Lucifer Dreaming

January 10, 2011 at 5:33 pm (Uncategorized)


Lucifer brings light to the world. So why is it that so many have a great fear of Luci and her illumination?

Enlightened people are very difficult to control and tend to shine so brightly that they bring about a change in all those who consume their energies. My recent work seems to be touching upon some very fundamental core concepts, but I only have one mind to put toward the task of unveiling the hidden nature of our constructs. Good thing the Alexi (Rebel & Robinson) stopped by to shed some light in their areas of interest and expertise..

The War of the Roses

Here is Ms. Robinson’s Too Long in This Place and The Celtic Rebel is well known around these parts..

The above is just one example of the many great images coming from the Rebel’s blog.

The show starts out with a discussion of the “Truth” (with a capital T) Movement. We have all been conditioned to view things with certain prejudices and become stuck within a limited mental framework – a box of sorts. We are fed various conspiracy theories and “new” philosophical frameworks concerning spirituality, God, government, and how to best fight and prepare for the “New World Order.”  We usually buy it hook, line, and syncer. This does not mean that there are not valid arguments being made or interesting thoughts coming from some alternative bloggers, radio personalities, and the other noted gurus. There are figures who are the AuThorities on certain subject, but we shouldn’t bite at their bate or trust any of these people on faith even if they have been “right” in the past.

I think there is something to be said about judging a tree based on the fruit it bears.


The Alexi and myself also touched upon the importance of the things we put in our bodies. The Rebel has mentioned that we are what we don’t poop and Ms. Robinson pointed out that we choose what we chew. This also includes the brain food and the eye candy that we decide to incorporate into our energetic bodies. By taking in utter rubbish from the television, fast food restaurants, fear-mongering on the radio, or any other polluted source, we are being changed into something less brilliant than we were. Illumination is about being light!

One of the things all of our work has touched upon in one way or another is this concept of being stuck in an invisible prison of sorts. Philip K. Dick described it as the Black Iron Prison, which would mean it was made up of Fe (26), suggesting that perhaps the English alphabet could be part of this prison confinement. The Fetch has pointed out that GOD and FLAG both add up to 26.

This indicates to me that there is an incredible amount that can be learned about the origins of the English language and what has been encoded within. Some of it becomes a bit obvious once seeing things with a new understanding..

A few examples of how Gematria illuminates the hidden nature and relationship of certain words.. WORLD=72.

72 is 3 days (before Jesus rose), GB, and another number for Saturn. The reverse of 72 is 27, which is Cob-alt on the periodic table and a cube of 3*3*3.

English, Jesus, Lucifer, Muhammad, Gematria, Occult, Energy, Hexagon, The Key, Masonic, Tarot, Beauty, Hand of God.. all = 74.

74 is GD and seems to be pretty important in this system. 7/4=1.75, which translates to AGE. The reverse is 47, which relates to 747, AK (111) 47, silver (AG), and ISIS, which is 4747 on a touch-tone phone. BULL=47 and Bull-ets come from AKs. Get “on the horn” and tell your friends about these magical numbers 😉

The Myth(Ra) of Isis and her bull also helps to explain why at one stage of life I was in a “U Taurus” .. you know, when I was “in Utter-o.” Actually, it seems like most “sacred” occult knowledge is based around reproduction and our genetic coding.

I know I might lose some readers with my letter/number diagrams. I will try to be as clear as possible and answer any questions you might have.

In the above picture, I show how RO-Man numerals might be interchanged for our number system in order to find new meanings. The VV in between the pillars above can be seen as 22+22, making it 44+I(from Ma)+I(from Pa), totaling 46. The VV can also be made into a W, which is 23. The two pillars stand as each parent contributing their 23 chromosomes to form the 46 of human life. Looking at the name of Allah in Arabic and then comparing it to the VW logo (MA rotated 180) would suggest that there is much to this. V+V+V=66.

It is interesting to note how Y is the last letter in the genetic code of a male, just as it is the last circled letter in the Rainbow Alphabet. Y is the 25th letter and it can be broken down into it’s component parts of B(2) and E(5). Maybe this is the basis for a word like O-Be-Y. Y is formed from V and I, which is why it is a bit ambiguous. This would also mean that IVVI could be coded as IVY.

Y is also the savior letter (latter) that can flY free, the male Her-O or He-RO.

