You’ll Love This Christmas Present

December 21, 2011 at 3:33 pm (Uncategorized)

The Tide of Yule

The sun is returning to earth. It is time to celebrate and give gifts of love.

I proudly present to you..

Illuminating the Lights and Lies of Christmas
at Great Minds of Today

But that’s not all!

I will be doing a special show to celebrate the season..

Enjoying The Yuletide Festivities

9:00 PM Eastern, Thursday, 12/22



  1. Anadæ Quenyan Effro said,

    ……. or, as us Eldalië call this sacred day, Turuhalmë … and may all of ours ‘bee’ something special this year. We will again talk on the morrow, Magus Hunt. In the gentletime, enjoy this gem of a ditty by Narsilion. Peace ~ (•8-o

    • Wolkenwatcher said,

      Hello Anadae,

      last week, I discovered the site linked to your name here on this comment. Today I found a 404 Error message. Is the site now gone? That would be a tremendous shame, I would love to have gone deeper into the subject covered there…



  2. Anne Lynn Harrison Lizotte said,


  3. Fitzy said,

    Thanks Red, much needed and gratefully received.

  4. wolkenwatcher said,

    Bit of a late reply, sorry, had to listen in the archives. Nice show, I found Anadae interesting and inspiring. The Website linked to the name in the comments I find very interesting. This sparked something in me…

    Thanks for all you do, Kyle. Always good to hear you.

    Funny, I used to listen to loads of podcasts, now there are only two in my list (Star Theory and the Rebel) with the occasional bit of RedIce in there for entertainment.


    • Ferdinand said,

      I am honored that I am one of the people you will still listen to. I will do my best to keep putting out good content. I thank you for the comment.

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