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October 4, 2010 at 3:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Dennis Fetcho from The Illuminatus Observor came on the show at Blogtalk on Sunday, October 10th at 3pm EST. That’s right – 10/10/10 at 3. (energy of 10, or tens-ion)

Here is the archived episode:

(it was 10PM for Fetch in Amman, Jordan)

Dennis Fetcho AKA [AKA -> 1111] “The Fetch” has spent nearly 20 years as an international marketing strategist covering fields as diverse as aerospace and telecom. He maintains quality relations at political elite levels the world over. “The Fetch” has spent the last decade developing “the Isisian Codes”, a highly evolved form of Gematria in English that reveals the underlying mathematical philosophy of “the Illuminatus”.

Our discussion covered many topics, including: the language of illumination, The Isisian Codes, symbol analysis, the use of ciphers, the corruption and degradation of words, and possible futures for language. The Fetch revealed various ways in which studying and transmuting words can illuminate the hidden power and energy behind textual, verbal and symbolic communications. This show should provide a basic framework with which anyone can look upon language with new eyes, independently coming to incredible realizations.

The Pi-oneering work of The Fetch has really allowed me to see our language and number system in a whole new light. I had long suspected that there was some kind of organizing force behind the crafting of English, but I did not understand how deep this went, for what reason it had been done, and what messages were being encoded in the words we use every day.

Isis is the mother deity – the sacred feminine – our shining sun that provides us all with the warmth and love to grow. She could be represented by Columbia, Lady Liberty, Mary, and our old friend, Lucy.

That depends on what your definition of “is” is. – Bill Clinton

The word “is” connects two things together and is a form of “to be” (or 2B). If I point to an object and proclaim that it “is” a noun or adjective, then I have provided that object with a label or a sign. Because there are many languages and dialects, this can cause a great deal of confusion. Wars are often waged so as to define the terms.

I referred to the above image in the show and feel it is rather indicative of the struggle being waged. This battle is not just for hearts, minds, and pi-holes. It is about the very nature of language and our relationship to the divine nature of the sacred feminine. The corruption of these organizing ideals has led humanity to a sorry state of affairs to say the least.

Because most people are left barren of any sacred knowledge or insight, they find themselves sad and feeling alone in a harsh world ruled by patriarchal powers. These powers have been assuming the role that the mother-figure once held – hence the implementation of an Orwellian nanny state that seeks to monitor and control ever aspect of people’s lives, especially their mental and reproductive functioning.

(Morpheus does not offer any round Pills to Neo)

I know it can be a bit overwhelming when facing the world with this new filter. For example the pi-tuitary gland (aka the hypophysis) regulates some of the most important functions of the body and the pi-neal gland is activated by light and is known as the seat of the soul. Pi-nk is the well-known color associated with a woman’s V/G (22/7). Piss, pit, pin, pick.. and oh yeah, Pike!

Albert Pike was the a famous 33rd degree Freemason, described by biographer Jim Tresner as, “…a pioneer, a crusader for justice for Native Americans, a practical joker, a reformer, a journalist, a philosopher, a prominent Washington lawyer, and a Civil War general.” His first name starts with two very important letters as well. Al =112 (or 13, M). 112 is the sum of six consecutive primes (11+13+17+19+23+27+29) and is the emergency telephone number for most countries in Europe. Al is obviously related to Allah or all that is. “All” could be translated to 133. So making a C-All would be 3133.

It is truly incredible the things that can be uncovered when considering alpha-numerics in such a way.


617 is one of the area codes for Boston, MA and it directly translates to FAG. Although this term has most recently come to mean a homosexual, it originally meant a bundle of sticks, a lucifer, or a cigarette.

(PiG PiLe)

At the end of the show, a woman called in and was fired up about the unjust suffering of the native Americans. Although the white man was looking for freedom in a new world, there were already people here and they were often tricked, cheated, or forced out of their land. The federal government did not honor one treaty made with the indigenous people, who had previously been free from banks, taxes, predatory corporations, and the other forms of indefinite indentured servitude that continue to plunder the people of the Earth to this day.

