Triumphant Anticipation

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On January 23rd (1/23/11) I had Dennis Fetcho from The Illuminatus Observor back on the radio show for another fascinating conversation:

Coincidentia Oppositorum, Reality, and the Occult

Sometimes things just seem to tie together in the strangest ways. Much of this seems to involve the natural synchronicity of the world around us, relating to the holographic nature of reality. However, there also seems to be a concerted effort to weave “syncs” into the movies, news, and popular culture of the day.

Many people have been warned not to delve into these areas of thought, as it is the “work of the devil“.

There could actually be something to this, as not everything out there in the occult realms is for the betterment of the human mind or body. The various rituals and sacrifices made by some in order to gain material or spiritual power could have a devastating effect upon their worlds as they seek to control the wild forces.

Some people who look deeply into their souls, the nature of language, and the various other conspiracies floating in the ether(net) could easily lose their minds, creating and feeding various demons that wish to prey upon their life force and drawing others into their madness. A person could also reach such “high” or exalted states that he or she finds everyone beneath him or her to be savage beasts, not worthy of living.

Becoming a conduit for “divine information” puts someone in a precarious position as there are many who like the flow, but others who wish to plug up the fountainhead.

Alex (the Rebel) has mentioned how we can all be zombies who go from one writer or speaker to the next feeding on their brains without actually doing much of the real creative thinking for ourselves. Do not take this as a commentary upon you, dear reader, as I have come in contact with many great minds who have digested my work and offered great new insights, some of them quite obvious, which I nonetheless managed to miss. I think it’s a good thing there are others out there helping in this work.

Hmm, it kind of reminds me of how ants are able to get so much done by working together..

As I mentioned in the show, the Get Fuzzy cartoon above was published on the same day Dennis and I did our show. How coincidental.

Take these chances
Place them in a box until a quieter time
Lights down, you up and die

Dave Matthews Band – Ants Marching

I did a pre-show write-up (Facing Opposition) that delves a bit more into the idea of H-AND as it relates to H-ANT. The bANTer between Dennis and myself was only the beginning of this story. I will leave much of the connecting up to you, as I know readers here are not that ignorANT.

The above image of a giANT ant is from the movie Quatermass and the PiT (watch). I watched it on a recommendation from Chris Knowles from The Secret Sun.

For anyone unfamiliar with your author, the top review on IMDb uses my first two initials in combination with my last name. Maybe I have become too desensitized to synchronicity as I take most things like this in stride these days.

As if all this symbolism weren’t enough, the Martian invasion is stopped by using Iron/Fe/#26..

Remembering the legends of demons and their aversion to iron and water, Roney deduces that a sufficient mass of iron connected to wet earth may be enough to short the apparition out. Quatermass gets a length of iron chain and tries to reach the “devil” but succumbs to the psychic pressure. It is Roney who uses the arm of a construction crane which he turns into the fiery image and end the madness, but both he and the craft are reduced to ashes.

Some time later Quatermass holds a television broadcast, in which he praises Roney’s sacrifice, saying that they now are armed with knowledge that will allow them to deal with any more Martian artefacts. He also warns that now that we are aware of the dark urges implanted within us all, we have to be careful about wars, witch-hunts and other communal violence — lest we Martians turn the Earth into a second dead planet. (Wikipedia)

..Come, we go chANT down Babylon one more time..

Men see their dreams and aspiration-a
Crumble in front of their face,
And all of their wicked intention
To destroy the human race.

Ah, maybe I should be like “Iron like a Lion in Zion”. I wonder is that anything like a KyBaLion? I plANT the ANTsirs..

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Facing Opposition

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Dennis Fetcho from The Illuminatus Observor is the guest for another fascinating conversation that will take place LIVE at 9 PM EST on Sunday, January 23. Dennis and the Isisian Codes have gotten a great deal of interest recently following his appearances on Red Ice Creations and Occult of Personality.

A big thanks to Henrik Palmgren from Red Ice for featuring Eying the Sky on the front page of the site, which causes a huge jump in traffic to the blog. Hopefully some of those readers have stuck around. Anyone new to the site, please have a look around as everything builds upon itself, but don’t feel the need to read it linearly. And also thanks to Dennis, because it was his work that helped me to see the alphabet in such an interesting way.

Dennis has done a nice write-up for the show and provided some reading material as well..

