Finding the Fallen

May 16, 2010 at 10:34 am (Uncategorized)

Finding the Fallen with Minister Fortson:

I was joined by Minister Dante Fortson for a 90 minute discussion concerning the Nephilim, fallen angels, aliens, and their various references in the Bible.

In the conversation we discuss how the bible was handed down, where errors and mistranslations might occur, some alternative theories concerning the stories being related in the text, and the predictive/ prophetic nature of the material.

It really does appear that we on the brink of cataclysm, but I wonder how many people have thought the same thing in their lives, especially in the 20th century. Perhaps each and every one of us must go through our own personal apocalypse. Still, things are heating up on a worldwide scale and people should be prepared for anything.

Concerning the Nephilim, the offspring of the Watchers, there are plenty of pictures that show giant human skeletons, but I am unable to verify their authenticity. So here are a few giant battle axes from Sumer, which are kept in an Iraqi museum. Could these be evidence of gigantic warriors who were only able to be defeated through the use of massive armies of men?

Who knows, maybe they are just ornamental. But there is definitely something important going on in this area of the world and I have heard others theorize that this could be the real reason that the United States is occupying this territory. They could be hunting down the remaining Nephilim bloodlines on the planet..

Or maybe the leaders of this world are in fact those Nephilim bloodlines. Regardless, there appears evidence that our history is far more complex and much more interesting than most schools or churches would like you to believe.

I know many of my readers would not consider themselves Christians or have much interest in the Bible, but I thoroughly enjoyed this discussion and think there is much that can be learned from analyzing all source documents, especially ones as old and well-read as the Bible.



  1. iIris_Dream said,

    Are you keeping in mind the potential inaccuracies (lies) of the bible? I would be suprised if you didn’t at least suspect that the elite have had some control over organised religion, no doubt? I would be willing to bet the bible has been heavily changed/manipulated over centuries by the so called ‘elite’.

    No disrespect but, if you could explain how “Nephilim, fallen angels, aliens, and their various references in the Bible.” are related to “we move forward into the new world being laid out before us.” that would clear alot up here. Thanks.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Of course, Iris. Thanks for the comment. These are things I hope to address in the show, rather than in the brief promo.

      I think they are going to be playing a big part in this new world. Consider the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series (never saw), Steven Hawking’s recent warning, and all of the alien/hero films these days, I think there is something in store for us. As Von Braun predicted, an alien invasion (fake or real) could be used to unite humans under a global world government.

  2. iIris_Dream said,

    Thanks, it can be hard to follow your more radio-oriented posts especially when one doesn’t have the time (or desire, honestly) to listen to a 90 minute radio discussion.

    No disrespect but these days the best lessons taught are fast and simple, I’m just trying to help you out. Cheers and keep up the good work.

  3. Manny said,

    Great show…I thought I might ask if you are familiar with the work of Dr. Michael S. Heiser ?

    • Ferdinand said,

      No, I am not. I will have to look into his work. Possibly I will be able to get him on the show. Thanks for the comment and link!

  4. iIris_Dream said,

    Thanks for the post-show rewrite man. Much appreciated.

  5. Ryan McAlister said,

    I wish I could have been there for this conversation. I am not tech savvy and I don’t have time to write. It is unfortunate that the people who talk about these things are far away.

    Wait, I didn’t realize that people can call into these shows! When is the next one?!

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