Secret Ions

September 22, 2010 at 9:24 pm (Uncategorized)

se·cre·tion 1 (s-krshn) n.1. The process of secreting [releasing] a substance, especially one that is not a waste, from the blood or cells..

se·cre·tion 2 (s-krshn)n. 1. The act of concealing something in a hiding place. (source)

There are many secrets in this world. There are many reasons for keeping these secrets. Religious sects wish to avoid persecution, warring factions do not want their game plans revealed, and lovers want to conceal their affairs.  Sometimes information is withheld because it is something of a “trade secret.” Why would stone masons in centuries past want to provide the secrets of their craft to people who could come and take their work from them? Why would a “magician” (illusionist) reveal his tricks?

There are not only secrets of the “outside world” but also ones that concern the inner landscape of the human body and soul.

In standard history classes, alchemy is usually glossed over as some sort of confused science that some nut jobs practiced in order to transform base metals to precious metals. Although alchemy does involve the transmutation of external materials into other forms, it also focuses on how to transform the human soul into a more divine nature. The goals of alchemy are to improve the mind, create wealth, increase longevity, and perhaps even ensure eternal life as an elevated being.

The problem is that it can be difficult to receive proper instruction in alchemy and people are left reading cursory examinations. Many of the source material passed down through the ages comes in the form of some coded messages and powerful images.

Alchemy has found its way into the hands, hearts, and minds of many people in positions of power and has recently made its way to the more “enlightened” seekers.

But in the end all religions tend to point to the same light. In between the light and us, sometimes there are too many rules. The light is here and there are no rules to follow this light. – Paulo Coelho

The secrets of alchemy appear to be available to those who wish to learn them. It does not require joining a lodge, swearing some oaths, or dedicating years of service to a master who holds secrets in front of the disciple like a carrot on a stick. The keys to unlocking the divine essence are made available to anyone who wants to know.

I have touched upon the chakra system before, but it is such an important concept for understanding the energetic and physiological nature of the human being. The Kundalini (serpent) energy can be awakened at the base of the spine and it represents the divine goddess. This energy will then travel upward unlocking the different energy centers of the body, moving all the way to the top where it will awaken the crown chakra where the goddess is said to meet with Shiva and a great unfolding of consciousness occurs.

In this state of connection, duality seems to cease. This state of enlightenment could be termed gnosis – or knowledge of Isis. The masculine and feminine principles are united and a being becomes an energetic whole. There are various ways for achieving this state, such as psychoactive substances and meditation, but some people are more naturally inclined to it than others. The process can also occur to people who have no idea what is going on and this can be quite frightening. Although my own personal experiences have been pleasant for the most part, I understand how it could be painful and confusing.

One of the biggest problems I have faced when looking within is that when I then look back out, I appear to be reflected in the outside world. This means that I sometimes see myself in the good and the bad of human affairs, planetary and cosmic events, the news and mass media, and also in other people. This can be a bit frightening as there is some pretty terrible stuff out there and it can often feel like the story of Atlas taking the heavens upon his shoulders or Jesus taking up his cross and carrying with it all of the sins of his people.

(The Kabbalistic Tree of Life)

This process of uniting with the divine source can also be beautiful beyond words.

Perhaps when we drop the ego, we are able to extend ourselves and better access the history of our people, the planet in general, and actually touch upon the source or creator. This could all be occurring within our genetic structure, most of which we share with humanity, and to a lesser extent, the rest of life on this planet. As our DNA is structured like language, everything we are taking into and secreting from ourselves goes toward the shaping of our story.

I would like to inform the reader that I am not anywhere near an expert on Kabbalah, cabals, Freemasonry, alchemy, or really anything I speak or write about. You may choose to believe me or not, but I don’t want to be a hack who pretends to have some secret information that I do not. Although I don’t often cite sources, I have gathered this all from public sources and direct experience. I leave some things out, but that is inherently the case with writing anything. I use symbols and words, but they are are not really my own. I am just putting these materials together to form something new.

Yggdrasil is the world tree of the Norse mythology.  The tale of this tree can be found in many stories, with Avatar being a recent example. It is said to be at the center of the nine worlds. Consider that information has been passed down through the ages in books and scrolls, often made from the meat of trees instead of animals.

Additionally, we could be gaining much collective intelligence from all of the beneficial bacteria living within us our entire lives. It is as if there is a great orchestra of life happening around us all the time, but only some people choose to tune into it.

Communities and tribes have long raised their children with knowledge of the spiritual world, which was both outside and within. Movies, TV, books, and blogs may touch us deeply, and may seem sublime, but there is nothing that can replace direct experience of the divine.

Symbols (words and images) of the divine are used everywhere around us, but it is usually for marketing things to us. The masculine and feminine principles have been degraded and subverted, leaving many people feeling depressed, contradicted, and lost. When people are put into such a state, they can be more easily guided to the solution – a demi-god, guru, or some panacea to purchase.

