Beating The Snakes [updated]

July 20, 2011 at 4:01 pm (Uncategorized)

Have you ever wondered about some of the strange things happening in the world of media?

Then tune in..

Show: Powerful People, Arrogant Assholes, & Lounge Lizards

Time: Wednesday, 7/20 @ 10PM EST

Description: The Celtic Rebel stops by and we delve into the ‘elite’ power structure, their apparent plans for humanity, and the possiblity that perhaps we are being ruled by a non-human element. Are there really reptilians? Is this just a distraction? Are there other explanations to the strange symbols and shape-shifting?

Supporting Evidence:

In the form of man they (are) amongst us,
but only to sight were they as are men.
Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted
but appearing to man as men among men.
Crept they into the Councils,
taking forms that were like unto men.

Slaying by their arts
the chiefs of the kingdoms,
taking their form and ruling o’er man.
Only by magic could they be discovered.
Only by sound could their faces be seen.
Sought they from the Kingdom of shadows
to destroy man and rule in his place.

~Emerald Tablets of Thoth (thanks HiveMind1984)

Now have a look at a few videos. First we’ll start out with a multiple-offense shape-shifter..

Consider the “news” she is discussing in her piece. Notice how other people seem to know what’s happening. In the next clip, the reporter seems quite aware of what is happening to his image..

Is there a reason much of this phenomenon occurs in Los Angeles? There is no “shape-shifting” going on in this next clip, but it might tie together the reptilian research with the various “rabbit holes” uncovered by Alex. Of course, CtHulu is also involved..

Have the famous (fame-ass) people who have been caught always been this way? Maybe they were turned..

..or possibly replaced?

Actor C Myers was Wrestling With The NWO and uncovered some interesting things..

I am already given to the power that rules my fate.
And I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend.
I have no thoughts, so I will
I fear nothing, so I will remember myself.
Detached and at ease,
I will dart past the Eagle to be free.

~Carlos Castaneda via Don Juan

Many people believe they will be saved by God as the end times play out. Maybe some elite think they will be picked up and taken away..

It’s all part of the Raptilian Agenda.



  1. Ferdinand said,

    C Myers wanted me to add this one, just in case any of you hadn’t seen it:

  2. On This Taken Sunday [NOTED] « The Celtic Rebel said,

    […] will be making on Star Theory tonight, depending on if it starts at 10:00 PM Eastern [link/show]. And of course, if the Illuminati allows […]

  3. effel said,

    Try to be on 😀 But please refrain from using ass (just happened to see the first line of the Isisian code A = 1 = Q) that must be a reason why the english language is so fucked up, the head is the cul (how the rest of Europe calls the rear end). On a side note, yes the elite is quite dumb and that is why they have to dumb us down to such a level to feel smart :S

  4. Patty Tricher said,

    how is life N?

    life is kk

  5. Fitzy said,

    Its an interesting MEME to be sure, but why does it thrive in conspiratainment, whats the appeal to folks?
    Is it the desire to identify politicians with monsters, going one step beyond, from belief to hiding behind the couch?
    I see it as a kind of programmed distraction, entertaining as it is, it places a deeper from of paranoia into an already paranoid group.
    Cheers Captain Kyle.

  6. Ferdinand said,

    Thanks for the comments, everyone.

    Ways to shift your shape:
    1. Stop eating meat and walk more
    2. Be more fluid in your thinking, reducing rigid belief systems
    3. Take some drugs
    4. Get anally penetrated by a large lizard..?

    I don’t think that list is entirely core-recht or comprehensive..

  7. propopuli said,

    Coolness. Playing the show right now.

  8. Ferdinand said,

    PS Regarding Conan, it was James Earl Jones (Darth Vader, Heal His Pain) as Lizard King, not Tommy Lee Jones, although I’m sure you could find some stuff with the Man in Black..

    • Ferdinand said,

      PPS – That was the only “Poster” image I ever made (Prometheus at the end). I don’t know why.

