Red, White, and Blue

August 2, 2010 at 11:07 pm (Uncategorized)

These three colors have been flown by the most powerful nations this world has ever seen. They each symbolize so much. I could make allusions to blood, wine, rivers, the sky, clouds, goodness and evil, but the main topic I will be covering is the ginger coloring.

There has been much talk of “gingers” recently and I would like to explore why this might be, what this complexion has meant throughout history, and the role they are playing in the world of today.

The Celtic Rebel and aferrismoon recently discussed the strange coincidences surrounding “ginger kids” in a recent podcast. The Ginger Kids episode of South Park was season 9 episode 11 and it aired on 11/9/05, which is 9/11 for anyone not living in the US. Apparently this episode of South Park spawned Kick a Ginger Day in various schools. It also led to a famous rebuttal on youtube of a plumpy ginger asserting that he does in fact have a soul. His evidence? The fact that he is a Christian.

The 2010 South Park episode that depicted Muhammad in a (pedo) bear costume also featured an appearance of the ginger kids who were seeking to steal Muhammad’s apparent invincibility from ridicule. Poor kids, they really must have a tough time. Oh, it was was also noted in Celtic’s show that ginger is an anagram for nigger.

Red-haired, pale-skinned, blue-eyed babies might naturally have a different personality type than the rest of humanity. Nature makes things visually obvious so that you can know what you’re getting into when dealing with different creatures. Because they are so different looking and often a surprise to non-red parents, there is a site dedicated to Raising Redheads.

The red appears to be a sign that there is a fire that can burn extra hot with this group.

Still Life With Woodpecker was recently lent to me by a friend. The description of the book:

Still Life with Woodpecker is sort of a love story that takes place inside a pack of Camel cigarettes. It reveals the purpose of the moon, explains the difference between criminals and outlaws, examines the conflict between social activism and romantic individualism, and paints a portrait of contemporary society that includes powerful Arabs, exiled royalty, and pregnant cheerleaders. It also deals with the problem of redheads.

I won’t give away the plot as you might want to read this, but one of the themes that runs through the story is the importance of packaging and symbols.

Could there be an active agenda to socialize red-headed children into a demeaned and demonized position within society?

It seems there has been an agenda to stereotype redheads in certain, specific ways.

Something to consider about I Love Lucy is that it was likely the first television show to feature a white woman in a relationship with a Hispanic man. There is also the obvious connection between Lucy and Lucifer. Supporting that argument, the devil is often depicted as being red. Gingers are often easy to rouse, cunning, and prone to extreme behavior.

This trait is often associated with royal bloodlines and famous leaders. Eric the Red, King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Victoria I, Thomas Jefferson,  Andrew Jackson, Calvin Coolidge, Margaret Thatcher – all red. There are also quite  a few famous authors (Mark Twain) and artists (Vincent) that share this shade.

And, of course, there are the movie stars..

Ah yes, Ginger. She was a sexy lady whose sexual desire could not be filled by any of the men on the island – can you guess why? That’s right, the men were hammock homosexuals.. and gingers love sex.

The sexual desires of the reds spread along with their genetic code as they traveled throughout the world during some period in our past. This sea-faring people could have been behind some of the biggest and most amazing constructions on this globe of ours.

From Amazon:

“Am going to cross Pacific on a wooden raft to support a theory that the South Sea islands were peopled from Peru. Will you come? …Reply at once.” That is how six brave and inquisitive men came to seek a dangerous path to test a scientific theory. On a primitive raft made of forty-foot balsa logs and named “Kon-Tiki” in honor of a legendary sun king, Heyerdahl and five companions deliberately risked their lives to show that the ancient Peruvians could have made the 4,300-mile voyage to the Polynesian islands on a similar craft.

The people with great knowledge who taught stone building and pyramid construction to the indigenous people were known as “red-beards.” They were said to have reigned as gods over the indigenous people with their magic. Thor Heyerdahl’s research and subsequent journey showed that these people probably moved from what is now Mexico down to Peru and then took a long sea journey, which led them to create the statues on Easter Island and eventually settle on the more fruitful islands farther North. They were welcomed there and their curly, red hair could still be seen in the traits of the Polynesians “discovered” by the Spaniards.

