Set in The Stone

March 8, 2011 at 2:00 am (Uncategorized)

This world has been angering me a lot recently, but also providing me with glimpses of truth and unabashed optimism. There has been a force on this planet that has spoken for God for a long time, raping people from birth to grave, only telling lies and half-truths, which get us caught in these stupid games of domination and conquest, building walls against each other and even our own souls.

I Met a Tron

I do this work because I would like to shed light on this game and its maker, who keeps us in bondage, trapped in a false world full of barbarity and disgusting cult-ure.

I am a king, not only of earthly blood. I am descended from the eternal consciousness of all that is, but I am on a rock ruled by gravity, making it very hard to reach the people of this world. Most have become so dense, but it is not really their fault, as they are gobbled up by predators almost as soon as they are born.

That is why I am here to say HellO and offer a little HelP from Hel-ios. I want to let you know of your divine inheritance.

First we must understand who has been issuing the word of God. The scribe Metatron (formerly Enoch) is attributed with this role. Hmm, Meta-Tron.. Meta is from Greek: μετά = “after”, “beyond”, “with”, “adjacent”, “self.” (1) If the “L” of the He-brew Saturnian god is tacked onto the end, then Meta is Metal.

Metatron doesn’t need to be a negative force. Maybe the cubes of God and flowers of life have been hijacked by an angel who has laid claim to the seat of God, creating games for his own pleasure and enjoyment. Even if something starts out as a seed of something good, once it gets set in stone it can become a monstrosity. And whereas at least our books were once fiercely protected from corruption, politically correct jackasses are freely changing the words of dead masters.

The scribes today can make almost anything seem acceptable with work and time. I know my God(dess) doesn’t rape little children, stealing their innocence and taking their light. Does yours?

The Rolling Stone cover on the right is an altered image, but does it really even matter at this point? That’s what is really being shown anyway – anal vampirism, a bloody mess.

The first picture is from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which features the homosexual old sorcerer of HOGwarts named DUMBledore, who really just loves Harry so much from the moment he meets him and teaches him how to use his wand.

The philosopher’s stone is a legendary substance, allegedly capable of turning inexpensive metals into gold. It was sometimes believed to be an elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation and possibly for achieving immortality. For a long time, it was the most sought-after goal in Western alchemy. In the view of spiritual alchemy, making the philosopher’s stone would bring enlightenment upon the maker and conclude the Great Work. It is also known by several other names, such as ‘materia prima.’ (crystalinks)

The second image was a piss-poor effort at a movie from the creators of South Park, but it makes me think of Peter being the rock upon which the Catholic Church was constructed.

Hmm, I wonder if there are any bunny rabbits on Easter Island. For now it will be one of those unanswered questions, like why does the Easter bunny lay eggs for the children of Jesus to hunt down?

“Easter eggs” are also the name for “syncs” that can be found throughout movies and pop culture at large.. everywhere.

The first image is a spade (ass-paid?) around Sly and the Family Stone. It is pretty much an upside down heart (vagina) and has been connected symbolically (for obvious reasons) with a butt plug. The “Ace of Spades,” hm? Sly is Rocky, king of the ring.. you know, the squared circle.

The connections between “rock” and homosexuality (especially man-on-man sodomy) are numerous..

So, can you smell what the rock is cooking yet? Rock Hudson is one of the many homosexual actors to come from Hollywood, forced to play straight roles in order to be accepted by most Americans. I guess at some point Hollywood fully realized its power to shape children into adults and they don’t really need to hide their game anymore.

Parents are pretty much required by societal standards to spend their money on indoctrinating themselves and their children, whether it is in schools, movie theaters, or the comfort of one’s one living room. The living room should pretty much now be considered the room of the death box (aka set), as chairs and couches all face the big screen that tells us what to think, how to feel, and reels us into a false reality.

