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December 1, 2010 at 3:59 pm (Uncategorized)

Holding the Heavens

I was joined by Dennis Fetcho from the Illuminatus Obeservor on 11/28/10 for two hours of fascinating conversation. We covered a wide variety of topics including sun symbolism, the language of Pi, race relations, paganism, criminality and corruption, media propaganda, and much more.

Illuminating the Darkening Sky:

The image above is of the Olympic stadium in Berlin. The design of the five interlocking rings and the ceremonial torch relay were popularized by the Nazi regime.


Germany has long been in the business of producing superior products. The Audi car company, which was sold to VW in 1966, is but one example among many. The German people, with a little assistance, were able to take their country from the disasters of the Weimar Republic and turn themselves into a superpower, creating technology that was years ahead of their rivals. How were they able to rise to such a dominant position so quickly? Why did they fail/fall? Were they subverted or misguided? Although I cannot offer definite answers to these questions, I hope the radio show can provide some insight and open honest discussion.

This image from the Karate Kid makes a whole lot more sense when considering the esoteric significance of their postures. Dennis has pointed out that the Hermetic system of Kabbalah features two dice (pair a dice), cubes, trees or pillars spinning together whereas the Rabbinical school only teaches of one tree upon which everything stands. Daniel LaRusso is representing the Jewish system as he is on one foot, has dark hair and comes from New Jersey (the east). Johnny is well balanced with his two pillars beneath him, representing the Western tradition with his blonde hair and blue eyes. This story is a classic example of David vs. Goliath, as attractive people with blonde hair are likely popular and successful – and they play the villains in Hollywood stories.

The Other Side of the Coin

Although I don’t know the truth concerning the Holocaust, I do think there is an awful lot of propaganda concerning the killing of 6 million Jews, which is an absurd number considering the amount of Jews who were living in Europe at the time. Regardless, Aryans have been the ones burned by the Holocaust since WWII. Of course, not many films will feature the firebombing of Dresden, the nuclear devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or the millions and millions of Russians and Asians lost to the rise of Communism. Although people like Alex Jones will discuss the Business Plot, not many choose to admit that after the Federal Reserve crashed the American system of free markets, FDR turned the United States into a Communist system and aligned the Americans with the reds in Britain, China, and Russia.

I do not mean to imply that the United States should have openly aligned itself with the Nazis, as I think non-intervention and self defense should be the American way. Perhaps this would have been the course the German people pursued had Judea not declared war on Germany in 1933 (newspaper image). Maybe then we would actually know our amazing history, which has remained hidden for so long.

Gods and Devils

Originating in the Middle East, the [Khamsa/Hamsa Hand] represents God’s protective hand, and the blue eye on it shields its owner from the curse of the Evil Eye. The Hand’s positive energy draws happiness, riches and health. A talisman that charms against the Evil Eye takes different forms in each culture where the belief is common. In Turkey and adjacent areas of Greece (eastern Mediterranean and Aegean), the ‘Evil Eye’ is conceived of as blue. Thus, in order to repel or prevent the effect of ‘Evil Eye’, a reflective ‘eye’ of blue glass is used. (22 over 7)

The Aryans interbred with the many tribes they encountered as they spread out around the world. The evidence of their presence can be seen in all parts of the world, including Africa, where albinism and red hair can pop up out of nowhere. Hitler made the Japanese “HonorAry Aryans” after he was told of their legend concerning their origins, having come from blue-eyed Gods from the stars.

Although we are told of the “Master” Race theory, perhaps these Aryans were not enslaving people, but rather teaching them how to build lasting structures, communicate complex thoughts, and perform what looked like “magic.” Under their leadership, such monumental accomplishments as the pyramids and languages of the Middle East, China, and the Americas were achieved. Although the Aryan leaders could have been using slave labor, ruling with an iron fist, I would suggest that this is all part of a propaganda campaign intended to keep us subservient to those who have hijacked and destroyed our history, symbols, and monetary system.

The Power of Blondes

Beware those powerful blondes with hair like the sun and eyes that shine like the sky..

They might look like other white people, but they are dangerous and shouldn’t be trusted!

I am being facetious, although I do not recommend inviting the scorn of a powerful blonde. In general, I think it is terribly destructive for any type of person (including Jews) to be unfairly stereotyped, as this cultural conditioning and social engineering leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy. Blondes are not dumb, but if they are repeatedly told so from an early age, they could easily fit the role society has cast for them.

The skin (kins) head above can be found all around the Internet and I believe this type of image is intended to demonize any white person that takes pride in their race and culture. What kind of respectable white people would ever allow their bodies to be covered in ink like that? Why has this happened? Who really are the Neo-Nazis?