  9. Joanne said,

    Kyle – great show and blog. Wanted to ask – do you think this hype/hysteria about us becoming reptiles, zombies, and robots – all comes from some collective (yes I’m using the dirty word) fear that our humanity is being taken away? Is this just a symptom to that disEASE, the creation of these scapegoats? And if so… well, how silly. We fear our humanity being taken away, and yet we create these monsters in our own images. It’s strange. Anyways great work, take good care

  10. Shattered Butterfly said,

    Wonderful show, treading on the waters that get less transparent the further you travel, but I love it!
    I’m glad you guys are bringing up this topic because there is something to it, and it really makes me wonder why works such as David Icke are so popular and well known considering how fringe it is (well, I suppose not as much anymore looking at his fanbase)

    I made the mistake of linking your show to a page on FB and got this reply, “Listen if you want to hear about how Homosexuals are taking babies away from heterosexual couples at an alarming rate. Also how everything is gay, EVEN HOMOSEXUALS”

    See, I would love to share your material, but I’m afraid it’s not for m-ass con-sumption.

    I have lots more to say, but will save it for another time.
    Take it easy !

  11. Ross said,

    Kyle at one point you asked “What is a Jew?” Alex replied “A race” before moving on with what he was saying. ‘You cannot become a Jew, but if you marry one your children will be’ (paraphrased) was also stated. This is not correct. Firstly, ‘race’ is a sociological term, not a biological one, nothing to do with genetics. Its meaning is fluid, so ‘race’, ethnic group’ and so on are pretty meaningless terms. But the assertion about being able to become a Jew is wrong, and I know because a friend of mine did. She wanted to marry a Jewish guy, but the only way they could do so and keep his father’s inheritance was for her to convert. It was quite an involved process, about a year of evening classes learning some Hebrew and suchlike, and the climax was her being dipped by a rabbi in a pool built for this purpose. At that point she became Jewish.
    So yes they are a proselytising religion, although they don’t like to shout about it (doesn’t quite fit with the ‘chosen people’ meme does it!). How do you think that Khazaria, a nation of people of Turk/Mongol descent became Jewish? Because a missionary converted their king and it became the state religion.
    This is still going on. A few years back I read about 61 Peruvians who were ‘fast-track’ converted. This meant that that they could immediately go to live in Israel, but under the contract they could only live in the Occupied Territories. I guess its the only way they can get people to live in that poisoned prison state!
    Great show by the way, loved the caller from the Bronx. I did notice that you avoided the most important question though. Do female reptilians squirt?

  12. Reasons Why We Don’t Get 2nd-Second Chances | TheLoosh said,

    […] week Rebel Alex talked about Any Given Sunday – brought to his attention from Kyle over at Star Theory – and that was probably the most blatantly homosexual agenda (under the “guise” […]

  13. Ferdinand said,

    Great comments. I don’t think I have answers to most of your questions. Only more on the predation and preying of our pre-daters. I may get to it later..

  14. the living tiki said,

    Hi Kyle

    Great show! I have heard you a number of times before on the Rebel Path (and Star Theory of course) and wanted to thank you for all the work/research you’re doing. I’m amazed at your memory capacity and the attention/importance you bring to words, such as “limelight”. It never occurred to me to think, why lime?

    I too have noticed this LA/reptilian shapeshifting connection. So much that I’m doing my own examination of the reptilians. I think an important point is that we are starting to see TV “shapeshifting” happen to children, or people unrelated to the “conspiracy”, which makes me feel this phenomenon is something other than just reptilian aliens. Plus, since I’m seeing the ‘slit pupils’ in TV appearances more these days, I decided to go back and look at various DVD’s I had to see if this is a recent phenomenon. I stopped with the first one: “UFO’s Above and Beyond” (from 2003?) hosted by James Doohan (Scotty from Star Trek). Slit pupils! What the hell is going on?

    I will try to listen in more often…
    Thanks again!

    the living tiki

  15. iamlonefrog said,

    Hey Kyle,

    Great show thus far, am going to finish the rest tonight. You had a question that seemed to throw you down roughly.

