The Seduction of Satan

July 28, 2011 at 12:56 pm (Uncategorized)

Who is Satan? Why has this character been so loathed by Jehovah and his followers? Is it possible to put together a more complete or honest story that can help us realize our place in this world and our relationship with its gods?

I discussed these ideas in a 3 hour radio show, which includes calls from The Celtic Rebel, Drew Ma, Michael, and Jua, who was instrumental in the pilot of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory.

Expanding Possibilities and Introducing Ideas

We covered a whole range of topics concerning religious history, current culture, consumption, and much more while doing some word breakdowns and considering many popular symbols.

The picture used at the top of this piece is a representation of Medusa (medUSA) by Japanese artist Hiroko Sakai. She is often painted as a “devilish” figure, but this has not always been the case.

Medusa was once a beautiful goddess, an Afro-deity. After Poseidon had sex with Medusa in Athena’s temple, she turned the dark goddess into a ‘demon’. Poseidon has not fared very well either. After he lost the Kingdom of Atlantis, the depictions of the evil devil often have him holding Neptune’s trident. Satan is usually also seen with features of Pan or the bull god.

Now let’s examine the symbols of our ‘good gods’..

All of the above depictions are of men, but you can find Liberty, Columbia, Isis, Liberty and a number of other female deities crowned with the solar rays of the serpentine energy.

Why is it that so many people are content with worshiping “Jehovah”?

From what I know about Jehovah, Enlil, and Zeus, I would recommend never kneeling, bowing, or otherwise prostrating before these gods as even his-story tells of their penchant for buggery. Could it be that this jealous god of the Semites hated his kin who did not share in his deviant pleasures?

“The ancient and sacred books teach that certain angels burned with desire for women. They descended to earth and taught all the works of nature. They were the ones who created the Hermetic works, and from them proceeds the primordial tradition of art.”

The religious and political institutions of today would like for the majority of people to believe that the “occult” is the realm of Satan, while they constantly use hidden knowledge in their practices for their own benefit.

Do as I say, not as I do!

Using principles of alchemy, with an understanding of language and some keen observation, we can start to see why things have come to be as they are.

The above diagram is from Bryan, who tried to call into the show but was not allowed on for some reason. (ADamn you, Jehovah!) His work connects to a short video I did awhile ago: The Hands of Satan and The Importance of Five. Bryan has been looking into the gematria surrounding SATAN and may come on a future broadcast to discuss some related concepts.

In simple English gematria, 55 is also the value of: Awaken, Heaven, Higher, Cloud, Sky, Shine, Watch, Iris, Making (Ma King), Nut, New Age, Laws, Atum, Song, Collage, Dedicated, A Gabriel, Mixed, Part, Grey, Wicked, Bending, Judas, Anus, Kidnap, Horn, Burn, Warm, Laser, Trap, Soil, & Lady Di. These are all equal to 330 in English gematria.

In Jewish gematria, the following hold the value of 330: Sun, Solomon, Sol Moon, I am Christ, Satanic CLock, Palestine, Saints, Land of The Free, Dark Red Apple, Food Addiction, To Tell a Lie, The Logos, Nations, Perfect Man, Corrected, A Pagan Religion, & Medusa! Check out for more. GE-Matrix.. gem a’ trix?

“Diana” was considered a very important goddess and her name is equal to 55 in Jewish gematria. Who would be behind this crafting? Hmm, let me think about it.. could it be.. SATAN!!? I’m not sure, but I do know that there are some really strange tensions betwixt The Church Lady and Princess Diana. Take a look at how some Jews at Disney/ ABC attacked a woman who seemed to be much better than the “royal” family into which she married.

It seems that the “lords” of this world can bestow blessings, riches, and rewards upon a person or group, but then turn and pour resentment, hatred, and death on them the minute they go against their agenda and stop kissing ass (the ring). This is why it becomes so hard to understand the real nature of the gods who have been given to us and their relationship to our ancestors. Bryan pointed me to a few instances of 322 in holy texts, which paint a different story about our stewards who pretend to be Lords (and are almost never referenced as a single entity). First concerns Genesis 3:22..

