Revealing the Master Peace

February 26, 2011 at 3:57 pm (Uncategorized)

When unveiling a big project, it is a good idea to build up some excitement and mystery surrounding the event. Most people don’t really want to see all of the labor and craft that goes into the production of any great piece of art – they want to look at the finished product, give their critique and move on with their lives. However, if the piece of art is truly so beautiful and moving as to make one weep, feel anger, or make some other emotional connection, then that artist has transformed the audience and they can take a piece of the creator with them wherever they go.

(Oscars on Drudge, Shroud of Turin, Maitreya)

On February 25th I did two hours live on Star Theory radio. Ryan McAlister called in during the second hour and we recorded an extra third (bonus!) hour for the archives.

Realignment of Reality and Monsters of Mind:

The show covered a wide range of topics including the veils of Isis, moon monsters and monoliths, the body of Osiris, different aspects of Christianity like Revelations and the crucifixion, dealing with the devil, unrest in Egypt and around the world, how this blog has become synced with world events, and much more.. like Charlie Sheen!

He could throw that speedball by you, Make you look like a fool boy.

It’s really quite odd how much everything seems to tie together with actors’ movie roles, their “real world” lives, and what I write about here at the blog. The “Wild Thing” is donning (dawning) the jersey of the Indians.. the ‘cleave land’ Indians. He is playing the role of the sometimes loved, sometimes hated Avatar. He is also acting the part of the golden god Dionysus, drinking his libations and making love to his goddesses, whilst talking as much shite possible to the producers of the show Charlie made into a massive success. He was crapping out billions of dollars of gold for them – a veritable cash cow – and he knew the stuff was absolute rubbish and only succeeded because of him.

Glory days well they’ll pass you by, Glory days in the wink of a young girl’s eye

The veils of Isis seem to refer to the female furry regions, but the veils could also be referencing eye lids. Take a look at a close up of one eye and you will see that this lubricated fountain can also “cry” tears of joy and actually looks much like a vagina. It is the receptive place where we take in the world.. or where we can be taken in by the world.

Charlie realized that marriage was just not going to work for him after a few tries. He was married to Wild Thing Denise Richards, a dream woman for most men, but he knew this wasn’t going to make him happy. He seems to understand that the societal systems of today seek to enslave people to one another. This is why Charlie is enjoying his goddesses and lounging down in the BaHamAs while everything heats up.

(Iron Man Tony StarK with two Fe-Males)

..or is it? This is Star Theory, so I would like to point out that both Bateman (A Psycho) and Bat(e)man (as played by Christian Ba’al) both used two sexy ladies as a cover story for something else. In the previous examples, psychologist Kyle would suggest that they are seeking to cover up their homosexuality, perhaps even from themselves. Charlie, though.. I think he just likes his ladies. He’s probably right that many people who attack him for his antics are just jealous. It wasn’t like he was asking tabloids to cover this story.

A few definitions of “sheen”

  • shininess: the visual property of something that shines with reflected light (1)
  • splendor; radiance; shininess; To shine; to glisten; beautiful, good-looking, attractive; radiant; shiny (2)
  • production of the colours of the rainbow by the fractioning of light caused by thin films of silvery hydrocarbons a few microns thick. (3)

The above screen capture was taken on January 27th. Apparently Charlie Sheen’s sex life [not his hospitalization] was the top headline for Google. This is pretty telling, especially since Egypt had just begun erupting into full-fledged revolution. And seriously, what’s wrong with Charlie making love with porn stars? He is a grown man – he can do as he pleases with his relationships.

Let’s consider the nature of the word “relationship.” It is a relation ship, or a ship of relations, whether by blood, bond, or business. You will find ships at the ends of many important words like partnership, companionship, stewardship, and craftsmanship.

Ah yes, Russell Crowe as the Master and Commander of his ship – with its masts and crow‘s nest. Needless to say, there is a lot of buggery that goes on aboard such vessels of young, horny, seamen on the poop deck and in the hull.

"Hips Don't Lie"

There’s also much be said about the ship as both a tool and a metaphor for business with its sales/sails. Our own bodies are also vessels that we can steer (see cow) around. When we only use our organic ships, our motion originates with our hips, which is obviously an anagram for ship. Tying in further with the ship metaphor, a mastectomy is when doctors radiate women’s breasts “for cancer” and then cut off the b(r)easts when the radiation has finally taken its cumulative effect.

In court-ship and dating, people become “tied at the hip.” There was a whole movements of hippies, hip hop, hipsters, and countless other examples I’m sure. A master of hips is a master of ships. Various groups are seeking more and more control as to how we birth (berth) our vessels with the doc (dock), how we raise “the fruits of our labors,” the kind of clothing we put around our hips, and how we move from one place to another via our various ships.

When speaking of ships these days I would be remiss in not mentioning space ships and aliens. Charlie Sheen was in a movie about an alien invasion that involved body snatching and infiltration at the highest levels of government. The Master Maitreya is supposed to represent our “Space Brothers” here on earth, so maybe there is something to this line of thinking.

When one becomes addicted to something, it is known as becoming “hooked.” I played rugby for St. Andrews in Scotland one year. I was the #1 (the loose prop) and I had the #2 (the hooker) to my right, trying to rake the ball in so our side could get possession. Yes, yes, I know sports can sound very homosexual with the lingo. Pitcher and catcher doesn’t just refer to positions in baseball, but also “who’s on top.” Hmm, interesting that the missionary position puts the man on top of a woman.

