Fanning The Alchemical Flames with Mercury’s Messenger

November 28, 2011 at 10:01 am (Consciousness, Programming, Revolution, Star Nature)

I will be having blogger, magician, video maker, actor, and Sync-bomber Christopher Hunter Myers on the show for a fun show. Who knows where we shall go..

Acting a Fool with Christopher Hunter Myers

Wednesday, November 30th, 9PM ET

“With all his worldly possessions in one small pack, the Fool travels he knows not where. So filled with visions, questions, wonder and excitement is he, that he doesn’t see the cliff he is likely to fall over. At his heel a small dog harries him (or tries to warn him of a possible mis-step). Will the Fool learn to pay attention to where he’s going before it’s too late?” (0)

Christopher precedes me in The Sync Book with an interesting chapter, “The Magick of Synchronicity,” which delves into some of his personal experiences and how they relate to the world at large. CHM seems to be something of a lightning rod for strange connections. I can relate.

Personally I have found Christopher to be an invaluable resource for considering comic books, movies, conspiracy theory, magical history, and much more. He writes at Mercury’s Messenger, My Cosmic Stardust, and gets silly with it at the Illuminutty.

Just remember that you don’t need to agree with someone’s worldview or personal opinions in order to find inspiration in their work.



  1. horry said,

    o how the mighty have fallen

  2. dennis said,

    Christopher meyers is an ego-centric fool. Content in his image. Too cool for the synchromystic, Must put his face on every famous person he knows. Claims to know, it is nothing but a show of his ego. Crowley like and black are his thoughts and magic. Show us another pic with someone dear fraud. 87

  3. πece said,

    Great interview, thanks! @Dennis: we can’t change anyone but ourself, then everything else changes.


    • Ferdinand said,

      I appreciate the comment and I know Christopher does as well.

  4. effel said,

    Fun show. Another instance to realise how traps have been interlocked in language. Why also it is difficult to interact live, for me it’s translating back and forth, avoiding worst words.
    1) The guest seems well-intent, which is the most important. The same cannot be said about Alex Jones for example or with most movies, hence willfull deception. As a personnal rule (which is the meaning of religion), if I don’t trust the source, I look elsewhere for information. There are already too many sources available (and most require hours of translations), no time to lose on pills dialectics.
    2) God and the like is a willfull deception. From norse, it was goth/gut, t relates to reality, d is removed from it. Greeks were so clear on the subject, they had theos (as theory) and Di in the abyss. Romans took Di and translated it into Zeus (which is an important theos originally. When greeks were discussing atheism, they meant a kind of blissfull ignorance, since the romans it has been given the sense of not assuming a super authority (off course themselves). In fact, giving your power away to a god or a Di constitutes the absolute atheism, but it will be very hard to lead a discussion on these grounds. Belief may get in the way, and belief is belove, entertaining a love affair with an idea.
    3) Leading to magic and mystic. The easiest definition of magic is applied science. I know some cloudbusting, I practice and voila, I perform a powerful magic on the clouds. As in science (real and not poopular), to avoid delusions, you need to perform some quality control. Mysticism is when you don’t know what you do, it can be dangerous. I won’t jump off a cliff, unless I have something I know to prevent me from squishing myself on the rocks (a magical paraglide for example, I know its physics and seen demonstrations).
    4) Finally the dreaded Satan. Let’s call it Kronos (not the time, but its usurpation). Reading the tree of life, Kronos is associated with reason (and wine hips!). And yes, reason is quite cold, why it is located in the abyss, why if you surrender completely to it, it will eat you up (as Sophia would drown you). Now just to think a minute, who wants to vilify thinking that much ? those who want complete idiots to rule them.

    • effel said,

      I synchronistically was drinking Barbar beer yesterday 😛 Barbar real sense is “baby talkers”. It was then refering those not mastering a logical language, like us.

    • Ferdinand said,

      I always love your perspective on language, DiVinity, and thought. I think you make some important points about magic vs. mysticism, and how logic is needed, but cannot be the end-all-be-all of life. It is a great tool for DiScernment.