The Genesis story then says that God expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. The Gnostic “On the Origins of the World” (second-third centuries C.E.) renders God’s words as follows:

“Behold, Adam has come to be like one of us, so that he knows the difference between the light and the darkness. Now perhaps he will be deceived as in the case of the tree of knowledge and also will come to the tree of life and eat from it and become immortal and become lord and despise us and disdain us in all our glory. Then he will denounce us along with our universe, come let us expel him from Paradise.” ~Man Was Like One of Us

And then we should look at the Quran and Surah 3:22. Does the “us” become a “they”?

These are the people whose works have gone to waste in this world and in the World to Come. *20 They have none to help them. *21

*20. They have spent their efforts and energies in a manner leading to catastrophic results in this world and the Next.
*21. No power can make these misdeeds either bear good fruit or prevent them bearing evil fruit. The powers upon which the wrong-doers rely for support in this world and in the World to Come will not be of any help to them.

Of course this could tie us to the butt pirates, the Bones-men, who use the number of 322. 3*22=66.

The 322nd day of the year is my birthday, November 18th, which is also the day when William Tell allegedly shot the apple off of his son’s head, due to the dick-tates of a tyrannical ruler. Tell would later rise up successfully against the “noble” and his men to become a Swiss folk hero. Some still tell Tell’s story. Sounds like another rebel we know about. Maybe it’s sTellAr..



  1. Ferdinand said,

    PS – This concerns the Priori di Scion and the blood of MM (13,13)..

    X axis, Y axis, and Z(eus) is the P, Piercing through the Xy. 33. XyZeus?

    • celticrebel said,

      Look at it in three dimensions. The X is “the spot” … the “mark” is the victim of a con. The P is the Penis. This is Anal Vampirism.

      • effel said,

        And if you consider pi as feet, you pretty much get the idea of what they’ll promote after fisting 😦

  2. duke said,

    the red devil rides again

    here ya’ go :

    • Ferdinand said,

      Wow, Duke. That is perfectly terra-bull in how well it relates. Your name is deserved.

  3. Ferdinand said,

    I think Chris Myers is a bit sad I wrote an article with Satan in the title and didn’t mention him. I almost figured it was implied.

    More from Star Theory & Friends:

    Anadæ: … gasp! … What an awesome Medusa! … Now, on to the blogticle … Don’t forget another serpentine symbol, Ophiuchus, the missing 13th sign of the zodiac

    Hive Mind: From a Gnostic perspective Satan (meaning adversary) is the scapegoat character created by Jehoavah and his minions to transfer the negative characteristics of Jehovah onto and then confuse Lucifer (light-bearer, adversary of Jehovah the ‘creator’, liberator of humanity) with Satan until the common person cannot distinguish between the two..

    Great points. There were two goats sacrificed in the Semitic rituals. One was slaughtered and the other send off into the desert to carry away their burdens. There are rumors or secrets of Jesus being replaced on the cross and him slipping off to carry on elsewhere, losing his crown as King of The Jews (& more).

  4. Ferdinand said,

    Top 10: Divided into 5 and 5.

    “Bud” Melman. top | pot

  5. libyansibyl44 said,

    The Twin Towers had 55 stories each.

    This year is the “10th” anniversary of 9/11. 10 = 5+5.

  6. effel said,

    I touched on the subject Already a tough subject to begin with, it seems to be very difficult to discuss it in english because of the inversion of god and devil and good and evil…
    The name of Zeus you find in the real text of the bible is ieve or I Eve, the phallus who insements Eve. Pretty much what I remember of Zeus. And Z is a letter representing word and weapon, a lightning.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Yes, very good points and interesting post, Effel. Thank you. Je-hO-Va could be seen as the basis of J-O-Y and possibly G-O-V. I think these gods have been combined and separated too many times, due to overthrowing, assuming positions, white-washings we are left only with fragments to try to piece together a large puzzle with missing pieces and rough edges.

