Observing the New World

September 10, 2010 at 8:43 am (Uncategorized)

New World Dis-Info: The Machinations of Myth & Meme in Modern Media

Archived: 8~10 PM, Saturday, Sept 11 @ BlogtalkRadio

Everett Tucker of Mystic Politics returns to Star Theory Radio with Kyle Hunt to discuss how our conception of the modern (and ancient) power structure is formed by the same lineages of pharaohs and god-men of old, garbed in a 1850-year-old disguise of Christianity.

We explore the religious, royal, and political prowess of the church, through tentacles & off-shoots such as The John Birch Society (JBS), The Council For National Policy (CNP), The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), The Tavistock Institute, and the largest weapon in their arsenal, what Tsarion would describe as the Subversive use of Sacred Symbolism in modern Media (read- Medes).

(Due to the electronic venue, punch and pie were not served :()

We also question whether there are divisions within the power structure and what possible “new worlds” and “global villages” await us. Are the left wing and right wing really competing- and if so what beast do these wings grow from? We also discuss how disinformation agents are used to attract newly “awakened” people and perpetuate misconceptions and division.

With an emphasis on education & sober research, we hope this will change the way in which you allow others to shape your perception.

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  1. Wiccapedia and The Power of Words « Star Theory said,

    […] by the Hunts. I had discussed this very same topic with a Mystic Politician named Everett in Observing The New World. Of course a bird cannot fly without two […]

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