The Sea’s Cure

April 4, 2011 at 4:27 pm (Uncategorized)

This article will entertain some notions concerning alchemy, messages from God, planetary bodies, the depths of insanity, Poseidon’s poison, and much more. As usual, this breakdown will employ linguistics, mathematics, mythology, quotations, and some pretty pictures to connect the Dots. This post is a complement (or supplement?) to a show done on 4/3/11, which was “last night” at the time of publication – “2day” – 4/4/11 – a Moonday.

The Wise Art of Oz:

In the show I delved into both the 1939 Hollywood adaptation and original Lyman Frank Baum version of The Wizard of Oz, discussed the rainbow that tops out at 42 degrees, the concept of going over the rainbow, feathered serpents, Hermetic concepts, the winged shoes of Hermes, The Rainbow Alphabet, and much more from this world.. and others?

In the morning your face cracks and falls to the sea
The sun follows your step and leads you back to me
You keep telling yourself that you’re here but you’re not alone
And you get the feeling that your mind is not your own
In the evening the sun’s red gown turns to brown
The moon follows you to the beach then it swallows you down
Strange how you can change and end up at her feet
You keep telling yourself but you know you’re not to be believed
You and me and Hercules in between.

Mercury Rev – Hercules

The old advice is not to kill the messenger. You can try if you want, but Mercury is able to stand much closer to Sol’s light than anything else, despite his small size. He is an elusive character, only being seen sometimes around sunrise and sunset. He could be bringing a message of some sort. Is it HerMessage? Is Hermes HerMess-eye-a? Let’s make some sense with this Mess.

Mercury/ Hermes travels around the sun in 88 days, making for a fast year and giving this god the reputation for speed. Concerning “Fast” – fasting is something many religious people around the world do in order to “sacrifice” something to God, which connects to Easter and Lent on the Cow-lender. Fastening is attaching one thing to another. Quick can mean intelligent.

Hermes, the herald of the Olympian gods, is the son of Zeus and the nymph Maia, daughter of Atlas and one of the Pleiades. Hermes is the god of shepherds, land travel, merchants, weights and measures, oratory, literature, athletics and thieves, and known for his cunning and shrewdness. Most importantly, he is the messenger of the gods. Besides that he was also a minor patron of poetry. He was worshiped throughout Greece — especially in Arcadia — and festivals in his honor were called Hermoea. (1)

I discussed some of the symbolism concerning Mercury’s 88 in the show, like how there are 88 keys on a piano, and how Herme’s caduceus is made of intertwined 8s. To some Neo-Nazi groups 88 is said be their way to say HH or Heil Hitler. 8*8 is 64, like the chess board.

One of the most popular outboard brands for small boats is Mercury, and one of the standard Horsepower models is 225, which is approximately how long it takes Venus (Aphrodite) to travel around the sun. 22=V and 5=E, making 225 VE-nus and NUS is SUN backwards. Venus forms a pentagonal conjunction cycle with the Earth, meaning it forms that popular magical symbol. The “real” time it takes for Venus to get around the sun is 224.7 days, which contains the numbers on the pillar of mercy in the tree of life – 247. It is 24/7 per week as the Earth goes around 365 days. I hope I am not swirling your mind too much.

Getting back on board, the word propeller has the prop of a prophet right there. Is that prophound? Maybe. It could be the prophets who keep the ships of humanity going. This ties us into the idea of Noah and his ark, which is often pictured alongside a rainbow.

Most things we find around us seem to be encoding alchemical principles. 11235813.. is the Fibonacci sequence and can be translated to ALCEHM (1,12,3,5,8,13), which is ALCHEM(Y?) where the HE has been turned around. Perhaps by turning the masculine element around, the combination of Hermes and Aphrodite is born – the Hermaphroditic character that can be seen in the representation of The Star card of Tarot, which is often thought to be the water-bearer of Aquarius.

The symbol for Mercury looks like he has bull horns (or the crescent moon) on top of his head. The moon (Luna) relates to the oceans as she brings our tides and pulls on the waters of the body (lunatics!). Mercury relates to the moon as he is fastened to quick-silver. The Copper (29) of Venus sits right atop Silver (47) and Gold (79) in the periodic table. (Those are all prime numbers)

I have discussed the Iron of Mars many times, but I think it’s important to note that this element also represents man (us) and it is the magnetic/magentic FeRoCity in our blood. What we do with our Feet is very important as our soles are where we can discharge our negative electricity and pick up the healing energies of the planet and the absorbed sunlight of dirt. Our planet is known to be made largely of Fe. I am inclined to think that high heals don’t heal. Our FeET carry us around as the blood swirls around the heart, fueling the vessels.