    It concerned Zooey Deschanel:


    Katy Perry:

    looking sooo much alike. You seemed to be flummoxed as to how this could possibly be. Cloning, doppleganger, Rebel even mentioned some type of possesion. Anyway, I have another theory thanks to one:

    When people are taken from their birth mother and raised by others is the gist of her incest filled view on Atlanteans who are running Holy Wood and the world. Be ready for some lengthy reading.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Hmm, so are you implying that they are actually related, but were separated at birth? Sounds like what happens to Luke and Leia..

      Thanks for the comment.

  16. Ben said,

    Occam’s Razor is lizard shit, and other horrors for the inner reptile…

    please note that if your mind instantly reacts to the title with derision and repulsion which you will be able to recognize from the visceral emotional response, then it, that is to say, YOUR mind, is likely responding from that the ‘scientists’ call the ‘R-complex’. Around the wujo, it is known as the ‘reptilian mind’, or ‘your inner reptile’.

    The R-for-reptilian Complex part of your mind is responsible for the lightning fast, instant judgments about most situations in your environment. Your inner reptile is amazingly fast in its response to universe. The speed is really cool. Unfortunately, it, which is to say, your inner reptilian mind, is pretty stupid. The reptilian part of your mind only has 3/three (note how you feel about numbers…the emotional response to numbers comes from your inner reptile) modes of response, which as we all know, are Fight, Flight, or frozen (in Fear). Note how you feel about lists, that comes from the reptilian part of mind. Also note your own emotional response to Capitalized Words, and Bolding…again, this response is from your inner reptile. Also note how the lack of either on the word ‘frozen’ plays in your mind, especially emotionally. If it is perceived as ‘discordant’, that feeling associated comes from deep in the fear part of your inner reptile mind.

    Occam’s razor, from Wikipedia, is defined as going toward the ‘simple’, with such expressions of it as ‘the simple answer is the true answer’. Also note all the ‘odorous order’ language used in the Wikipedia definition such as ‘laws’ and other statements of authority embedded in what you are reading which are actually instructions for your mind about the text as it reads it. Clear as monkey butts on moonless midnight?

    So the point of this missive is that Occam’s razor is bogus and can easily be demonstrated by merely examining the context of universe and the language of expressions of Occam’s razor. First note that universe is ANYTHING other than simple. In fact, complexity rules. Universe, if it ever was simple, instantly headed in the direction of the nearby hills of Complexity at breakneck speed and never looked back.

    Complexity of systems and the total horror of complexity begetting increasing complexity is one of the primary fear triggers for the inner reptile as it demands, as part of the whole fear complex, that ‘order’ exist, ‘in order that’ the ‘safety’ of the inner reptilian mind may be guaranteed. We note in passing that the fear aggregate is desperately seeking ‘simple’, as in its limited view of reality, ‘simple’ both exists, and implies the ability to ‘control’. What does the inner reptile desperate try to control? Well….manifesting circumstances in universe (thus the big hoopdedo about the ‘secret’ and ‘law of attraction’ are yet other examples of traps for the inner reptile spun by TPTB) for one, and of course *any* control of manifesting circumstances in universe implies ‘safety’ for the inner reptile. And all this is dependent on a view of universe that has at its core the idea of simplicity.

    Also note that in universe, so far as has been repeated demonstrated, everything that is ever alive, including our personal inner reptiles, will die. Also note that TPTB hold out EXCEPTIONS to death in their religions “in order” to snare your inner reptilian mind into thinking that if you somehow *just* are able to ‘fear god enough’, or ‘love god enough’, or ‘slave for god enough’, then somehow your personal inner reptilian mind figures it can get a free pass. Of course, at the core of its fear structure, the inner reptile can smell its own demise, and that is what has it driving the poor afflicted human mercilessly over its limited lifespan in the never ending search for the ‘safe place’, or the ‘safe choice’ in providing for ultimate ‘safety’ of the inner reptile itself. Also note that the inner reptile is purely selfish and has had some of its more visible parts labeled as ‘ego’ by academic mind-pluckers. And, also note, that the act of trying to quantify mind is a reptilian response as it seeks ‘order’ such that simplicity and control may also exist. It basically figures that if it imposes order on all, then it can find ‘safety’, which probably at its most basic definition is ‘infinite me unchanging’.

