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January 1, 2011 at 5:59 pm (Uncategorized)

I decided to “ring in” the new Y-ear with a special post on 1/1/11. There is a new radio show in the archives, but I will get to that in a bit. First and foremost, I would like to introduce the rainbow alphabet..

Since there is so much that could be said about the above diagram, I will use bullet points and get down to business:

  • I released this on Facebook and many great minds chimed in with awesome insight. A big thanks to all of them for their continued support.
  • This was directly inspired by the work of Dennis Fetcho at The Illuminatus Observor. Check him out!
  • The Celtic Rebel also has a wealth of material that could illuminate the meaning of these pairings.
  • If you start at the top with AY and then go through the M (in the Middle) and flip over to the YA, then come back through the middle, which has flipped to a W, you would come back to AY. AY-M-YA-W-AY.
  • Do I need to mention what each pairing means and some of the ways it can be looped? WCW, XBX..  I think you have high enough IQs..
  • Although I created the “double rainbow” look, the diagram could be colored in a number of ways. I find the double banding of 6 and 6 to be a correct interpretation. For example, if you take the two red arcs, the only word that can be formed is GAYS. AG (silver, AGe, AGra..) and SY|YS are also connected in fundamental ways.With the orange band, you can form BXHR (boxer?) or HeR BoX. Also, consider that the EU is blUE and is IQ is the alchemist’s gold. (Thanks Stygian)
  • The monkey in the middle could be Jesus with his twelve discs – disciples. People and their pupils..
  • Going into the hole in the middle, the last things you see are KO and then LN. Sound it out.. “ko ln”
  • The original diagram had a vertical strip of white along the right side, which ended up there accidentally. It could be symbolically important.
  • Each circle adds up to 26/Z. This is OZ.. 26+26= 52.. 52*7 (G)= 364. G-AY D-AYs..
  • The alphabet itself seems to be telling a story. I will look at the end for a moment – what is right “over” the rainbow? UV, which is what people with blue eyes can pick up well. The next letter is “double you” or “double ewe,” which is 23, tying us to Sirius and blue-skinned people. X is the cross. It is a pyramid from above, addition, multiplation, etc. Y is the savior god on the cross screaming whY with his arms upward. Don’t worry, he will flY into the skY. And Z is Z end. AZA!
  • Is there a LayMaN in the middle? If you DVD (divided) the diagram down the middle, M (13) gets split into 1 and 3. Since N (14) and O (15) follow, you have 1|3.1415.
  • Please add your own thoughts and ideas in the comment section.

Somewhat surprisingly, this has a few interesting tie-ins to a recent show I did about aerial spraying with Ryan from Entertaining a Solution, which is a new blog he’s working on. I hope he gets on the air more and starts his own show so I can come on it.

Download “Open Air”

The broadcast is 90 minutes long and deals with the possible reasons behind chemtrails, what might be spreading throughout the air, body snatcher scenarios, Morgellon’s disease, and a whole host of other issues like the symbolic importance of the hexagon.

3^3 OR (3*3*3) = 27

A cube (C Box) being represented in 2 dimensions is seen as a hexagon. This shape is the honeycomb and goes hand in hand with sacred geometry.

(anal 27)

The honeycomb shape can be seen EVERYWHERE in the popular culture these days. Although the shape and symbol do not seem inherently “evil,” it is important to question the kind of sorcery that is being crafted up for us by those who seek to degrade the human spirit. For more discussion on this, check out Jokerman Saturn Pattern by Jon Kidd of Accidental Alchemist.

The real light of the sun is being blocked out by the spraying of chemicals in our skies. This could be what is causing the crazy weather and “natural” disasters around the world. Ryan brought up a very valid point at the end of the show that no one really has questioned why it is that there are double rainbows to be seen all around the world now, seemingly out of nowhere.

We are disconnected from natural light and plugged into that of the hex box..

