Righteous Rage on Rebel Radio

December 12, 2011 at 12:58 pm (Uncategorized)

I was recently a guest on The Celtic Rebel’s weekly Sunday night show. I came on the broadcast half-way through and we discussed some “hot-button” topics. Rebel’s write-up and show here: Hardwiring Future Generations[1].

Most of the show topics centered around the abuse of children. This happens both physically and mentally via Holywood’s rapists. The evidence is becoming increasingly apparent and to turn away from these uncomfortable issues would be a terrible injustice to our youth, who are vulnerable, innocent, and deserve our protection. They will be the ones creating our future.

Let’s see what the media is currently feeding children via poop culture..

Yeah, they’re being fed absolute SHIT, like Nicki Minaj. The picture in the middle shows Nicki wearing a stuffed animal dress while doing a new song with Willow Smith titled “Fireball.” MTV’s recent article about this dynamic duo’s collaboration started off with the line: “Don’t let Willow Smith’s age fool you..”

The media is promoting Nicki Minaj as a hero for children. Here’s the video clip from the Ellen Degenerate show. This is disgusting. Alex and I discussed a recent song by Nicki..

So does anyone out there still doubt the Rebel’s ASSertion that there is an anal agenda in this shitty culture of ours?

Oprah explains what Tossing Salad is, in case the millions of people who watch her were curious..

This agenda has been here for a while, but it has become ever more mainstream, being broadcast out to millions and millions of minds on a daily basis.

Why can most people not see what’s actually going on here?

The picture above is apparently from an episode of Glee that featured the cast doing their own version of Rocky “Whore” Picture Show, which ties anal sex into time travel (yet again), along with the King of the Ring (BaRocky?). Oh, maybe some idiots out there think I’m reaching? Naw, it’s just stynkromysticism at its finest.

Let’s do the time warp again…. (let’s not)

Hopefully we can pull as many people out of this shit as possible. There’s no need to yell FIRE in a crowded theater, but just wrinkle your nose and tell people how much it all stinks. And speaking of Stynking..

I shouldn’t pick on Rick Perry exclusively. Newt apparently kissed The Donald’s “ring” and claims The Palestinians (and not the Israelis) are an invented people, while catcher’s Mitt has proclaimed that the first place he would go if he was elected president is the State of Israel.

This ass-kissing is disgusting..

It is my intention to get you fired up so we can finally get rid of this FeCaliFornication.

More to come..



  1. Hardwiring Future Generations [1] « The Celtic Rebel said,

    […] Hunt came on during the second half of the show, bring a bit of the fire and ire [see his latest post]. Kyle had been a bit worked up over the silence of so many self-proclaimed mystics (people this […]

  2. Fitzy said,

    Brother, its worserer than we’s thunk.
    Not only do talentless people dominate the poop media with ass worship crapola, they’re damn ugly too.

    Seriously, that minaj chick ain’t no cat woik modhal.
    Again with the demeaning of the sacred feminine, using an…er ‘plain’ gurl to sell the hate.
    The Bitch Boyz must be rubbing themselves in GLEE, as this demented woman, makes Women look bad, makes Black woman look bad, and destroys every gain of a generation by Whoring herself – AND CORRUPTING CHILDREN!
    What the F**K!
    I have to agree with You and the Rebel, they’re over reaching – and it got me thinking about the implications.

    Author, Orson Scott Card introduced me to his take on types of stranger or Alien.
    Utlanning, Ramen, Varlese, Djur.

    The Utlanning are our own kind, but from some other place, strangers but familiar.

    The Ramen are intelligent aliens or Others, and can be communicated with, and can communicate with us. They can be negotiated with.

    The Varlese are a type of intelligence whom we cannot communicate with, and it cannot communicate with us. They can’t be negotiated with.

    The Djur are ‘slavering beasts’, there can be no communication, no negotiation.

    Now, of all the beings and the situations that we fear the worst, are the ones that we…

    Events we can’t anticipate.

    Beings we can’t negotiate with.

    The Bitch boyz and Pedo priests may fear a premature ‘OUTing’ for all their pederasty and deviance, but seem overly smug it ain’t gonna happen.
    These temple doggies are little fish ‘foot soldiers’, who fear their masters whips, and lack the long term thinking that involves bending all Genders into one NON-GENDER.

    However, their masters endless police state construction, and the endless degradation and demonisation of humanity, seems to be an attempt to offset the impact of a future ‘NO WIN’ situation. Do they fear little old us?

    Our would be Gods are AFFRAID of something bigger than public scrutiny, or even exposure. The fact the Temple Doggies are going all out leads me to four conclusions.

    (a) Some Doggies are off the leash, and no one is reigning them in…yet.

    (b) Their Masters are staring down the barrel of a non negotiable threat, and have taken their eyes off their doggies, if so then…

    (c) The Varlese are here, or, Ramen – Only its probably not ALIEN, its some kind of internal, intractable foe.


    (d) The Masters have decided the public are so stupid its no holds barred time, cos we’ll go along with public pedo snuff infanticide.

    Whatever the case, I imagine there is a queue of truly grotesque ‘ENTERTAINMENT’, waiting in the wings for 2012.

    Expect Zombie movies/tv with ‘Living’ on Zombie Necrophilia, and Zombies gang raping the so called ‘living.’
    If that gets through, I expect to see ‘Hard Drama’ where children are actually shown being murdered, rather than ‘Implying it’. It will be called gritty and realistic, and some Holywood deviant will get an oscar for bringing the ‘violence to children’ issue to the publics attention.

    If everyone laps that up, expect hardcore Porn on daytime tv, and REAL LIFE hospital drama – complete with emergency room fatalities and an end stage cancer death each week. Compulsory close ups.


    Thanks for another round of ire, Alex and Yourself work well together. Time to suggest a Video/Post collaboration?


    • Ferdinand said,

      I really appreciate your thoughts, Fitzy. Thanks for sharing them. It’s getting bad, but hope does shine through.

  3. R. Olausen said,

    The entertainment psyop has disgusted me for some time, actually 66.6% of my 6 decades. Your efforts have put focus on what up til now was clearly out of focus. It is now at the point where it will take more than 40 acres to turn this rig around. Thanks for pointing out the temple dogs and I wish you long life. My guess is a long life gives one at least the chance of Devine Mercy.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thank you, Mr. Olausen. I hope for a long life as well, but in a world that does not see this SHIT as normal and acceptable.

  4. Men Without Faces… Boys Without Names | said,

    […] StarTheory: Eliminating Marketing Madness Effectively Righteous Rage on Rebel Radio A Warning: I’m Coming For You Getting Fed Up & Burning Down the House Controlled Minds […]

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