Disco Inferno

September 9, 2010 at 1:34 pm (Uncategorized)

An interlude..

“Burn, baby, burn.. disco inferno.” Let’s think about that one..

You think because I put together a collage that I can actual tell you what it means? I’ll just leave some headlines for you to ponder along with this theme of burning..

Afghans protest Quran burning plan, torch US flag

Flashback: Military burns unsolicited Bibles sent to Afghanistan

Pastor, despite protests, still plans Quran burning

Obama implores minister to call off Quran burning

FBI says relation for Koran burning “likely”

Something about the indefinite spelling of this “holy book” interests me. I don’t really know what to make of this all other than media sensationalism and religious fools on all sides.

I’m burning for you.. 😉

UPDATE 5:56 PM EST: Burning called off?

See also: Feeling Bullish

September 10th Update

Last night there was a raging inferno in San Bruno, California. A fireball shot 1,000 feet into the sky. Let’s take a brief look at some connections..

Psychopaths “shooting” bull-ets in The Crow. “Fire it up!”


The Celtic Rebel brings the “fire and ire”

And to tie this all together this weird “synchronicity,” let’s turn to a flamer name Bruno  (burn-o) ..

From Bruno’s Disco Tank and Chanel Bazooka in LA.

Hmmm.. maybe it’s time to cool things down? Check out these moooves..

“Damn you, bongboy!”



  1. Ryan Patrick McAlister said,

    The Nine Inch Nails song, “burn,” comes to mind…

    Looking forward as this entry develops, even though I see the entire “divide & conquer distraction mosque” coupled with another “proposed” and “alleged”” event -(Koran/Quran burning)- as being entirely unworthy of attention. Nevertheless, I do always enjoy the Star Theory blog.

  2. celticrebel said,

    Thanks for putting that song back in my head. Or, better yet, causing that beast to resurface from the deep recesses of my mind:

    Satisfaction (uhu hu hu) came in the chain reaction
    (burnin’) I couldn’t get enough, (till I had to self-destroy) so I had to
    self destruct, (uhu hu hu)
    The heat was on (burnin�), rising to the top, huh!
    Everybody’s goin’ strong (uhu hu hu)
    And that is when my spark got hot
    I heard somebody say

    Burn baby burn! – Disco inferno!
    Burn baby burn! – Burn that mama down, yoh!

    (the folks are flaming) Folks were screamin’ – out of control
    It was so entertainin’ – when the boogie started to explode
    I heard somebody say …

    Keeping in mind that Johnny Boy Travolta starred in the movie that made this song, you have to wonder if the chain reaction, is the chain-gang/train the boys were taking part in. Explosion? Look out man, there’s gravy everywhere! Burn that Mama down! We don’t need no women to have a good time no more! The “folks” were FLAMING indeed!


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