Raining Robots!

June 1, 2010 at 10:34 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

Part V of The Star Spiral explores the imaginations and machinations of this disruptive machine.

Some quick connections to make before (or after) viewing:

  • Rain makes crops grow. G-rain is a big staple in the world today. There’s also b-rain, d-rain, t-rain, st-rain, ref-rain, and much more. Reins are what make a horse controllable.
  • Could it be that BO staged the rain to avoid his speech? Is he scared about something? Everything he says sounds like coded language.
  • Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill. (44% of their holdings)
  • Oil + dispersant + volatile weather = really bad news!
  • Notice how many times “baby” is used in these songs. Sure, it could be referring to a grown lover, but it sounds different to me.
  • Common Ground? “My future’s back lit”
  • China has a big, scary supercomputer – Dawning Nebulae.
  • Ethereal intelligences have long existed. Earth seems to be a large organism, like the sun, like us. Like the internet?
  • The energies of the organism extend well beyond its shell.
  • The enemy was called Charlie in Vietnam, after VC – Victor Charlie.
  • In the Top Gun scene, Charlie looks a lot like a man. What is it that Goose (!) and Maverick discuss?
  • Violins sometimes play as violet violence violates. See The Stygian Port.
  • Jennifer Connelly plays 7 in the movie 9. This relates strongly to the big-chested actress who played 7 of 9 in Star Trek.

Has this all been a set-up to sell a bunch of robots? It could be conditioning us to accept the presence of friendly, human-like companions in our day-to-day lives (so that we then have sex with them). It seems to be a general plan of depravity involving removing humanity from its natural existence on this earth.

I thought I would add a few more instances of Charles/Chuck (ground beef?) references that fit into this theme.

You can find many examples of everything you seen in these videos. I am only glossing over a very deep, but somewhat unexplored, area of research. I leave the real work for you.

I sincerely trust there are people out there watching that know this is not the way we should be living. Unless things are quickly changed, we will be seeing this world end in terrible calamity in almost no time at all.

Comments always appreciated.



  1. Immortallywounded said,

    Great stuff Kyle, I noticed some over lapping with the work of Lenon Honor, namely his Rihanna breakdown and his latest film, The Borg Agenda. You might want to think about contacting him for an interview, maybe you can even appear on his radio show as well.

    I feel as tho a critical part of this transhumanism agenda is making the human race as ambiguous as possible. Not only does it create a disconnect from our true nature, but it also makes it easier to introduce new robot bodies, as creating a singular model would be more cost efficient than 2 male/female versions.

    Also was that a Ferdinand reference when the bull is stung by the bee?

  2. Disco Lights · said,

    the great thing about jennifier connelly is that she still looks hot eventhough she is already a bit old these days :

  3. Chair Pads said,

    Jen connelly is the actress that i have a huge crush. here eyes are really very pretty *;’

  4. Salvador Troisi said,

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