociopaths) but that is a different point of discussion.

    (PS I don’t know if you have come across any of this) But the following links have been indefinitely helpful to me and I provide them so they may help others: (The whole site but this in particular)

    • Ferdinand said,

      Very compelling and insightful thoughts. I think that the opposition of which you speak could be serving the advancement of mankind. Their actions have helped to lead me down this path of research and self-discovery. The greatest sinners are saints? Maybe in some ways.

      The overman shall overcome?

      • iIris_Dream said,

        Perhaps. And in relation to the video I will say the ‘elite’ do a fantastic job of causing an individual to doubt himself and look outside himself for guidance on something only he truly knows: himself. Before an individual is a man or woman, or even a human being, an individual is himself. The “I” is most important.

      • iIris_Dream said,

        Additionally I might add that this blog itself, could be harmful to various spiral/energy structures of the mind/body/spirit. This is a source outside ourselves trying to enlightening us to concepts and loopholes in OUR own lives. What may have been true and insightful for you, is to others irrelevant, the knowledge is lost when not viewed from an individuals unique perspective. Correct me if I’m wrong but, you seem to imply we ‘awakened’ ones are all on the same path, or on the same section of the path as you. This is not so, we are all a certain, unique stage in on our own path (or in our seeking). It is vital that all outside ourselves is consciously and personally made into the direct and singular “I”.

        We need look at life like a mirror, that reflects all who we are, were, and will be.

        Could it be possible that your blog feeds into negative energies?

    • Ferdinand said,

      You could be right, but I provide numerous warnings. Also, I consider watching the television for 3 minutes more destructive psychologically than reading, listening to, and watching the entire collection of my work. If ignorance is bliss, then I choose to be miserable 🙂 In fact, I have actually found much more satisfaction and happiness since diving into the theories concerning stars.

      Whoever comes to this blog does so by choice. I am not really worried about them. I actually do this work for me. It’s an exercise in self-exploration and if anyone else can benefit, then I am glad they are able to connect with some of the things I have put forward. It is quite amazing we can communicate at all.

      Do you think that this blog has affected you negatively in any way?

      • iIris_Dream said,

        Honestly, no. I didn’t mean to suggest that this blog was in any way even slightly as negative as any sort of mainstream media outlet. However some individuals (including myself I feel) may have reached a stage in their seeking where it is important not to have to rely on any source of outside information.

        Don’t get me wrong, this blog does have its place of course; it is very easy to connect with and personally relate to. This blog is a very important medium in times like this, and I wonder how much longer a site like this will be available to the average internet user.

  2. iIris_Dream said,

    Oh and by the way I did watch and enjoy the video. Well put together and thought provoking, it ties into the whole concept of ones individuality. It is possible for an individual to live their life thinking along the concept of one, as in the thought that they are the only one alive; everything and everyone else is an illusion (whether or not your embrace that outside of yourself is entirely up to the individual).

  3. Immortallywounded said,

    Wow this series is truly great Kyle, please keep it up. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this and you got the message across very well. I had a couple of personal syncs pop up watching it, just a bunch of stuff I had been thinking about lately or had seen recently. Can’t wait for the next part.

    PS Good point iIris, also it’s nice to see young people with a semblance of common sense.

    Peace and love for both of you

  4. Adahondeayenh said,

    Wow this video is interesting. I`m excited to find yet another website about synchronicities and such… More and more sites are springing up revealing these synchronicities. Although I believe that it is more accurately described by the Bible’s description of “sorcery”. It`s unknown to me what the ultimate goal of these sorceries are, but I`m beginning to see the message clearer and clearer of movies and television. I believe that it is to welcome in the kingdom of the destroyer, Satan/Apollo/Lucifer. It is very painful to me when I see somebody watching TV or movies. Like somebody else in the comments section said, it IS very psychologically damaging. Especially when they are rapidly flashing images and (only) god knows what else across the screen. Remember, a TV is an idol (American Idol), and a TV is an empty void (MTV – EMPTY TV).

    He who fights against monsters must make sure he does not himself become one. When you stare long into the abyss, the abyss also stares back at you. ~Frederick Nietzche

    Ephesians 5:11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. ~Holy Bible

  5. PHREMAN said,


    This is the truth…the number and alphabet systems are based on saturn…the word sex is the sixth in latin…the romans worshipped the sixth planet saturn….saturnalia….wise up the cult of Ra/Ro/RE is still in charge

  6. PHREMAN said,

    in astrology the symbol for our sun is the dot in the circle…dont be fooled this represents saturn…sun microsystems invented the phenomenon not by chance…the word sun in ancient times actually meant saturn….the 4 letters ST AR are very important in the formulation of the alphabet…not by chance AR is in WAR,ARMY…not by chance the 4 letters are in the word SATURN

  7. Warren said,

    Awesome documentary. Did you know about Elliott Smith’s Ferdinand Tattoo?

    • Ferdinand said,

      Yeah, just watch Activating the Assets! (Part 2)

  8. christalbum said,

    Awesome stuff!
    I have’nt got the time to search and maybe the film I wanted you to see is gone anyway. It’s a clip with a russian systema-guy setting fire to paper via his finger. Maybe this clip will show some interesting stuff.

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