Salty Tears of Joy

April 8, 2011 at 4:40 pm (Uncategorized)

I would like to introduce a new video project. It is going to be getting into some fairly deep issues, but I will be bringing a sense of humor into the darkness with us.  To start off with, I would like for you to view a short video that syncs together Fantasia with some music and no cuts, just timing..

[this isn’t the video project. That is later in the post..]

I hope you don’t think I am a Satanic priest casting spells over you, but you should question my intentions. Bald Mountain (seen in video above) looks a lot like a dark representation of Oz. Did you ever notice that our liquids are measured in FL OZ? And where is Disney World? In FL!

The way I came upon the idea for the video is that over a year ago I had some music playing while I was watching youtube clips on mute. I was in something of an altered state of mind and the above video is what I saw. I only recreated a portion of the experience. I wasn’t particularly shocked because these sorts of things have become somewhat commonplace for me.

The above shot is from Dark City, wherein man wakes up in a bathtub, gets out to find he is bleeding from his third eye, knocks over a goldfish bowl, places the fish in the tub, and then finds the above briefcase with my initials. He opens it up to find some clothes for his naked self and a post card from Shell Beach..

Although there are many coastal towns, I live on one of the most famous – Cape Cod.. C-Ape Cod. Let’s reflect upon it.. CAPE COD | DOC EPAC. Well, that’s somewhat interesting because the man in Dark City finds out his name is John Murdoch when he is called by a Doc. Is his name really John, though? Well, I would assume he is called John because he was alleged with a “hooker” (a ‘john’ is a client) and Mur-doch.. well, isn’t that a dock on the sea (mer)? And John is framed for murder.. Mer Door.. Mordor?

Jennifer Connelly finds herself on a dock at the end of Dark City, more than once in Requiem For a Dream and also in The House of Sand and Fog. She also plays the love interest to many significant characters like the Goblin King in Labyrinth, the crazy genius in A Beautiful Mind (Russell Crowe), and Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) in Hulk.

One of the things I would like to consider is whether or not the magicians at Disney (and Hollywood) can actually predict or create the future with their magic balls. Is there some truth that can be found in the synchronicity, whether forced or more organic? Also, do the the movie makers unfairly characterize the demonic or adversarial forces in order to justify the cruelty of some of their heroes?

Conan: Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That’s what’s important! Valor pleases you, Crom… so grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to [S]HELL with you! – Conan The Barbarian

Crom is the mountain or metal gods in Conan and could relate to Saturn or Cronus, whose name ties him at least phonetically to Chronos, the god of time. Crom could also relate to Chromium, the 24th element. 24 hours in a day. If you flip the W of Crom to an M, then you find Crow, the dark bird with an alarming sound, often associated with death. There is Crow-ley and Crow-K, which could be “croak” as in dying, or croquet, the royal sport of the Queen of Hearts, played with pink flamingos in Alice. Although crows are very dark, they have beautiful colors hidden beneath their black facade. Reflect it: CROW | WORC. C-Row your boat. Interestingly enough, the director of Dark City also did The Crow. Christopher Knowles of The Secret Sun for more..

Proyas leveraged the success of The Crow to make Dark City. Proyas tapped the young British actor Rufus Sewall to star as John Murdoch (read: “Oannes Marduk”), the man who would bring the sun to Dark City. Murdoch[..] lives in a 1940’s era city trapped in permanent midnight. A voice-over by by the expository Doctor Schreber (played by Keifer Sutherland) sets the stage: a race of aliens called the Strangers had mastered time and the physical world, but were dying because they did not possess souls. They needed the vital essence of spirit, so had created this simulacrum of a world to imprison and study the human soul so they could become one with it.

Read AstroGnostic: Dark City, or Crucified by Time for how these films also tie into The Matrix, Memento and much more. For example, the spiral of Dark City also ties into the spiral sea-shell and movements of water and wind – whirlpools, vortexes, etc. In The Crow, the painted clown is seeking revenge for his murdered love, Shelley. In Dark City, John is looking for Shell Beach. In both settings, the sun doesn’t shine on the sands of time until the end.