By blocking out the real light from people’s view, denser energies are able to be sold in its place. These are often sold as being “the light,” (eg, Bud Light) but these substitutes pale in comparison to the beauty and brilliance of the real thing.

You might be wondering how people in possession of such extraordinary knowledge would be willing to commit  their fellow humans to such a condemned future. Why would they use their knowledge of the human energy body in order to suppress it in others? Well, possibly to elevate their own state. They have been able to turn the base material (everyone in the dark) into gold for themselves, the great “National Treasure” that is found at the end of the quest.

However, it appears that the “powers that be” have also wanted to wake up humanity from its dull slumber for quite some time – to raise it to the next level of evolution and consciousness. There is much evidence, like city planning on ley lines and great circles, symbols in the capitals, and writings in countless books to suggest that America has been set up to be the New Atlantis, a new order for the ages.

Not only are we now connected with each other at light speed through the internet, there is also a highly charged ionosphere that Nikola Tesla had imagined would conduct energy around the planet.

Research conducted by the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program uses interactive probing techniques to study the physics of the ionosphere. (HAARP)

There have been many theories concerning the facility in Alaska, but it is hard to discern the truth. It could be applied toward many different purposes, including but not limited to: weather modification, earthquake generation, powerful currents to knock out electrical systems, mass mind control, and even light body enhancement via frequency modulation, like tone color alchemy.

The last idea sounds a little optimistic, but that is when you don’t consider the full ramifications of the idea. If done at a large scale, this process could awaken and possibly literally “elevate” millions of people, while killing off any vessels too weak to withstand the bombardment. Perhaps this newly enlightened, “cleansed” society would be presided over by the Masonic Christ, supposed to herald in a Golden Age of man.

Who is this Masonic Christ?? Well, unless I am mistaken, I think the point is that man is to be the Christ, recognizing the divinity within. The Golden Age of man would not need to be ruled over by a “Lord.” This would be a liberating experience, but would also bring with it new responsibilities.

A prominent feature of Falun Dafa is the Falun or Law Wheel. The Falun emblem is comprised of various forms of yin-yang symbols (also known as Taichi symbols) and swastikas (known as wan in Chinese). Yin-yang symbols are traditionally associated with Taoist schools of thought, while swastikas have been associated for millennia with ways of cultivation in the Buddha school. (Source)

Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) is not so much a religion as a series of postures, movements, and breathing exercises intended to better move and channel the energies through the body. Although first embraced by the Chinese Communist Party, this group has been under persecution since 1999, being called an “evil cult.” Millions of people around the world have picked up this cleansing and beneficial practice. I tried it out myself and liked it. I am not afraid to try new things if they seem to make sense for me.

I want to live,
I want to give
I’ve been a miner
for a heart of gold.

Neil Young – Heart of Gold

Imagine what would happen if two inner alchemists, whole in their own right, were to combine their energies – the creative capacity could grand.

Sexual pleasure and orgasm cannot be defined as any one of the five senses alone. It involves sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell. Sex is friction, but it can also be something more when love is added to the mix. I think there is something sorely misrepresented about the nature of selective sexual union and its capacity for enlightenment and divinity. We have heard about the sixth sense, which could be spiritual vision enabled by the third eye or sixth chakra, but perhaps there is also the sexth sense.

Sex and union is not only about gratification and stimulation, but also creation. Women are the great vessels from which life springs. They represent the mother, the goddess, the wife, and the daughter. An enlightened world would honor, respect, and elevate women within our lives and society, while valuing the feminine principle in its highest state, seeing it as complementary, rather than contradictory, to the masculine principle. This is the essence of balance.

This work is a reiteration of things I have said in the past, just slightly repackaged with some different strands running through the story.

Now let’s consider a place, however we get there, that is free of inner and outer tyranny and oppression. The people that live there are highly intelligent, enlightened, kind, and creative. The human spirit has been rejuvenated and the waters of life flow cleanly. In this world, people care for each other and the amazing creation taking place around them.

Welcome Home.



  1. Dennis said,

    Yea says I, Waters of a universal nature, pouring downe on my soul.Dennis

  2. Joanne said,

    I like how you wrote this one, Kyle. Lots of excellent points. I don’t want to get carried away here, but I’m looking forward to responding later on this note:

    “I think there is something sorely misrepresented about the nature of selective sexual union and its capacity for enlightenment and divinity.”

    Me too. And humanity hasn’t grown much there (as of yet). It’s very fragmented.
    Although, reading things like this – coming from men especially – make women like me feel more hopeful. So thanks

  3. sameasu said,

    I feel so refreshed after reading your posts.

    Sex seems a manifestation of a high(er) state of consciousness. The prevention of that has become a valuable tool for those that intend to keep the rest of us down; keeping us, or trying to keep us on that lower state, vibration, energy center, or whatever one deems it to be.

    “Keeping us down” is, indeed…’keeping us down.’

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