Activating the Assets

May 5, 2010 at 8:42 am (Uncategorized)

5/7 UPDATE: Obama Attack On Corporate Giant P&G Shatters US Stock Market

I wish I could explain to you why this is more significant than you might know.

5/6 UPDATE: Everyone has been left asking why the world’s market went nuts today. I wonder why so many assets were activated 😉

(What's up Drudge?)
This all went down at 2:47. Maybe this should be defined as SinChronICiti.

The second installment is now out. In it, the relationship that one is supposed to have with the heroes and villains of stories is explored, as well as the role individual actors can play in the programming of one’s mind.

A few notes on the video:

  • Hadrian ushered in a period of peace and prosperity in Rome.
  • Matt Da(e)mon’s brother is named Kyle.
  • Ozy-man-dias is a significant name. So is Adrian Veidt (AV), who has a complex audio/visual set up.
  • In Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta (as opposed to H-wood’s), the fascist leader is a puppet for an artificial intelligence.
  • Will Hunting is compared to “the Unabomber.” I have heard others say the same of me.
  • Guy Ritchie made Revolver.
  • All media is programming and propaganda. Including the shit I just did (#2). Can it not be used toward a positive end?
  • Companies are making a good deal of money capitalizing on anti-government sentiment.
  • Who really is the opponent? What is the end game?  Cui bono?

The Nazis and Americans both used a great deal of media in order to turn the public’s consciousness in controlled directions. Was one side more “right” than the other?

The white man is often put forward as “the bad guy” in conspiracy research, but it should be considered that World War II saw the sacrifice of millions and millions of white people. Since then, the white countries that were involved in the war have been flooded with illegal and legal immigrants who do not share their culture or language. This could be part of the agenda of the blue (homo) helmets.

White people, and specifically the Aryans, have been the target of a great deal of propaganda that is intended to make them anti-intellectual. For example, we are constantly told that blondes are dumb. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Could you imagine saying such a thing of any other racial group?!

White people have been behind some of the greatest inventions and achievements of humankind. I will not be made to feel guilty for being part of a strong line of humans. Like any other animal, we can be corrupted.

Must I be viewed as an invader because of my blue eyes? As a white man, am I not allowed to be indigenous somewhere?

Much thanks for the continued support. Or should I say, “Tausend Dank!”



  1. obama said,

    I don’t know if you’re continuing the podcast… But if so, please invite Jason Horsley on.. He WILL tear you a new asshole… And I’m under the impression you may find that enjoyable… Not the literal act, but the figurative one. BTW cool new vids..

  2. Ferdinand said,

    I will give him a listen and then possibly use your advice.

    And do you really mean it, obama? You like my videos?

  3. john doe said,

    Jason Jake Horsley Kephas would just say :

    ” .. John de Ruiter .. big picture stuff .. Carlos Castaneda … SWEDA .. ”


    but he freestyles some fun “songs” with his guitar

    oh, fun stuff as usual KH

  4. ViolatoR said,

    Good stuff 😉 Love how it ended on “its the end of the world as we know it.” Thanks for the shout-out too.

  5. PhilDeGrave said,

    I love the Cholo writing font you are using in the vids.

    Oh, and about the “dumb blondes” :

    Q:Why did the blonde go to church?

    A: Cause someone told her there was a guy there that was, “hung like this” (arms spread wide)…

  6. PhilDeGrave said,

    Btw, props on calling out Sheppard Fairey. He is such a douche bag…. thanks.

  7. Ferdinand said,

    Thanks for the support, friends.

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