The Maya were expecting the return of their gods when the Conquistadors came on their ships, but these were not the gods they had known from the past. These new gods conquered with their Guns, Germs, and Steel and then burned or sequestered almost all of the information concerning the origins of the pyramids and the complex mathematics and astronomy these people possessed.

In True Blue, I show a picture of a blue-eyed sarcophagus found in Latin America. The clues have all been there from the start and they fit like pieces into a puzzle. What is the big picture here? Why are we not told more about these kinds of discoveries?

(Djinn by Ralf Heynen)

Could it be that the blue-eyed gingers are related to the blue djinn of Arab folk-lore?

They often play the role of witches and sometimes angels, like in Bless the Child. Thanks to Steve for pointing that one out – an image search brought up a familiar face.

Could it be that the sun-scared people are the origin of vampires? And what would that make me??

(Kyle – a Daywalker)

I have a reddish beard and head of hair and am what could be considered “partial-ginger.”  I originally disliked being called red-headed as I preferred to consider myself blonde or dirty blonde – as my original haircolor as a young child had been almost golden/white. This wouldn’t have served my fair head too well as I would be outside a lot on this planet, fairly close to that bright sun. Alas, my sun-phobic mother smothered me in sun screen.

My sensitivity to the sun makes me consider whether or not our white ancestors were from this planet. There is the Aryan aristocrats from Ares theory – mad red men from Mars who travel the open mar (see sea). I find this theory rather compelling, but we could also be the progeny of some test-tube babies who were created by some higher intelligence. It is hard to say for sure, but these ancestors of ours who found themselves on earth used forests, caves, clothes, and buildings to protect themselves from the sun, weather, and predators. This is what any intelligent animal would do when placed in a precarious position. When on the verge of life and death, innovate!

The above image was how National Geographic chose to depict the neanderthal in an issue a year or so ago. While using images like that, they inform the reader to believe that white people are descended from hominids that came out of Africa, rather than a mix of genetic stock between the neanderthal and the other humans they encountered.

Writer Garret LoPorto asserts that many humans today are influence by traits from this stock of humans and that these people have often been the most creative, rebellious, and memorable figures in history – they are loved and hated, playing both enemy and hero. The code in question is labeled the DRD4 7R gene. Do I need to point out the 47? (Surprising Ways Your Neanderthal Genes May Effect You)

The phoenix above starts fires with her mind. She would later cheer as Donnie Darko upset the established order.

Josh Homme is the lead singer of Queens of the Stone Age, but he also was behind Kyuss, whose 33 songs lyrics can be explored here.

I found the above image while searching for a good picture of Fry – hmm, French Fry – wow. This is the area where the cavemen left their drawings and where redheaded royals ruled over violent lands. This is where art became more self-realized and liberty began to flourish over top the darkened soil.

Oh – and what are the colors flown over France?

That’s right – the same three colors that fly over the US. And there is friction here. One particular example is AZ (Alpha & Omega) – it is growing hotter by the day as citizen militias engage Los Zetas – drug smugglers or illegal [grey] aliens? (“Los Zetas” draw concern of US Government)

Of course this is all centered in Phoenix – the city that has Governor Hunt’s pyramid tomb atop it.

For my own part, I raised these issues to celebrate the differences amongst humans. They are quite beautiful.

And some could be considered a bit devilish 🙂 It all depends on who you’re asking.

Warning: the music video is shocking, graphic, and well-done.

I’ve always had something of a soft spot for the outliers and underdogs. I doubt they will be kept down for too long.



  1. Jon said,

    Finally a real post…and it was worth the wait! Nice work

  2. jc said,

    there is a popular sherlock holmes story which features a group of bank robbers called the Red-Headed League

  3. Ferdinand said,

    Drop Dead Fred

    I’m pretty sure this kind of thing is not meant to be openly acknowledged – hence the whole South Park shenanigans, but I’m glad I did not disappoint. On a side note, Russell Brand is re-making Drop Dead Fred.

    There were so many images and examples I could have used. I will add a couple more here.

    Luis Falero's Witch


    Willow redhead

  4. celticrebel said,

    Figured this would be a good place to share a conversation with a young lady I recently had. The “ginger” topic came up and she was telling me how “disgusting” redheads were. I pointed out that I kind of had a thing for redheaded dames, some of which you share above, I find quite shaggable.

