Concentric Circles [Phoenix Conquers]

November 7, 2010 at 4:09 pm (Uncategorized)

The latest cover of Rolling STone was brought to my attention by Duke. There is much there to consider, especially the date, issue number, prison reference, and mention of Phoenix conquering America. In the featured article, 47 year old Conan remarks to his publicist (out of nowhere): “I’ve been telling him about my racial theories.. I will be proved right one day!”

See how things are converging? Take a look at my last few articles: The Rebel Alliance, Core Samples and A Feast for the Eyes (pics) for more connections.

Briefly, let’s concentrate on the significance of CON. C=3, O=15, N=14, making CNO = 3.1415. & C=3, O=1+5, N=1+4, making CON = 365.

In the Isisian codes, T=4, making CAT = 3.14.

Waddell provides coins left in ancient Briton by Phoenician mariners with the name “ Catti ” imprinted on them. Likewise, he notes that “the Phoenicians usually spelt their tribal name of ‘ Khatti ‘ or ‘ Catti ‘ or ‘Gad,’ and were in the habit not infrequently of calling their rivers at their settlements ‘ Gadi,’ ‘Gad- es ‘ or ‘ Ka-desh ‘.”
Read more: Were the Phoenicians Related to the Hittites?

The riddle of the sphinx could be that some people have this cat/gad/god blood running through their veins.. and that a sphinx is a s-phoenix.

The above is Akhenaten as a sphinx. Although one of the darker pharaohs, Akhenaten’s mother (Queen Tiye) had red hair. (source) In fact, most all pharaohs (fair-Os) had fair skin, reddish hair, and blue eyes. Perhaps the climate changed too much for the light rulers or maybe they were thrown out by their darker subjects.

The story goes out even further, though. There are many reports about a human colony on Mars, which the “elites” have been planning to use as their safe haven for global cat-astrophe.

Am I the product of Martians? Are the Aryans from Ares? These ancestors could have been travelers (Mar-iners, Navi-gators, pi-lots) who were apt to spread their genes and intelligence throughout the solar system because of their advanced technology and powerful spirit. Because Mars is smaller and has less gravity than Earth, these beings were as giants to the people here and produced incredible hybrid offspring.




  1. Duke Westfold said,

    i told you that thing stunk !

    ferry tales

    if you read this post

    right after checking out your post .. you vomit in terror .. it’s amazing

    but siriusly, crank up the strangeness. mine(9) goes to 11.

  2. Ferdinand said,

  3. kineticsoul said,

    On you last show you mentioned the hollow earth theory. One of the models is that the earth is a series of CONcentric spheres.

  4. Ferdinand said,

    Noting the events of recent days..

  5. sweatyk said,

    he’s climbing the stairway to heaven and pointing to the word “bum”

  6. Strange Eye said,


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    The SYNC LIST at

    if you have a twitter account notify me @strangeye and it will be added to the twitter widget on The SYNC LIST.


  7. Cisco said,


    I wanted to get in touch with you about ProtestBeard. I think it’s a great site and I added to it – my name’s Cisco Covino – but I was hoping you might be able to remove my post (or at least change the name) because it is the first result that comes up when my name is typed into google and as I’m trying to apply for jobs and freelance work at the time I’m trying to reduce my “internet footprint”

    I would greatly appreciate this.

    Thank you very much for your time,

    Cisco Covino

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