The Ins and Outs of Love

March 17, 2011 at 2:20 pm (Uncategorized)

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

~Robert Frost

I began this blog with the intention of spreading awareness and sharing my ideas with you. I wanted to “save” as many people as possible. I have been writing, ranting, and raving..

But I have become a prisoner yet again, confining myself to another form of false existence.

After resigning from his position working with some unidentified agency, the main character in The Prisoner is gassed and brought to a strange and controlled village where he is given the number 6. He tries to find his freedom and tell the people around him the truth.

One of the things I have been drawn to time and again is the importance of life, sexuality, fertility, agriculture, love, beauty, and all that good stuff, which can often be symbolized by the cow.

This is a very complicated case, Maude. You know, a lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-yous. And, uh, lotta strands to keep in my head, man. Lotta strands in old Duder’s head. Luckily I’m adhering to a pretty strict, uh, drug regimen to keep my mind limber. ~ The Big Lebowski

What we put into our bodies and minds is of the utmost import. I have been attempting to convey the essential mental nourishment for you all to grow, while leaving out as much filler and poison as possible.

One popular story that comes from our ancestors is that of Io, who is represented at the top of the article. Her role as goddess was preceded by Inanna of Sumer and relates to Isis of Egypt. She was loved fiercely by Zeus, which angered Hera, causing Zeus to transform Io into a cow. As a side note, Zeus would later transform himself into a cow to kidnap Europa. (kidnap | pandik)

And the first thing that flashed into my gulliver was that I’d like to have her right down there on the floor with the old in-out, real savage. ~ A Clockwork Orange

Before getting more fully into the mythology of this tale/tail, let’s first consider some science and linguistics..

Io is the moon closest to Jupiter. She has a diameter of 2263 miles. Most interesting, in my opinion, is some of the celestial data concerning this body when considered in kilometers. Her periapsis (the closest she comes to Jupiter) is 420,000 km. She has a surface area of ~42,000,000 square km. 42 is a number with an alchemical link to Jupiter, the 42 degrees of the rainbow, and the 42 principles of Ma’at. IO has an average speed of 17.33 km/s.

The name IO could be said “Eye Oh,” which should remind regular readers of the AY O’ YA-W-AY (aka The Rainbow Alphabet) with its pairings equaling to 26 (AY, BX, CW..). The 26th element is Iron (Fe) with an atomic weight of 55.85. The 55 is significant because SATAN=55.

5*5=25 (Y), and 5+5=10.

10=X in Roman Numerals.

1 & 0 are the basic elements of binary, a basic “cownting” system.

I(9)+O(15)= X(24).

OX could be a representation of the clock, as the face can be divided into 4 sections (an X) of 3 hours a piece. It takes 2 full cycles to reach 24 hours of X. Also, OX = 39 (13*3). 39 is CI.

In this way lol could also represent a clock, as L+L=24, with the clock-face in the middle. It is also representing a sun between the pillars. Or could it be the feminine being surrounded by the masculine? El, oh El!

When the sun-god rises, people eat the Bee’s Iron-filled CheerIos, with milk, in a cereal bull, possibly with some CaFe..

If you are interested in the gematria of any of these words or phrases and how they might tie into a larger story, then please feel free to look them up for yourself and weave your own tapestry.

101 is also regarded as an introductory course in a field of study.

Many people are now in a rush for iodide pills to avoid nuclear contamination because of the meltdown in JaPan. Hmm, Iodide sounds just like “Io died.” Although she’s down, she’s definitely not out. Io lives on in my heart.. and in the heartlands.

These are just a few examples of where Io has made her presence known. Frequent guest Ryan lives in IoWa and Cleveland, Ohio is home to the Indians and where you can find area code 216.

Iota, the 9th letter of the Greek alphabet, means a very small amount in our common usage. When the I of Iota is combined with circle of Omicron (Om-I-Cron, O-Micron..), the result is the incredibly important Phi..

