Verses of You and I

February 16, 2011 at 5:55 pm (Uncategorized)

And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you. (Exodus 3:14)

What a powerful concept. If someone asks you who is in charge, you can say: I AM.

As we are children of the stars, consuming solar energy and being comprised of star dust, we are capable of taking a great deal of charge and using this energy to create the world we want to see around us. One of the most effective ways I have found to connect with the universal energy has been by taking in the light of the sun, our nearest star. It could be considered the reflection of I AM – the MA I, or the eye of the mother. That YHVH is revealed unto Moses in Exodus 3:14 further indicates the importance of the disc when piecing together our story of existence.

You are the sun and moon and stars are you
And I could never run away from you
You try at working out chaotic things
And why, should I believe myself not you?

Radiohead – You

I recently read Frank Herbert’s Dune and Philip K. Dick’s The Divine Invasion and The Transmigration of Timothy Archer. This “fiction” seems to be hitting upon a very deep, divine living truth that is present in our world today for those who wish to find it. Some of the connections I have been seeing, especially lately, have left me seriously questioning this world and my place and purpose within it.

He now had the universe inside him and his own brain outside everywhere. His brain extended into the vast spaces, far larger than the universe had been. Therefore he knew the extent of all things that were himself, he knew it and controlled it. ~ The Divine Invasion

Paul Atreides is the prophecied savior of the people of Dune (Arrakis or “Iraq is”) and he is known to them as Muad’dib (Mahdi). He is also known as the Kwisatz Haderach to the Bene Gesserit, as he is able to access the inner regions of both the male and the female sides, whereas the Sisters are unable to see into the male realms. The Bene Gesserit desire to uncover this knowledge and its associated powers drove them to initiate a long-running genetic breeding program that would yield a male with mental powers capable of bridging space and time.. The Bene Gesserit knew that, not only would their Kwisatz Haderach possess Other Memory on both the male and female side, but that he would be able to predict the future precisely. (Dune Wikia)

As has been previously discussed, there are a number of other books, movies, religions, and myths that tell similar stories. However, there are many people out there who need to have some more solid “proof,” and luckily for us there have been a number of scientific discoveries during the past century that support this idea that people are not only transmitters and receivers of source energy (aka “the force”), but that we also are this energy. Dr. Wilhem Reich and his work with orgone energy could help to illuminate this idea..

Wilhelm Reich…unlike Sir Isaac Newton, Reich was not willing to stand upon the shoulders of giants. He stood only as high as his own experiences would allow, and from this low perch imagined himself to be a lone eagle soaring higher than any other man had ever reached. – Roger M. Wilcox

Orgone energy is an alleged type of “primordial cosmic energy” discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) in the late 1930s. Reich was an Austrian immigrant to the U.S. who had been trained as a medical doctor, psychiatrist, and Freudian psychoanalyst. Reich claimed that orgone energy is omnipresent and accounts for such things as the color of the sky, gravity, galaxies, the failure of most political revolutions, and a good orgasm. In living beings, orgone is called bio-energy or Life Energy.. (Skeptic’s Dictionary)

Orgone energy devices have been shown to successfully instigate rain over land when there is sufficient moisture in the air. This does not require dangerous chemtrails and is relatively inexpensive. This orgone energy could have been harnessed by “natives” in their rain dances and could be done at a large scale to transform this planet back into a great garden. Why is this not happening!?

In The Divine Invasion, Yahweh was defeated and living on another planet for the past few thousand years. In order to defeat the entity that has ruled in his place, keeping humanity caged, Yah impregnates a woman and is smuggled onto Earth, where the final battle plays out. Because of an accident prior to his birth, he forgets his true name and it takes him a while to piece everything together. When he understands his true power, he plans out his defeat of Belial, the builder of labyrinths and prisons, the goat god that wishes to debase everything. Seeing as how couples have kids instead of children today, it is safe to assume that Dick was not speaking of some far off reality.

