Feeling Bullish

May 27, 2010 at 7:42 pm (Uncategorized)

We could be getting pretty close to the “truth.” What do you think? Also, I did not make every connection obvious. I would not mind seeing a few comments with thoughts on the video and things you might like to add.

The latest installment of The Star Spiral explores more of the pedophilia associated with Hollywood.  I also take a brief look into the symbolism concerning the bull.

I have been using the avatar of Ferdinand off and on since publishing online. I thought it was a nice story about a strong bull who wanted nothing to do with the games and fights of his “peers” and was able to achieve his freedom by never caving in. Only later in my research did I realize that Ferd-i(nand) relates strongly to Nandi, the mount of Lord Shiva, who is able to safely lap up the poison (human karma) caused by the positive and negative forces seeking immortality. Also interesting to note, if you combine the two gods above, you get something similar to the Avatar.

I use(d) Ferdinand as an avatar, an extension of my ego, because I was once like him and still am in many ways. I was eventually socialized into the head-butting of competitive sports. I ate a lot of meat and chased  “tail,” but never was much of a bully.

You might be thinking it strange that I use a symbol (eg., Moloch & above) that is also used by “the elite” who rule over us. I find it important to understand that the predators love their prey. This is why the food of cats (and Cat-holics) is called catt-el. Without cattle, they would not be able to live. As a full grown adult bull is hard to take down, they sink their teeth into the young.

Did they get their “teeth” into me when I was just a child and turn me into what I am today? I could be just another ass-ET (an-alien). Although I have a vague recollection of an odd doctor’s visit at a young age, I have never knowingly or willingly engaged in any of this behavior. The messed up part is that most people do not recall their abduction experiences, which often involve(d) anal probes. I doubt these activities were conducted by aliens, but could be a black operations project to look for gifted children or part of something that I cannot even fathom. It’s really hard to tell in this world of bullshit, where everything seems to be upside down. We live in a world where corruption is rewarded instead of skill and ingenuity.

Now this is a story
all about how my life
got twisted upside down
and id like to take a minute
just sit right there
ill tell you how i became the prince
of a town called Bel-Air

It is not just the sale of one’s anus, but also of one’s sol, as the bottom of the vortex is plugged and short-circuited. These people stop burning from their own energies and are forced to leech off of the life-force of their victims. It could be that Moloch was demonized because the cow represents the life force and the understanding that a “sacrifice” of energy will result in karmic energy coming back upon you.

Although they might be smothered in riches while in this material world, I do not know what lies waiting for these people on the other side.

Maybe there is not a “God” and they have figured a way to cheat at this game of life. Perhaps their pray-ers are no longer being answered and there will be some sort of retribution. Either way, I do not envy these people one bit. I also do not hate them.

A few notes on the video:

  • Look for when the word “Alice” is reflected as ECICE, as it looks like a little like “spice.”
  • Spice melange sounds like “menage” and can also be a metaphor for gold, heroin, blood, oil, or children.
  • Archduke (Hi Duke) Franz Ferdinand would not marry into the royal family and was ostracized because of it. He was assassinated, with his death being labeled as the cause for “The Great War.”
  • I am not Ferdinand, although we have some ties. I am a Scorpio and not a Taurus.
  • The torus you see in the video is related to the torso, where the positive and negative mix.
  • Will Smith arrives in Bel-air in a Taxi cab. The rock also takes a couple of Aryans aliens to Witch Mountain.
  • Pedophilia has been happening all around the world and has been sanctioned by numerous religious institutions for thousands of years.
  • Accusations could be part of a smear campaign.

5/28 Update: It seems like every single time I put some more pieces together, “they” react immediately. For example, The Vatican opens its Secret Archives, reported a few hours after the publication of this post. I don’t even care whether it’s coincidence, synchronicity, or they are taking their cues from me, but something big is happening – of that I am certain.



  1. Immortallywounded said,

    Thank you kyle, I had some very interesting syncs with my own research, although I’d like to get them further fleshed out before sharing. I am a Taurus fyi. Best entry in the series yet.

  2. iIris_Dream said,

    “Although I have a vague recollection of an odd doctor’s visit at a young age, I have never knowingly or willingly engaged in any of this behavior. The messed up part is that most people do not recall their abduction experiences, which often involve(d) anal probes. ”

    Unforunately I can relate to this. I have always had a lingering feeling of being ‘probed’ you could say. Although I have never willingly consented to such a violation it sure does feel uncomfortably familiar. (Hehe and no I am not confused nor curious about my sexuality, which seems to be the argument when one brings something up such as this). Truth is the whole idea of being anally probed has been pushed and pushed although it’s no big deal. (Prostate exams, rectal thermometers, general doctor check-ups etc.). Not many of us are aware of how much of a ‘big deal’ this really is (metaphysically in particular) and the majority have come to accept ‘anal probing’ as no more significant then a typical check-up. (Brings to mind the episode of Family Guy when Peter sues his doctor for having “raped him” however comes to learn that it was a ‘routine’ prostate exam).

    The important thing to remember in spite of all this is to love, learn and laugh. We are all just “existence experiencing itself” for want of a better analogy. And really put in perspective these issues (or lessons) are trivial (and quite hilarious in a dark sort of way).


  3. Ferdinand said,

    Thanks for the comments. I know this “dark” material is not always that pleasant, but it needs to be placed in a proper framework so that people can begin to see it for what it is and then move away from it.

    Next one coming up soon.

  4. poorvika said,

    very good films,Thanks.

  5. Disco Inferno « Star Theory said,

    […] See also: Feeling Bullish […]

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