Abracadabra! Hamming It Up

July 8, 2011 at 4:19 pm (Uncategorized)

Abracadabra is one of the most famous magical incantations throughout history. In Aramaic Abra means ‘create’ and Cadabra means  ‘as I say.’ I wonder what ‘create as I say’ actually entails.. and who exactly is the one ‘saying’? In Latin, ab roughly means ‘from’ and Ra is the Egyptian Sun God. Is the magic of creation coming from Ra?

By taking apart the word in English numerology, ABRACADABRA becomes 1,2,18,1,3,1,4,1,2,18,1. 1218 can also be seen as LR, as in reading Left to Right. In the middle is CAD/ 314.  Adding up the letters, we find that the word has the value of 52, along with HELLO, DEVIL, POPE, SETH, EARTH, NWO, SALT, SHIP, ENLIL, MASS, DOOR, and more.

Manly P. Hall had an interesting translation, interpretation, and/or revelation concerning Abracadabra:

But the slow progressive disappearance of the Bull is most happily commemorated in the vanishing series of letters so emphatically expressive of the great astronomical fact. For ABRACADABRA is The Bull, the only Bull. The ancient sentence split into its component parts stands thus: Ab’r-achad-ab’ra, i. e., Ab’r, the Bull; achad, the only, &c. -Achad is one of the names of the Sun, given him in consequence of his SHining ALONE, -he is the ONLY Star to be seen when he is seen – the remaining ab’ra makes the whole to be, The Bull, the only Bull; while the repetition of the name omitting a letter, till all is gone, is the most simple, yet the most satisfactory method that could have been devised to preserve the memory of the fact; and the name of Sorapis, or Serapis, given to the Bull at the above ceremony puts it beyond all doubt.

I found that quote in an old G8ors post, which connected Abracadbra to Abraham, something that I have been meaning to do for some time as the connections are obvious. Abra-Ham. I will start in “the beginning.” AbraCadAbraHam!

Adam Kadmon (CADman) had a few sons after he and Eve were cast out of Eden. Cain killed Abel, was marked, and was then sent off to live amongst the other people of the earth. Seth was then born to replace the lost Abel. Seth either impregnated his mother, found a woman amongst Cain’s new neighbors, or had sex with an ape. One of Seth’s descendAnts was Noah, who survived God’s flood, which wiped out the Nephilim and other people with whom God was displeased. After Noah’s family survived the flood, there came a significant event, which shaped the thinking of many tribes since.

The Curse of Ham (also called the curse of Canaan) refers to a story in the Book of Genesis 9:20-27 in which Ham‘s father Noah places a curse upon Ham’s son Canaan, after Ham “saw the nakedness of his father,” because of Noah’s drunkenness in the tent, “and told his two brethren without”.

Some Biblical scholars see the story as an early Hebrew rationalization for Israel‘s conquest and enslavement of the Canaanites, who were presumed to descend from Canaan. ~ Curse of Ham

Interestingly for me, I grew up in New Canaan.

It seems that the sibling rivalries from the days of Noah might still be playing out to this day. The three major monotheistic religions of today (Islam, Judaism, Christianity) are all Abrahamaic, claiming descent from “Father Abraham.” Abraham was originally Abram (like the tanks). Abraham was apparently a great father..

God demanded that Abraham sacrifice his son, which he was about to do, but an angel stepped in and basically said that the whole thing was a test. There was a ram nearby so AbRam slaughtered that instead. This proved to God that Abraham feared him and would act obediently to his Lord’s wishes. Could this be why his line was so highly favored? I don’t know about you, but if any god told me to kill my son for him, I would tell that god to fuck off. Abraham and his line are responsible for a great deal of violence in the world today, most of which has been done in God’s name.

When the Jews tried to explain that the Land of Israel was theirs by divine right though they acknowledged that their ancestors had not originated there, they pointed to the promise made to Abraham (originally from the Neobabylonian city of Ur). Although the modern Zionist movement was largely non-religious, the idea of the “promised land” has had a powerful influence in creating and maintaining the modern state of Israel. Ironically, this same story also tells of the origin of another people, the offspring of Ishmael, whom Muslims identify as the Arabs. Both religions therefore trace their origins back to Abraham, and both hold the land of Israel sacred, though neither accepts the other’s claims. Like Isaac, several major figures in Jewish tradition are younger brothers or outsiders who eventually triumph through virtue, wit, or skill–Jacob, Joseph, and David, for instance. This pattern reflects the self-image of a people who view themselves as survivors who needed the special intervention of God to triumph. Note the emphasis on a high reproduction rate, desirable in most ancient cultures, for only a minority of children survived infancy. ~The Story of Abraham

Now I would like to bring things into more recent times.. to Abraham, a Father of the Union..

Abraham and Barack have been compared to each other many times and they are often portrayed together in photos, but could they be related? Obama has been connected to a number of former presidents and world elite through his mother’s lineage and almost all of those people have been shown to be cousins of one another.

Apparently I am related to Abraham Lincoln, which I have not been able to fully verify. Could it be that Barack Obama and I are actually distant cousins?

A little more than kin, and less than kind. ~Hamlet

Ape Lincoln is thought of as a great heroic figure, credited with having “freed the slaves.”

The “curse of Ham” interpretation of Noah’s curse has been used by some members of Abrahamic religions to justify racism and the enslavement of people of Black African ancestry, who were believed to be descendants of Ham. They were often called Hamites and were believed to have descended through Canaan or his older brothers. Proponents of slavery in the United States increasingly invoked the “curse of Ham” in the US during the 19th century, as a response to the growing abolitionist movement.