Should it really surprise you that the Nazis were led astray by a dark-haired man with Jewish ancestry? Or that the AshkeNazi Jews are the leaders of the Zionist movement? While they promote multiculturalism in America and Europe, enacting policies that flood the lands with immigrants, they run one of the most racist states/religions this world has seen. Although many Ashkenazi Jews can sometimes have blue eyes and look “white,” many still disparage non-Jews as Goyim and consider them as cattle to be used or consumed for their pleasure.

The Rape of Innocence

There is so much going on right beneath the surface of a movie. It is obvious once you have eyes to see it. Look at the picture on the right – is that child not holding the instrument of his own punishment and degradation? How terrible.

The Franklin Scandal is a 12 minute documentary concerning Boys Town in Nebraska, which was a child prostitution ring that serviced the highest levels of government, media and business. This kind of thing has not been stopped. These children are abused and their lives are ruined. This needs to be investigated and stopped NOW.

This terrible reality my fellow bloggers and researchers have been uncovering is finally starting to see the light of day and those responsible will pay. This is not a threat to anyone – it is a promise. Do you really think people will sit idly by as their children are raped literally, metaphorically, and emotionally? Do you think the TSA should continue taking nude pictures and groping people (children, adults, elderly) as they try to move about their country?

Con’s Piracy

As I mentioned in the show, I do not know if Julian Assange is “the real deal” or just part of the disinformation campaign coming from the various “intelligence” agencies. It seems to me that much of this is being orchestrated – but by whom? Whether I think what Wikileaks did is right or wrong is not important. Besides, anyone with any real intelligence could have guessed what these fools have been up to for some time now.  Their power is illegitimate, their authority is illusory, and their rule is unjust. I, for one, think it is time it came to an end. I doubt I am alone in this desire.

I know there are some powerful people watching and these topics are not meant to be discussed, but I desire to be free and I have come thinking the truth can grant me that. I suspect that could be why you are here as well.

Note to any fans, agencies, or Hollywood producers – I do not have access to secret documents or teachings. I am not part of any secret societies. I do not want the kind of fame or exposure you can offer. I am not interested in abusing the innocent or being abused. I do this work because there is beauty left in the world and I hope to see it flourish.

To Be

I am, she is, we are

(Sarah searches for Toby)

I know the blog seems to be somewhat “predictive” in nature – I am sure this is only a coincidence 😉 I hope you enjoy the guests I have on the show, learn new things from the material, and can use it toward bettering your world.

Although the less intelligent might think I am a “racist” because of the topics I cover, I bring up these issues because I find them important.

I want to see a bright future for the world. The Matr-ix (information of the mother) is not bad. Blondes and redheads are not dumb or evil. This has been a matter of bad PR, resulting in the de-valuing of our PRsun (and purse) by those in Zion, waging their secret war below the surface of our world. Why have we trusted in their illusions for so many years?

There are simple ways to wash the system clean of the programming and melt away the poison that has been growing within us for all of this time.

No matter how dark the sky gets, the sun will shine again. May you be there to see that day with me.



  1. Ferdinand said,

    The show took place on the same night as Season 22 Episode 7 of the Simpsons. 22/7 = .. you know this one..
    Simpsons 22/7

  2. Ferdinand said,

    On September 11th, 2001 Larry Silver(47)stein pulled a 47 story building (7) that he had insured quite recently, along with the twin towers..
    Twin Two-ers Become One
    Image from Black Dog Star

    Shine on forever
    Shine on benevolent sun

    Shine down upon the broken
    Shine until the two become one

    Shine on forever
    Shine on benevolent son

    Shine down upon the severed
    Shine until the two become one

    Divided I’m withering away
    Divided I’m withering away

    Shine down upon the many
    Light our way
    Benevolent son

    Breathe in union
    So, as one, survive
    Another day in season.

    Tool – Jambi

  3. freedom of information legislation : : Illuminating The Darkening Sky - wikileaks said,

    […] submitted by an advocate (December 13th, 2010) […]

  4. Ryan Randle said,

    Great show Kyle. I found your talk with Dennis very interesting.
    I’m glad you brought up HORSES and OSIRIS right after I looked up the etymology of HIPPOPOTAMUS two days ago after seeing my daughter’s bath Hippo and a Hippo book.

    I instantly was reminded of Hathor/Isis first being represented by the RiverHorse or Hippo and thought it must have some connection to Sirius.

    You may this already, but Dolphin = Delphi (Oracle Ocatve) = Womb.
    More… Philadelphia = PHILOS/Love + ADELPHIA/Brothers(shared womb)…

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks, Ryan. Try to catch the next one live and give a call 🙂

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