    Please note, that this last, like Occam’s razor, is a lizard shit view of manifesting universe. Universe is all about complexity, and complexity is change at its core, thus nothing is unchanging, and thus everything is finite, and since that is the case, ‘me’ becomes this real small thing indeed. Especially since complexity is ALL about manifesting even more complexity JUST so your mind will get the point of it….which is complex itself.

    Universe proceeds toward complexity and academicians prove this to themselves daily. Put a smear on a petri dish filled with agar, and life will sprout up and proceed toward complexity that will scare the carp out of your pond, especially if that smear on the dish came from some part of ‘you’…which is to say, your body, which is also to say, not the actual ‘you’, since the body dies, but the ‘you’ does not. Too bad the inner reptile associates ALL of its existence with the body, and thus, again, the part that is horrified by the growing collection of life complexity erupting out of the petri dish with the emotion of ‘revulsion’ is your inner reptile trying, yet once more, to assume control, since control of anything, including the small ‘me’ that is you, is therefore valuable to preserving ITS safety. Which we repeated demonstrate does not and cannot exist in this expression of universe.

    Returning to poor Occam once again, we note that the point of his law or postulate is to provide a pointer to ‘truth’….but as the aware observer notes, there is ‘true’ and there is ‘factual’. These are not the same. It can be factual that the rock in the middle of the road exists. Three humans walking along encounter the rock in the middle of the road. It is a factual part of universe for all three, but for one of the humans, whose inner reptile rules, the shiny yellow color converts the fact of the rock in the road, into the ‘truth’ of a gold discovery. One of the other two humans, trained his mind to include facts about geology, and knows the ‘truth’ is that the rock is a sulfide of iron also known as the mineral pyrite or fool’s gold, and thus his ‘truth’ also includes a proviso that his gold obsessed traveling companion is delusional. Further, seeing the far away look on his other companion, he thinks that he is probably the only sane and rational one of the three of them. The third human is on several journeys simultaneously, smiles and laughs a lot, and has his truth that regardless of its labels, the rock in the middle of the road ‘is’, and that all three of the travelers are delusional, not the least among them himself, but that it need not spoil a good pie. Facts exist, truths are felt. As complex as that and getting more so by the instant.

    What Occam was doing with his ‘law’ was putting his inner reptile in charge of the totality of his mind. Not that he was wrong. Many people think this a valid way to live. And, since they are in their reptilian mind which exists only to Fight, Flight, or Freeze, they will defend their RIGHT to live encapsulated in their rule constrained view of universe until their own, and probably your death. That they would happily kill you to defend their inner reptilian limited view of universe is not wrong, merely dangerous. Snakes have a right to exist. But we need not put them in control.

    So once again, so sorry to shock the inner reptilian, but old Occam was trying to constrain universe and complexity by his ‘law’, and it just is waaaaay too small to fit. The idea that simple is a clue in universe is absurd when it can be easily observed that universe is complex beyond our ability to comprehend!

    But what is easily understood is that ANYONE trotting out old Occam’s razor to ‘explain’ any issue, is only trying to settle it with a control technique. For instance. Occam’s razor says that JFK was shot by a single nutter assassin who was almost instantly killed by his own assassin. Occam’s razor says that the simple answer is the most likely true answer. Of course true and factual are not the same thing. So when someone, especially government types, who operate almost exclusively under reptilian control, offers up old Occam as ‘proof’ of anything, the aware observer, will smile, and note that complexity is demonstrating itself right here in universe, and someone’s inner reptile is having a shit fit. So they keep a wary eye focused inward to watch out.

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