Proactive Pondering

June 11, 2010 at 10:30 am (Uncategorized)

On Wednesday I had an interview scheduled with Jesse Woodrow, but he did not call in until the last 15 minutes of the 1 hour show because of a misunderstanding. Although I was a bit thrown off course by not having my guest, I decided to talk about anything that was my mind, including but not limited to the following: oil, the apocalypse, Christian conspiracy, race relations, WWII & III, forced evacuations, Hollywood’s terrible nature, and the afterlife. When Jesse drops in, we further discuss the decline of the US and some issues concerning Barack Obama and the Anti-Christ.

Jesse will be back on the program next week for a full discussion, which should be a good one.

(I admit it – I find these cats quite humorous)

It is not enough to simply consider things. One should analyze the various facts and opinions concerning a certain topic, determine how they affect one’s self, and then decide how to act accordingly. Instead of reacting to everything that is thrown in one’s direction, one should take charge of his or her vessel and steer it in the proper direction.

The question then becomes: where do I want to go?

Enjoy the podcast. Hopefully you find something useful in there. Let me know what you think.

Or don’t even listen to it. The choice is up to you!



  1. mick1994 said,

    michael tsarion is the new world order,he telling you “knowmore rebel” you will be dragged” sounds great… celtic rebels show with tsarion the guy said “i got to do some shoppping” thats why the guy cant stay,are you kidding me. you guys need to step back and a hard look at this guy.

    • Ferdinand said,

      I don’t necessarily disagree with you concerning Michael. I have never spoken with him and may have linked to him once. I think he says a lot of accurate things, but there could be something very deceptive about his message. Anyone else have thoughts?

    • Ferdinand said,

      Something to consider is his name. Is it his birth name? If not, then why Michael and why Tsarion? Tsarion easily breaks down into tsar-ion, or the energy of the ruler. Tsar also re-arranges into star and rats.

      Names can indicate quite a bit about a person – even fake ones. Labels can be deceptive, but provide some description as to the product contained therein.

      • john doe said,


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