Some Ma-sons of MA decided to get together in secret at a place called The Green Dragon (Gremlin?) to plan a “ballsy” maneuver. Is it curious that they chose to dress up as natives to perform this stunt? Does it remind you a bit of Avatar?

The “white man” in today’s world is blamed for quite a lot whilst being given very little credit for some of the most a-mazing acts of creation and liberation. We are all on this planet together and should learn from each other. It does little good to continue playing out the same tired roles (rules) of master/slave and abuser/victim. This is no way to live together and only serves to keep us all in bondage.

That being said, here is another anagram for you to consider: Arya Stone = 1291 34655 -> 3.14159265 = Satan Y Roe -> Satan Yore (or) O, Satan Rey

The sun shines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As the earth turns and the sun sets, darkness falls, but as luck would have it there is a beautiful silver object of the same exact size up in the s-ky to reflect down upon us.

C=3, O=15, I=9, N=14. Pi=3.14159

Wolves h-owl at the moon while the DGs b-ark to GD.. and sometimes play fetch? 😉 

The 47 of silver relates to its electron she11. Silver is used around the world as a reliable conductor of energy. In the late 70s, the Hunt brothers amassed over 200 million ounces of silver, driving the price up to $54/ OZ. The Federal Reserve stepped in, changed the rules, set the pi-rates, and bankrupted the Hunts, sending the price of silver down at free-fall speed. On a relevant side note, their brother Lamar founded the American Football League and was owner of the Kansas City Chiefs.

We don’t really live in a coin-age anymore. Right now, transactions are done with bills or cards exhibiting the phi ratio. Now it looks like chips are planned to replace this set up (and I’m not talking about Wise, Lays, or Herrs) .. that is, unless we see the emergence of a her-o or two.

(Phoenix, AZ – 33.43  112.02 )

It takes a politician with cojones to bury his wife and himself on an open hilltop, in a pyramid, in the most populous city in his state. Arizona Governor George W.P. Hunt was that kind of guy.Dubbed “King George VII,” he was a friend of the common man and a foe (sometimes) of the railroad and mining trusts, which he called “coyotes” and “skunks.” Plaques on his pyramid declare that he was a descendant of an unnamed “Revolutionary War patriot,” that he allowed women to vote in his state eight years before the rest of the country, and that he was elected governor seven times, which “set a national record.” (Roadside America)

(The Story of Metatron’s Cube)

The world is made of spheres. These orbs must be represented as circles in two dimensions. These circles can form cubes and these cubes can be folded, unfolded, and refolded.

And I think to myself.. what a wonderful world.



  1. housebrook said,

    I went to the illuminatus observer to read about the Isisian code, because I had never heard of it. I left the following post. It didnt seem to work, so I am leaving it here. Maybe you will find some question buried in my post to inspire a question to your soon to be guest – thanks

    I just found your posts.I came here from Star Theory. I read some of them because I am interested in Numerology. I am a corporate creative person who discovered Numerology many years ago. I was shocked at how simple and revealing it was(is).I became quite good at it, and even accepted money for readings. I lost interest in doing readings because the only thing people want to know is when they will meet their soulmate and/or become wealthy. This is not a judgment, I am the same. Looking at these subjects for other people is not interesting to me. I think numerology has much more interesting bits of wisdom to tell us.
    Once I started doing numerology on words. I felt that we could read words like a story. I usually would read the word, like a sentence. Sometimes I read the word like a grouping, not in order. I felt the order did have an importance, not in time, but in dimension, or in process of what the goal is to be . This process can sometimes be seen as time, but it is not.
    I found these words had messages of deep wisdom. It was a story behind the word . If the word was a noun then it would give a deeper meaning to the noun, to the label.Sometimes it seemed the numbers defined the energy behind the label.The mechanics of the engery behind the word.
    After a while I did not know what to do with this information. No one seemed to care about it and I didnt know of what important it might have to our lives or our development. finally I just stopped doing it .
    I always felt inspired when I was typing these meanings out … perhaps it was from one of your fetches??
    I never saw this written anywhere, but I came to the conclusion that numerology was created to allow the upper classes to keep the deeper meanings of the language and the power of the language to themselves. I did read of the tradition that words with the same number total have the same power or meaning . I always felt it was important to know what the meanings of each number within the total meant ….. it changes the meaning of the total , to me.