Using the Roman numeral system described in the IVVI diagram, 27 would be translated to IIVII. As you can tell, I am taking each digit separately as I believe this is a correct approach. The V in the middle is 22, so.. I+I+22+I+I=26. This resolves a lingering question I had in my mind as how to fit the 26 letters of the alphabet into the 27 pieces of the 3^3 Cube of God (QBallah). See Eying the Sky for a more analysis in this area of thought.

Somewhat obviously, the bull’s eye is in the Middle.

The above diagram shows how L can be split into 1(A) and 2(B) and M into 1(A) and 3(C). You can go from letters to numbers, back to letters to reveal some coded truths. The KaaBa stone is encircled by people. What is a bit interesting (and awe-some/awe-ful) to me is that I read the above as KyLeMaNO and quest-ion just what exactly this KaBall is doing around these parts.

It also makes me wonder about the mission in KaBul Afghanistan.. or why is it that the best military kniFe is the KaBar?

A Ka-Bar could literally be like the spirit trapping Pantheon bar from The Holy Mountain, a version of which could also be found prior to asscending the stairway to “God” in the Imaginarium of Dr. ParnAssUs. An Iron cage could be written as a FeCage. This could also be read as a “FeC Age” – Fe+C=steel AGE. It could also be an age of feces.

Cutting my teeth on bars
And rusty chains, I’m gonna break my
Rusty cage and run
When the forest burns
Along the road
Like God’s eyes
In my headlights
When the dogs are looking
For their bones
And it’s raining icepicks
On your steel shore
I’m gonna break
I’m gonna break my
I’m gonna break my rusty cage and run

Chris Corn-ell – Rusty Cage

The price of silver keeps climbing, making this Hunt think we might be headed for a 47 74.. or a DoG GoD.

I know I might sound a little bullish, but I actually think that people will be able to make it through this shitty age in which we live. We have to want it and then take the steps needed to make a more enlightened future a reality. Some of this involves recognizing the situation as it is, seeing what valuable things from our knowledge base should be used, and then discarding all the nonsense that should never have been part of our (I)SYStem in the first place.

If someone thinks about or looks at something with rose-coloured glasses, they think it is more pleasant than it really is. (1)

Although a “sensitive” area, we did touch upon the idea of “roses,” as is indicated in the show title. Since ’11 (K) is the year of the rabbit, then maybe this will be the time in which the rabbit “holes” will be seen for what they are and some of the “sorrows” of the world can be alleviated.

Roses are just so… aROMatic, huh?

Wikipedia’s entry on Isis indicates in the first line that she was Aset. Is she an Asset? What about A Set? Apparently her worship is highly connected to roses, which can even be seen in her son’s name HoRus. It could be, however, that we are really lacking a good understanding of our mythology as it has been corrupted and mistranslated so many times. This is why I no longer pull any text from Wikipedia. Here’s a more interesting analysis..

ISIS or her more ancient Egyptian name ASET, seems like two different deities if you take a closer look. When the worship of ISIS rose in Greek and Roman days, ASET had already been forgotten for hundreds of years, at this time only a small group of priests still knew how to read the hieroglyphs of the temple walls. The Greek and Roman way of superimposing their cultural values on Egyptian culture affected the interpretation of the original ASET, depriving her of her Egyptian origin and turning her into a Roman deity. The most outstanding difference between them is in my opinion the fierceness and determination of Aset which we can find in the myths, along with her role as a funerary deity. This is not so with Isis who is a much more benevolent and one-size-fits-all kind of a deity.

Aset is the ancient Egyptian deity, whose name is written with the hieroglyph for “throne” or “seat”. As the personification of the Throne of Egypt who “made the kings”, she was the King´s symbolical mother and as such of special significance to him. (2)

The sun sets as the bull bleeds its beautiful colors across the sky.

Thanks again to all those who support the work I am doing here at Star Theory. As always I appreciate your insightful comments.



  1. Ferdinand said,

    Hmm, so 26 is: II VI in Roman Numerals, making it equal 25, or Y. I see. With 47.. IV VII – I+22+22+I+I=47

    If you put I in the middle of the 26 letters, then it becomes 2I6, or a 6^3 (6*6*6). I mean, it can’t all be coin-cidence? Con’s PiRaCy?