Note the painting. Michael Keaton, who played the 80s Batman, looks a lot like The Joker in Beetlejuice, which isn’t too much of a shocker considering both were directed by Tim Burton. Betelgeuse, the red star of Orion (origin, Aryan..), has shrunk over 15% over the past 15 years or so. Most of you have heard the news that this star is expected to go supernova sometime soon, which would illuminate our sky for quite a few days. Perhaps Tim knew some things about the future, as the head of the [dung] Betel above shrank before the star in the sky had decreased at all. Entering The 5th Mayan Sun Through The Beetle Stargate.

Time, sand, and water tie together in such interesting ways. For example: The Wicked Witch counts out time with her hourglass and Dorothy tosses her bucket of water and melts her away. Maybe there’s something to this story about melting away an icy heart. H2O melts at a lower temperature if NaCl is added. NaCl (salt) is an anagram for Clan.

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men. You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. ~ Matthew, Bible

You don’t want to be a sel-fish shellfish, now do you? Open up and share with the world!

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,

“To talk of many things:
Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—
Of cabbages—and kings—
And why the sea is boiling hot—
And whether pigs have wings.”

“I like the Walrus best,” said Alice, “because you see he was a little sorry for the poor oysters.”

In Lewis Carroll’s “The Carpenter and The Walrus” from Through The Looking Glass, the titular characters lure some oysters out of the water and have them for dinner. It’s something of a religious metaphor. It could also be sexual.. salty sea-men and the eating of clams. It was Paul/Saul (sal is salt in Spanish) of Tarsus (!) who was set against stamping out Christianity, but then converted and set their rules about celibacy.

Sal, Sail, Sale.. It is the mastery of the oceans that historically allowed for free-dom for mer-chants..

Poisoned water and artificial clouds all around! Argh!! Is there a shell over everything?

It would be much better if life was based around overstanding and not dominion. Once upon a time there was the world turtle..

Could the above seal from my current home provide some indigenous insight into the name of Massachus8s?

In The Neverending Story the young hunter Atreyu goes through dangerous swamps to find the world turtle, who has stopped caring after all of these years. In my real life, I know the above tribe as I went to high school in a town with a large native population. The settlers and the Wampanoag made both peace and war..

They were the people who allowed many American ancestors to survive those first few harsh winters, beginning the tradition that has since become the Thanksgiving ritual. Although much has been lost, some of their people and culture still remain..

To them, the beautiful purple shells were valued. This is wampum. Money can be called clams, which relates to claims. There used to be many shells of pure purple, but the water has since been contaminated and changed. The streams all used to be pure and with plenty of fish.. not too long ago.

Tears are the liquid product of a process of crying to clean and lubricate the eyes. The word lacrimation (from L. Lacrima, meaning tear).. may also be used in a medical or literary sense to refer to crying. Strong emotions, such as sorrow or elation, may lead to crying. (1)

Sometimes I feel like I could be playing the part of the Indian Avatar, like the boy reading the story of Atreyu as he fights the nothing. Apparently the man in the above poster wasn’t really a native, fyi.

Thulsa Doom: My child, you have come to me my son. For who now is your father if it is not me? I am the well spring, from which you flow. When I am gone, you will have never been. What would your world be, without me? My son.

The word crying becomes scrying if one puts the snake’s S before it. Scrying (also called seeing or peeping) is a magic practice that involves seeing things psychically in a medium, usually for purposes of obtaining spiritual visions and less often for purposes of divination or fortune-telling. The most common media used are reflective, translucent, or luminescent substances such as crystals, stones, glass, mirrors, water, fire, or smoke. Scrying has been used in many cultures as a means of divining the past, present, or future. Depending on the culture and practice, the visions that come when one stares into the media are thought to come from God, spirits, the psychic mind, the devil, or the subconscious. (2)

And now, my dear readers, viewers, listeners, and friends.. with no further ado.. let’s dive into the salty seas of fate to flow with Poseidon’s Song of The Deep..

She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes!