    I dont really understand a lot of what you are saying , so much of it is new to me… and I wonder what the importance of it is , if we do not know how to use the information to affect(effect) our lives.
    I kind of understand your point about the language being reduced to 1 and 2 , like the computer, BUT the way I have always looked at it is, it is the balance and unbalance of the story , which I guess is more of a yin yang thing . It can also be looked at as a continous trinty thing. .. a building and rebuilding of the trinty through balance and unbalance … if that makes sense.
    There is a story in the numbers 1 thru 9 and that story is the continually balance and unbalance of energy building and rebuilding trinties through the layers of diminisions and complexity


    but again I felt I was just entertaining myself and didnt why this could all be important to us today
    It has been well over 10 years since I played with this info. I may have some of the words I examined somewhere. but it is probably on a floppy disk somewhere .hahaha

    • Balancer5 said,

      You could say every number has an archetypal value of 1-9. For example the word love. L(12)+O(15)+V(22)+E(5)=54. 5+4=9. Love=9. Love Potion #9.
      Adding up the values of the letters and then adding the digits of the resulting number until it’s just 1-9. There are always synchronicities going on. If you look & listen close enough long enough you’d start to see how certain numbers follow you around for a certain time.

      • Phil DeGrave said,

        V=22=4. 22-4=18=9
        E=5(5+0?). 50-5=45=9

        Not sure what to do about the E , since it’s in the single digit. But the point is (play Beatles song here) Number Nine, number NINE…..
        Isn’t it odd that in German, ‘Nine’ means No?
        The first two comments got me thinking though, About 9, as well as Pi(π) and Phi(φ). I know Fetch’s Isisian code ciphers are based around Pi(π) , but the Phi(φ), the golden ratio, and golden spiral , which numerically progresses in a Fibonacci sequence and is also the subject of one of Kyle’s best pieces of work ( ). But(t) totally unrelated, not implying anything about gayness .I’m thinking beyond that and about “the spell” in genral. Maybe this connection has already been explored, but the 1-9 fluctuation mentioned by HouseBrook got me thinking about Marko Rodin’s ( ) mathematics. ( Which is also based on a 1-9 system. How could these two systems be merged?

  2. housebrook said,

    clearly I didnt carefully proof read my post , I hope it makes sense to you

  3. Phil DeGrave said,

    Oh And forgot to mention , LO turned sideways is a 5 !
    V is 5 in Roman numerals (which also could makes 5 symmetrical?)
    E of course, is the fifth letter in the alphabet.
    5x5x5=225. 2+2+5=9!

    That leads me to the VVV, or the V.W./ Volkswagen symbol….Damn this ‘spell’ is entangling.

    Looking forward to the show, KH!

  4. housebrook said,

    okay, I havent done this in a while, but before I start I want to comment that the above examples are why this topic confuses me. I think all the examples, not just above, on how numbers line up and create all these great puzzles and magic cubes and show the web of the universe are GREAT and interesting.

    But of what importance is it to our lives. How do we apply it either to make a better world and /or have better lives or stop the evil doers???

    Okay, if I look at the word love, since you brought it up, I would do it this way;
    L=12= 3= this speaks of expressing ourselves at the level of our soul, not just for our inward satisfaction but in relationship to an outward point or person
    O=15=6= this speaks of beauty and balance in relationship to two beings, or things, or two levels of consciousness. This speaks of an individual joining in an expression of the 5 senses in a balanced exchange.
    V=22=4= This speaks of having a great vision and building a foundation for that vision to blossom. This speaks of commitment and responsibility. It takes the expressed vision and makes it a solid expression on the earth plane
    E=5= The speaks of freedom and experience. In context it means that all the above expressions bring us freedom and expression, not burden. We are given the feeling of expressing all of our senses in freedom of choice as a result of experiencing love.
    The total 18=9= this speaks of an individual versus humanity. If love is expressed in it’s highest version it becomes a beacon and guiding light to inspire the masses. It speaks of love lifting a person apart form the masses
    The vowels=11/2= This speaks of an inspired vision. The desire for an inspired vision and for that vision to create a network of expression that continually grows
    The consonants=7= The image seen from those not experiencing this “love “ is one of fear or faith. They carry fear and judgment about the truth of love or they carry faith that they will eventually be able to discern and have true love one day. As one evolves fear is turned to faith regarding the nature of love.