Notice the importance of 5. Perhaps it should be written Phive. The pentagram, the phive-sided star, is comprised of Phi sections. There is a whole phi-lo-sophia behind this, which I will not get into here, but could this be the phire that Prometheus stole from the Gods for the benefit of mankind?

Of course, what you get out from any system is dependent upon what you are putting in. This holds true at every level that I have seen. There are “magical” people all around the world who have known these truths for many years. Some of the names and stories have changed over time, but their essence can still be found.

St. Patrick and Osiris were both said to have died on the 17th day of the 3rd month of their respective calendars (cow-lenders). In The (Not-So) Secret History of Saint Patrick’s Day, Christopher Knowles of The Secret Sun writes:

..all of our modern holidays in America are simply covert repackagings of ancient pagan festivals and the increasingly popular St. Patrick’s Day is no different. The Church took the Bacchanalia away from the Irish and replaced it with a boring religious holiday and the old-school Freemasons used that to bring the Bacchanalia back, which we now understand traces back to Osiris. And Osiris brings us back to the ancient astronauts, which the later adaptations like Bacchus do not.

Without getting too self-absorbed, it is interesting for me that my lacrosse numbers were 17 and then 23, which are covered often by Chris as they relate to Sirius and O’Siris. They add up to the number I used while playing fullback in football, 40. I guess it makes sense – I am an Os(Iris)H-man.

What better land for a fertility cow goddess than the green fields of the Emerald Isle? I-Re-Land.. or maybe it’s better said “Ior-land.” The f(ire) inherent in the people of Ire-land make them hard to handle. Trapping The King for more.

Io has also taken the name Hathor, who merged with Isis to become the mother of Horus, who would later become Thor. An AuThor is a golden god of creation.. birthed by HaThor? Or is it HatHor? She can still be found today if you know what to look for..

Now let’s get back to the myth of Io, the lovely woman that was turned into a cow..

One day, while Prometheus was serving his punishment for his kindness toward man, he had a strange visitor. The visitor looked like a cow but had the voice of a girl who seemed mad with misery. As the visitor, Io, approached, Prometheus recognized the visitor. He knew her story and he spoke her name.

When Io found out that the person chained to a rock with unbreakable adamanite chains was Prometheus, they started to talk to each other. Prometheus told Io his story and Io told him why she, once a princess and a happy girl, was turned into a cow by Zeus.

After Zeus fell in love with Io, Hera grew jealous. When Hera found out about their relationship, Zeus tried to hide himself and Io by wrapping a cloud around the earth. He hoped that this cloud would be so thick that it would leave the place in darkness.

But Hera knew why this odd occurrence was happening. As Hera called off the cloud, Zeus quickly transformed Io into a cow. He claimed that the cow had been born from the earth. Hera did not believe this and she made Zeus give the cow to her. Zeus reluctantly handed Io, in the form of a cow, to Hera, who had a plan to keep her away from Zeus.

She handed Io into the charge of Argus. Since he had a hundred eyes, he was able to sleep with some of his eyes and guard Io with the rest. Zeus, unable to withstand Io’s misery told Hermes to kill Argus. Hermes, knowing of Argus’ abilities, bored the Argus with stories and music. When Argus’ eyes finally all fell asleep, Hermes killed him but not before Hera took his eyes and placed them on her favorite bird, the peacock.

Io thought she was free but once again, Hera sent a gad-fly to drive Io into madness. [jealous?]

Prometheus tried to comfort Io, but he could only tell her to look to the future. After speaking to Prometheus, Io wandered on. One part of a sea which she wandered through was named after her (Ionian Sea) but real consolation came when she reached the Nile. There, Zeus returned her to human form. They would have a son, Epaphus, and live happily and in honor. Io’s descendant in the future would be Hercules. It is he that Prometheus would later owe his freedom to. (Classics Unveiled)

Who is No. 1? You are, Number 6.

No.1 could be read as “No one.” If you flip it (No1 | 1oN) you find the energy inherent in words like lion and zion.

Ionic bonding happens when an atom transfers an electron to a nearby atom, thereby creating a positive charge within the giver and a negative charge within the receiver. This draws the positive and negative atoms together in a chemical bond. This is distinguished from covalent bonding, where atoms will share electrons between each other.