In order to give more context for this adversarial relationship, let’s consider Timothy Archer’s thoughts:

Zeus punished Prometheus by chaining him and sending an eagle to eat his liver, which regenerated itself endlessly. However, Hercules released him. Prometheus was a friend to mankind beyond any doubt. He was a master craftsman. There is an affinity to the legend of Satan, certainly. As I see it, Satan could be said to have stolen–not fire–but true knowledge of God. However, he did not bring it to man, as Prometheus did with fire. Perhaps Satan’s real sin was that upon acquiring that knowledge he kept it to himself; he did not share it with mankind. That’s interesting . . . by that line of reasoning, one could argue that we could acquire a knowledge of God by way of Satan… Man must assault Satan and seize this knowledge, and take it from him. Satan does not want to yield it up. For concealing it–not for taking it in the first place–he was punished. Then, in a sense, human beings can redeem Satan by wresting this knowledge from him.

In our process of “re-membering” King Osiris let’s consider a somewhat obscure religious sect that existed for a few hundred years in Russia..

One of the basic Khlysty teachings was of the ever-renewing reincarnation of God, or the Lord, in man. This could happen on earth anywhere, and at anytime. The birth at Nazareth, where God became man, was not an isolated event, but was constantly being repeated.

This reincarnation of God in man is only achieved by the total self-denial and submission to the will of the Holy Spirit. This was called the “mysterious death” by which the person dies to all sensations of the flesh, he no longer can sin. He now passes through what was called the “mysterious resurrection.” Once the person has underwent this mystical transformation he shares in the divine abilities to heal, prophesy, raise the dead, rescue souls from hell and lead them to heaven. Also on the day of the Last Judgment he can deliver out rewards and punishments.

This man was thought to be God and man together, a new Christ. (Khlysty)

The first picture shows Kyle Maclachlan (from Twin Peaks) as Paul Atreides in the movie version of Dune. This came out the same year that Kyle Reese was battling the Terminator – 1984 – when I was a baby. The second picture is Kyle Rayner as The Green Lantern (he later takes on the role of Ion). And then we see Muad’dib shown as a green god of the desert. Also, Kyle from South Park always wears a green hat to hide his curly red hair.

The spice ritual from Dune is when a Reverend Mother transforms the poisons from the water of life into an orgiastic drug, which gives enhanced perceptions and is quite similar to what Timothy Archer theorizes the “I AM” or the anokhi to be..

They made mushroom bread out of it. They made a broth from it and drank the broth; ate the bread, drank the broth. That’s where the two species of the Host come from, the body and the blood. Apparently the anokhi mushroom was toxic but the Zadokites found a way to detoxify it, at least somewhat, enough so it didn’t kill them. It made them hallucinate. (and have orgies)

Throughout The Divine Invasion Yahweh is supported by his cosmic counterpart – his other half – the shekhinah to his Godhead. Through her helpful, but sometimes adversarial relationship to Yah, the fairy queen shows him that the world and its people are worth saving. She takes him to her realm and together they create a better place for their people.


At the end of Dune Muad’dib brings waters and peace after years of war.

In the name Gabriel, Kha-Vir- El, according to the ancient Egyptian pronunciation, Ga or Ka show the wish, the feeling and the expressed love; Bir or Vir show the water element. In fact, Gabriel rules the water and the liquids, which form three quarters of the planet. Gabriel is the superintendent of the whole physical kingdom. He’s also called “God’s Hero” and he’s the chief of the ambassadors for the mankind, as well as the Revelation Angel. Majestic, dressed up with rich clothes, in the Christian iconography he’s often portrayed on his knees in front of the Virgin Mary with his arms crossed on his chest or with a parchment, a sceptre or a lily in his hand. He’s also the messenger of good news. Gabriel is the keeper of the creativity expressed in all knowledge fields; he’s the one who opens man’s mind to the genius and beauty understanding, the one who makes – “to conceive” ideas, since to him it belongs everything concerning the conception, both at physical levels and on the ones merely abstract. (Source)



  1. Ferdinand said,

  2. Ryan Randle said,

    Nifty piece, Kyle.
    I think we are all that god that came down to Earth to make things right, but forgot their name and purpose.

    Like this dream I had a few years ago. Our hero kills all these ‘negatives’ with what I think is his scythe. (Masonic symbol/represents death/cutting down the old crop for the new.) At the end of the dream, he finds this ‘ancient robotship’ buried in the ground called the ‘Bushing.’ He stands on top with his mates and ascends up into the sky where he can connect himself to planet through the machine and move it to a safer galaxy.