    This isn’t exactly how I used to do it, but you get the idea.
    If you really want to contemplate the meaning of how this all relates to your life, I think there is a lot of wisdom there . IF you want to understand how to recognize love in all it’s forms and if you want to create more love perhaps this method can be helpful . I just think it is interesting.

    There are no bad numbers just a higher and or lower expression( vibration) of that number . I told of a slightly higher expression of love .
    I think of it as a spiral of expression… perhaps the spiral is on a golden mean ? Example; the number 7 can be fear & judgment…. OR faith & discernment …… OR trust, embracing all, seeing everything in mystical oneness.
    I did notice that this method of numbering is different than the Isisian code . Maybe someone can explain that…something to do with pi I imagine.

  5. Ferdinand said,

    Great comments everyone. I will try to address as much of this as possible in the show. I have been considering some of these same ideas.

    I’ve seen Dennis write that adding up the value of letters in the way done above is a bit simple and does not show the whole code. For example:


    So the word ZODIAC can be inferred to then be a part of the “contrived vocal expression”, and indeed it is, for the anagram of ZODIAC is CADOIZ. Return the Letters to Numbers, and C=3, A=1, D=4, O=15, I=9, Z=26

    ZODIAC = CADOIZ = 3.1415926

    We can refer to this “contrived word” as both an “absolute truth” and an “esoteric truth”, depending on our purpose for the encoding. By revealing that ZODIAC is an anagram for Pi = 3.1415926, we begin to formulate “the structure of crystals” that “all blend together”. Sir Francis Bacon said it another way. “Likewise, we interpose bonds of connection, That our inquisitions may not seem abrupt and disjointed.”

    Also, you might want to give this a whirl:

  6. Ferdinand said,

    Concerning T9 and a conversation I was having with Ryan McAlister..

    Well, it is amazing to me how effective it [T9] is most of the time. An interesting one is 4747, which is Grip, Isis, Iris. 4242 would be haha if my phone had it.. or gaga. Sometimes the way words transform into each other as you type them is interesting. For example 74663 produces: S -> Pg -> Sin -> Sion -> Phone (not to mention the significance of 74-66-3).. 796265 produces: S -> Ry -> Sym -> Sync -> Symbo -> Symbol.

  7. stitch said,

    question for the show.
    the isisian code shows two values for the letters j through to p. for instance the letter m could be 4 or 13. why the double values ? and how might one navigate such twin values when turning numbers to letters or letters to numbers?

  8. housebrook said,

    1+3= 4

    the value final total is a four …. but it is important to know if the 4 is a simple 4 or 3+1 or 1+3 or 2+2 etc …becasue all these sub values have different meanings and influence the meaning of the final four value

  9. Dennis Fetcho said,

    Just a quick note to say that I am really looking forward to being on “Star Theory Radio with Kyle Hunt.” Some really great and insightful comments here so hope you all tune in and support Kyle and his efforts.

    Looking forward to the show…

  10. stitch said,

    question for the show. and/or the blog.
    if one uses the isisian code along with the other codes and syphers of fetch’s work , and applies it to a person’s name, phone #s, licence plate #, their trade, etc. and the results are totally littered with solar “intersection” numbers. such as 2160, 864,144,360, 365,108, 314, etc. what would be the significance of such a result?

    • Ferdinand said,

      It mean’s you’re a star, mate. You were asking about yourself, right? 🙂

  11. Ferdinand said,

  12. Ryan McAlister said,

    What a wonderful world indeed.

  13. Core Samples « Star Theory said,

    […] lifetime. The phoenix meme keeps coming up time and again. One day after publishing my re-write of New Word Order (with The Fetch) on the 12th, in which I point out pyramid in Phoenix at Lat 33, the news stories […]

  14. Adolph said,

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