Coincidentia Oppositorum, Reality, and the Occult

The show introduces Nicolas Cusa, De Ignorancia Scientifica, The Coincidence of Opposites, and the limitations and arbitrary limitations of “objective reasoning”. The goal of the show is to strengthen the argument for the necessity of subjective reasoning and weaken the position of those who seek to apply a purely “objective” analysis to the Isisian Codes.

In particular, I want to argue or rebut the comments recently posted on “How to Comprehend the Isisian Codes”

Supporting Information:
Anonymous said…
“It’s not so much that skeptics of “codes” like this are people who insist that total objectivity be adhered to at all times. Rather, we’re people who need to see at least SOME objectivity in order to deem such lingo-mathematic gymnastics an actual “code”. It’s not that we think only things that are objective have any meaning. But if there’s zero, or almost zero, objectivity in this “code”, then it’s simply not meaningful to apply it to the real world. 

“HAND is linked with ANT, huh? In order to do that you had to insist that ants greeting each other is a distinctive trait of ants. It’s not. Ants don’t “shake hands” very often. They certainly don’t greet each other like that any more than many other animals do.

“You have a big “code” with a bunch of x-factors. You have a linguistic code that can be applied in a number of ways. You can pick and choose which variables you want to put in (i.e., overvaluing the idea that ants “shake hands”). With so many variables, of course every now and then you can change them around enough to arrive at a connection. And that connection DOES have a meaning, I admit. But it’s a very personal, skewed meaning. Applying it to shared reality is impossible.

“You insinuate that the critics and skeptics don’t have their priorities straight when it comes to understanding the difference between subjectivity and objectivity, but really it seems that it’s the adherents of this “code” to want to apply their own skewed personal subjectivity to more objective realities.

I, for one, have thoroughly enjoyed the insight Dennis has to offer. My only regret is that I cannot more fully comprehend its significance.

The above diagram is a KH-instability, which can be found in clouds, waves, Planets like Saturn.. From a numerical point of view, the KH instability is simulated either in a temporal or a spatial way. In the temporal approach, one considers the flow in a periodic (cyclic) box “moving” at the mean speed (absolute instability). In the spatial approach, one tries to simulate a lab experiment with natural inlet and outlet conditions (convective instability). (1)

Of course I find this interesting because KH are my initials, and can represent some other things, but numerically they are 11 and 8, adding up to 19, which is S.

You will find an S right in the middle of the yin yang symbol to the left. The dance taking place between the globes of our eyes, the planets, the sun, moon, and stars is seen through the Sky. Because I am a bit “self-centered” I sometimes like to question things that relate to me. K + Y (25) = 36, as in 360 degrees or 6*6, and the sum of 36+35+34..+1=666.

So, S-KY is the serpent energy surrounding and permeating the KY, which is like the Kai, or the Chi. The KYS is where the “opposites” meet. Think of DNA. The code for DNA is such that you only need one side to decode what the other side will be. When your own cells are replicating, they can do so efficiently and without error. This is amazing, but the true creativity happens when two different people come together and create a completely unique code.

The tree has a “trunk” in the middle (like humans), cars at the back, and elephANTS in the front, which they use to “shake hANDS.” AND don’t forget about how ANTlers are used by animals in order to determine dominance.

GI-ANT – G=7. I=9. Au = element #79. There is much more to this, GIve some thought.

There is a whole hidden world that lies under our world – words and symbols can be used in different ways. For example, we have MONEY on this side of the world, with MO relating to the silver moon, the cow, and mother. If you reflect the word.. MONEY | YENOM  you can see YEN-OM relating to Asian currency and spiritual teaching of the OM or “Aum,” which in itself carries the Au of Gold. Is it backwards because it is on the other side of the world? A beAutiful, mixed system isn’t it? Well, if you take the “I” out of the Y, you are left with VENOM.

I wouldn’t have seen things this clearly or come this far without the help of Fetch, who is apparently a luck dragon. That picture (right) is actually what came up second when I used Google to image search “Dennis Fetcho Red Ice.” Fetch starts with the Fe of Iron, the 26th element and the English alphabet system. Fetch is what a dog likes to play. 407 is D0G. 47 IS the number of Silver, ISIS, AKs, and much more. Reverse DOG and you have GOD, which is but a Letter from GOLD! Please read the blog for much more on this!

“Silver and Gold!” sings Yukon Cornelius, the redbearded miner. Fetch has also helped me to see more about the Corn Gods and “Pop” Corn (Cronus).

And take a look at those cubes on his shirt, with the Y letters seen in the middle! Isn’t the Y the letter where the 2 become 1? AY, where the V and I combine..