In web coding colors are defined by hexadecimal, which many of you are probably aware is a set of 6 letters and numbers that define a color value. It’s paint by numbers. Again, I do not think this is a bad thing, but our eyeballs are not meant to be staring into digital devices all day and night. It is easy to become stuck in these boxes. We have become trapped here, but totally “unplugging” does not seem to be a practical option.

Although I won’t be consuming all the crap that comes out, I will keep a watchful eye out for things that might pique (peak) your interest and open up new potentialities for thought and discussion.

Some of us will make it out of this strange time and hopefully bring knowledge, wisdom, and the higher ideals of kind humans with us.

Snake eyes! Looking for pair-a-dice, but trying not 2 die in ’11? Welcome to the QIQ (quick) time of the rabbit. Thanks for coming along.



  1. Ferdinand said,

    S-KY. K=11, Y=25. K+Y=36(0).

  2. paulo said,

    maybe there are no answers and the truth is hidden deep inside of ourselves.Ones ego and mind need to subside totally.,Only then can the inner sun be found.Thus resulting in living in the land of milk and honey the secretion, dmt .I know i had this when i was a kid but so far i have been unable to return.what do you think.Also thank you for sharing your thoughts .

  3. Eleleth said,

    M (the Virgo symbol, ♍) is the Grail–perfect. I have always been a fan of the alphabet sentence (you may have seen this before): “A beast effigy hijacked elements, hope Christ you have, double you acts wise.”


    So then I scrolled down and saw that you posted “The Beast with a Billion Backs!” I believe this passage elucidates the meaning of the cube (and the 26 letters of the alphabet)–

    26 is the magical number of the Cube. For the Cube has 6 sides, 8 points or corners, and 12 edges or boundary lines. The Cube is said to contain the Great Secret of the Universe. In Alchemical terminology it is the Stone of the Philosophers. It is a symbol of the Sanctum Sanctorum or the Cubical Holy of Holies that contained the Ark of the Covenant on which rested the Holy Shekinah. The Cube is a symbol of the World and the Throne of the Deity. It is the Cubic Throne we see on certain Tarot Atu of Thoth upon which sit certain archetypal figures. The Cube is a symbol of the Perfect Word and the Heavenly Kingdom. It is Truth expressed on the physical plane. The Cube is made of six squares; it is the Folded Cross of six squares, which is the Rosicrucian Cross with the Rose in its center. The Rose is hidden in the Cube or Folded Cross; it represents the Great Secret of Man. By the unfolding of the Cube is this Great Secret revealed. It is also worth mentioning that it is written in The Book of the Law that the Cube is a symbol of Hadit, the Flame that burns in every heart of man and in the core of every star.

  4. Jon Kidd said,

    This post comes at a good time for me. I feel another wave of creativity working its way up the spine.

    Lately I’ve been watching a documentary series called ‘Ancient Aliens’ and some new thoughts on my own interpretation of the tesseract will be posted eventually over at the blog. This kind of writing obviously helps. This hexagon enigma is all I think about. Its a compulsive pattern framed by a scattered thinker and it doesn’t always lead to tangible words, but I enjoy the stumbling exploration that leads to accidental discovery and thus a form of calibrated bliss and perceived understanding.

  5. Ferdinand said,

    Great comments!

    Paulo, I like the “milk and honey” reference. Honey is able to stay “good” for a very long time and was apparently buried with Egyptian pharaohs. As Joe Strummer said, “if you’re after getting the honey, then you don’t go killing all the bees.” Honey, of course is gold, the solar plex-us or yellow chakra. Perhaps Robert Frost was wrong in his assessment that nothing gold can stay, although I still like his thinking.

    Eleleth, I had never heard that before! “XYZ” seems like it would phonetically come out as “scheez” or “Gs” or somewhere in between. It’s also the Cartesian coordinate system for 3 dimensions.

    John, I don’t know if you saw this before, but I thought I should include this numerical/ symbolic breakdown I did..

  6. Eleleth said,

    I meant to write X YZ, but perhaps my subconscious was telling me that it should read “double you excise”–as in “ex-orcising” the Beast (666).

    The Milk and Honey would refer to the White and Red Tinctures of the alchemists, perhaps?