I wrote this blog out of love. Although I deal with some troubling topics and have exposed some dark secrets, the intention has been to shed light for the betterment of my fellow creatures. I am not a “perfect” man and may never be. I seek only to grow and flourish in this wonderful world and would like for you to be able to do the same.

The sun’s arc increases and the days get warmer for me. I am going to leave you now as there are many things I would like to do in this world of ours.




  1. PhilDeGrave said,

    hey Kyle, lol.
    Well, aren’t you gonna help ? lol
    lol = HELP! I’m Drowning!!!!

    • Ferdinand said,

      SOS could also be 101. S is 19.. 1+9=10.. 1+0=1.

  2. Duke said,

    Spring returns to New England .. take 5 .. smoke if ya’ got ’em

    • Ferdinand said,

      Haha.. ~~They’ve also attempted to “harvest” Fry’s “lower horn” after Bender told them that the nose is not a private area of the human body. They also demanded an ending to an episode of “Single Female Lawyer” which was aired in 1999 but due to how far away the planet was, it did not reach the planet until 3000. The episode was cut short after Fry knocked a beer can over the control board of the Fox Network, hence sending it offline.~~

  3. jay c. said,

    io-died…. cow-lender….. nice.
    and in the land of zIOn many await the red heifer, signalling the time to build the third temple…..

    • Ferdinand said,

      I’ve got a third temple already. It’s between my two temples. If they think this red heifer is going to die so that they might feel less unclean, then they got another think(tank) coming.. 🙂

      You might also slice up some meat or eat those Cheerios at the Cownter, yeah?

      Thanks for the comment.

      By the way, I was thinking about titling the article “The Fate of Kali,” but I thought this could cause California to drift into the ocean or me to be at the head of some Caliphate, so I decided not to “tempt the fates.”

  4. Ferdinand said,

    So.. are you in or out?

    I would rather be a hero for the zero than a bitch for the rich!

  5. Julie said,


    You are so talented, I wish you ever expanding horizions regardless of where you put your creativity. I also understand. 9/11/2001 is the day when so many people woke up, for me it is the day I stopped reading the paper and watching TV. (minus the year this is also my birthday- so “dropping out” was also an intuitive gift to myself). I also stopped trying to recruit people to my POV. It has been an outstanding question for me how to communicate or discuss certain esoteric experiences and thoughts. I am really grateful that you have shared so much of your insight. Experince also tells me that it is the power of the individual with a consideration for the collective that can wield the strongest rapture for archonic societies. Out of fear for this power, it is the individual that is most sought after for slaughter. Though one can be an individual and still share a message or ask for a communication, it is very powerful thing to be aware of your boundaries and when you yourself have started crossing them. I listened to your last show and you spoke of painting. This yearning in myself reacted to that small & simple statement and whala, a really cool painting of my own was born. We can all help eachother out just by being our (truest) selves, and by having good and clear boundaries which we are willing to occassionally review.

    I have thought since elementary school that knowledge was being suppressed from “the masses” and was even forbidden in High School to take Latin. (I was in a “special” program you see. With this frustrating background, your presentations and revelatory thoughts have been such an impressive relief to me. I can, however, see how certain trains of thought, may prevent one to go with the flow at a post-linguistic level. Like a Martial Art, you deliberatly train your ‘brain’ to take in the information, then you find your center in the energy and just go where Ki goes.

    Never doubt your greatness, that goes for you and anyone who finds themselves reading this.

    *Fan mail from another curious FE-head out here in space.

    (BTW: Santa FE features the Sangria de Cristos (Blood of Christ) Mountain range.)

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks for your comment, Julie! What great thoughts. You seem to be a wonderful writer. I am very happy I have been able to provide some more intelligent media for your consideration. And I am flattered by the words you use. 🙂

  6. celticrebel said,

    A good read man! Good stuff!

  7. Duke said,

    Just for fun : stagehands @ Lady Gaga shows have to sign a waiver

    No Irish Need Reply

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