Please leave questions and comments for the show. Thanks for reading!

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Beautiful Beasts of Burden

January 17, 2011 at 7:11 pm (Uncategorized)

So I have come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land into a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey–the home of the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites. (Exodus 3:8)

We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it doesn’t matter with me now. Because I’ve been to the mountaintop. And I don’t mind. Like anybody, I would like to live – a long life; longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land. So I’m happy, tonight. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. (Martin LUThor King, Jr .. aka  MLK)

Milk is the first nutrition a baby receives after being born into this world. No longer in the warm waters of the mother, nourished and protected, the young animal relies on the milk of the mother to get it through the early stage of life.

However, many mothers today do not have healthy diets, use formula, and overfeed their children with this white substance of life.

..toddlers who drink too much milk are often at risk for iron deficiency anemia. This is usually because milk doesn’t have any iron in it, and because if they fill up on milk, then they don’t eat many other foods with iron either. (1)

In The Night Kitchen (above left) is about a little boy who dreams he is being chased by big fat bakers that want him for their batter, but he produces his own milk and wakes up happy. Baby batter, huh?

(The Stygian Port: Death & Dairy)

It is important to note the way in which the boys hold their milk (+drugs) while watching a lady sing Beethoven at the beginning of A Clockwork Orange, making the obvious connection between semen and milk, as one is a life creating force and the other nourishes it. Also check out the writing on the wall.

Moloch – “King”. The sun god of the Canaanites (Ammonites?) in old Palestine and sometimes associated with the Sumerian Baal, although Moloch (or Molekh) was entirely malevolent. In the 8th-6th century BCE, firstborn children were sacrificed to him by the Israelites in the Valleye of Hinnom, south-east of Jerusalem (see also Gehenna). These sacrifices to the sun god were made to renew the strength of the sun fire. This ritual was probably borrowed from surrounding nations, and was also popular in ancient Carthage.

Moloch was represented as a huge bronze statue with the head of a bull. The statue was hollow, and inside there burned a fire which colored the Moloch a glowing red. Children were placed on the hands of the statue. Through an ingenious system the hands were raised to the mouth (as if Moloch were eating) and the children fell into the fire where they were consumed by the flames. The people gathered before the Moloch were dancing on the sounds of flutes and tambourines to drown out the screams of the victims. (1)

Okay, so this god Moloch was dressed as a bull, but it wasn’t the statue, the cows, the fire, or the sun that was asking such a costly sacrifice from these people. There has long been a priest class that has been able to speak for God, rape young children physically and mentally, and do it all with state sanction and without having to pay taxes! Many of these religions actually originated from the worship of the magic mushroom, which grows on cow dung (holy shit!), and then they became corrupted and ass-immolated over time. (Thanks to a beautiful lady for the mushroom connection.)

So what’s the beef with cows? Why are they treated as such beasts?

I recently have shown how the alphabet is a coded story about Isis and her sacred cow. By pairing the letters from the front and back of the alphabet you get AY, BX, CW, DV, HR.. and these all equal 26, which is the last letter of the alphabet, Z – the end. Things get even stranger when considering that box can be broken into B-Ox, which also makes me wonder about OxYgen. Ox relates to 8 (Oxygen is the 8th element, Octogon..), which also ties into the fertility god as two humans become an 8 legged beast when joined at the octopussy.

The precession of the equinOXes takes around 26 thousand years. 26 could also be hiding a 1 (or I) in the middle, making it 216, which is the 6^3 box. 26 is Fe or Iron and it gives blood its red color. It is the only Ma-G-netic element.

Iron rusts and eventually breaks down when combined with oxygen and water.

..the Empire never really ends; it just repeats itself. After the Wounded King Franklin Roose-Velt (32 degrees) was simultaneously killed/healed, Hairy True Man (33 degrees) dropped two Atum bombs from the Enola (= “Alone” backwards) Gay: the Fat Man and the Little Boy. The Fat Man refers to Jupiter, pregnant, while the Little Boy refers to the Star Child. But nothing really ended; the Iron Curtain (the Veil of Isis) descended and the Two Worlds were again split in twain. (Persephone is known as the Iron Queen–the Eiffel Tower is also known as another Iron Woman. The Fe-Male.) The rift was healed on 9/11/89 (European dating–the “end of history”), but this was only symbolic. All events simply repeat the Universal Mystery. “God is an alchemist,” said Fulcanelli. (Eleleth at Kosmos Idikos)

Perhaps the veil of Isis could also relate to the veal of Isis?