  7. Ferdinand said,

    From Facebook discussions by AA, Violator, and a few others: Y is the flux capacitor, the middle of the cube diagram above, and perhaps even the notorious bull horns hand sign of the “Illuminati.” Hell, Y not?

    And by the way, COW = 365. C is 3, O is 15, and W is 23. Add the double digits. Violator mentioned the CW jumping over the lunar “cow”lender. Okay, there’s really too much to this.. you can cownt on more to come.

  8. X said,

    proportions and coincidences ?!?

    A cube has six faces, if you unfold it you will obtain a cross

    A hexagon has six edges (you can place inside of it a hexagram also), therefore you might say a hexagram is holding the 6 essence of the cube


    1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12 +13 +14 +15 +16 +17 +18 +19 +20 +21 +22 +23 +24 +25 +26 +27 +28 +29 +30 +31 +32 +33 +34 +35 +36 = 666

  9. X said,

    6 is also the number of directions


    • Ferdinand said,

      Right, the XYZ coordinates of the Cartesian coordinate system..

  10. Days of the Golden God « Star Theory said,

    […] the energy of the cow. If you haven’t yet checked out the “Rainbow Alphabet” in Eying the Sky, do so and you will see how the CW is related to the […]

  11. Lucifer Dreaming « Star Theory said,

    […] how to fit the 26 letters of the alphabet into the 27 pieces of the 3^3 Cube of God (QBallah). See Eying the Sky for a more analysis in this area of […]

  12. Ferdinand said,

    a huge thanks to Henrik from Red Ice Creations for linking to this post! Glad to have any new readers here.

  13. Facing Opposition « Star Theory said,

    […] big thanks to Henrik Palmgren from Red Ice for featuring Eying the Sky on the front page of the site, which causes a huge jump in traffic to the blog. Hopefully some of […]

  14. stitch said,

    Siome more pi syncronicity.
    The tel-lie-vision is stating on a regular basis that the Japanese earthquake was centered 231 miles from Tokyo. Earlier it stated 231 miles off the coast of Japan. There is a difference between the two. But the 231 is still prominent.
    231 miles multiplied by .621 (which is the mile to kilometer ratio) and the sum is 143.451.
    pi is 3.1415
    Aw, just another coincedence. 😉

  15. Star Theory - Boxing in The Squared Circle of Ideas said,

    […] watch The Rainbow Alphabet, The Cube of God, and The Language of Lucifer and you could also read Eying the Sky or Lucifer Dreaming. Those were published over at my blog. I have brought this into the public […]

  16. mark hunt said,

    Revelations .A verse in the bible. Google the sun will be xovered in a sac cloth. Or a bridal veil

  17. mark hunt said,

    I was on a beach in pismo beach ca. At 11:00 or so night time me my now wife a friend and a bum. We saw bum and invited him to have a brew. We all then sit on the edge of the earth as i love to call it ( books of Enoch) we started talking about aliens. The bum asked why we came out here in pitch black night and not a soul around
    Our mutual reply was to see aliens ,well me and friend my wife knew Y God. She always had no doubt.she has lucid dreams about sacred geometry as well as every reality available to those types of minds and hearts given by GOD.. Anyway… sitting i. A circle the bum was off put by us thinking something else exists . I did not want to offend since i invited him over, so i looked up with a frustration and simple put it as i gazed at the stars and said “God it would be awsome to see you ” as i gazed a constellation of three stars drew my eyes unto and they fell like leaves in the fall from atop the tallest tree the spiralled in such an amazingly perfect fluttery pattern as my jaw dropped i said aloud Oh My GOD! They all looked up and saw what i saw unfold like origami into a solid triangle a few football fields in length perfectly quiet blocking out a wedge of the starry sky. We all saw this silent craft. Yet

  18. m hunt said,

    Yet my wife stood up under this triangle with its great illuminations she said aloud it is from the Almighty. I looked at the other two men and they were frozen and i was slowly pauseing. She was the only one not held by its power. Praise God. Keys of Solomon and enoch saved my.life.

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