  1. Ferdinand said,

    See Viva La Vida for “Pillars of Salt, Pillars of Sand”

    clock becomes dock by combining C and L. A lock (loch) is a lake or a way to raise boats up, like in the great lakes. There are also locks of hair. C-Lock it up.

  2. Laura Richter said,

    TENDER – Red Ten, Rented. Net Red Red net
    How do we show people we love them – Tenderly.
    How do we exchange money – with Tender
    When something is in the red on the balance sheets, it’s in the negative, owed.
    Jack rented and therefore did not own.
    In Source Code, the lady allows him to go back once “last” time (salt (crystal “stal”) time) before she pulls the plug, and gives him a really good look – a tender look.
    At the end, the only way he can get everyone’s eyes off of him and on to the comedian is with tender, 126 (jew bucks).
    To take care of someone is to tend to them.
    A big dinghy is called a tender, those who were saved from the titanic were on a tender boat.

    10X – Base 10. Orders of Magnitude, Greatness,
    NEO, ONE – Changing the one spot, moving the one spot, (most easily done by the decimal or zero placements (gaps) (place holder) – seems to be a magical unit of changing widgets, what you get. Essentially I’ve seen pied piping done on MatchStick Men and on Family guy and other shows that demonstrate a programmers language of using compiling, stacking commands FIFO, etc. to replace the pronoun, rename the reerenced pronoun and put in whatever is tendered as being owned to create a new sequence of probably events. A WAD is one of the components of this transaction. A DAM is a female gentalia for a HORSE. There’s that MBody Ment NET M .
    Unary – Base 1 (unit) TIN U – TIN CUP – Duplicate your unit, and you create the long and short of it. Dan Winter says ride the long wave. The longer wave can vibrate and cross the line at the alias to envelope the short waves. This way all information is stored by riding the long narrative, the long lie, the long red carpet.
    UP seems to be the ID contained and grown by referential statements and transtive verbage. When you seed something, you see id it. To sea may be the path of water that drops on the mountain, the M, the Mounted In, and flows down the river and branches to the bay (horse, extremeties) to the sea. To see means to view, to look, and having a look out is a position from which to see. Having a good look out, means having a good hand and poker face. Poking the face of a watch might give you a good look out. To see means you matched the call in poker, C UP, so perhaps that means it is now combustable, unless it is raised UP higher, for hire. We are all containers of spirit, liqu id (quil id) Ideas that have been put to a OK coral pen. Using the PIN allows for radial spin, or a tacking placement, pinching the nerve, or pinching the butt, where if your ass is grabbed, perhaps your assets have been grabbed and assets – minus liquidity equals equity, that which can be tenderized. (given a soft look). An observation deck (dec, 10) is where you can get a good look out. If you get a really good look, you might be up above, high and being raised, looking down on others, people will have to look up to you and pyschologically you will recieve the atenuation – the flow you desire to lift you up. Depending on the order who looks first, the one looking up or the one looking down, positions the other. To look up is to reference, to reference is to pass the buck, HE DID IT. Means HE recieves the tender from the person referencing him doing IT. Doing, to me, seems to be a magical word of transformative potion (position), by doing something while in the ID IO T’s state, that is to use an IDEA that calls for someome to ask “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” you can answer them with anything and if it agrees with the univeral causes that ALL would want to uphold, then DOING That action will leverage the DOER until met with relative knowledge or better understanding. See position puts one in the place of flow, and to be percieved as the source of what is recieved,If you ever want to chat about random ideas I have about movies, tv shows, connections, I am always interested in that. I think I might have some insights you may appreciate. There is much I recognize and find hard to share with others without dialogue to sort out the nonsensical stuff.

    Tense isn’t it. The tense (E SENT) (TENS E) scientific notation E + Tens indicates distance/time/placement/field. Order.

    I really in interested in knowing what words form proximity in the mind of others. Is close enough, better than enough. Is it wise to have some distance? With enough, you can’t get more if you decide you need more because the statement. This stuff rambles out of me and I could go on and on.