In all actuality, I think Lincoln was a fascist fucker who launched a brutal war against his own country, solidifying the power of the state, which would lead to the eventual enslavement of all people under the rule of the corporation known as the United States of America. Other civilized countries of the world got rid of slavery without slaughtering a great many people. The war was about taxes and bowing down to central authority, and not about slavery, which was used by Lincoln as a rallying point. By looking at Abraham’s own words, we find that our history is completely skewed.

Now if Obama has been compared to Lincoln time and again, does that mean he is a fascist who is supposed to initiate a terrible war in America?

World leaders have been waging wars, plundering massive amounts of wealth, and putting a great number in a constant state of fear, in order to keep the majority of us severely depressed and suppressed. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs shows how the rulers are able to keep us at the bottom of the pyramid, far away from the true Eye (I) at the top, which could be seen as the highest aspects of self.

Self-actualization is supported by each layer below it. One needs to feel somewhat safe, secure, and nourished in order to move to higher states of love, compassion, and creativity.

Interestingly enough, A-bra is what “supports” (restricts)  breasts, the lovely things from which we all got our nourishment..

(a brazier is a container for fires, used for heat, light, and cooking)

The history of brassieres is a fascinating one. Women in ancient India, Egypt, Rome, and elsewhere would be topless or have loose fitting tunics. Some, like the Greeks, used supportive garments for athletic competition, but it wasn’t until the Middle Age of Europe when the fashion of corsets and other ‘re-shaping,’ ‘uplifting’ pieces took prominence. In the 1930s, the bra began to be mass marketed to the American conSumer, and it became mandatory during the fascist 40s in many organizations like Lockheed, which were supporting the war effort. It was for womens’ ‘good taste, anatomical support, and morale’ that the bullet, torpedo, and cone bras came into existence. I can only imagine the liberation women must have felt in the 60s when they burned these damn things, which are now a multi-billion dollar business.

There is a good amount of abrasion that can occur when wearing a-bra. Abrasion is defined as the process of wearing down or scraping via friction or the area that has been affected. If broken apart, we find Abra-Sion.

Sion is the name of many cities in the world and is derived from Zion, which has come to mean the land of Jerusalem (with Mount Zion) or Israel in general, the promised land for “The Chosen Ones.” In Kabbalah, Tzion is the spiritual center from which reality emerges.

It could also be said that this point is Abraxas:

Abraxas is known from the Gnostic writings of Simon Magus, father of the Gnostics. It is said the name originated as a replacement for the unmentionable name of the Supreme Being [Shem ha-Mephorash]. He was depicted with a lion’s head surrounded by rays during Gnostic ceremonies. It is said that the Persian sun god also had this name.

Carl Jung described a three stage development in the human perception of God. The first stage was that God appears undifferentiated. The second stage is the perception of a benevolent Lord and an evil Devil in which each are separated to the point where the Devil is finally banished. The final stage is the integration of the Lord and the Devil. In his The Seven Sermons to the Dead he says:

Abraxas speaketh that hallowed and accursed word which is life and death at the same time. Abraxas begetteth truth and lying, good and evil, light and darkness in the same word and in the same act. Therefore is Abraxas terrible.

Wow, bra’! Thoughts?


  1. Fitzy said,

    You had me at Bra.
    Woo’d to the womb as it were, ah me, the feminine is so compelling.

    In my early explorations of the New Age movement, many pseudo hippies wrote of being at one with the God head, reabsorbed into the undifferentiated ALL. It seems the Yogi’s and Guru’s had worked some serious mojo on the western mind, sending them gleefully running towards the Borg Mind, under the delusion that susumption (consumption?) was unification. Nummy-Nums – GOD ate me and I feel fine.
    Being Godly, or one with god, has always been a shortcut to dissolution and self destruction. The Triple Hindu God creates and destroys, God is the Alpha and Omega, the tide comes in and then goes out.
    Its a testimony (can I get a hallelujah?) to the cunning of that blood lusting desert d’jinn, that three major religions bow at the alter, of the sacrifice of WE/US to a predator energy – obstentiously an I AM and an undeserving ass-hole at that.
    To quote McKenna, again, “We have to stop consuming culture”, we have to make our own, we are not trivial, our experiences are valuable. What we think, what we do, all counts.

    Thanks for creating Culture, brother we need it now more than ever.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks, Fitzy. Violator suggested I rename the site “Great Fitzy Articles of Today”.

      • Fitzy said,

        Thats high praise indeed. Maybe once I learn too spell properly, i’ll stop freeloading, grow up and try making a site.

  2. Anadae said,

    Former Downtown NYC Goth god & now co-creator of Adult Swim’s The Venture Brothers cartoon series, is not only an Occultist & a Renaissance Man in his own right, he has an entire series of oil paintings done of women subjects in bras, called the Saint series, perusable right here. Enjoy ~ (•8-D

    • Ferdinand said,

      I always thought they were much more magical when removed. “AbracadaBra, I removed your bra..”
      Women sometimes are called “Broads” .. Bra’Ds

  3. Lucy said,

    Bra’s often “enhance” a woman’s S curve, bending eye’s focus, sharpening contracts, creating a implied line, a false dilienation or boundary, a crevase where they eye can never truly peer from, shaping events that are internal eyez’d.

    • Lucy said,

      Totally forgot to spell check and reread my words…. can I take them back?

      • Ferdinand said,

        Sure, Lucy 🙂 Anything you want. How should it read?

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