The Fe can be combined with C to make steel (or FeC-s), which is what allows those with the steel to steal. The Iron of Mars, the air Ares, the aristocracy of Aryans, the lands of Arabia and Iran, Ireland.. the Emerald Island.. of Oz? I know these connections could seem a little strange, but let’s oil things up and look into the Tin-Man of Tin-sell Town – Jupiter. Money, it’s a gas (giant)..

Have I found a heart for the Tin Woodman? The diagram above shows the alchemical symbol for Jupiter reflected across the Y-Axis. It might also resemble an apple sitting upon an H.

Could it be relevant that Atlantis contains the titan Atlas and Tin? Or maybe it should stay as AtlAntIs..

Thy messenger was more terrible than the Death-star. ~ Aleister Crowley.

Aleister Crowley also said, “Every man and woman is a star.”

Christopher Hunter Myers of Mercury’s Messenger recounts a court defense Crowley gave in court regarding his referring to himself as “The Great Beast” and “The Beast 666”: It only means sunlight; 666 is the number of the sun.. You can call me ‘Little Sunshine.’

On Mercury’s Messenger: To understand why 666 is a magick number of the Sun, we must turn to the sacred teachings of the Hebrew Kabbalah where it is taught that the sphere of the Sun is the sixth emanation from the pure essence of God. To express this concept mathematically a square is composed of 36 squares (6 x 6). The numbers 1 to 36 are then arranged in a balanced way so that every row and every column add to the same number. That number is 111, and the sum of all the squares is 666.

Here’s another gem from “The Beast” – The ordinary man looking at a mountain is like an illiterate person confronted with a Greek manuscript. Well, A Moun-Tin could relate to Olympus, the abode of Zeus.

The conscience of the world is so guilty that it always assumes that people who investigate heresies must be heretics; just as if a doctor who studies leprosy must be a leper. Indeed, it is only recently that science has been allowed to study anything without reproach. said Crowley, who was also very interested in the anus and the #42. Let’s get past 6(4+2), Saturn (Set), the ScareCrow of the system, and consider what lies behind him.

This is stranger than I thought
Six different ways inside my heart
And everyone I’ll keep tonight
Six different ways go deep inside

I’ll tell them anything at all
I know I’ll give them more and more

I’ll tell them anything at all
I know I’ll give the world and more
They think I’m on my hands and head
This time they’re much too slow

The Cure – Six Different Ways

We are a bit more “in the dark” this far out because the alchemists of old did not know about or did not list the planets beyond Saturn, the old ruler. Now we know of Uranus, the 7th planet. If we consider the crown chakra to be #1, then the G/7 spot would be the red base chakra. Any child should be able see the anus connection in the name of UrAnus. It can also be broken down into U-R-An-Us or reflected to Sun-Ar-U. Moving one ring further out in the solar system, we arrive at Neptune or Poseidon, planet #8. Or is it H?

Are whale songs the Nep-tune? Sounds carry very far through water as it is more condensed than air, but still fluid.

Poseidon was the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses. Although he was officially one of the supreme gods of Mount Olympus, he spent most of his time in his watery domain. Poseidon was brother to Zeus and Hades. These three gods divided up creation. Zeus became ruler of the sky, Hades got dominion of the Underworld and Poseidon was given all water, both fresh and salt. (Myth Web)

Note the three-pronged trident or pitchfork of “the devil.” Some credible theories suggest that the solar system once had another planet named Tiamat, which was destroyed and then poisoned the waters of this planet. “T o’ Ma’at” – Ma’at had her 42 principles. Maybe it was Wormwood that did the poisoning..

Percy, lesser beings do many horrible things in the name of the gods. That does not mean we gods approve. The way our sons and daughters act in our names…well, it usually says more about them than it does about us. And you, Percy, are my favorite son. ~ Poseidon to Percy, his son, in Battle of the Labyrinth.

In the PERCY JACKSON arrangement above, you can see PER and SON line up in a way. H/8 could be representing an octopus of Poseidon, in addition to the wings of Hermes. Rotate 8 90 degrees and you find the infinite. A byte is 8 bits. Are we standing atop the abyss?