  3. Laura Richter said,

    To Look Behind the Curtain is to see the Great Oz, Great Odds. (Ahs, the feeling that creates the sacred holy grail cup that is electrically stimulated in the heart, the union of shareable waves). To have great odds denotes a relationship of perception. In the Social Network (TEN WORK) (Whir) (spin), Mark Zuckerberg starts his ascent by comparing his girl to a farm animal and indicating she doesn’t know what her cup size is. He then arranges a means to compare her kind using THIS OR THAT, either ore. The EtherNET to get to the one, that is the best looking of all the girls whose picture he can conjure up with code. DEC O. He drinks from a bottle neck, which suggests something that holds up the flow and builds tension overnight, so much so that he’s called into question, CONTENTION. Later, when “meating” Justin Timberlake, they do some pied piping and drink from a fluted glass with a long neck, allowing the girl, who has no vested interest in the “steak” of the company order first, and take the same as she is having (halfing). Using her welled up spirits as the essence for their bruhaha. The boys do this to Hermine in Harry Potter too, have what she is having, drinking the same thing. In fact in the latest movie, they end up hiding in an invisible tent (TEN SPOT). It’s an occult majic thing. Halfing, what she’s halfing, division, subdivision, . being able to order the best, bets, they are not held accountable later. Then before leaving
    Justin Timberlake does the pied piping – and moves the one spot – what about FACEBOOK, drop the THE. The majic continues by leaving one main character out of the story, his girlfriend, wife. She has been written OUT. TAO is the DO. Dew. To move boxes around in a majic square you need to remove one, take one out. That’s the way you manipulate the movable units to form the picture you want to see when displayed on a plane that is framed. It all depends on your number of pixels, A magic 10 sqaure can only have 99 to render its maximum amusement for arrangement. PICK. To pic a guitar is to pluck the strings and cause to vibrate, picking up things by osmosis is key to understanding. Osmosis transfer of quil id, liquid into vapor, increasing vibration. The rife machine vibrates to mortality, the fire machine, combustion, heat. THE A. More and more things seem to point me to appropriation as being the way to accumulate wealth on this earth, take it, if something is agreed upon as appropriate, then it is likely to be where it belongs so thinks the idiot without question. In the Truman Show, Truman approaches the curtain wall and scrapes the painted sky with his boat. Skyscrapers use curtain walls in their design for enfacement, to protect against the weather. Truman was facing the whether. The choice, conditions. Conditionals are statements that create truths. Something is TRUE if…. used for imperatives. Imperatives are commands and one becomes the subject of the commander when ordered. Ordered – first, second, third.. etc or positioned, placed. etc. Roles allow someone to playout the action according to the direction of the story, Skyscrapers have lots of stories in them. E STORES, selling IFs. conditionals. If I shot the sherriff, The EYE looked at the conditions, and did not care where E (if) conditionals were put. IT’s all in the putting, I hear this phrase often. Those that order by where they leave things seem to be more agreeable if they are always cleaning up, keeping the UP, shareable wave container, clean and picking up what has been left behind, appropriating the conditions instead of letting the get out of control.

    Back to odds, 7x something has better odds than 2x something. 7×7 is the majic square of 49, which is less than half, close enough to having it, halfing it. The 7 Grid Mbodies the spirit of an acute L, right angle. If you got the right angle, you see it right. You can size something by taking the L shape, or what they call “NOT” sign and pull it out. NOT, KNOT theory. The crossing of ropes to tie, unite, untie, -THERE”S THE UNIT which is the base of which whatever widget can become duplicated, reproducible. The TIN U. The TEN with an I instead of an E. By dropping the 3 horizontal lines, E become I.

    In Source Code, the guy is trying to figure out what is going on. The whole movie being an obvious reference to narrative scripting that forces one to look beyond their intial impressions, form new relationships and rearrange the sequence of events to allow for a happy ending. At one moment, he references it’s ahs. Perhaps AHS is A-H that is 8 sequences. Plan 9 from Outerspace comes to mind. He is able to create a new life for himself. I wonder if it was the 9th sequence that we see. But he mentions Its AHs (the tender sounds perhaps) that are paid in exchange to the point when she says He’s a keeper. It’s our coding, what causes us to utter (cow), (cattle) (capitlize) is what then has a hold on us. TO HOLD, TENERE tendre.

