A Feast for the Eyes

October 28, 2010 at 1:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Here are some collages I have made in order to illuminate a few connections. Also, I have fun doing it.

Fe-lix and the Black Iron Prison AKA Black-Eyed P..

Fe+Ni+X(?) = FeNiX!

A shrubbery? How Od(d).


  1. stitch said,

    MA could have a meaning of maiden.
    maiden could be MA-den.
    here is lots of MA’s on this 3 minute video.

  2. stitch said,

    in the first collage in the lower left there is a pic of FE-MA-LE.
    iron MAiden god ?

    • Ferdinand said,

      Good points. I was not really paying much attention to the MA of Iron MAiDen when I made it, even though it is there in MAyer and I live in MA. Thanks, Stitch.

  3. Concentric Circles [Phoenix & Sphinx] « Star Theory said,

    […] things are converging? Take a look at my last few articles: The Rebel Alliance and Core Samples and a Feast for the Eyes (pics) for more […]

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