Alex Robinson recently wrote an interesting post – S woz tricked here – on how effective branding (via a hot iron) is upon cattle. I wonder how many people would even want to eat beef or drink milk if they were really confronted with the absurdity and disgusting nature of it all at an early age, without all the meat loving propaganda and “Got Milk?” stars.

We are conditioned into a certain way of thinking and consuming these days and it is not healthy in the slightest. In this iteration of the MaTrix we have been turned into giant babies. Why are adult humans drinking milk? And why drink the milk from a completely different animal? And what’s in it?

The Dude drinks a white Russian, while Big Ern McCracken holds up his rose ball in Kingpin. Also in that movie: Woody Harrelson pretends to be Amish, accidentally milks a bull, and drinks the semen.

In Days of the Golden God, I showed how COW = 365, as C=3, O=1+5, and W=2+3, jumping over the lunar calendar (cowlender). By adding the exact .25 on the end, you would get COW.BE, which relates us back to the honeycomb box of the bees and perhaps even the beast’s lover Belle.

The “Invisible Government” needs a name at this point, so let us call it “The Brotherhood of the Bell.” This was a 1960’s movie about such a conspiracy. By the way, Bell Corporation made the first flying saucer called “The Bell” – for the “Invisible Government” because it was shaped like a bell. Therefore, I shall call the “Brotherhood of the Bell”, or simply, “B.O.B.” (Brotherhood of the Bell by William Ross)

For a while now, some “aliens” have been mutilating cows, often with surgical precision. And just like with the anal probing of humans during abductions, I can only speculate as to why, but I have a feeling this could be some form of ritual abuse or sacrifice being made to invoke, unleash, or harness certain life energies. And if there really are aliens, I don’t think they are behind the problem, but I could be wrong.

As much as it would be nice for humanity to be able to blame all of its problems on aliens, reptilians, elites, God, the Devil, the Illuminati, the NWO, or whatever else the new “scapegoat” is, the real issue is that we have been the ones who have allowed this all to take place. We abuse each other and treat our fellow creatures with scorn and often hatred.

(the illu-minotaur)

In the middle of the labyrinth resides the Minotaur, being beaten by Theseus (thesis? the Zeus?). In the middle of the alphabet resides LMN, which relates to the eLeMeNts. It seems to all be quite LMN-Taury once we have a proper fund-a-mental toolset for decoding and translating numbers, letters, symbols, and sounds back and forth and then tying them together with various myths, legends, religions, and esoteric teachings.


Perhaps the bull at the center of it all is really I, and this world all spins around me and my choices. The bull at the center could be the ego, the sex drive, or even the soul. It can be attacked and subdued or nurtured and loved. I think the energy of the cow could be a good friend to have in a quest to better understand ourselves and our purpose here.

It seems that there is a lesson that we need to learn, which is: a) you’re God, and b) you’re jealous of yourself. Both of these concepts are horrifying. (Eleleth)


Hamlet: To me [Denmark] is a prison.

Rosencrantz: Why then your ambition makes it one. ‘Tis too narrow/ for your mind.

Hamlet: O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a/ king of infinite space—were it not that I have bad dreams.

Guildenstern: Which dreams indeed are ambition, for the very/ substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream.


(4*7) + (4*7) = 56. The sum of these few words all are 56: ISIS, LIGHT, IRON, FEAR GOD, MOLECH, THE END.

MARY= 57 = ROSE, GOLDEN, MOON, LUX, GOD GENE, BIRTH.  5 is E and 7 is G. 57 is also then EG.

ROSE (57) + MARY (57) = 114. This # is the police non-emergency number in Denmark. The Quran contains 114 chapters or suras. 114 is also the sum of: ALLAH IS DEVIL, QURAN BOOK, FALSE QURAN, LUCIFER LIAR, SONS OF GOD, and some other interesting “syncs”.

UUQ, Ununquadium, Element 114 was reported informally in January 1999.. in Russia apparently using isotopes supplied by scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA. Only one atom was identified and the claim has not yet been ratified. (web elements)

U and U “come together” and an O (egg) is inseminated, symbolized by the Q or 17th letter. 17 is AG, which is silver (livers, sliver) – it is the 47th element, prevents milk from spoiling, and is a big part of the moon. AGAG is 4747 (or 1717), which reflects to GAGA, which is something uttered by infants.

