Getting Fed Up and Burning Down The House

August 11, 2011 at 11:05 am (Uncategorized)

I know I like to bring levity to much of my work, but this is no longer a laughing matter. I am very serious about what I am doing. I intend to invoke your anger, kindling the fire within, so we can create lasting change in the world without. This fire needs to be directed at the appropriate institutions so that we can rid ourselves of these cancers that have infected humanity.

Becoming Fired Up and Throwing Down @ 10 PM EST

So what “houses” do I want to see burned to the ground? Let’s start with this one..

The “elite” of this world has been raping, torturing, and killing our children for long enough. I have covered this story many times before, like in The Child-Raping Elite, but I am not done with these people. They openly flaunt what they do, believing that we are too stupid to see it, or thinking they are too well-protected to get caught.

This is why an Israeli like Rahm Emanuel can get the rules changed for him to become Mayor and then go celebrate his pederast pride in Boystown, Chicago. If you think I am being overly critical or cynical, pull your head out of your ass and realize why it’s called BOYStown.

(“Where did you get this money? Tell me!”)

These “elite” scumbags have ruined the world economy, but since they continue to steal a great deal of wealth from hard-working people, they go on living lavish lifestyles as the poor are forced to sell whatever they have to get by. For young boys, many of whom are runaways, their asshole is their only marketable asset for them. These children are ashamed of what they have to do and most end up dead or “missing” before they ever reach adulthood. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed boys fetch the highest price while Chicanos and blacks are forced to serve as “glory holes.” Sickening. When you understand that this isn’t about homosexuality, but rather about power and domination, you start to see why certain influential Jews would want to abuse young goyim in such a way.

I honestly don’t understand how some of these people are still alive. I hope these “call boys” (sex slaves) shank their “Johns” and dismember them, as these things should no longer be considered men and do not deserve their penises.

Kevin Jennings, President Obama’s Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug FreeSchools at the U.S. Department of Education, is in hot water this week [from ’09] for having failed to report that a 15-year-old sophomore student in his school had told him of having sex with an older man.

But failure to report what appeared to be a case of statuatory rape of a child may be the least of Jennings’ worries. Lori Roman of Regular Folks United points to statements by Jennings a decade or more ago when he praised Harry Hay of the North American Association for Man-Boy Love Association (NAMbLA), which promotes the legalization of sexual abuse of young boys by older men. ~ Washington Examiner

This is why Kevin Jennings wrote the foreword to Queering Elementary Education. This is why schools and media are preaching sodomy as a natural practice to elementary school students. This is why Donnie Darko burned down the house of the pederast motivational speaker. (video)

The media would like for us to think that it’s only priests taking advantage of the innocent. This is not the case. It involves all sorts of elite institutions, like banking, media, politics, and other “lordly” positions..

The Celtic Rebel argues that the US would have been much better off in World War II if it had bombed the House of Lords, the historic enemy of Americans, Irish, and pretty much the rest of the world. He also thinks the US would have done well to have locked down New York City and held the financiers of both sides of the war responsible for their actions.

Speaking of having any sense of accountability, what ever happened to those 5,200 Pentagon employees who were caught with child porn on their computers?

5,200 employees is 20% of the Pentagon’s workforce. You can no longer find this story via Google News and most online articles you will find have been scrubbed and the numbers changed. An elephant never forgets, though, as these giants have such large temporal lobes. I have a pretty good memory myself. You need one in an age when things disappear down Big Sis’s hole.

This is the real “rabbit hole,” and if I need to hammer you over the head with it one more time, then I will.

Alternative Views: Boys For Sale Part II (Men Raping Boys) [1981]

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Many of the children who have come out to speak about their abuse have been killed. For a long time, almost anyone who has uncovered this story has been killed, threatened, ostracized, or otherwise discredited. Do you think I give a fuck!?

Don’t be scared. People are going to see the seeds they have sown start to flower.

“Don’t look don’t look” the shadows breathe
Whispering me away from you
“Don’t wake at night to watch her sleep
You know that you will always lose
This trembling adored
Tousled bird mad girl… “
But every night I burn
Every night I call your name
Every night I burn
Every night I fall again

The Cure – Burn




  1. Ryan McAlister said,

    funny. i recently decided to cease paying one more single red cent on the house i built a few years ago. bank of america, you can come and get it. good luck.

  2. anon said,

    yeah, let’s riot ! 😉 10pm start sounds good. I’ll try to make it.

    • Ferdinand said,

      hysterical!! Love it. Thank you.

  3. Fitzy said,

    Righteous fire.
    The rage of savaged children, and aren’t we all?
    In a world this badly bent, by so few monstrous vermin, anything that protects them should be the first to feel the heat.
    Alas, the shield these pederasts proffer, just more abused and tortured meat. No justice, just more misery, and then the quiet of an empty field.
    If we are pulling pure lightning down, not pole to pole – like ole’ one eyed SET, but the kind that Arc’s a realm clean…we’re all gonna have to step into the path. Else what will it ARC off?


    Let it be

    Mine to Mine Own
    And cast to his enchained,
    all filth that first raped children,
    the first corruption,
    upon a funeral pyre by their own dark hand
    alight this last wordless deed upon their souls,
    set a flame in that empty pit,
    and scour the good Earth bare
    of it.

    So be it.

    Not my best work, short notice n’all, however the intention has gone out.
    We are with you.

    • Ferdinand said,

      I love the poem, Fitzy.

  4. effel said,

    That was my thoughts on economy No, nobody destroys economy, economy means the human laws of repeating and that’s what they do over and over again.

    • iamlonefrog said,

      @ Effel,

      Funny how you say nobody destroys economy and then are audacious enough to direct readers to an article (of yours) that starts off by saying

      Everybody is right in some way; it’s a question of finding out in what way. – Wilhelm Reich

      I usually love your insights, but you are way off on this one.

      Is this the incoherent babble you speak of?

      Quantitative easing

      Subordinated Bondholder

      Debt for Equity

      Recapitalizing the Banks

      Moral Hazard

      and my personal favorite “Bucket of Shit” AKA ….

      Subprime Mortgage Backed Securities.

      Don’t understand how you think nobody destroys the economy when it is so obvious how hard they are trying.


      GIVE EM HELL KYLE!!!!!!!

      • effel said,

        They are constantly destroying the processes of exchange, yes. But it is not what economy means. Another way to define economy would be “casting nonsensical spells repeatedly” All you cite are nomos, not physis, and they try to lend them existence by repeating them over and over.

      • iamlonefrog said,

        Thank you Effel for the clarification

      • Ferdinand said,

        Echo-Nomy.. interesting conversation. Thanks.

  5. Aaron said,

    Kyle getting fired up! These peder-ass-ts will pay for their crimes at some point in their existence, either here or in the afterlife. The types of heinous acts they indulge in must leave a stain on their souls.

  6. larry said,

    ^^ Prometheus stealing the ring of fire 😉

  7. Brian said,

  8. Ferdinand said,

    Aaron, Larry, Brian – thanks for the links and support. 🙂

  9. Men Without Faces… Boys Without Names | said,

    […] Marketing Madness Effectively Righteous Rage on Rebel Radio A Warning: I’m Coming For You Getting Fed Up & Burning Down the House Controlled Minds & Unleashed […]

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