Figured it out.. [rewritten]

June 30, 2010 at 11:09 pm (Uncategorized)

Dear Readers,

I have decided to be more honest and forthright.

I have a number of seemingly conflicting interests right now. I have decided to “work” again (for money) and will not have as much time to spend commenting upon these esoteric subjects and how they relate to our world today. In addition, I have not been feeling as much of a creative spark as I once did when I was writing those massive articles, where I believe there is a lot of original material you cannot find elsewhere.

I like the film series I put together, but I really don’t know if a lot of my readers/watchers “got it.” This could be my fault as I decided to hide many connections in between the lines and include some aspects of myself, which may have confused things. It is a very lonely experience being aware of some of the deeper levels of synchronicity and programming and it is my desire to have the viewer think critically rather than passively.

It can also be a bit frightening witnessing my actions here being reflected on a global scale. Many people (including myself sometimes) don’t want to acknowledge that this is happening. Would it not alarm you a bit if the things you put on your blog could initiate a series of terrible events that could ruin life as we know it on this planet?! Well, I guess that’s already happening so I might as well be a bit more confident and see the divine guidance I have been given whilst navigating my way through these avenues of exploration. (check out the comment by Brian about not stopping the flow..)

The things I have seen (like Don’t Go West) cannot be unseen and the various pieces I have produced have altered the course of my life (and perhaps a few others) forever. There are very few people in my life who comprehend the complexity (or simplicity?) of this epic tale. I have quite a few internet friends who appear to be “with me,” but eventually we will need to convert our online relationships into something more tangible if we ever hope to lift ourselves above this growing cesspool (or turn the shit into gold).

Anyone who has been following my work knows that I have tried to leave this game many times, only to be sucked back in. When I wrote that I will release one more video, that will be my intention, but I can make no promises as to when it will come or if it will truly be the last. Something tells me I may be living a very long life and will get the opportunity to create many works of art. I would like for the subject matter of my work to better reflect the inner brightness of my being. I would also like to return to painting and am looking for my very own muse 🙂

I also have a few interviews lined up and will follow through with those. For example, Jeremy/Violator from The Stygian Port could be coming back on the program. I also finally got a hold of Immortal Technique’s press agent and may be having him on the show, which would be great.

I would like to thank everyone out there who has supported this blog. Although I will be less present here, I will continue my work to create a much more beautiful, peaceful, and enlightened world. You do your part and I’ll do mine.





  1. Duke Westfold said,

    yikes the comment above is a mess .. try these

    hope that works .. if not, i’m not trying a third time. thanks for the effort Mr. Hunt .. you get an A for it.

  2. Kilumnati7 said,

    Gotta keep on walking through the darkness, carrying our torches.

  3. AshkonUrth said,

    “We are all connected through the paths that we take, and the sparks we leave for the ones to come, for this Grand Journey is of our own design, designed to test the stand of Time.” – Unknown

  4. Brian said,

    Don’t stop the flow!

  5. obama said,

    dude you’re hilarious… Your vids surely aren’t ‘offending’ any ‘powerful groups’… you caught the self-righteous bug quick… not a good look…

    • Ferdinand said,

      self-righteous? Maybe arrogant. I do consider myself more powerful than the president of the United States..

      • obama said,

        arrogant as in ‘a person who’s insecurity is disguised as confidence’? I can see that.. Self-righteous as in ‘a feeling of smug moral superiority derived from a sense that one’s beliefs, actions, or affiliations are of greater virtue than another person’. sorry bro… I don’t mean to be offensive, but so much of your work has been so hypocritical and one-sided… you lost me when you started attacking other bloggers for the apparent incorrectness of their personal views… where does your stinkhole ‘work’ fit in to your grand scheme of enlightening the people and showing the inner brightness of your being? anyway, I truly wish you the absolute best in your life and your development as a man… letting go of your desire to be a ‘leader’ and working on yourself is ultimately the best thing you can do for yourself.. seems to me our true work here is of a personal nature, and it’s when we begin to feel we are more powerful than others that we lose our course…

      • Ferdinand said,

        I always appreciate your comments, obama. You are helpful.

        I’d say I like to have a good laugh now and again. I’m not trying to be terribly hateful in the things I do.

        Maybe I just got a little upset that you didn’t comment on my Obama bows down picture..

        Glad to see you still care 🙂

  6. iIris_Dream said,

    To Kyle (if it really is you)

    You are playing the game right now. What it is you are scared of I have no idea. Nobody dies or loses eternally in a game. Right?

  7. Immortallywounded said,

    Good luck in whatever you choose to do Kyle. It’s your life, no one is gonna live it for you, forge your own path in this existence. Do whatever makes you feel happy.

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