What appears as your shadow is formless as a mist
You keep telling your friends you know it exists
One becomes two then before you becomes three
Words climb your tongue like a ladder to speak
Drifting as you go but you row till it seems
All is one, All is mind, all is lost and you find, all is dream

~Mercury Rev

The outer planets were apparently discovered as astronomers sought to rectify their physical models with the anomalous pull from a large body far out in the solar system. None of them, especially not cold little Pluto, could account for the gravitational effect, hence the Planet X or Destroyer Star hypothesis of some.

Maybe we are creators of our own destroyers. I see everything being so related, yet seemingly so chaotic..

How do we process this information to better ourselves? Can we rise only with the intellect? Is it the heart we need?

‘All the same,’ said the Scarecrow, ‘I shall ask for brains instead of a heart; for a fool would not know what to do with a heart if he had one.’

‘Once I had brains, and a heart also; so, having tried them both I would much rather have a heart’, returned the woodman, ‘for brains do not make one happy.’ ~ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

If you are a living being reading this, then you have both a heart and a brain. Use them both.

If you are a machine or brainless straw-man reading this, then good for you for getting this far. I hope this “humbug” wizard has been able to provide you with something of an injection of life.

It’s nice to take a ride and get a view from a “far out” perspective.

It’s very hard when I see my “home” – the land, its people, and the whole world of planet earth – being destroyed. The wolf, Fenrir, is at the door. The nothing has seemingly confused and consumed all of Fantasia. Is this all just another story within a story? Maybe it’s time we stop experiencing everything vicariously and start telling our own stories with the knowledge and hearts already given to us all. You don’t need me..

But I can show you things! Maybe you have a zeal for liberation, theosophy, or philosophy. The Wiz won’t let you down..

I think the Jesus/888 gematria is correct (right). If you double 888, you arrive at 1776. Thank to Keith for these connections.

Radon (RaDon, “Ra Dawn”) is element #88 and it was found by Marie Curie (“Mer-E Cur-E”), the pioneer of radioactive research. Mercury is #80.

There are so many other connection you can make. The sea is the best place to see the unobstructed rising and setting sun. Sea+SuN=SeasoN.

The Y-axis of the compass-rose-cross is S(outh)+N(orth) or SN, like Snake or tin/Sn/#50. this could be the Serpentine Shakti going up the tree of life.


Jesus H. Christ 😉


~Kyle Man



  1. James said,

    Great article man. You did swirl my brain around, but pretty sure I’m due for some brain-swirlery at the moment. Keep ’em coming.

  2. Ferdinand said,

    Thanks, James!

    Although mostly made from aluminum foil, “tin foil hats” are said to provide good protection against the government’s mind-reading and mind-control technology 🙂

    As for 8, it’s the first real cube. 1*1*1=1, 2*2*2=8, 3*3*3=27, 4*4*4=64, 5*5*5=125, 6*6*6=216, 7*7*7=343, 8*8*8=512, 9*9*9=729.

    Anything else to add, anyone?

    • Ferdinand said,

      Oh, I have something to add! 🙂 The Magic 8-Ball says that you don’t need free will when you have a stupid toy for making important decisions. Here’s the answer to anyone who is wondering what happened to “justice”

      Don’t do crack!!

  3. Bruno said,

    Dear FRIEND Kyle,

    You really had me going for some amazing and expressive rides over the past 2or3 years.
    My only wish is that others may use its own Intuition to view the Responsibility and Respect you share.
    We might not have all the answers but we sure ride for the sake of what we perceive to be truth. From the lifting veil of LOVE comes the Key to our heart.

    I don’t know if I did resign, or Quit, but I do know YOU´re going to be around forever. THANKS FOR ALL

    Bruno (ex-onequalreason)


    • Ferdinand said,

      I’m glad to have you along for the ride. Thanks for the kind words.

  4. stitch said,

    This post got me to get out my calculator.
    864,000 divided by 6 equals 144,000
    144,000 divided by 888 equals 162.16216

    • Ferdinand said,

      Ah, the diameter of the sun (864k) .. of course. That translates back to H-Fe.

  5. roger ailes said,

    the hits keep coming…apparently the actress who played the Wicked Witch in the original OZ film was also in the original 13 Ghosts (1960) film. Mind blown…

    • Ferdinand said,

      Ah, very cool. Did that movie feature the spinning discs as well?

  6. james said,

    Mistar Recht…


    We’re certainly on The Same Channel.

    lots of love,


    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks much, James. I appreciate the feedback.

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