The pure silvery Moon was associated with the chaste Moon goddesses, Artemis, ‘the Huntress with the Silver Bow’, and Diana, whose images were cast from silver. The silversmiths of Ephesus who made such images are referred to in the New Testament. (Silver and the Moon)

This is very well crafted.

The S-Tars in the heavens shine as bright bulbs in the sky. The holy cow spreads its milk and its way.

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The Rainbow Alphabet, The Cube of God, and The Language of Lucifer

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I wanted to package my recent work together into a short video that lays out the basic principles expounded upon here. These realizations would not have been possible without the help and work of the great bloggers out there.. You guys all know who you are.

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Lucifer Dreaming

January 10, 2011 at 5:33 pm (Uncategorized)


Lucifer brings light to the world. So why is it that so many have a great fear of Luci and her illumination?

Enlightened people are very difficult to control and tend to shine so brightly that they bring about a change in all those who consume their energies. My recent work seems to be touching upon some very fundamental core concepts, but I only have one mind to put toward the task of unveiling the hidden nature of our constructs. Good thing the Alexi (Rebel & Robinson) stopped by to shed some light in their areas of interest and expertise..

The War of the Roses

Here is Ms. Robinson’s Too Long in This Place and The Celtic Rebel is well known around these parts..

The above is just one example of the many great images coming from the Rebel’s blog.

The show starts out with a discussion of the “Truth” (with a capital T) Movement. We have all been conditioned to view things with certain prejudices and become stuck within a limited mental framework – a box of sorts. We are fed various conspiracy theories and “new” philosophical frameworks concerning spirituality, God, government, and how to best fight and prepare for the “New World Order.”  We usually buy it hook, line, and syncer. This does not mean that there are not valid arguments being made or interesting thoughts coming from some alternative bloggers, radio personalities, and the other noted gurus. There are figures who are the AuThorities on certain subject, but we shouldn’t bite at their bate or trust any of these people on faith even if they have been “right” in the past.

I think there is something to be said about judging a tree based on the fruit it bears.


The Alexi and myself also touched upon the importance of the things we put in our bodies. The Rebel has mentioned that we are what we don’t poop and Ms. Robinson pointed out that we choose what we chew. This also includes the brain food and the eye candy that we decide to incorporate into our energetic bodies. By taking in utter rubbish from the television, fast food restaurants, fear-mongering on the radio, or any other polluted source, we are being changed into something less brilliant than we were. Illumination is about being light!

One of the things all of our work has touched upon in one way or another is this concept of being stuck in an invisible prison of sorts. Philip K. Dick described it as the Black Iron Prison, which would mean it was made up of Fe (26), suggesting that perhaps the English alphabet could be part of this prison confinement. The Fetch has pointed out that GOD and FLAG both add up to 26.

This indicates to me that there is an incredible amount that can be learned about the origins of the English language and what has been encoded within. Some of it becomes a bit obvious once seeing things with a new understanding..

A few examples of how Gematria illuminates the hidden nature and relationship of certain words.. WORLD=72.

72 is 3 days (before Jesus rose), GB, and another number for Saturn. The reverse of 72 is 27, which is Cob-alt on the periodic table and a cube of 3*3*3.

English, Jesus, Lucifer, Muhammad, Gematria, Occult, Energy, Hexagon, The Key, Masonic, Tarot, Beauty, Hand of God.. all = 74.

74 is GD and seems to be pretty important in this system. 7/4=1.75, which translates to AGE. The reverse is 47, which relates to 747, AK (111) 47, silver (AG), and ISIS, which is 4747 on a touch-tone phone. BULL=47 and Bull-ets come from AKs. Get “on the horn” and tell your friends about these magical numbers 😉

The Myth(Ra) of Isis and her bull also helps to explain why at one stage of life I was in a “U Taurus” .. you know, when I was “in Utter-o.” Actually, it seems like most “sacred” occult knowledge is based around reproduction and our genetic coding.

I know I might lose some readers with my letter/number diagrams. I will try to be as clear as possible and answer any questions you might have.

In the above picture, I show how RO-Man numerals might be interchanged for our number system in order to find new meanings. The VV in between the pillars above can be seen as 22+22, making it 44+I(from Ma)+I(from Pa), totaling 46. The VV can also be made into a W, which is 23. The two pillars stand as each parent contributing their 23 chromosomes to form the 46 of human life. Looking at the name of Allah in Arabic and then comparing it to the VW logo (MA rotated 180) would suggest that there is much to this. V+V+V=66.

