Enlightening with Devilish Details

October 20, 2011 at 10:03 am (Uncategorized)

I know I have been neglecting my audience at Star Theory for quite some time, but I have been otherwise occupied this October..

No, I have not been attending any rallies, but I have done a good deal of thinking, a little bit of loving, and a lot of working.

I don’t do things in the same way as other people. Perhaps this is because I don’t see things in the same light. I am an outlier in this system, a few standard deviations ahead of the curve..

I am not the 99%, although I do like to think of myself as something of a people’s champion.

Those who are screwing up this world are not the top 1%. At least not in my chart. Maybe they have more temporary “wealth” than us, but their power is waning and their 4sight lacking. Sure, these folks might even read the same works as us, trying to gain some insight, but do they actually get it?

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Please feel free to contribute over at GMoT. It’s about time you did! (GMT is GreenWich Mean Time)

Lately I have been writing about the SatanIC god of Time, Saturn, and the symbols surrounding this figure, who has been hidden in a cloak of blackness. Satan/Saturn is not the d’evil. But is the devil even “bad”?

The Great Goddess, known in India as Devi (literally “goddess”), has many guises. She is “Ma” the gentle and approachable mother. As Jaganmata, or Mother of the universe, she assumes cosmic proportions, destroying evil and addressing herself to the creation and dissolution of the worlds. She is worshiped by thousands of names that often reflect local customs and legends. (Who is Devi?)

This inverse reality of the Kali Yuga, into which I have fallen, consuming the poisons of human karma for the past 27+ years, is finally starting to crack and light is shining through..

I am going to tell you all about it..


A New World Vision @ 9:30 PM EST

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