Facing Opposition

January 22, 2011 at 10:28 am (Uncategorized)

Dennis Fetcho from The Illuminatus Observor is the guest for another fascinating conversation that will take place LIVE at 9 PM EST on Sunday, January 23. Dennis and the Isisian Codes have gotten a great deal of interest recently following his appearances on Red Ice Creations and Occult of Personality.

A big thanks to Henrik Palmgren from Red Ice for featuring Eying the Sky on the front page of the site, which causes a huge jump in traffic to the blog. Hopefully some of those readers have stuck around. Anyone new to the site, please have a look around as everything builds upon itself, but don’t feel the need to read it linearly. And also thanks to Dennis, because it was his work that helped me to see the alphabet in such an interesting way.

Dennis has done a nice write-up for the show and provided some reading material as well..

Coincidentia Oppositorum, Reality, and the Occult

The show introduces Nicolas Cusa, De Ignorancia Scientifica, The Coincidence of Opposites, and the limitations and arbitrary limitations of “objective reasoning”. The goal of the show is to strengthen the argument for the necessity of subjective reasoning and weaken the position of those who seek to apply a purely “objective” analysis to the Isisian Codes.

In particular, I want to argue or rebut the comments recently posted on “How to Comprehend the Isisian Codes”

Supporting Information:
Anonymous said…
“It’s not so much that skeptics of “codes” like this are people who insist that total objectivity be adhered to at all times. Rather, we’re people who need to see at least SOME objectivity in order to deem such lingo-mathematic gymnastics an actual “code”. It’s not that we think only things that are objective have any meaning. But if there’s zero, or almost zero, objectivity in this “code”, then it’s simply not meaningful to apply it to the real world. 

“HAND is linked with ANT, huh? In order to do that you had to insist that ants greeting each other is a distinctive trait of ants. It’s not. Ants don’t “shake hands” very often. They certainly don’t greet each other like that any more than many other animals do.

“You have a big “code” with a bunch of x-factors. You have a linguistic code that can be applied in a number of ways. You can pick and choose which variables you want to put in (i.e., overvaluing the idea that ants “shake hands”). With so many variables, of course every now and then you can change them around enough to arrive at a connection. And that connection DOES have a meaning, I admit. But it’s a very personal, skewed meaning. Applying it to shared reality is impossible.

“You insinuate that the critics and skeptics don’t have their priorities straight when it comes to understanding the difference between subjectivity and objectivity, but really it seems that it’s the adherents of this “code” to want to apply their own skewed personal subjectivity to more objective realities.

I, for one, have thoroughly enjoyed the insight Dennis has to offer. My only regret is that I cannot more fully comprehend its significance.

The above diagram is a KH-instability, which can be found in clouds, waves, Planets like Saturn.. From a numerical point of view, the KH instability is simulated either in a temporal or a spatial way. In the temporal approach, one considers the flow in a periodic (cyclic) box “moving” at the mean speed (absolute instability). In the spatial approach, one tries to simulate a lab experiment with natural inlet and outlet conditions (convective instability). (1)

Of course I find this interesting because KH are my initials, and can represent some other things, but numerically they are 11 and 8, adding up to 19, which is S.

You will find an S right in the middle of the yin yang symbol to the left. The dance taking place between the globes of our eyes, the planets, the sun, moon, and stars is seen through the Sky. Because I am a bit “self-centered” I sometimes like to question things that relate to me. K + Y (25) = 36, as in 360 degrees or 6*6, and the sum of 36+35+34..+1=666.

So, S-KY is the serpent energy surrounding and permeating the KY, which is like the Kai, or the Chi. The KYS is where the “opposites” meet. Think of DNA. The code for DNA is such that you only need one side to decode what the other side will be. When your own cells are replicating, they can do so efficiently and without error. This is amazing, but the true creativity happens when two different people come together and create a completely unique code.

The tree has a “trunk” in the middle (like humans), cars at the back, and elephANTS in the front, which they use to “shake hANDS.” AND don’t forget about how ANTlers are used by animals in order to determine dominance.

GI-ANT – G=7. I=9. Au = element #79. There is much more to this, GIve some thought.

There is a whole hidden world that lies under our world – words and symbols can be used in different ways. For example, we have MONEY on this side of the world, with MO relating to the silver moon, the cow, and mother. If you reflect the word.. MONEY | YENOM  you can see YEN-OM relating to Asian currency and spiritual teaching of the OM or “Aum,” which in itself carries the Au of Gold. Is it backwards because it is on the other side of the world? A beAutiful, mixed system isn’t it? Well, if you take the “I” out of the Y, you are left with VENOM.

I wouldn’t have seen things this clearly or come this far without the help of Fetch, who is apparently a luck dragon. That picture (right) is actually what came up second when I used Google to image search “Dennis Fetcho Red Ice.” Fetch starts with the Fe of Iron, the 26th element and the English alphabet system. Fetch is what a dog likes to play. 407 is D0G. 47 IS the number of Silver, ISIS, AKs, and much more. Reverse DOG and you have GOD, which is but a Letter from GOLD! Please read the blog for much more on this!

“Silver and Gold!” sings Yukon Cornelius, the redbearded miner. Fetch has also helped me to see more about the Corn Gods and “Pop” Corn (Cronus).

And take a look at those cubes on his shirt, with the Y letters seen in the middle! Isn’t the Y the letter where the 2 become 1? AY, where the V and I combine..

Please leave questions and comments for the show. Thanks for reading!



  1. Ferdinand said,

    1: a configuration in which one celestial body is opposite another (as the sun) in the sky or in which the elongation is near or equal to 180 degrees
    2: the relation between two propositions having the same subject and predicate but differing in quantity or quality or both
    3: an act of setting opposite or over against : the condition of being so set
    4: hostile or contrary action or condition
    5a : something that opposes; specifically : a body of persons opposing something
    b often capitalized : a political party opposing and prepared to replace the party in power


  2. Triumphant Anticipation « Star Theory said,

    […] Lights down, you up and die Dave Matthews Band – Ants Marching I did a pre-show write-up (Facing Opposition) that delves a bit more into the idea of H-AND as it relates to […]

  3. paulo said,

    kyle watch on youtube .chronicles of life and death.good charlotte .watch it all the way through.its good ,i think this is related to the super ego.then watch bashar if u have time.let me know wot u think.p.s i am not a zombie.also lucifer is the false sun most people r worshippin ,or the ego.The occult, is anything to prevent u from seeing the light.And that means anything,chem trails tv news etc.if u can break away u can find peace, maybe.also on youtube. streetmunk .com is a good watch.But remember tune in then tune out.The truth is within always .In truth our name is silence perfect or unperfect, Now we exist,and now is all there is when u grasp that u will know.

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