It is interesting to note how Y is the last letter in the genetic code of a male, just as it is the last circled letter in the Rainbow Alphabet. Y is the 25th letter and it can be broken down into it’s component parts of B(2) and E(5). Maybe this is the basis for a word like O-Be-Y. Y is formed from V and I, which is why it is a bit ambiguous. This would also mean that IVVI could be coded as IVY.

Y is also the savior letter (latter) that can flY free, the male Her-O or He-RO.

Using the Roman numeral system described in the IVVI diagram, 27 would be translated to IIVII. As you can tell, I am taking each digit separately as I believe this is a correct approach. The V in the middle is 22, so.. I+I+22+I+I=26. This resolves a lingering question I had in my mind as how to fit the 26 letters of the alphabet into the 27 pieces of the 3^3 Cube of God (QBallah). See Eying the Sky for a more analysis in this area of thought.

Somewhat obviously, the bull’s eye is in the Middle.

The above diagram shows how L can be split into 1(A) and 2(B) and M into 1(A) and 3(C). You can go from letters to numbers, back to letters to reveal some coded truths. The KaaBa stone is encircled by people. What is a bit interesting (and awe-some/awe-ful) to me is that I read the above as KyLeMaNO and quest-ion just what exactly this KaBall is doing around these parts.

It also makes me wonder about the mission in KaBul Afghanistan.. or why is it that the best military kniFe is the KaBar?

A Ka-Bar could literally be like the spirit trapping Pantheon bar from The Holy Mountain, a version of which could also be found prior to asscending the stairway to “God” in the Imaginarium of Dr. ParnAssUs. An Iron cage could be written as a FeCage. This could also be read as a “FeC Age” – Fe+C=steel AGE. It could also be an age of feces.

Cutting my teeth on bars
And rusty chains, I’m gonna break my
Rusty cage and run
When the forest burns
Along the road
Like God’s eyes
In my headlights
When the dogs are looking
For their bones
And it’s raining icepicks
On your steel shore
I’m gonna break
I’m gonna break my
I’m gonna break my rusty cage and run

Chris Corn-ell – Rusty Cage

The price of silver keeps climbing, making this Hunt think we might be headed for a 47 74.. or a DoG GoD.

I know I might sound a little bullish, but I actually think that people will be able to make it through this shitty age in which we live. We have to want it and then take the steps needed to make a more enlightened future a reality. Some of this involves recognizing the situation as it is, seeing what valuable things from our knowledge base should be used, and then discarding all the nonsense that should never have been part of our (I)SYStem in the first place.

If someone thinks about or looks at something with rose-coloured glasses, they think it is more pleasant than it really is. (1)

Although a “sensitive” area, we did touch upon the idea of “roses,” as is indicated in the show title. Since ’11 (K) is the year of the rabbit, then maybe this will be the time in which the rabbit “holes” will be seen for what they are and some of the “sorrows” of the world can be alleviated.

Roses are just so… aROMatic, huh?

Wikipedia’s entry on Isis indicates in the first line that she was Aset. Is she an Asset? What about A Set? Apparently her worship is highly connected to roses, which can even be seen in her son’s name HoRus. It could be, however, that we are really lacking a good understanding of our mythology as it has been corrupted and mistranslated so many times. This is why I no longer pull any text from Wikipedia. Here’s a more interesting analysis..

ISIS or her more ancient Egyptian name ASET, seems like two different deities if you take a closer look. When the worship of ISIS rose in Greek and Roman days, ASET had already been forgotten for hundreds of years, at this time only a small group of priests still knew how to read the hieroglyphs of the temple walls. The Greek and Roman way of superimposing their cultural values on Egyptian culture affected the interpretation of the original ASET, depriving her of her Egyptian origin and turning her into a Roman deity. The most outstanding difference between them is in my opinion the fierceness and determination of Aset which we can find in the myths, along with her role as a funerary deity. This is not so with Isis who is a much more benevolent and one-size-fits-all kind of a deity.

Aset is the ancient Egyptian deity, whose name is written with the hieroglyph for “throne” or “seat”. As the personification of the Throne of Egypt who “made the kings”, she was the King´s symbolical mother and as such of special significance to him. (2)

The sun sets as the bull bleeds its beautiful colors across the sky.

Thanks again to all those who support the work I am doing here at Star Theory. As always I appreciate your insightful comments.

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