  2. Tweets that mention Lucifer Dreaming « Star Theory -- said,

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  3. Dennis said,

    Thanks for the Sound Garden! Isis is. Keep up the good werk! Dennis

  4. Ferdinand said,

    Thanks! Here’s something I cooked up today:

  5. paulo said,

    27 is 2×7 = 14. Nike could N=14 or 7,7 London bombings.i and k=9,11.And the e a kind of sick high 5.But shine on .And do not woship the morning star which is the false sun.Our ego is the false sun lucifer.

  6. paulo said,

    i thought 7up and ups were related to the constellation of the bowman.The arrow going on a journey.what do u think?

  7. A Good Year for the Roses [NOT JUST YET] « The Celtic Rebel said,

    […] BUT, after that Kyle Hunt woke up, entered the chat, and was coerced by the chatters to put on an impromptu two-hour show with the two Alexes. That show is available, and Star Theory has even done a writeup thereof. […]

  8. aferrismoon said,

    Re: Pi – as far as I know this number still has no end , essentially making it not a number.

    3.1415 is not pi as pi does not = 3.1415. While this may seem somewhat pedantic try flying to Mars 0.0000000000001 degrees out.

    Pi it seems is based on ‘falt’ objects [ i.e. no inside or outside, merely the illusion of it’ as well as an infinite line that meets itself at the same point in time and space, which of course cannot happen.

    The illusion of drawing shapes on surfaces and then ignoring the surface they have been scribed on [ which will generally be curved and thus un-pi-able] seems to be a tenet of public education/brainwashing at a deep and intrinsic level of human thinking.

    If u scribe a triangle onto a piece of paper it has depth and thus 2 sides which are 180degrees each.


  9. Gretchen said,

    Hey there! For one, I am still “cool on” deeming Lucifer good. Yes, my religious programming (LOL), is partially responsible I can’t even try to lie.

    Gematria is a fascinating study and I have only seen one other blogger “break it down” like you did with the numbers representing Yahweh, Jesus, Lucifer, etc.

    In the “black” community, “Supreme Mathematics” is what they call it. The Gods and Earths consider themselves illuminated as well, not viewing Lucifer as the enemy of “god”.

    The only problem I have with Gematria is becoming like the Jim Carrey character in The Number 23 (which we know is 666). One could easy become obsessed with code breaking, much like fanatic Christians stumble upon mysticism and claim new divine revelation. Gotta be careful.

    Anyway, keep up the good work – good read!

  10. IAmLonefrog said,

    Been trying to digest this bloggers train of thought for a while now, You seem to be creeping close to the waters she is swimming in. Meaning the symbols represented in the english language and some reasons behind it.

  11. laws632 said,

    The issue is just way too clear – you are mere rtarded idiot rebels against GOD.

    Your destruction is imminent (unless you repent -as if)

    • Gretchen said,

      That’s not nice.

    • Gretchen said,

      And see THIS is why people hate religion and supposed Christians. This makes us look bad. Disrespecting someone when you have the option of ignoring them is so wrong and makes one look so bad.

  12. Ferdinand said,

    To me [Denmark] is a prison.

    Why then your ambition makes it one. ‘Tis too narrow for your mind.

    O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space—were it not that I have bad dreams.

    Which dreams indeed are ambition, for the very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream.

    I wasn’t thinking about how Jesse Ventura is dressed in cow-hide and has a “balled” head. (A)lex, (K)yle, and (A)lex is AKA or 1111.

  13. Gretchen said,

    Hey, not trying to be all weird, but you seem to have a good heart. I just worry about a kind soul being used. When kind souls are used for a purpose they have no clue about, when they find out the truth, they can become bitter, angry and plain old damnable.

    All people with eyes to see better refresh their mind and lean not into our own understanding. Take it from me. I found out who the 666 really is, not who he is POSING to be. Sometimes WOLVES leave BREADCRUMBS to lure SHEEP who don’t know they are in fact sheep, being led to slaughter.

    • Gretchen said,

      And some shepards have no idea they are leading wolves in SHEEPS CLOTHING. You know how the “door swings both ways”.

      One needs to obey the creator and not the created. If one has no idea what the creator intended, he should wait on said creator to instruct.

      If one is born knowing instinctively what the CREATOR expects, then one better get on about obeying from the bottom up.

      • Ferdinand said,

        What about a sheep (a ewe) in a wolf’s clothing? 🙂

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