Awaken Them Asses!

July 11, 2011 at 10:17 pm (Uncategorized)

The Blue Fairy: Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish, and someday, you will be a real boy.

Much of the world is asleep. Should we awaken TheMasses? What would that really en-tail?!

The Blue Fairy: A lie keeps growing and growing until it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

Maybe you think I’m being too cynical. Or “anti-Semitic”?

Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations has done some great, intelligent interviews recently concerning Zionism and Multiculturalism. I, however, go about things a little bit differently..

I’m not a Biblical scholar, but I do know a little bit about a few things. For example, Mormons have some stories about Jesus traveling to The United States and teaching some “Latter Day Saints”..

Harry Reid, Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney, Jon Hunstman.. just a few More-Men to add to the list.

Mormons have set up their Zion in Utah. The South Park men boys mocked the religion in ‘Book of Mormon’, which won tons of awards. Now maybe it’s some concerted campaign against the Mormon faith, considering the picture above was the first Google image result for “Mormons” and I can’t help but see a latter day blow job. Where am I going with this?

Oh yeah, I recently did a couple of recent radio shows you should check out! First, there is Steaming, Beaming, and Streaming. I discussed drone warfare, pederasty, blood feuds, and a few other things before I took a great call by Anadae and then chatted with Ryan in the last hour. Some of our conversation focused on artificial intelligence, the Borg, and the concept of a G-host in the machine.

Most recently I got on the air for Zombie Brain Food!

(“OMG! It’s Justin Beaver.. We love you!”)

The Celtic Rebel recently discussed the mindless nature of wolfing down sloppy buckets of buttery popcorn while watching movies and TV in Teenage Full Frontal Lobotomy. Perhaps the poop corn is a way to help enforce the consumption of shit that should be apparent enough..

Pinocchio: And someday, I’m gonna be a real boy!
Geppetto: A real boy! It’s my wish! It’s come true!

Geppetto must have wanted a real boy because he was never able to find a good woman to produce a son of his own, right? Right?!?!

Okay, maybe Pinocchio wasn’t all that bad. A cricket was trying to tell the boy of WOOD to not become an actor. Always a kernel of truth..

Know me broken by my master,
Teach thee a child, love hereafter,

Into the flood again,
Same old trip it was back then,
So I made a big mistake,
Try to see it once my way.

Drifting body, its sole exertion.
Flying, not yet quite the notion.

Alice In Chains – Would

In the Zombie show, I mentioned how people are consuming many products that contain wood pulp. Also, Anadae called into the show again and offered insight into mind control, real-life zombie slaves, and much more. It seems these techniques have been known for a long, long time.

We should not take manufactured connections by Hollywood as messages from God or the divine “syncro-sphere,” as the people sewing seeds in our minds are “incepting” some weird shit. And I find it pretty corny that they would actually name Leo’s character Cobb in that recent mind bender.

After my broadcast, Alex pointed out on his show that Cillian Murphy played the lead in 28 Days Later and then was Kappa in Sunshine, which is about igniting the sun. And thanks to Red Ice, I know that it takes 28 days for us on Earth to observe the full cycle of the sun spots around our star’s equator.

It’s like clockwork..



  1. Ferdinand said,

  2. Fitzy said,

    Now that you mention it, the synthetic synchs, have a flavour of their own. I think the Rebel is right, holy-poop screen writers are blending the ‘whatever we call the group that looks for hidden meaning’ symbol buffet, into their enema extracts some call movies. So much so, it’s like white noise jamming the signal, call it synthetico-mystic-camouflage. A way of f**king up genuine observations, by mixing in a checkerboard floor, a woman in a red dress, and twin girls chasing a blue butterfly – now any film can cash in on the synchro-market. Devious b@stards.
    Of course once we wake em up, they’ll want a gallon of synchro soda and the family pack of synchro-wings, in 3D.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Yeah, then there will be the SynCornIcity Police..

  3. celticrebel said,

    In another Playberg/Nambla vehicle, the eternal little boy, Judy Law (his sexbot companion) and his “bear” were obsassed with finding the Blue Fairie.

    But, after reading, I finally figured out the name Pinback (as in “pin the tail”). 28 Days is also the amount of time it takes radiation/leakage to reach Earth from Saturn’s “south pole” (written of in an old post, from a time I was far blinder to the shit we were being fed). And mercurial Silly Anne Murphy also played a gender confused tranny alongside Ellen with the Page boy haircut.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks for the comment. I remember hearing you say something about the 28 days and Saturn on a radio show once. 7*4 is the proper month of 28 days. If there are 13(M) Months, then it is 364 days in a year, leaving 1 remaining for celebration. I think the human condition would be drastically different if people were using a calendar that actually turned with the sun and “synced” with Saturn. Things would start to be more.. dare I say.. “ordered.” I think that is what SynCornIcity is somewhat about.

  4. Joanne said,

    Kyle could you possibly contact me via email when you get a chance? I’d really like to talk to you – I’m just intimidated about calling in on your show and taking some of my own personal stuff in the public realm right off the bat… your show has done some amazing things for me in the past week. I’d like to share that with you privately if that’s all right. Thanks a lot, take good care

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