    She said “ewwww, gross, how could you go down on them there, where they have red hair.” I was going to point out that few ladies I encounter these days have any hair down there and if they did, what difference does the color of it make,” but was there really a point …. the media’s done it’s job. She’s toast.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Oh, you do love to share your sexual prowess 😉

  5. iIris_Dream said,

    Nice article Kyle. I really enjoy reading your writings, there is something special about them.

    Aren’t gingers from Mars?

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks, Iris. I’m glad I still have you checking in on the blog 🙂

  6. Phil_DeGrave said,

    Not exactly on topic, but …..
    The second image from the top, Not only is it the redhead, its also “the lady in red” . It seems to be a recurring image used in movies, t.v. and at staged events such as Kennedy’s ass…errr, Murder (not gonna go there).Butt , you can see her in the Zapruder film standing right in plain sight.
    ‘The Lady in Red‘ – 1979, Movie begins with main character [Polly FRANKLIN] singing, ‘42nd Street’. The ‘Lady in Red’ in this movie brings true the prophecy made in the ‘42nd Street’ movie.
    The Matrix – 1999: The ‘Lady in Red’ appears again.(“the red pill” too)
    Could it be the ‘Lady in Red’ is used to signal the other elites of a suck-cess-full mission?

    liberally plagiarized, stolen, absconded, purloined, pilfered , looted and misappropriated from :

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks, Phil. Very interesting.

  7. ViolatoR said,

    Red hair, white skin, and blue eyes, now there’s some colors worth dying for! I don’t really have a preference, but hot red heads are just a little extra hotter than other girls, I think. I worked with a “strawberry blond” who had quite the personality, and voracious sexual appetite. Anyways, I’ll be home tonight, and was wondering if you wanted to have a chat/podcast at some point soon?

    • Ferdinand said,

      Yes, we should do that sometime soon. There is much to discuss.

  8. Debra said,

    Appreciate you mentioning my ‘redheads’ website up above. Enjoyed reading your insight on redheads. As a mom of redheads, I of course think they’re gorgeous. Plus, raising redhead kids has it’s own set of issues to deal with, especially unsolicited comments from strangers, (good and bad) and dealing with fair skin, the stereotypes, jokes, and more. Anyway, really like the photos/images you found…!

  9. Anadae Quenyan Effro said,

    Good Morning (of the Magicians), Kyle! This is a minor distillation on a response to you today in the Book of Faces social network platform. There’s mounting evidence that psychic gifts & the ginger gene go hand-in-hand. I’m descended (on my late Dad’s side, Lord & Lady rest his soul) from the RED-HEADED Merovingian sorcerer-kings. He, too, was a ginger & green-(sea)-eyed, to boot. My beard grew in red, before it turned salt-&-(red)-pepper. Thanks for doing this well-informed piece. It’s time to start cultivating those gifts, man. Cheers & keep fighting the Good Fight. From Apple Mountain in the Old Dominion ~ Anadae Quenyan Effro ~ (•8-D

  10. curmudgy said,

  11. It’s Curtains for The Cur! – Great Minds of Today said,

    […] wrote Red, White, and Blue a while back to reflect upon my red hair, white skin, and blue eyes. I am openly proud of my […]

  12. David Sandlin said,

    Regarding the color of a woman’s pubic hair. If you look at her eyebrows, if they are natural of course, that tells you what color the pubic hair is. Here are a some of links for you:

    You will find my connection here under Robert Bruce:

    Do I take it seriously? Yes.

    If you dig deep enough, you will know why I sent you these. (I don’t buy the Jesus thing.) While I have dark hair, I have many relatives that are blond & red heads. My mustache has always had mixed colors in it even though it is mainly dark. It now has grey in it. Inevitable at my age I guess. Have fun.

    Grey Rider Magus_18

  13. STOMP MULE said,

    I love a gal by the name of Sue, with
    Hair of red and eyes of blue! Heavy
    casualties is her claim to fame, and
    All the soldiers speak the same! Jack
    I’m sorry, the gal looks good! Words of
    Wisdom would heed you well, turn thee
    away and spare thy heart and soul from
    this heathan hell! Hair of red and eyes
    of blue, and all her casualties amount to
    quite a few! AKIEMA – CLOUD SEEKER,
    GO IRISH!!!

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