    Right before I wake up, the last scene flashes the title, “The Bushing of Young Spartel.” No idea what that meant until a few later when I looked up Spartel. Turns out the Spartel Bank near the Gibraltar strait is where Atlantis was. And this is after I started to take an interest in Timeus, Atlantis, and Lumeria. I think I’m Spartel, I just gotta figure out my first name. And where this goddamn ship is!

    Sorry for the ramblin…

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks for the comment, Ryan. I wouldn’t be presenting any of this material if I thought it was only about me. Well, in some ways I do think it is, but the point is that YOU are observing this, making it all about you, granted that “you” are conscious and exist. And also that U n I are the ones singing these verses.


      Honestly, I chose the title, wrote the article, and then checked the numbers. Pretty crazy.

  3. Brad said,

    Awesome post Kyle,
    I just finished VALIS (thanks Jon K!) and have yet to embark on the next 2, but some very deep insights indeed, strange to read a book about a similar experience that I once had as well…

    I keep thinking that the whole point of us is the fact that we can ‘choose’ to DISspell the matrix (though it’s not easy at all), as it seems the very fabric of this cube existence, is precisely designed to entrap those who don’t / can’t ‘see’ the prison that it is…

    So essentially we’ve reached a point in time where more and more people are waking up to this fact, without having to be part of a particular ‘club’ to do it…
    Wouldn’t that be the complete antithesis of this existence,
    to have everyone actually be conscious of the ‘game’ and to act / be otherwise?
    Isn’t that truly the Utopia that has been envisioned from time immemorial?
    Of course that would be the absolute detriment of the Master Controllers, hence the present (age-old) system that’s sweeping the globe, and constant barrage of anti-utopian / pro-materialistic ideas…

    So once again I’ll preach self-sufficiency and strictly working in small communities that don’t ‘feed the beast’ as an answer to the trap….

    I myself have not been able to reach this state yet (on a physical level),
    but I plan on it for the not-do-distant future, mark my words… ; )

    • Ferdinand said,

      Very good thoughts. Keep me updated on your progress. Thanks.

  4. propopuli said,

    Thanks Kyle.
    I love Gematrix. Yesterday, I was watching George Carlin’s “Life Is Worth Losing” and he was talking a lot about death and suicide. Then I got “You Don’t Know Jack” the movie in the mail, and the numbers 684 were outlined. The summary of the movie said it was basically about suicide (my Scorpio wife ordered it.), but I had my fill for the day. Throughout the day, I saw three sets of 6, 8, and 4. Using Anglish gematria, I noticed Suicidal was 468. Kinda kool. 11inda 11ool.

    Yesterday was filled with mystery, misterery, mastery, Mister E for me. I was watching Rupert Sheldrake day before. Later my friend, who considers consciousness/intuition to be psuedo-scientific coincidences, was not impressed when I told him that in Sheldrake’s thorough studies, 33% of Cats and 50% of Dogs could tell their ‘owners’ were about to come home. Yesterday, this guy that was past his forties, noticed my friend Josh. Turns out he knows his dad form years ago. But Josh, “Oh, everybody on the westside knows everybody..” Oh my Josh.

    I also have to note, my dad used to drive trucks with Josh’s dad before we were born (five days apart in 1985 under Aquarius in Stockton.) My only other best friend Carlos’ mom knew my dad in at Tracy High School. I don’t know, I’m just getting frustrated with peoples’ inability to see what is happening in front of us. It’s not all coincidence.

    There was more going on but I’ve blabbed enough. You’ve become my personal Psynchriatist.

    I love all the work you do. It makes me feel normal.

    • propopuli said,

      Oh yeah, when explaining this to my friend Rob that night, I said, “Your mom Susanne” during a metaphor/analogy Then he said, “How’d you know my mom’s name is Susanne?”

      • Ferdinand said,

        It is amazing how much information is present in the ether. Thanks a lot for the nice comment.

  5. Melissa Joy Labriola said,

    I like that you posted this at 5:55pm 🙂

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