      And Barbar beer? Hmm, people do go out to the bars to drink. It’s like looking through the bars of a prison window. How many OZ’s did you drink? 😛

      • effel said,

        A great tool for DiScussion 😛 Oh wait! logic, discussion, word, (and law) all is logos 😀
        I don’t know how many OZ my Barbar makes (another tonight, they’re out of Chouffe), but they are 660 ml 😉 Alcohol, nicotine, cafeine, music and women are some of the few things that make life behind bars sufferable 😛 With logos 😀

  5. Fitzy said,

    Good Show.


    And the Rebel dropping by really threw some fire into the ire, not to mention the Hunt was on target himself, first time i’ve heard you lay down the law.
    From the outside, and forgive me if I get this wrong, the show was a continuum of alternative thinking. It seemed to me Chris was at one end, you were in the middle and the Rebel was at the other end.

    I don’t know if this really gets through, across the wire it can seem remote or distant – but Kyle Hunt and Alex the Celtic Rebel are having a positive effect of a lot of people. I figure the synhcro is just us becoming aware of the patterns of our own behavior, and as Alex points out, the state of the world boils down to a particular Human mindset – causing grief, strife and destruction. No need to invoke dark Gods or aliens, perhaps the rainbow alphabet is another means to an end, a monkey wrench to retune or disassemble the current faulty World Machine .

    Many thanks!

    • Ferdinand said,

      Hey Fitzy, glad you tuned in. I would like to know what the continuum is.. you know, a gradient from what to what.. but I get what you are saying. I did get a little fired up after I drank a bottle that bottle of Dancing Bull wine and thought about the rape of innocence that has been so commonplace, but yet hidden, within this society of ours. I don’t care if it is dark, scary, unpopular, and dangerous to bring these things from the depths to the light of day, as I feel it must be done. And I am glad you feel like we are actually getting somewhere good because of it. I think so too.

      • Fitzy said,

        I think the Celtic Rebel sets the bookend on the continuum, where interpretations on the synchromystic nature of reality cease to be urgent, compelling, or entraping.
        At that end, whats imperative, is preventing the corruption of yourself and protecting children from pederasts.
        Midway, we have Star Theory, the synchromystic is still attention grabbing, it leads us to consider the many influences that ‘SEEM’ to be a vital element of an underlying reality.
        And at the same time there is the urgent need to protect innocence, to expose and stop the pederasty and abuse, that’s come through clearly in your work for quite some time.

        Now somewhere on the continuum, sits Christopher, where exactly I don’t know. One thing is clear, is Christopher would protect his own children from abuse, and that makes him decent and human in my books. However, synchro is still highly compelling, enough so to provide a world view that is encapsulated with gematria, occult symbolism, and numerology.

        I don’t know Christopher’s work well, or his history, and i’m not criticizing his position, I hope that comes across. May view is, the synchro points to the various acts of magic and mischief going on in the world, but shouldn’t be the endpoint of any investigation to the nature of reality.

        In the same way genetics lends to Eugenics, Synchromysticism leads to a possible obsession with a single ‘VERSION’ of metaphysical structure.

        Your rainbow alphabet and Dennis Fetcho’s Isisian codes, are more than interpretations, they CAN stand as their own systems, these may not be accepted by some in the synchro circles, cos those kids have their own club, and have decided reality is ‘XYZ’.

        Where the Rebel diverges is, all that synchro stuff may or may not mean something, the net result is while we bury ourselves in the micro detail of numerology, astrology, gematria and astronomy, we ignore the fact dirty old men are abusing kids on mass.

        Its almost like the various Alt and Synchro movements were made to distract us from THAT simple fact, who better to notice dirty deals and mischief, than we outsiders looking in. And some days it seems to me, we have gotten caught up in another kind of trap, God, some of us are abuse victims. Who better to notice the signs of the grooming abuser, but only if we can get our heads out of comics, movies and the occult.

        That’s my three cents, and I don’t intend to demean anyone’s personal efforts, I value your work and appreciate the many opportunities you’ve created, for all of us misfits to get together and swap notes.

        Cheers that Man!

  6. Sync Wars – Anu Hope « Star Theory said,

    […] did a show that dealt with the topics of Synchronicity and “Synchromystism” titled Fanning The Alchemical Flames with Mercury’s Messenger. Toward the end of the broadcast, I was joined by a number of people, including Alan Abbadessa […]

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