Talking Styx [+stoned]

July 8, 2010 at 5:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Styx and Stones:

Jeremy from The Stygian Port came back to the program for a 90 minute session.

I really enjoyed having this talk with Jeremy as it allowed me to collect many of my own thoughts while also reflecting upon the work he has been doing. We break apart a lot of words and concepts to see what their roots may be.

7/12 Update: I’ve never really liked the old saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

This could be because it is patently false. Some of the most painful jabs that a person might take are verbal, as the victim of any s(killful satirist or bard might tell you.

Strong words could even lead to s)words, leading many to have to cross the river styx. Do you have your s(tix?

Sticks are a tool used by some animals in the quest for resources. Not surprisingly, tool is loot backwards.

The stick was further enhanced by the human to make the spear.

Sometimes it is good to spare the spear. Re-arrange the spear and you have rapes or reaps.

Spears can also be found running through this sphere.

Want to know about Kyle’s XY? There is so much that could be said, but this horse shall not be beaten dead.

What about pumped full of lead?

There is a G-host in the S-hell. Couldn’t you tell?

Is it all one big shell game? Maybe she’ll figure it out.

And yet he’ll trick us time and again. It’s so hard to tell. Maybe there is really not a thing to s-fear and there is no hell.

Or it could all be a trick of lights while he (s)takes his claim

7 is supposed to be heaven, but there is so much beyond our limited sight. Beyond the gaze of 7 there is eight. And beyond that..

There is another g we see.

If you have the time, you should more fully explore the 9.

Until next time,

Hunter ST

P S – I’m not planning on kyle-ing myself.



  1. Live Free or Die [or option c] « The Celtic Rebel said,

    […] and if you’re around one hour before that, it’s gonna be a double-header. Kyle from Star Theory will be hosting my old Partner in Time Jeremy from Stygian […]

  2. ViolatoR said,

    Thanks for having me on, Kyle. Interesting word-smithery 😉 Hope it was interesting for any potential listeners. I think we could have easily done another 30 mins. Well, until next time (The Gremlins discussion), see you ’round!

    PS: Here’s Ezra’s new blog I mentioned:

  3. Ryan McAlister said,

    This is great stuff and infinitely interesting. I can’t even begin to leave a comment; I might as well start a blog if I did. So much of what you two discussed resulted in many connections and synapse- firin’s in my mind regarding my own experiences. I won’t even start, but I’ll just say that I’m grateful for thinkers in this time.

  4. Ferdinand said,

    Celtic, thanks for the support.

    Vio-later, always a pleasure. I look forward to discussing Gremlins.

    Ryan, come on, leave the comment and start a blog! I’m glad you like the show.

  5. neil said,

    hello there,just having a look,over here,good website,also would you have any Idea what that top pictures called its ,lovely thanks neil

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks Neil, I appreciate that.

      Yes, I was sloppy in my researching/ crediting. The painting is “The River Styx” by Lotta Tjernstrom.

  6. celticrebel said,

    That was a lot of fun to give a listen to. You guys were all over the place tossing out a bunch of interesting ideas meriting thought. After the show, I was told that Kim Jong Il used his invisible phone to call Jim Bob from Alabama:

    Kim Jong: “Harro! Who dere?”
    Jim Bob: “This is Jim Bob.”
    Kim Jong: “Hey sexy boy! What you wearing?”
    Jim Bob: “Overalls. Why are you asking?”

    Thanks for the fun traffic you brought after the show too…

    • Ferdinand said,

      Yeah, we covered so many topics that I forgot I had talked about them after the show. Kim Jong has been beaming to my brain for years.. he’s a dirty bastard. I listened to your conversation with Lenon last night (as I had fallen asleep on Sunday). I enjoy the direction your show is taking. It is very nice to not feel worried and terrible because of “the truth,” although the truth being discussed on your show is pretty disturbing. You bring a sense of levity to this difficult situation.

  7. raffi said,

    great podcast, both of you. very amazing inferences & flow/sync of ideas. i especially enjoyed your analysis on six/sex/hex/hell. this fit in perfect with your [star] theory about sex&death.

  8. paulo said,

    good interview 🙂 its good to know the “worms” are “directing” another movie … 😛

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