    Anyways, I could keep going, but I won’t. Hope you don’t mind that I shared my thoughts. I thought you might be someone who would appreciate some of them, at the very least.

    Oh no, another stream of consciousness thought, here we go. In IRON MAN, FE MAN, there is the reference made that he likes closed systems. He stores his files about his new IRON man suit (cards have suits) and in Source Code, they induce him by using a hand of cards, each having suits. A hotel room has suites, that is an E plus suit.. whatever. Anyways back to IRON Man. Oh yeah, in that film called EAGLE EYE, when Shia LeBeowulf and the girl (the same girl as source code) are standing before the TV screen at the eletronic store and we see the matter at hand. FE. in all the screens in the room. IRON MAN uses the file (life) that has his assistant go get and it’s denoted as the least numerical number. The least of all, it’s referenced as file .0034634 or whatever (taking advantage of the decimal number) whatever the case it was less than zero, in the red, so that it might capture the magical flow of perception. HE / SHe with the least is the most deserving. And she is his MISs TAKE. TAKE MISS The complement for him. Complements, the wall and floor, appear to form the shape of an all straight on and implies a fold. She says several times is that going to be enough, worried that there won’t be enough, she someone who wants enough and has paired herself with someone who craftly declares that he is the least of all and demonstrates his ability to acquire that which flows to him by using her. She is his accomplice. ICE being that which melts, transforms by degree.

    Enough, or shall I say close enough.

  4. Laura Richter said,

    Brouhaha – RUB O HAHA – Haha contains the AH. (odds). In Source Code he says its AH. Referencing the GIRLAH, it sounded like Girlah, like gorillah warefare, perhaps the girl who stands upon the pedestal, how liberty is achieved, upholding the girl so she can in her own right convince the matrix from which she frames the narrative in her life that he’s a keeper for this plan(e). At the end of Source Code, the comedian has the group laughing going HAHA. Haha pushes out air to release the long wave envelope, to force out the alias AKA the 11:11, what it contains. It’s about having the right rub.
    To rub something in like icy hot on a leg is to denote that there has been a transfer into skin. The skin of a skyscraper is the Curtain Wall. Curtains often contain dust, space dust. I’ve heard that to be a windowwasher is a mason’s fast track to becoming a company boy. The shoe shine boy rubs the shoe to produce the shy in, shine. Attention is paid to he/she who commands it. In NO LIMITS he becomes the STOCK KING. And after his first use of the liquid, clear pill which enhances his perceptions, he is seeen awaking and tossing a stocking from under his covers. The reference is not lost but he becomes the stock king. The Tall king can look down on others, the WaLL King can hang and frame others, the STALK KING, might be the CORN God. SUGAR GOD, Cane, Sugar, Corn, – all sugar, comes from STALKS. Christmas uses the celebrated STALKINGS.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Wow, Laura! That’s a whole lot to process! I like the way you think. I would like for you to come on the radio show sometime so we can discuss.

      Quickly, a few things I was noticing. Source CODE | E-DOC. And source begins with a Sour C and is the basis for source-erer.

      I was watching They Live last night and the first scene has a train going by with the big label Santa Fe, or Saint Iron, before Rowdy (Iron) Roddy Piper walks into the shot.

      I have a clip I am thinking of using regarding poker playing, as there is so much symbolically to games. Bill-iards is another one that is loaded. Hitting the Q-Ballah into other palls to pocket them, leaving the magic 8/black-ball for last.

  5. alex robinson said,

    I enjoyed this, thanks Kyle 🙂

    Saliva = sal (salt) + liver


    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks, Alex! To shellac something is to varnish and make it shiny, like the Shell logo, both a rising sun and a seashell.. but to hell with them.

      I should have made the connection between Crow and Cro-Magnon man, but I might do that when I talk about James Cameron, Cameron Crowe, Russell Crowe, and James Cromwell. They connect in some very weird ways..

  6. Jon Kidd said,

    That Beetleguise head shrinking thing is just fucking dandy. I loved that connection.

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