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December 21, 2010 at 3:05 pm (Uncategorized)

There are many sites out there that would like to inform you of the “true nature” of the Christmas holiday. Last year I released Phoenix, which discussed Saturnalia, different Gods and Goddesses, German paganism, “Feliz NaviDad”, Indian Avatars, and much more.  Most of you reading this will already know that the birth of the son of God correlates with the birth of the sun at the winter solstice. This year I would like to provide even more context with which to view and experience the Yuletide.

Dennis over at The Illuminatus Observor has a great holiday post – “Savior Gods,” The Letter Y, and the Circle of Rhymes. It deals with the “savior’s” relation to the alphabet, the great pantheon of Gods. He demonstrates how the story of Christ is a re-telling of the myth of Mithra and how Christ could also be Dionysus, the god of wine, theatre, and merriment. Dionysus seems to be a combination of “Diane” and “Isis” and could be pronounced “Die on Isis.” Although strong and virile, this god also embodies aspects of the divine feminine, which is one of the reasons “why” Y is a perfect letter for this god, as Y is a combination of V and I.

Dionysus was the last of the gods to become an Olympian. He was the son of Zeus and Semele, the daughter of Cadmus and Harmonia. This was another of the affairs of Zeus that infuriated his wife Hera who tricked Semele into demanding to see her divine lover in his full splendor. Zeus reluctantly agreed, and when he fully displayed his power his thunderbolt incinerated Semele to ashes. When sensing what would happen, Zeus immediately seized the child from its mother’s body and stitched it into his thigh and at the appropriate time the child emerged perfectly formed. This is the reason the Dionysus became known as twice born. (source)

Zeus was known to leave Olympus often and have sex with mortal women, men, and boys. There is a whole site (and some religions) deifying this king as “God” and so I thought I would take a look at his wife, Hera.

Hera is Zeus’s wife, but also his sister, being a daughter of Rhea and Cronus. Also known as Juno, the goddess of marriage holds the cow and the Peacock (PCock) sacred. Hera’s name name is quite interesting as it is a re-arrangement of “Rhea” and is also Her-A or He-Ra.

Hera seems to look a lot like Lady Liberty, which is especially apparent in the nose. Are they the same as Columbia, Isis, Mary, etc? Because they are labeled differently, they are not “equal” to each other, but their names could be serving as cloaks for the same Queen force.

Let’s see what we get after a bit more re-arrangement of Hera’s name..

Although Mr. Phoenix claims he does not have a hare-lip, perhaps this distinctive feature was one of the reasons he was cast as Emperor Commodus, who was in love with his sister.

A “harem” consists of the women in a Muslim household, including the mother, sisters, wives, concubines, daughters, entertainers, and servants. (dictionary)

Hera easily becomes hear, which makes sense as the Isisian traditions are oral/aural. Hear is the basis of heart, which re-arranges to form earth.

Gaia (see also Kaya) is the goddess of the Earth and her name is pronounced “guy a,” which could exhibit the hidden masculine nature of the god Pan or Pan Gu in Japan.

Without the cross or T in the “earth” we are left with an anagram for Hera – Ea Rh. Ea (known as Lord of Incantations) was the Babylonian god of wisdom, waters, writing, building, farming, magic, and the work of men. (source) Rh+ is the blood type about 85% of the world’s population has running through its veins. I recommend taking a look at Rh-Negative Blood and the Reptilian Connection. (Thanks to SLK)

H-era is 8-era. If we reverse this, we get “are 8” – the symbol for 8/eight/ate is also a vertical symbol for infinite.

We have already seen how Hera is “hear,” which should also be broken apart to reveal that you h-ear with your ear.  “Hear” is also related to being “here” and is the base of “hero” – Ye here, hear ye of your hero..

C=3 O=15 R=18 N=14 – If we simplify the R/18 into a 9 and re-arrange the letters to CNOR, we arrive at 3.14159, the first 6 digits of Pi. If we tack on Z and E on to the end of CNOR, we arrive at 3.14159265, the first 9 digits of Pi and also C-NORZE.

I think we are coming upon some kernel of truth here.

(Cronus or U.S. Corn?)

It is A-mazing that most people don’t care about all of the MaIze they ingest every day, especially when corn syrup is in almost everything.

Incidentally, Soviet-inspired Lamaze is the standard for preparing women for childbirth today.

Saturn/Cronus returns after 27 years and CobAlt is #27 on the periodic table of elements. Cobalt is also the color of my blue eyes. I was born 27 years ago in 1983. The return of Jedi? We shall see.

2010 is almost all done. The Saint Nick of Time will come and go, the new baby will be born and our calendar will cycle into the year of the rabbit (the Hare).


So until then, Mary Christmas, Hare Krishna-mas, and whatever else you want to celebrate in this strange world of ours. See you in 20II.



  1. Ferdinand said,

    Thoughts, reflections, and questions much appreciated. I obviously could have gone more in-depth on many topics, but then not as many of you would have read all the way down to the comments 🙂

  2. wolkenwatcher said,

    Interesting insights, as always!
    ” Hera’s name name is quite interesting as it is a re-arrangement of “Rhea” and is also Her-A or He-Ra.” – one person who sprang to mind here was the musician/singer Chris R(h)ea, one of whose most popular songs was “I can hear your heartbeat”. Funny what you see when you start looking…
    Looking forward to more Star Theory in 2011. All the best and peace to you, Kyle, from across the see (sea)..
    P.S. Maybe you could get Lenon Honor back on the show?

  3. Ferdinand said,

    Interesting connection! and thanks for the advice. Some things I had not considered until now..


    Hera-ditary Hera-tics..

  4. Entertaining a Solution said,

    I just wrote some thoughts, reflections, and one question. One of the thoughts was funny too. Then, as I went to hit shift-W, I hit cotrol-w and it closed. (My kids made the keyboard look like T-2’s damaged face style.) I won’t try to re-write it. Maybe chalk it up to something happening now.

    • Entertaining a Solution said,

      I started writing before the heretic picture was put up. Synchronicity or whatever one calls it, it’s wild to be sure, and it’s happening. Maybe I’ll save the thoughts and reflections and question from this post for another time.

      Signing out, from the HEARtland of AmHERA ka.

  5. arthur said,

    A very enjoyable holiday post. I suppose my first thoughts are of Heraclitus [HERA-CLIT-US] and the fact that he was known to many as ‘the Weeping Philosopher’.

    “Even sleepers are workers and collaborators on what goes on in the universe.”

  6. Ferdinand said,


    H is X in Isisian Codes. Xera reversed becomes A Rex.
    If we convert each letter to its “counterpart,” then she becomes XUBQ. Re-arranging that brings us to QUBX, which seems related to the X box (cube) or QUeenBoX.

  7. Lou Sid said,

    If you mix front part of He-Man and She-Ra names with the last of each you get He-Ra She-Man.

  8. Gretchen said,

    Hey there!

    It’s so funny that we have different spiritual views, but somehow I end up agreeing with your posts. This was a great post! Love the “mash up” (connecting pop culture to ancient mysteries).

    I am studying the Phoenix in relation to Hermetic & Rosicrucian orders as well. I wonder who decided to “mash” religion up into one big bowl of spiritual soup.

    Was the mash up an attempt at Alchemy? Well it certainly worked on some levels, but what can be argued is what the result of alchemy is/was.

    The journey to figure it all out is part of the fun isn’t it?

    Much love,

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