Jesus was known as a fisher of men, but the stories also tell about his affection for the hookers. We are told that Jesus was a god without sexual relations, but I have some different theories as to how Jesus was able to spread his ministry. Perhaps he went around and clandestinely had lots of god-children who would continue his line of powerful genetics. Some of these lineages would likely get wiped out by the church in its various witch hunts.

The church and its power is threatened by people who know how to become god-men like Jesus, or be resurrected as King Osiris – simply by understanding the nature of the Iris(h). I’m being serious (siriOs) about this concept – we have incredible powers that lie within.

I have good dispositions; my life has been hitherto harmless and in some degree beneficial; but a fatal prejudice clouds their eyes, and where they ought to see a feeling and kind friend, they behold only a detestable monster. ~ The Monster, Frankenstein

Lightning brought it to life, but this monster felt alone in a world where there was no one like him. This Osiris was not stitched back together by his lover Isis, but rather by a mad  (Jewish?) doctor Frankenstein, who might have wanted to create himself a golem for protection or a big strong man for his enjoyment.

Although I do not relate too much with him, as some people find me pretty attractive and likable, I can understand his dilemma and feelings being outside of society. And the bottom backsides of my ears look like they were sewn on. Apparently this feature could be related to a heart complication, as the ears and heart are forming around the same time. I don’t think I have a small heart like the green Grinch, though.

As I have mentioned before, I don’t really know who I am as there are still so many pieces still missing from the story. In the months prior to my birth in 1983, Return of the Jedi was released, Planet X was spotted, and apparently a monster ripped through the technology of Montauk and shut down the project. There was some real rage against the machine. Apparently these timewaves (via McKenna) cycle back around after a 27 year cycle. Of course, that is my current age.

Am I saying I am your savior? No, save yourself.

Could I be the Anti-Christ? I did talk a lot about ants in Triumphant Anticipation.. and if the Christ of today is a dead figure on a cross, then I could be the “opposite” of that – living flesh and blood speaking to you.

Do I plan on getting put on a cross? Nope. That’s why I am sharing this information with you, so that you can spread the flames of knowledge far and wide. This time things will be different.

Peace will never come from a central authority that demands it from us. That will only create more and more violence and resistance. Peace itself is an illusory goal that can never be achieved (or at least without disastrous effect) as nature is full of life and death, balancing each other out. There are chaotic forces “out there” capable of tearing apart our vessels and sinking our souls. That is why expert sailing, a strong craft, and a life jacket are needed to maneuver through these wild seas of fate until we arrive at fertile land.

We must choose to rid ourselves of the parasites that feed upon us so that we can become healthy once again, but peace will not be won by battling the external demons alone. First we must overcome the things that hold us back from within. People will easily fall back into a state of natural of grace as they reconcile themselves to their gods and goddesses. Humankind will work together toward a better tomorrow not because we are required to, but because it is our desire to do so.



  1. Ryan McAlister said,

    I just don’t know…Thanks for the converstation. I am optimistic, against all odds.

  2. Ferdinand said,

    A Master is a Ma Ster.. or maybe a Me Star. Mister Master Mester. This Messiah thing is surely a messy business, There was even a whole messy-onic era. Crazy stuff. “Mastering I” could re-arrange to “I am resting.” So if your deer author does go missing, you know.. if I AM MIA.. then no worries, I am only resting 🙂

  3. Eleleth said,

    The Veil of Isis refers to the Shadow that separates one from one’s True Self. Sex is merely the Lesser Work. The Master Piece is the Great Work.

    Bateman, like the master-baiting Fisher King. This way lies madness.

    Dr. Frankenstein is an alchemist who creates (brings into consciousness) his monster (Shadow Doppelgaenger) while searching for the Philosopher’s Stone and the elixir of life. There’s an allegory there, somewhere. Gollum = golem = GLM = God’s Lonely Man, as per Aferrismoon.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks for the thoughts, Eleleth! Maybe the “master peace” is actually bodily death or reunion with God? Not having to work or suffer in the world anymore, but also not feeling the great joys of free will and flesh and blood. Maybe..

  4. bob said,

    Oh, the hours I’ve spent inside the Coliseum
    Dodging lions and wastin’ time

    • Ferdinand said,

      “Observe and Report” – I always hated that title because I felt like it was encouraging us to all rat on our neighbors, but I guess that’s what I do: I observe and write reports. Thanks for the song.

  5. Ryan McAlister said,

    For me all this talk just helps “put to bed” the popular notion that science and spirituality are polar opposites, and whatever. We will all die alone. Nobody knows much about what happens then. ‘I am’ trying to ‘know’ what happens now.

  6. Ferdinand said,

    Your everlasting summer, you can see it fadin’ fast
    So you grab a piece of somethin’ that you think is gonna last
    Well, you wouldn’t even know a diamond if you held it in your hand
    The things you think are precious I can’t understand..

    I like how they ALL sing the CHorus together. Reeling obviously relating the idea of a real/reel world. Also, there is the movie reel. And @Eleleth, your comment about madness reminds me of, “Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!” and then the bearded king kicks the black noble into the hole/pit. Sparta or StarPa? That has to be where we get the term “sparring.”

    @Ryan, agreed. They should both be seeking to uncover the same things, rather than hide it behind veil after veil.. in my opinion.

  7. Ryan McAlister said,

    Do you observe and report, or do you effortlessly and magically turn tin cans to gold? Ha!

    “Thought you were just messin’ with one dude..sorry. Winning!”

    What a trip, as they say.

  8. roger ailes said,

    when you guys got on the topic of fruit and ryan mentioned pomegranates it made me think of the high priestess tarot card. the fruits on the veil look a hell of alot like pomegranates…keep on Winning

    • Ferdinand said,

      Ah, clever observation.. clever, like a Fox 😉

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