These celebrities are not always “born this way,” but often turned into golden asses for the disgusting people of Hollywood. They can shape and craft young minds however they would like and stupid fucking parents don’t do anything to stop it. People actually think Lady Gaga’s music is part of some great cultural liberation. WRONG! (rock-a-bye, baby)

This is all about fucking the US right up our asses. Oliver STone directed the W picture, but I didn’t see it and can’t comment. As Patrick Bateman commented, though, Bush was likely into that whole “Yale Thing” – you know, a closet homosexual who did a lot of coke.

However bad Democrats think he was, BaROCK Obama is far worse. In the past month, the deficit set an all-time record and exceeded Bush’s entire year 2007! We’ve been “Barry’d.” He also expanded the country’s wars after winning a Nobel Peace Prize, which has long been a nonsense metal/medal. This has never been about love, compassion or “hope.”

USrael is currently fucking over Baby-lon, AKA “a rock.”

I loathe the disgusting murderers and rapists in Israel and in the United States, but this doesn’t mean that I am allied with their enemies. The “great” religions of the West (including Demo[n]cracy) seem to have devolved into playbooks for how to rape as many young children as possible, seemingly with God’s approval. I mean this literally and figuratively. These children will grow up to create the world of tomorrow. What kind of world do we have to look forward to?

In an effort to not piss off Middle Easterners too much, I would like to say that I wish you the best of luck throwing off your oppressive governments. I hope you get the thieving pieces of shit out of power (they were funded by US taxes), but if you come and try to bring jihad, more veils, or any kind of new oppression to me or my family at large, then you will not see the light of day for long.

Sinnerman, where you gonna run to?
Where you gonna run to?
All on that day
Well I run to the rock, please hide me
I run to the rock,please hide me
I run to the rock, please hide me, Lord
All on that day
But the rock cried out, I can’t hide you
The rock cried out, I can’t hide you
The rock cried out, I ain’t gonna hide you guy

Nina Simone – Sinnerman

Honestly, it’s like most people in this world are operating from such a simple understanding. Could they eventually be educated to think with a bit more sense? If the Kaaba Stone has some essence of “Allah”, then it seems that he has a lot of people kissing his ass. And since he is in a “rock”, I would ass-ume that maybe this god is really the ass-raper of Osiris, Set.


Set relates to sedimentary rocks, as the sun sets down past the rocks of the horizon. Set’s power seems to be of the past, as his wand is known as a “was” and looks like a 1.

Well, this could be promising. Maybe the no-talent ass-clowns will become a thing of the past as attractive heterosexuals (not predominately homosexual jews) will be able to take the spotlight. Perhaps they can provide intelligent media that will get us out of this deep, dark hole into which we have fallen. I mean, the future’s not set in stone.. right?

It’s all about what is said. I meant what I said and I said what I meant. People usually take things a bit too literally, though. In my opinion, the philosopher’s stone is not really a stone at all. It’s more likely a Philosopher’s tone. And alchemy is not necessarily a “negative” practice, but it seems to me that some BAD people have been using its principles, getting our asses to produce gold for them.

I say NO MORE.

I didn’t ask for the trolls to come, but they are all around me, thinking they will be getting a tasty meal of flesh sometime soon.

However, those who have been screwing this world over for thousands of years are in for a rude awakening. It seems the sun rose a little sooner than was expected.



  1. james said,

    Plain Beautiful.

    Thanks, miStAr rIght ❤

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks, James. I appreciate your words.

  2. Ferdinand said,

    “Til death do us part”

    Rituals of marring and death.. “engagement” rings.. Israel is biggest trader in diamonds..

    It’s a fucking piece of compressed carbon, people. They are plentiful, but cartels need war and smoke screens to make us pay out the ass for these shiny rocks.

  3. Transcend said,

    Time to end focussing on the ‘evil controllers’,
    and start focussing on beauty…

    We only feed their fire by doing so,
    and the only one that gets burned up in the end is you…

    It wasn’t good to hear you get so angry (though I know it’s frustrating)
    I realize it’s a sad situation,
    but that’s where we need to focus on the

    “Positive Vibration Yeaaaa- ah …


    that’s what we’ve got to give…!”

    crank it up


    • Ferdinand said,

      I will stop focusing on the con-trollers when they are no longer able to tear apart mutton and man as they please.