  7. Max said,

    In regards to Tim Curry & “It”, child rape, cross referencing and subversion in movies, I suggest that in the movie “Home Alone 2” the hotel concierge intends to rape Kevin in the bathroom:

    00:19-00:25 Mac Culkin touches phallic objects and causes them to rise.

    00:39-00:42 Creepy, horny, greedy pedo grin on Tim Curry’s face.

    00:45-00:45 Why is Tim Curry still holding a key (or “his key” == his penis) in his hand?

    00:50-00:57 Facial expression of disappointment and confusion in Tim Curry’s face. Hotel concierge expected to see a boy instead of a grown man.

    01:07-01:12 Cross reference to Stephen King’s “It” by using blow-up clown in combination with Tim Curry as trigger.(Notice the “Bozo” imprint on the blow up clown. In the novel “It”, Pennywise is described as a mix of Bozo the Clown and Ronald Mc Donald)

    In the TV movie “Titanic” from 1996 the information is conveyed that Tim Curry’s characters prefers to rape in showers which can connected to the subversive story told in “Home Alone 2”

    Also take a look on the title of the “Home Alone 2” movie poster. Notice the lowercase e in “ALONe”. The e is leaned against the bigger letter N.
    Guess, what came to my mind:

    • Ferdinand said,

      Wow, great observations.

  8. Bryan Mallek said,

    Gematrix is an amazing tool, I must say, although I am trying to teach myself how to do it all in my head on the fly…. On a side note, Gem-A-Trix (heh, nice)….. I’ll just throw this out there, not sure what to make of it, but, what is jewel (Jew-EL)? Gem-STONE ….All I know is there’s a certain group of people who shall remain nameless who seem to have a great investment in gold (as well as many other precious metals).. I prefer silver, myself ;P

  9. Joanne said,

    Hey man I forgot to tell you why I was really impressed with your last broadcast. The concept of The Devil has always been a realm I went into when I studied anything related to Tarot or astrology, as I am a Capricorn, which is supposedly ruled by Saturn. The Devil card in the Tarot deck represents Capricorn as well. Capricorn is also negative cardinal female energy, which is something I’m still trying to grasp, without mistaking it for something sinister. I don’t think it is, but hey, you tell me :] lol
    Anyways… that card has always fascinated me because of how loosely the chains are bound around the necks of the man and woman (Adam and Eve?). When you note that, it’s almost irrelevant that the Devil looms above them.
    This whole thing about Saturn being the Corn God is new to me – found that out when I was looking into Holly (which led me to the Holly King), in regards to Bach’s Flower remedies. That’s still something I’m looking into…
    But considering what I’ve seen, corn-wise, especially with my being right in the heart of Corn Country, it’s hard not to see an allegory happening between the “growth”/consuming of corn… and the concept of cannibalism (or eating one’s own children, for that matter). I think there IS something very ritualistic about it, and not very many people are willing to discuss it openly, for fear of sounding too radical in terms of food.
    I was very impressed with the thoughts of DrewMa in regards to the marketing of these corn and wheat and grain (and wood) based “foods.” Does anyone else have the Aldi’s grocery chain in their area? It’s Illinois based, supposedly German owned.
    You can’t help but wonder. There’s also the production company that owns a big chunk of reality television programs: Endemol. End Them All. Just thought these were both worth noting as well, as I really feel this word play goes far beyond just food.
    However the food is so important – I think it was Rebel who said something to the effect that food is closer to us than anything, even who we have sex with – and he’s right. It’s really a relief to me to see other people speaking about food openly, and in a way that’s not just “scientific” drivel. You’re all onto some very important topics – beyond just food as well – and it’s all greatly appreciated here.
    Everyone take good care :]

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks, Joanne. I appreciate your thoughtful comments. Please think about calling in next time I do a live show! 🙂

  10. Peak A Boo, Eye See You – Great Minds of Today said,

    […] above diagram to show how an important Set of numbers can be shown to add up 55 as well. Check out The Seduction of Satan for more on this line of […]

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