      I was a little more fired up than usual, but I am not going to blame it all on the whiskey on the rocks or the stoned state of mind I was in. Thanks for the comment.

      • Transcend said,

        No worries Kyle, I do truly love your work,
        methinks it’s just that calling out the description of the Beast in it’s infinite forms is futile,
        as it just gives it more energy, and we just don’t have time anymore for it,
        we need to focus on and disseminate what it hates the most…


        p.s. have some juice instead of whiskey,
        as the latter never leads to good,
        if you need to ‘lubricate’ the thoughts,
        that’s what good ol’ MJ is for… ; )

  4. duke said,

    In The Hobbit, Gandalf SETs the trolls IN STONE by pretending to be one of the them, causing them to bicker amongst themselves, making them forget about the COMING DAWN.

    When Bilbo first approaches them, the trolls are eating mutton (domestic sheep) instead of their favorite meal, man.

    I think that ties your last two posts together, no ?
    your welcome .. I mean, thanks for another fun post. ;^)
    ~ Duke of the Westfold

    • duke said,

      ps : just realized you posted the pic of Bilbo’s trolls and the coming dawn .. oops

      • duke said,

        let me try to redeem myself with an interesting tidbit ..

        the names of the Trolls are Bert, Tom and William.

      • Ferdinand said,

        I always appreciate the comments and added information. Most of my posts actually do tie together somewhat linearly. Since I leave 2 up on the homepage, it is nice to have some continuity and flow to jump from one to the next.

        Also, I am thinking of leaving Star Theory for a while on this post – a grave of sorts for the trolls to look at and worry. I am not done, though.

        From Gandalf: “He is not half through yet, and to what he will come in the end not even Elrond can foretell. Not to evil, I think. He may become like a glass filled with a clear light for eyes to see that can.”
        — J.R.R. Tolkien

  5. Jen F said,

    Expressed well, I despise rapists, but what can I do?

    • Ferdinand said,

      Hmm, I guess you could avoid the-rapists.. 🙂

  6. Cré said,

    Thank you. Great stuff.
    I thought of the song by Freddy Mercury and Queen – “We Will Rock You”

    Was after their Radio Ga Ga song that Lady Gaga got her name, I think…

    And the Queen herself probably deserves a mention…and the royal marriage in April, the sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

  7. duke said,

    you’ve earned a nice break .. take it

  8. jay c. said,

    i liked the fire of that post….

  9. stitch said,

    This articles title is “set in stone”
    set n’ stone…..
    satan’s stone….
    drop all the vowels .and ya’ got…
    stn stn
    satan is related to stone.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Good points. Stone can also be seen as St. One, like an angel of the “one” true Lord. Also, there is the idea of the Cap-Stone.. (the coroner stone?)

      There are also some things to consider in terms of Japan’s earthquake as it relates to this and my Emergent Sea post, as USrael has earthquake technology. Maybe I really can cause massive disasters with my mind.. or maybe it’s like how the pederast Adrian Veidt makes it look like Dr. Manhattan was behind the engineered crisis in Watchmen. Psychic powers, prophecies, and creating reality.. tiring and tricky business.

      • stitch said,

        I went to the movie “battle la” yesterday.
        Battle “el”
        battle gods
        battle of the gods.
        The movie was released nationwide on the 3/11; the same day as the earthquake in Japan.
        In the first minute of the movie there is an announcement that meteors that slow down before hitting the earth will begin hitting Tokyo first. Then it immedietly shows a quick image of water flooding people in buildings! Then to an announcement that San Francisco and Los angeles was to get hit next. with the meteorites.
        the other thing I found interesting was a dog /”god” named “Glenn”. One of the characters in the movie noted “What an odd name for a “dog”. Anyone got ideas for symbology of a dog named Glenn?
        The movie was a Action movie with a very light plot. The special effects were amazing.

  10. Gretchen said,

    • Gretchen said,

      The links that I posted sync with what you’re saying. IMO.

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